Sunday, February 28, 2010

Happy Holi


Wishing you all a happy holi!!! Have a blast!!

And here's a video for you if you aren't playing...

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Cooking and lesson it can teach you for studying

My wife is out of station and I am cooking my dinner for quite a while. I enjoy it, except for the fact that I have to wash the utencils!! :)

Anyways, the last thing i do in my cooking is close the pressure cooker lid and let the vegetables simmer.

This is the last act on my part and the for the rest, i leave it to the pressure cooker and the fire underneath it.

Same is true for studies, you can feed in you minds all the inputs, listen to every lecture and read tons of books on the topic in library. This doesn't cook the dish.

The dish cooks faster when you trap the heat and let fire do it's magic after you have set the right ingredients!

Similarly you should study, then take rest. Allow the information to sip in, sink down. Adding continuous streams of ingredients won't make a good dish, the patience and thoughtful reflections, and associating the content of your study with other things in life is what will cement the understanding.

What's the point I am trying to make? The point is, study like as if you are cooking. Don't just cram the mind with information, give it the space and time to assimilate the information you put in.

Like cooking, get the right ingredients, cut them the right size, put them in the right environment and once you have done your deal, let the fire and the cooker do the magic!

This is a two part post in the next post I will reflect on some specific tips of doing this for studying for AeSI.

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Friday, February 26, 2010

Don't go to an interview if you have.... Part 2

Why the rant about 'Don't go to interview if you....'?

Well yesterday a friend of mine was in the process of taking an interview. An AeSI guy, who is doing apprenticeship in NAL came for the interview.

That post highlights all the mistakes he did during the interview. We were so angry over the way he handled himself, so i came up with that post.

If you are coming for an aerospace interview then expect questions on gas turbines and you aren't allowed to say that I haven't studied that. It's your limitation not mine. So spare us that excuse!

A fresher's resume should be decent, should have the right amount of the projects. Too many projects in the resume definitely raise a warning bell. Be sensible and take great care while putting them in your resume.

And above all, you need to defend your resume, you submitted it, so as an interviewer I fully expect you to at least know what you have written in the resume.

And last of all. Professionalism !!

Please be a professional. It's not about you. The company is not a charity institution to help you get stated in your career, it's business and you need to provide and show the potential to be a use to it. Otherwise you are as good as the chair you are sitting on while in the interview.

This reminds me of the interview advice Gururaj gave years back to all AeSI graduates!

Always remember, friends can lead you towards an interview, but getting inside after that is entirely on you.

Hope this and the previous rants on interview will be helpful for the your future interview attempts.

Good luck

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Please forward this to all your friends who might be going for an interview in next couple of weeks.

Don't go to an interview if you .......

Don't go to an interview if you don't know what bypass ratio is!

Don't go to an interview if you can't answer the question "tell me about yourself" in 3 short lines!

Don't go to an interview if you don't know how to defend what you have written in your interview!

Don't go to an interview if you don't know the basics of your core  domain!!

Don't go to an interview if you don't know how to talk and lead the  interview!

Don't go to an interview if you don't know what the job profile is!

Don't go to an interview if you feel your sad, 'bogus' institute story will fetch you a job!

Don't go to an interview if you don't know have an iota of knowledge of what the company is working in!!

Don't go to an interview if you are not prepared!!

Interview is not AeSI exams that you can give with whatever preparations you have.

In Interview, you are not a student, so stop behaving like one. It never helps and it never will!!!!

Be a professional.

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Monday, February 22, 2010

Allow yourself more time to stare at the clouds

A phase from study hacks ( )
remained with me

"....allow yourself more time to stare at the clouds, and then be
prepared to follow-up when you spot something cool....."

It's the one technique or way of study that I always hit upon so many
times in this blog.

(Hit to

The main point of the quote is don't just study, soak in it. Drag the
studies out of the text books. Take it out and connect with it.

Study for small time, but use the rest of the time digesting,
connecting the stuff you read. Remember and see the content you
studied in different ways. Imagine consequences of it. Let your
imagination run wild on that information.

This is what a friend of mine in AeSI was master of. He was the only
guy who studied (that is sat with the books) the least, but always got
the highest marks and had answers ready. I didn't know his exact
technique back then, but now I know he moonlighted on those topics
that he studied.

We, myself included, forgot to recall the subjects as soon as we
closed the book, but for him they remained with him. From tea shops to
girls, he uncannily connected the new information with the world
around him.

So as you study for this semester, remember this mantra- study less,
imagine more. That's the secret of successful study.

Please give it a try. Do remember what one great scientist said,
imagination is more powerful than knowledge. So give it the wings and
reach the skys!'

More tips of studying for this semester can be found by clicking this

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Why update your resume series?

If you are a long term reader of this blog then, I hope you haven't
missed the ongoing series of posts on update your resume.

Now a friend of mine who reads this blog commented to me why this update your resume series? Why now?

To answer, I again hope you haven't missed the new's advert. It declares bye bye recession!!

Well that's why?

Job hoping, job hunting, job filling, taking people for bench will be the new rage
now and as the flood gates open, resume is your ultimate marketing tool. A tool that will bring the new interview offers that will eventually come in Market.

So as the Market improves, it's wise and intelligent effort to polish your only marketing tool, your key to the door!!

Whatever you do in office, in your training organisation, in your room will amount to none if it's not marketed well. Hence the series.

My friend is in the same process of updating his resume and I began the series just to be keep in line with him.

So what are you waiting for, close the browser window, end the catia session, stop the CFD run and update your resume!! There's no better time to do this than now.

Find all series of update your resume

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My fav method of learning and how it can help you?

Total immersion. Once I know I need to learn something, I let it flow
over me. I bath in it. I let it engulf me.

In NAL, by a chance work that I got from my mentor and boss, I saw the  power of VBA in practical use. This ignited my desire to learn it.

So that day I stayed longer in clocter, my lab in NAL, and browsed through the net in search of the stuff. I collected all pages that I could found. I devoured all the materials, understood very little of the things but I carried on.

Then at home, I fired excel and went to the vba mode and began ploughing through the help sections. I learnt a tiny bit of what I read but this process of overwhelming myself with so much materials, so much potentials softened my soil.

This process didn't teach me beyond how to get started in vba, but it showed and opened my eye to the potential that it had. This bath and total immersion in VBA material helped soften the soil and made my mind receptive to the lessons that I was to learn in the days to come.

So my advice to everyone of you is, if you are planning to learn a new tool, new language, new technique or language then take the plunge whole heartily and in the initial days bath in that tool, techniques, and process.

Don't worry about how much you learn just carry on and soften the soil that will eventually yield the desired crop!!

Well that was my method of learning, you let us know what's yours.

Read more about learning different tools and techniques of skill building by clicking this link


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Saturday, February 20, 2010

AeSI's results and AeSI's website

As AeSI results were announced this 15th of februrary, I had lot of
people coming to the blog. Most of them were AeSI students seeking
information on aesi results.

Well they are posted on aeronautical society of india's website at

Since aesi has changed the domain address quite a time and still
people follow the old address of That's not the
address guys. Aesi's official website is !

Well that being said, I would like to remind you that there are these
avenues to interact with each other, with seniors and your peers via
this blog, join the myaesi blog. Come and unite because united we
stand, devided we fall and we want to stand!!!

Please feel free to forward this on to someone who might find it

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Friday, February 19, 2010

Section B highlights of December 2009 AeSI results

Section B still has two categories Modified syllabus and unmodified syllabus, so first i will do a provide similar graphs as i did for section A subjects.

Count is the number of students that 


Aerodynamic design and testing and Advance strength of Materials (ASM) has the highest count. This highest pass outs are in this two subjects.

Average is the average of the marks that each of the subjects gathered. It gives and indication of how easy and difficult it is to score in a subject of section B


Average in Section B old syllabus is lower than section A. Maintenance of avionics has the highest marks while avionics 1 had just 50 as its highest.

Among aerodynamics, aerodynamics-2 is higher than aerodynamics 1. In propulsion, propulsion 3 leads while propulsion 1 is the lowest.

Average marks in propulsion subjects are less than 55%, much lower that core aerodynamics subjects.


Maximum marks obtained in each subject



Mathematics 3 tops with 93 marks. Those are good marks. thermodynamics topped for section A, ASM and aerodynamics 1 are close second.

In propulsion subjects 1 2 and 3 , highest marks is not even crossing 68 that was the lowest highest mark in any subject in section A new syllabus!!





This one is new and not present in section a results but is important. Here’s how?

Median is the middle. In maintenance of avionics instruments, 50% of the people who pass got 81 or above marks.. See this statistics to know what marks you need to get to be well above 50% of the passing students.

As you can see many people just passed, as last few subjects in the above graph showing 50! The poor performance of propulsion is evident in this.


Standard deviation.


This one is new and not present in section a results but is important. Here’s how?

The higher the standard deviation, the higher the fluctuation. If we compare Sachin’s and Shewag’s younger days career for same period of time, we will notice that Sachin has low deviation while Shewag has high standard deviation. What this mean,  low standard deviation means its consistent. So sachin was much more consistent than Shewag!

Similarly here the subjects having low standard deviation means that the subjects consistent  average marks for those who passed the subject.

A zero deviation means the subject is consistent and most of the people got average marks.

Highly fluctuating subjects were... Mathematics 3, ASM, Aerodynamics 1 and VMD!! They produced results from that varied from 50 to the highest marks.


Well that's it for today. Hope you will find value in this number and will gain some additional insight on the numbers and will plan your studies with it.


Do let me know what do you think of this numbers and graphs.

Cheers. Section B un modified syllabus will be the next instalment.


Anyone have PDF of last semester’s results, i would love to compare the results.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Some highlights on Section-A AeSI Results

Here’s a short snapshot of Section A Results. I love tinkering with numbers and the results at the of AeSI provides me ample opportunities to play n.

So, here’s some of the results graphs that i have come up.


Count is the total number of students who passed in a particular subject. As you see Workshop Technology was the subject which maximum AeSI students cleared followed by Strength of Materials. Since AeSI doesn’t publish the total number of students appearing its hard to see how many appeared in an exam.



Average Marks is the average of the marks of the total passed students. It show what's the average percentage in each subject of section A. Much more informative and informs you in which subjects you have to study hard and deep.

Engineering Thermodynamics is the highest and as always introduction to flight is the bottleneck.



Maximum Marks is the highest marks that each subjects has gathered. This metric is interesting as this gives you a goal to shoot for. This gives you a mark that you can visible aim at.. See someone in thermodynamics did got 96!! Interestingly all the highest marks are above 65!! Really a good sign.



How do you use this information is up to you? What i want to tell you is, keep the numbers in your mind and next time study hard and study with a concrete goal!!

Please pass this on to your friends, they might find it useful.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Show your benefits not features

Now what do you mean by this? What does this say? What are your features and what are your benefits?

In your resume, don't cram it with all the skills that you have? Be relevant. Don't state all your experiences in one resume. Be relevant.

Skills can be HTML, fortran, catia, ansys, hypermesh etc. Experience can be in meshing, gas turbine performance or compressor design. Depending on the job requirement , your skills, your project and your experience can become a benefit or just remain a feature.

The higher the benefit you will show greater is your chance to get that job. So after requirement study, always do a benefit vs. feature analysis of your resume and shift the balance as required when you begin updating your resume.

Jobs don't come on features, they sprinkle from benefits that this features provides to the employer.

You won't get a job by convincing them that you need the job, you get it by making them realize that they need you!!

Good luck!!

This is a post in the series update your resume. Find other posts related to this series by clicking update your resume

AeSI results for december 2009

Aesi results for December 2009 are announced and many of you are
emailing even today about how to get the amaesi results of December

So here is it

Hit to the official website of aeronautical society of india at

Yup and you will nat fail to notice the PDF link to the aesi results!!

Best if luck!!

Ps: By the end of this week, I will come with a short summary
statistics of the results!!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Walk-in interview on 24th February

QuEST is conducting Walk-in interviews for Repair/Service Engineers (Aero engines) in Bangalore.

Date of the walk-in interview will be communicated on 24th February, 2010.

Requirement Details:

Education: A.M.E. / Diploma / B.E. / B.Tech

Experience: minimum 5 years (Indian Air Force Professionals Preferred / Engineers working in Airline industry Preferred)

Age limit: maximum 40 years


•         Experience and working knowledge of current commercial or military engines in service.

•         Basic knowledge of engine systems, functions of engine modules and systems as well as experience in design environment.

•         In-depth technical understanding and competence

•         Experience in 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th line servicing of aero engines

•         Experience in maintenance, repair/service and overhaul of gas turbine aero engines

Soft Skills:

•         Good command of the English language required

•         Customer orientated behaviour

•         Attention to detail

•         Good communication and interpersonal skills

Candidates should be available / willing to travel onsite as required.

So hurry!!!!!!!!!

Send me your resume at myaesi+resume@gmail,com

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Don't touch your resume before doing this?

This is another post on the ongoing series of update your resume!!

The core rule of resume update for a requirement is the requirement
itself. See it carefully, undertand it before even touching the resume.

Once you know what is the requirement only then should you update your

After the understanding of the requirement, you will know what are the
keywords that you might use. It will tell you which projects to
highlight, which skills you to shine on.

Resume is a marketing document. So before looking at the market
requirement don't touch your resume!!

What's the top percentage for amaesi degree?

A few weeks back, I went to world education fair. Lot of universities
representatives were there.

We interacted with many and one particular remark that remained with
us was from someone in a uk university.

After understanding amaesi degree, he said he was impressed by the
people who are working with this degree in top aerospace companies,
but I want to know what is the maximum percentage of top.

He understood that in Anna university 80+% is top but same was not
true for Pune university where 70% was the top rank. And he wanted to
know what was that limit for aesi degree?

We managed to say 65% because this is what we all felt was the top
percentage we heard from an amaesi graduate.

I want to put this question to you, what is the top percentahge that
you have heard of an aesi graduate. I am not talking about section a
or section b percentages. I am looking for the overall percentage.

So chip in and let's settle this once and for all. Send your mail,
comments here and get a definite answer!!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Keyboard Shortcuts to explore Microsoft Office

Got this in a forwarded mail today. posting it for your reference. We know shortcuts, and here some more to explore Windows Office in different ways.

Important Word Shortcuts

  • All Caps - CTRL+SHIFT+A
  • Annotation - ALT+CTRL+M
  • Auto Format - ALT+CTRL+K
  • Auto Text - F3 or ALT+CTRL+V
  • Bold - CTRL+B or CTRL+SHIFT+B
  • Bookmark - CTRL+SHIFT+F5
  • Copy - CTRL+C or CTRL+INSERT
  • Copy Format - CTRL+SHIFT+C
  • Copy Text - SHIFT+F2
  • Create Auto Text - ALT+F3
  • Date Field - ALT+SHIFT+D
  • Delete Back Word - CTRL+BACKSPACE
  • Delete Word - CTRL+DELETE
  • Dictionary - ALT+SHIFT+F7
  • Do Field Click - ALT+SHIFT+F9
  • Doc Maximize - CTRL+F10
  • Doc Move - CTRL+F7
  • Doc Restore - CTRL+F5
  • Doc Size - CTRL+F8
  • Grow Font - CTRL+SHIFT+.
  • Grow Font One Point - CTRL+]Hanging Indent - CTRL+T
  • Header Footer Link - ALT+SHIFT+R
  • Help - F1
  • Hidden - CTRL+SHIFT+H
  • Hyperlink - CTRL+K
  • Indent - CTRL+M
  • Italic - CTRL+I or CTRL+SHIFT+I
  • Justify Para - CTRL+J
  • Left Para - CTRL+L
  • Line Up Extend - SHIFT+UP
  • List Num Field - ALT+CTRL+L
  • Outline - ALT+CTRL+O
  • Outline Collapse - ALT+SHIFT+- or ALT+SHIFT+NUM -
  • Outline Demote - ALT+SHIFT+RIGHT
  • Outline Expand - ALT+SHIFT+=
  • Outline Expand - ALT+SHIFT+NUM +
  • Outline Move Down - ALT+SHIFT+DOWN
  • Outline Move Up - ALT+SHIFT+UP
  • Outline Promote - ALT+SHIFT+LEFT
  • Outline Show First Line - ALT+SHIFT+L
  • Lock Fields - CTRL+3 or CTRL+F11
  • Web Go Back - ALT+LEFT
  • Web Go Forward - ALT+RIGHT
  • Word Left - CTRL+LEFT
  • Word Left Extend - CTRL+SHIFT+LEFT
  • Word Right - CTRL+RIGHT

Excel Time saving Shortcuts:

  • Move to next cell in row - Tab
  • Move to previous cell in row - Shift + Tab
  • Up one screen - Page Up
  • Down one screen - Page Down
  • Move to next worksheet - Ctrl + Page Down
  • Move to previous worksheet - Ctrl + Page Up
  • Go to first cell in data region - Ctrl + Home
  • Go to last cell in data region - Ctrl + End
  • Bold toggle for selection - Ctrl + B
  • Italic toggle for selection - Ctrl + I
  • Underline toggle for selection - Ctrl + U
  • Strikethrough for selection - Ctrl + 5
  • Change the font - Ctrl + Shift + F
  • Change the font size - Ctrl + Shift + P
  • Apply outline borders - Ctrl + Shift + 7
  • Remove all borders - Ctrl + Shift + Underline
  • Wrap text in same cell - Alt + Enter
  • Format cells - Ctrl + 1
  • Select font - Ctrl + Shift + F
  • Select point size - Ctrl + Shift + P
  • Format as currency - Ctrl + Shift + 4
  • Format as general - Ctrl + Shift + # (hash sign)
  • Format as percentage - Ctrl + Shift + 5
  • Format as number - Ctrl + Shift + 1
  • Autosum a range of cells - Alt + Equals Sign
  • Insert the date - Ctrl +; (semi-colon)
  • Insert the time - Ctrl + Shift +; (semi-colon)
  • Insert columns/rows - Ctrl + Shift + + (plus sign)
  • Insert a new worksheet - Shift + F11
  • Read Monitor Cell One - Alt + Shift + 1
  • Read Monitor Cell Two - Alt + Shift + 2
  • Read Monitor Cell Three - Alt + Shift + 3
  • Read Monitor Cell Four - Alt + Shift + 4
  • List Visible Cells With Data - Ctrl + Shift + D
  • Lists Data In Current Column - Ctrl + Shift + C
  • List Data In Current Row - Ctrl + Shift + R
  • Select Hyperlink - Ctrl + Shift + H
  • Move To Worksheet Listbox - Ctrl + Shift + S
  • Move To Monitor Cell - Ctrl + Shift + M
  • Select Worksheet Objects - Ctrl + Shift + O
  • List Cells At Page Breaks - Ctrl + Shift + B
  • Options Listbox - Insert + V

Easy move through Powerpoint:

  • Apply subscript formatting - CTRL+EQUAL SIGN (=)
  • Apply superscript formatting - CTRL+PLUS SIGN (+)
  • Bold - CTRL+B
  • Capitalize - SHIFT+F3
  • Copy - CTRL+C
  • Delete a word - CTRL+BACKSPACE
  • Demote a paragraph - ALT+SHIFT+RIGHT ARROW
  • Find - CTRL+F
  • Insert a hyperlink - CTRL+K
  • Insert a new slide - CTRL+M
  • Italicize - CTRL+I
  • Make a duplicate of the current slide - CTRL+D
  • Open - CTRL+O
  • Open the Font dialog box - CTRL+T
  • Paste - CTRL+V
  • Print - CTRL+P
  • Promote a paragraph - ALT+SHIFT+LEFT ARROW
  • Repeat your last action - F4 or CTRL+Y
  • Save - CTRL+S
  • Select all - CTRL+A
  • Start a slide show - F5
  • Switch to the next pane (clockwise) - F6
  • Switch to the previous pane - SHIFT+F6
  • Undo - CTRL+Z
  • View guides - CTRL+G

The trick here is not to learn each one of them. Real benefit will come in taking a bunch of them and applying them on regular basis and then coming back for some more..

That one piece of advice that you will give to a new AeSI joinee!!

This post is an open thread. It's an open question to you all.

What's that one piece of advice that you will give to a new AeSI joinee? Shoot your answers here.

I am looking for constructive replies, helpful comments and no AeSI bashing!!

Let's make it fun. Let's make it a thread that genuinely helps people. Think of it as an advice that you will give to your brother and sister who has joined AeSI and is asking for constructive help not your lecture on why not to join AeSI?

So chip in

If you have trouble viewing or submitting this form, you can fill it out online:


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Thursday, February 11, 2010

What will you do if you fail this time?

Have this thought crossed in your mind? Does your mind want to beat me up for saying such a unholy thing? Do you feel anxious about the upcoming inevitable AeSI results announcement?

Even if you do, but this is a powerful question. This a question that determines how you will fare in your life after AeSI? This determines your overall attitude towards life.

How? During my times I have seen so many students lying about there results when they fail.

Lying not to me, not to themselves but to their parents. Announcing them glorious results instead of the actual AeSI results. Hiding the truth just to save the shame. Hiding the truth to defer the hurt!!

I am far removed from these AeSI days now and from here I can say that's its a bad move.

Be truthful to your results. That lie will sprout other lies, you aren't stopping the hurt, just delaying it and creating additional pressure on yourself!!!

Come out clean and whatever be the results face it head on. The resolve to succeed that comes from truth will be 100 times powerful than the timid effort that you will put to overturn the lie.

I know some folks in AeSI who are still in AeSI and are denying their results. Don't be one of them?

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

You are invited. Have your say in MYAeSI!!

Thank you all for downloading the ebook, After-AeSI – Career guide for AeSI graduates  It's been downloaded by three people each day from the day it was launched.

Many you have been kind enough to write in your comments. I am grateful. In particular I like the one where you have made constructive suggestions for making the blog more valuable. Thank you all.

The one suggestion I am toying right now is dedicate one day for posts from you. One day per week, I will stop my commentary and one of you come forward and post something. Tell your story. Shout your take on our industry.

Whatever. MYAeSI will have your word on that day!!

Are you interested?
Posting will be simple just email me the matter and I will post it on the blog. All you need to do is write it in your notepad/mail and send it to the email address and I will take it from there. So come forward.

I sincerely hope you will take this as an opportunity. Yes it's an opportunity to influence your community, an opportunity to become a change agent, an opportunity to make a difference in AeSI community.

Coming back to the ebook, please do pass it on to anyone who, you think will benefit from it.

Thanks for reading!!

Grab "After-AeSI Career guide to AeSI" ebook free

Your resume is a tool. Use it with a thought!

I will repeat

Your resume is a tool. Use it with a thought!

Resume is a tool, not like an hammer or a nail but a chemical catalyst. It won't give you a job. It won't convert your status from unemployed to employed.

But it's a catalyst that will accelerate or quicken your getting a call from the company.

The keywords, the length and the substance are nothing but represents the thought that you put in your resume. The right and thoughtful combination of which acts as a trigger in recruiter's mind and you will find yourself sitting in front him.

Remember this as you update your resume. Your resume is your marketing.

So don't leave anything on chance or laziness, put the weight of your thoughts in your resume and no one can stop your career to take off.

As always, this post was in the series of usage your resume

Read more :


Please feel free to forwards this emails to your friends who might benefit from it!!

Monday, February 08, 2010

Soak yourself for remarkable career!!

Success in any field or career is possible only if you soak yourself fully in that career or filed.

You can bath properly in a pool only if you are willing to immerse yourself fully in that pool.

Total immersion is prerequisite to be good in what you do. From catia to hypermesh, from Fortran to fluent CFD, soak yourself in the knowledge centres of your chosen tool.

For being a good Fortran user, I need to not only code in it but stay in touch with different standards, to be remarkable in this a chosen tool, I not only know what is needed for my current job but explore topics far outside my work zone.

It's just not possible to be just good now a days, you have to be remarkable for that you have to immerse yourself fully in your chosen choice.

Read more on career and how to succeed by clicking

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Saturday, February 06, 2010

Fishing – What does it teaches how to get an interview call?

When I was eight, I used to accompany my friend’s cousin to the nearby pond to catch fish!! He did is everyday and someday I used to accompany him. Along with the fishing rod, he used earthworms to catch his fishes. He never used choclate or rice which was his staple diet.

Likewise, with your resume when you go out fishing for job, you need your fish food to attract the right interview call. The fish food here is the keywords you use in your resume.

Examples. Instead of design and analysis of gas turbine, say aerodynamic/
mean line design of centrifugal impeller or stress analysis of compressor. Be specific and use keywords that really tell what you did. Like stress/life and fatigue calculation of BLISK, instead of saying doing performance analysis of gas turbine, use keywords.

The point I am making is simple.

Internet job portals have 100 thousands of resumes and your resume competes for the job offers among then and the best way your resume can show up in first few of the search results is by the help of those keyword.

So make your resume keyword rich. Identify from yours skills,project and experience the keywords that hr might be searching for and use them in your resume.

This is a post in the series of update your resume.

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Friday, February 05, 2010

How to update your resume in an effective manner?

This post is continuation of the "update your resume series" that I am
hoping to run for this week.

Last Friday I sat with my friend updating his resume. As I saw him updating his existing CV, i noticed instead of the actual content, his focus shifted towards formatting.

Instead of wording his new experience in impeller design, he stopped twice wondering on an extra line that ms word added. He was more concerned about the font size of the new entry than on the real core issue.

As I saw this, I stopped him. Asked him to press control a and control c. Asked him to open the notepad, and press control v and do the editing in notepad.

Here in notepad he was far more productivity, suddenly his words, his language changed and he was better able to articulate his nature of work, his projects, his new work experience.

He was able to relate his skills, experience, and projects to the requirements for which he was updating the resume for.

So lesson learnt. Update your resume in notepad. Word is great at formatting. But it can distract you with all those spelling and language corrections and also with the feedback it provides continuously.

So at first take the humble notepad, write all that you need to write and once you are satisfied with the content of your resume, switch back to word and copy paste the stuff. After which concentrate on the formatting, correcting the spelling etc.

That's it folks, remember resume writing is two part exercise, the substance and formatting. Separate them and make a great resume.

The update your resume series will continue.

Read more on job hunting by clicking the following link

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Thursday, February 04, 2010

How lengthy should your resume be?

Before i start, apologies for the delay folks, I am dealing with travel and a bad stomach ache, so posting rate has slowed down to zero.

But I am hoping to recover soon and get back on track.

By the way, day before yesterday I was updating a resume for a friend with him. As we were updating, he questioned how much details should we put in a resume.

How much should it reveal?

As you know I maintain that for resume, the first page should give a snapshot of your career and profile. The rest are just addons

A resume of 2 to 3 page is maximum, you should keep it under this limit. The tight it is the better. It's your marketing document that brings you interviews.

So don't make the runway long for the resume to travel or else the hr will drop the resume before the take off.

I will discuss more on resume length and types of resume latter this week. So stay tuned.

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