Thursday, July 31, 2008

AeSI Exam Results of June 2008 Announced

Well this is the announcement I am sure each and every students of AeSI is waiting for. As the information I have got, August 8th is the tentative date that a student informed me.

So guys and gals keep checking the AeSI websites, AeSI has the knack of throwing the results at unexpected times. So be sure to check AeSI’s nay website often for the announcement of AeSI June 2008 results

Whatever be your AeSI results, remember these 3 things to get you a fresh start.

Whatever be the result, positive or negative. Don't let the result sway you. If positive, plan for the next semester. If negative, forget the past analyze what might have gone wrong and then begin afresh with double the zeal!!!

Study and Life Lessons from Natrajan Sir of GIE

I studied for my AeSI from GIE and among all the faculties, one that influenced me most is Mr. Natrajan sir, from principles of flights, to thermodynamics to propulsion to aerodynamics he took all the classes and what a marathon he did.

A typical class of Natrajan sir was filled with the subject, some practical tips and wisdom of his long experience. One common thread in all his lectures was his witty small, jokes that he inserted in his lectures. His slides were the rage and have his notes and then hear is explanation, he made the whole topics crystal clear.

So what are the 3 things that i took from him and that every AeSI students should consider implementing in his or her studies and life?

  • The first thing had to be the problem solving techniques he applied. His funda was simple begin from fundamentals. Begin from the root. Given a problem he always began from the basic and this is what he practiced and preached in all his classes. Be it a theory question or numerical problem, he went to root and came up with the answers out of those fundamentals. So apply that in your all studies. Efficiency of Brayton cycle. Don’t just mug up the formula. Know how it is coming from the fundaments and you will see the value of his teaching. Same way in principles of flights you are being asked about the question of reasoning… go to the basics. Root your answer from there.

  • The second thing that I learnt from Natranjan sir was his jest for teaching and learning. As I pointed in my previous post, he is the most energetic and enthusiastic teacher I have seen in my life. When he at his age can be so enthusiastic and energetic about his teaching and work, then I guess we AeSI graduates and students should take this quality from him. He is the perfect example to me of the person who enjoyed his jobs so much that he was one with it and the long hours didn’t sip his energies. This was one other thing that Natrajan sir teaches us. His attitude was positive to his teaching and I guess we all need to emulate that and we will be much happier in our careers if we can get this quality in our lives.

  • The third point has to be the related to the way he taught us. His style was informal and the use of imagination was immense. His notes were littered with example and his lectures had the vivid, memorable instances and examples so that the topic he was teaching become etched. He concreted his theories in lectures by giving solid in the world example. While teaching propulsion-1, I remember, he began all his topics with some of or other mentions of bikes and that really intrigues us. We all can use these techniques; relate what you are studying with the things that you have around you. Make the connections and see them on your mental black board. This is what Natrajan sir did. Paint a mental pictures of the concepts, make them large, life-size and see how clearly you understand the topic and how long lasting that particular topic will be .

  • Another tip in his teaching was that he always progressed from the known to the unknown. Always began the topic with the things we knew and then connected this known things to the unknown concepts of topics that he was lecturing us. This technique was very effective as this connected and made pictures in our mind. So take that from him and next time you are studying a new topic, begin from the known, connect, find path to the unknown and connect and see how that particular topic is understood more easily.

These were some of the things I could remember right now. I know they are not the all. I will publish other if I remember. I hope you apply this tips in your daily life in your studies and in your job. They are as applicable to the studies as in your jobs. Please do share your learning experiences with your lecturers here. ? Let’s make this post more informative by sharing your thoughts?

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

3 Ways to Jump Start Your Semester

Focus should be you buzz word for the semester.

Focus on your priorities. Focus on the things that you are doing your AeSI for. Focus on completing your degree, focus on your career. Focus on the immediate tasks that you need to do to get the most out of your semester.

Next semester is beginning and all I want to say the AeSI students is stay focused.

Here are the 3 things you should do immediately to Jump Start Your Semester of Success.

1. List out what you want out of this semester. By now you might know the subjects you are going to take so decide what and how much you want to learn from it. Fix a quantitative goal for the subjects; let’s say “I want to get 75+ marks in this subject”. Or “at the end of this semester i'll be master of this particular subject". The more objective your goal, the better. Main thing is to set a goal before you move on and keep it in writing.

2. Set a minimum limit of time that you want to study. Do it for the subjects you have made the goals for. This is the minimum limit that you have to do no matter what? So set it sensibly. It good to think that you can study 8 hours a day but you know it can't be always sustained. So set a limit that is lower than your average. I knew I can study 4 hours but I always set 2. This might seem unreasonable or plain rubbish but there's a catch. Now when I set 2 hours, I can't reduce or push this thing away. I need to do it everyday. So set a limit that you know you will do everyday. Setting one sensible limit meant that I have to study for that minimum no. of hours no matter what happened, be it serials blasts or jam-packed classes!!!

3. Write this thing down and publicly announce this to your near and dear ones. This will help you stick with it. This is the most important step. Setting goal was easy not staying with it is hard. If you are not accountable, you tend to loose you focus. So announce your goal and the task and the minimum hours that you need to put to some one who will see how you are doing. This helps you keep on track. Its like laying down the tracks for your train of goal!!! Be accountable!

And one bonus trick, keep the writing somewhere you always see. Always begin your day thinking about the goals. Keep them in your conscious.

To be more accountable, use this post to write your goals for this semester in the comments and regularly post the updates here and keep the entire AeSI community aware

Begin it now. Best of luck!

Is Training Really Necessary for AeSI Graduates?

A week or two back there was mail from Mr. Bishnujee Singh regarding this same topic.

Dear AeSI Engineers & Students,
I have noted that in recent years that AeSI Engineers after course completion are opting for easy way out of having practical training paid or unpaid in various facilities provided by AeSI. Please be advised that its always better to have difficult route of going through Written test and Interview and prove your self best in Aerospace Engineering sector.

If you guys have studied honestly for AeSI, there is no need to be feeling scared or insecure. I had been through same AeSI Graduation and I never opted for Practical Training or OJT offered by AeSI since I was hired immediately after AeSI Graduation as Scientist (Engineer) proper role and had also qualified with Engineering Services Exam using same AeSI Graduation. It all comes down to level of commitment in your studies. Please be advised that OJT or Practical Training is not accountable as Position of Responsibility as far as Professional Development of Engineer goes.

I hope all new AeSI Engineers will keep this factors in mind when doing there Professional Development.

I read this above mail of Mr. Bishnujee? First thing that came to my mind was what the heck is he talking? But after some moments contemplation I realized the full meaning of his words.

I have a friend who waited for 4 months to come to Bangalore to do OJT provided by AeSI. All this time he was at his native place. It is this kind of students Bishnujee was aiming in that mail! Yes as I said this in my previous post that your last semester in AeSI is the most important. If one is keen and follows the tips I laid there, he or she might not need OJT or unpaid training. It’s his skills and knowledge and the AMAESI degree that will land him a job.

I am not saying training is irrelevant, but as Bishnujee pointed out it’s not the only option. If you are well prepared, then landing a job won't be difficult.

Confidence + degree + skills = job

After AeSI, this is the recipe for landing a job. So if you can develop this 3 while studying for AeSI then you need no training.

What are your thoughts regarding this? IS training really necessary ? Do share your views in comments.

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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

7 Simple Steps That Will Help You Get The Maximum Out Of Your Training

This post is mainly for the guys and gals who are already doing training. And for those who want to get the maximum out of their training. All the points that I have listed are from my own experience in NAL as project trainee and project engineer.

I will be writing a long post regarding all this points soon.

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Are you Learning CATIA or SOLIDWORKS or UNIGRAPHICS or any Another Tool?

Remember this fact every time that they are just tools. Tools in the hands of an able engineer. As Saif Ali Khan puts it in his latest movie RACE: “It’s not the car that matters, it the driver who wins the race”

So is very true in regards to your engineering’s career. It’s not the tools that will get you ahead but it’s your application and knowledge that will shine you.

Software like CATIA, ANSYS, and NASTRAN etc. are just tools. What really matters is your application and the understanding of these tools. So when ever you are using this tools have this thing in mind. To succeed in your career while working on the projects do have the clear big picture in your mind.

It very easy to get lost in the intricate details of the design and meshing but what really matter is the big picture.

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Monday, July 28, 2008

The week that was in indian aerospace.

Top 5 aerospace news of last week.

Finmeccanica to focus on india

Eyeing India whose annual defence spending is expected to touch a whopping USD 10 billion in the next five years, Finmeccanica, Italian defence major has announced plans to focus on india from next year

Tata group was in talks with Italian defence and aerospace company Finmeccanica SpA about supplying helicopter parts

Hyderabad would become India’s aviation and aerospace hub

Statement issued by Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Y.S. Rajasekhara Reddy’s (YSR) proposes to set up an aerospace and precision engineering special economic zone (SEZ)

India's first high temperature material characterisation lab that would test materials used for making fighter aircrafts and satellites.

European Engineering Consulting Group headquartered at Paris and a preferred supplier of EADS, and INFOTECH Enterprises Limited (IEL), a leading India-based Technology Solutions provider headquartered at Hyderabad, have formed a strategic partnership to provide global engineering solutions to EADS

China aims to build a leading aerospace industry by 2015, when the country would command 10 percent of the world's commercial satellite market, and 15 percent of the space launch market.

For Jobs in Indian Aerospace click the image below

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Are you appearing for GATE 2009?

Gate is one another important exam in the life of an AeSI student and graduate. It is one of the the exam that almost maximum of AeSI graduates appear in. In fact all the persons i know of in AeSI has appeared in GATE exams. So now it will soon be time for the GATE 2009.

The distribution of GATE 2009 exams applications begins in September!!

So how many of you are appearing for the GATE 2009 examination? How are you studying for it? Is this your first attempt? Are you taking any special coaching for GATE 2009 exams? Do share with us...

IIT Video Lecture Needs Some Improvement

A while back we posted about the IIT lecture series, here are some of my thoughts for the whole series.

First of all many thanks to IIT’s for taking this initiative. Its really great way to expand the knowledge. The efforts and videos are great. The best thing about this courseware is that they are video lectures so I think they are far more helpful than the MIT open source courseware. Yes MIT's breadth is more, but from user point of view watching a lecture and hearing them, doing on board is much more memorable. So this is how I felt while seeing. As someone rightly pointed an hour worth of video was much, better than a whole year of book study. And it’s true. The list as far as AeSI syllabus was concerned, had lot of material. So now AeSI students will have one more additional source of info.

But all is not right with the IIT video lectures; there is room for improvements in terms of presentation...

All the lectures were 50+ minutes long, so watching them on low bandwidth is very slow and hour lecture can stretch to 4 hours and it kills the experience. So I would like these series to be divided in 10mins and linking via play list.

Another drawback i saw in the IIT video lectures was. It was present in almost all lectures but I’ll mention advance strength of materials lecture. It had 39 lectures, dealing with almost all the bachelors’ degree syllabus, but they all are labeled linearly like lecture1 ASM, lecture2 ASM, and so forth. So you see if someone wants to learn about MOHR circle, how he/she will get it? Labeling should be based on topic, so the lectures are easier to find and thus more useful.

These were the two major improvements that I felt that can make this lecture series more useful and easier to find and browse fro the students.

I hope that IIT will take these steps soon. But till then AeSI folks enjoy this treat that IIT has presented. It’s worth goldmine!!!!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Animation of PSLV indian satellite launch

A week back i posted about getting the chandrayaan spacecraft to your desktop . Chandrayaan mission, due to be launched in September 19th this year, is perhaps the biggest Indian space mission so far. We have never traveled a distance of 300000+ km before.

Find more info click here

This animation shows how a satellite is launched. The launch vehicle shown is PSLV. Quite an impressive video. Also read more about the chandrayaan mission here

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Tips for AeSI graduates for getting employed

In this series I am taking about steps that AeSI graduate or students can take so that they are employable once they completed their degree. This is part 4 of the series. You can read the previous 3 parts here, here and here.

What’s in demand is good but is it enough to get you into the aerospace industry? Training and experience is another factor. After AeSI, it takes at least 2+ months to get a job depending upon the profile of a person, this 2 months figure is based on my informal survey among AeSI people I know of. But the main point is not the two months what you need to do.

Well as stated before; begin your career planning in the beginning of your last semester. This is the time when you need to think where and what you want to be in the booming aerospace industry. You know your strengths. How you can add value to the company that will employee you. Yes you have the skills but are they applicable out of the textbook, here training in NAL, GTRE, HAL and anywhere you can get comes handy. I had mine in NAL and this has increased my skills many fold. It not only rejuvenated my propulsion knowledge but also polished my programming skills and added CAD skills to my repertoire.

Training has two advantage, one it helps you understand what the industry will be like when you are in, you can see that skills are okay but how to handle people and deadlines also come into being. Second thing is that it will make your skills more marketable. A person with catia and hypermesh skills and a person who has worked on catia in a live project is far more attractive to the recruiter.

My friend and I have this theory that if you want to learnt a cad or analysis software. You can do hundred tutorials but you will truly learn the software when you do a real life project. This is the one where you have no guidance and you are on your own and you get to learn the small things that a tutorial and book learning can never mention or show.

So apart from your skills, get trained. It might be in NAL or any other organizations which provide adequate facility for the AeSI people. And you don't have to wait for AeSI’s training call. You can begin this on your own initiative and give yourself a head start. Truly this is one thing that I will recommend every AeSI new graduate. I have written many more posts regarding how to get trained? Or things to consider before getting training do read them.

This series is not about my ranting about what I feel, I want you to take active part in it, suggest your suggestion. Tell us your five points so that AeSI students and graduates are more employable !!!

AeSI exams results awaited- few tips for next semester

AeSI results is what all the AeSI students will be waiting for now. And many of you might have begun studying for the next semester. So I thought I will share some of the tips so that the next semester is more fruitful and productive for all of you.

My most productive semesters were the once in which I had made clear cut goals or targets. While in section-B I took up propulsion-1, propulsion-2, propulsion-3 and aerodynamics as my subjects. This were tough subjects and whenever I told the choice of subjects to any of my friends they stared at me and I guess laughed behind my back at my foolishness of taking all the tough and big ones at one go. But my task in that semester was simple. I took the subjects thinking that they will be related and then there was the fact that all of them were to be taught by Mr. Natrajan sir. He is the most productive teacher I have seen in my entire life. I mean he used to come at 7am in morning and then used to continue teaching till 9 in the evening. At tea breaks we always used to wonder from where he gets so much stamina or energy to teach. This is when I challenged myself that if I wanted distraction free study then I need to emulate Natarajan sir and I took all his subjects at one go and I cleared all the four subjects that semester with getting the highest marks in propulsion-3 and aerodynamics!!!

Here I want to tell you 3 things that did the magic for me. I used the word magic because like magic this whole thing can be accomplished by some careful planning and preparation.

1. First and foremost was that I took up the class in GIE and never skipped any of the lectures of Natrajan sir. During that time some bhaiya was also giving propulsion classes and majority of students were enrolled for his tuitions, but I kept my focus on Natrajan sir. Yes he doesn’t cover the entire syllabus and sometime miss some of it but I think knowledge is like energy. My best came from the fact that I took the knowledge from Natrajan sir and not from some bhiya. As thermodynamics teaches us. Energy degrades from one from to other so I wanted the purest and so I stayed with Natrajan sir and it really helped. How? See that particular bhiya also studied from him. But what is the most important thing was he was just imparting the knowledge of propulsion while Natrajan sir, with his years of experience was teaching us the same thing but was also sowing the seeds of problem solving. I will write a separate post of the things AeSI students can learn from Natranjan sir latter some time.

2. Plan your study hours. This is one important step. Plan on the numbers of hours you want to put in everyday for your studies. The no of hours shouldn’t be the maximum that you can give. But they should be the minimum that you pledge yourself that you will be able to give everyday no matter what. In my case I knew with no other things to do I could do 7 hours study easily but then this hours I didn’t knew if the classes and other activities will permit me to have them always. So I gave myself 2 hours everyday. Yes 2 hours. This is the minimum I have to give to my studies everyday for that semester. I wanted consistency and this minimum 2 hours gave, me that. I always overshot this hours but knowing that I have put in my minimum hours target for that day helped keeping me positive.

3. Use library extensively. I have written a long article back then of the benefits of library. And if you had been in GIE during that time. You would have always seen me at GIE’s library everyday. This is where my minimum 2 hours were always consumed. Not only it gave me the perfect peaceful and undistracted place to study but having so many reference books at hand increased the breadth of the knowledge that I studied. Please do read the advantages of studying in library that I found then.

So these were the 3 things that every AeSI students can emulate in his or her own study schedule to get the maximum out of this semester. What else do you recommend for a productive semester? Have other tips for studying productivity, do share in comments.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Get chandrayaan to your desktop

As you all know i am passionate about Indian aerospace and have been ranting about it a lot here. So here's one more things that i want to share with you all. Get chandrayaan to your desktop. Chandrayaan mission , as you all might know is India's first mission to the moon. I am fascinated with this. This will be India's giant leap in space and i belive that the rewards of this will tickle down to all the aerospace and other industry.

Follow the India's journey to the moon here. And To get the chandrayaan to your desktop click here.

Advice to AeSI students before you begin the next semester

You all might be waiting for the aesi exams results. And are preparing to begin the next semester. Next session classes in GIE are about to begin. Today I will talk about a distractive trend that I have seen in Chennai among the students of AeSI. Instead of opting for classes in GIE they go for the classes from other AeSI fellows. This is the trend that I have seen.

For the AeSI guy teaching it means quick bucks and for the one studying it means more personalized study and he or she is more comfortable in clearing his or her doubts.

But I feel this is wrong. Knowledge is like energy and it degrades as it passes from one person to other. Just like the laws of thermodynamics, work capacity of system degrades as entropy is always increasing. Same way knowledge also has a way of eroding as it’s passed. So take this knowledge from the person who has the highest experience in it, not from the next guy who cleared the subject last year.

Take it from the source which initially imparted the knowledge to the guy or gal not from someone who claims to give you all his notes. His notes will be great but the knowledge that will tickle down will be of low quality and with gaps. So always opt for good faculty. Its good to have a second backup tuition but the main source shouldn’t be ignored.

Let me give you an example during my days of AeSI, it was with advance strength of materials. There were two options, there was one new professor in GIE and then there was some bhiaya. Since the professor was new students had doubts that if he would be able to teach properly so majority of the students went for the bhaiya. Well its not that bhiya was incompetent but the professor being the senior in the field had more experience and he taught with his focus on building fundamentals while the bhiya taught us with the tricks he did to clear the exams. I enrolled in for both of them and it is here I saw the difference.

Finally what matters is the fundamentals and they are to be taken from the best source and I am glad I didn’t leave the professor even though I opted for the classes of that bhaiya.

So my word of advice to all AeSI students beginning there new semester is study from an experience professor, in the long run they will impart you more quality knowledge than anyone else. It good to supplement this with the classes of bhiyas’s but don’t ignore that fact that the faculty in GIE or any other institute you are studying is more important than any other option.

Booming indian aerospace - tips so you don't miss the bus part-3

I am writing about 5 things that and AeSI engineer, graduate and student must do so that they do not miss the aerospace boom. The first two posts can be found here, and here.

Pride in your degree, in your education, and having the right knowledge will take you half way but having the right skills will push the door open for you. So build your skills,

Ideally one should begin building his or her skills in the AeSI. If you are in the last leg of AeSI and 2 semesters away from graduating then it’s high time. To begin with make a beginner’s resume and post it on the jobs website. Along with that begin looking at the skill set that the companies are looking for. Decide the category which is more aligned to your passion or interest.

let me illustrate this with an example from my days in AeSI, when I first registered myself, I began to notice that most of the jobs in aerospace had this three broad categories, design, analysis and programming/performance. At that time all 3 looked promising and I couldn’t decide which one was close to my heart, but then in designing they needed cad tools of which I had no experience and honestly I haven't even seen a catia screen by that time, so I was just still there, in analysis side they called for nastran, ansys but here I noticed mostly they looked for M Techs so i saw little chance for myself here.

The only thing that left was performance tools that require programming. I liked computers and had a little programming experience. So i decided to get myself skilled in this part of the aerospace field. This involved seeing which programming languages were in demand and what companies were looking for and what code and on what they were developing this codes. So i choose c to begin my aerospace study language and made an aim to write two small aerospace related programs per week from then onwards. This way i not only learned c more easily but also enhanced my propulsion knowledge. Pressure and height at certain attitude was one of my first programs.

This technique has helped me when I joined NAL and these skills increased my value and though I joined as project trainee, I was given some good performance programs that I need to debug and update. This not only enhanced my knowledge but also laid the foundation of my love in programming in aerospace.

So one can do the same things, if design is what you have access to then begin now and start delving. By the time you are out you will have the required confidence that one needs? You might begin with catia, solidworks or what ever that fancies you and you can see what’s in demand. But the important thing is begin now. However small you start but begin today and work on your skills. I have lot of materials on beginning solidworks and catia. I hope they will be helpful to you guys and gals to jump start your career.

Monday, July 21, 2008

NAL's RTA has competition

NAL's RTAThe Japan Aircraft Development Corporation has initiated a study to develop a new 100-150-seat narrowbody aircraft titled "YPX".

If launched, the aircraft would compete directly against the Bombardier CSeries and 737/A320 replacement at the lower end of the short-range market. Entry into service would be targeted around the 2018-2019 timeframe.

Great man... so RTA has competition. Know more about india's RTA here

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Aerospace boom in india - First thing you should do so you don't miss the opportunity

With indian aerospace sector boom and HCL and other companies getting preferred supplier tags from EADS, there is no better time for an aerospace engineer in india. This rush of recognition and work is bound to create demand for aerospace engineers and the first thing that you can do so that you are not left out of this aerospace wave is get your CV updated.

CV or resume is the most important document that will help you ride the wave. So have some good CV related articles. I like this resource more than anything. so here are some of the links for good CV. All aerospace engineers or for the matter anyone should read them if they plan to make a change.

CV writing: Keep it honest, relevant, simple

8 things to make an impressive CV

12 things your CV should not have

Switched many jobs, Easy CV and interview tips

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For AeSI related specific job search and CV writing tips click here

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Booming indian aerospace - tips so you don't miss the bus part-2

In this series i am talking about five tips that aesi graduates should do to be part of the aerospace boom that is happening in India. The global aerospace industry is looking at india and china as the engines of growth. So here's the second tip so that you don't left behind. This is the second tip for aesi graduates. Read the first tip here.

Second thing that an aesi graduate should realize is that your strength is your course and the study you did, so be the best in it. By being the best i mean that all the basic questions and topics of flights, propulsion, and aerodynamics should be at your fingertips. While in aesi, don't leave the principle of flights book. Have it as your constant companion. It covers most of the questions that you will face in interviews. So have your basics ready. This is what gururaj also said once.

Being proud of your degree is good but lacking of basis is serious disadvantage. So be strong in them. For a fresher and also for seasoned aesi graduates, the most common interview question will be on his or her favorite subject, so make one subject your favorite. By making i mean, delve into it and have the basics of that subjects in your finger tips,. As a propulsion engineer, mine favorite subject is thermodynamics and i have to be prepared to answer all the basic questions that can come up from this subject.

Don't make a big mistake in this. Capitalize on your strengths How to do this?

3 step plan that i can suggest and i personally use to stay updated in my basics of the subject mentioned above.

Use 30 minutes daily to read an aerospace topic, Read only the basics, like thermodynamics, basic aerodynamics, mach number and all that. Since you will be reading basic so 30 minus is sufficient. ASM folks can read asm subject basics.

Share your knowledge, answer questions in ouraesi and aesi groups. Put some different perspective of the topic you read and discuss of share an interesting or otherwise insight on the things you studied. Use the groups. They are all fellow aesi folks and they will appreciate and learn from it and in turn you will strengthen the topic in your mind.

Play around with an idea and toss it in different direction, apply in the things you see and do during the day. This will fix the data in your mind and your mind will be more receptive the next time you hear a term regarding the topics you read. For example, my most recent topic was torque. So whenever i am seeing things i am relating this topic.

Well this are the steps that one can use to keep his basics strong and keep them from rusting. Use your imagination. Its very powerful tool and if you can use it fairly its can take you higher than any thing you can think.

So to sum up, being prepared is the another thing that an AeSI graduate or student should be doing to catch the aerospace boom! The previous step instilled self confidence and this will show that the confidence is based on solid foundation. So keep your foundation strong!

Please give in your suggestions that i might have missed out in the comments.

Aviation vs Aerospace

Aviation vs aerospace. Which do you think is most in the news. Yes you are right if you choose aviation. With rising fuel cost, aviation is the king in terms of search volumes as you can see from the picture of google trends shown below.

@ Aviation @ Aerospace

So what does this mean for aesi or aeronautics engineers?

Aviation sector is always hotter, more jobs, more opportunities. But aerospace is directly linked to it. As aviation grows, aerospace will also follow. So will the rise of fuel cost affect the aerospace industry. Well yes it might but how much i don't know. IF the fuel hike is contained and doesn't run for long, maybe aerospace industry will circumvent the turbulence. But if the fuel continue reaching higher and higher then like all industry things will be slow down in aerospace. But how does that translate to aerospace engineers? Are your jobs secure, or will they feel the shake.. i have no idea, here i think your interpersonal and ability to learn and adopt with the changing circumstances will be the need of the hour.

So while in the beginning stage of your career, let yourself blossom, expand your horizon and be prepared for everything. Stalling is not an option. Remember you are an aerospace engineer and space not sky should be your limit!!!

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Friday, July 18, 2008

Feeling depressed or stressed - here's some inspiration

Regular readers of this blog might have noticed i have recently began including PowerPoint presentation in this blog. Here's another presentation that i received as forward. Its good and i believe it will worthwhile to share with you.

Best lessons are of hope. Getting the most out of life. If you are feeling depressed or stressed for any reasons. It might be about aesi results or issues related to job, Just browse through this inspiring presentation.

Loved them they are gems that i have taken the mission to collect and share.

Hope this has helped you to be more positive and more happy?

What else can we learn from this. Apart from the inspiring thoughts, you might like the design and see how the picture and minimal words usage can be so effective. Think how you can use the same techniques in your next presentation.

This presentation's picture and words combination taught me the value of picture, if the pictures weren't there' i don't think the words had the same kind of impact that they have it now? What do you think?

No one can go back and change a bad beginning;
But anyone can start now and create a successful ending.
Is the one that i liked the most. Which slide did you liked the most? Do share your comments.

Use this google templates for effective interview preparation

Google announced the addition of google templates to its online docs service. I am big fan of trying things out. So i took the task to look at this templates and found many that students as well as graduates of aesi can put to good use.

Here's one tool that will be helpful for all aesi guys who are preparing for interview. The Interview Preparation template is a good start to prepare for the interview.


Let me allow google to answers that....

"Before heading out to interviews for jobs or programs, every student [graduate] should complete this template. By practicing and writing one's own story and anticipating questions, students will feel confident and prepared. "

Basically the template has few questions. You answer them. This helps in your preparation as you write things down. This is just like practicing the interview questions before a mirror but more concrete. So click this link and write in your answers. Trust me this little exercise will be very helpful once you are in the interview.

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Thursday, July 17, 2008

MIND your language?

My good friend is going UK and had an etiquette training today. And incidentally i got one good forward regarding the languages we use. Its titled "MIND your language"

Many aesi engineers are working in various international projects which involves interaction with clients and customers. So i am posting this presentation here in this blog.

This is one small 27 slide presentation that i received as forward so that we can effectively communicate with the customer.

This will help you achieve greater success and you will be able to communicate more effectively with your clients. Must for all workings engineers!!

Which is the best study center for AeSI?

Recently in OURAeSi and in AeSI groups, this is the hot topic is regarding the best study center for AeSI! I think it will interesting to highlight some of the good points there, so here it is.

Setu Desai began the debate by asking the following question...

I am going to join Indian Institute of Aeronautical Engineering at Dehradun.There are two corses "Aeronautical Engineering" & "Aircraft Engineering" I want to know difference between this two.

Mr Desai,
Instead of joining at Dehradun, and getting your time and money wasted I would suggest "Ganesh Institute of Engineering, 71/6, Goods Shed Road, Adambakkam,Chennai- 88 (Tamil Nadu)"

The Courses you asked for :
Aeronautical Engineering : This is a graduate course (A.M.Ae.S.I. ), whose examining body is "The Aeronautical Society of India, 13B IP estate New Delhi"

Aircraft Maintainanace Engg : Its diploma course through which a candidate becomes a specialized maintainance engineer after passing the prescribed subjects and successfully gaining the stipulated period of experience at Airports/maintainan ce workshops

If you want to go for AMAeSI course than there is no other better place than Ganesh institute, Chennai (gie-1978@eth. net; )

Best Wishes
Shashank Sharma

Its really disappointing to note that so many AeSI Engineers who are based in India have been unable to come up with decent Study center with practical labs facility in one of location in India where maximum students can benefit from such venture.There is no point of running Institutions without proper lab facility like any Engineering Colleges.So far only HIET,Chennai has labs of some standard for new syllabus of AeSI.I am not sure about labs facility of other Colleges running AeSI programmes in India.
I hope it helps.
Best wishes
Bishnujee Singh

Don't go there. I studied there. The institute does not provide good knowledge.
Exam will be in Delhi. Better to go chennai. Ganesh institute of engineering, St. Thomas mount, Chennai. This is very cheap & best amount all other institute.
all the best

I studies AMAeSI in Indian insitute of Aeronautical engineering (IIAE), Dehradun & Ganesh institute of Engineer (GIE), Chennai. I found that student passed from IIAE paid very high amount of fees, does not get guidance & competition amount the group. You may be only single who pass section -A in IIAE. I saw 90% student who left AMAeSI without clearing any subject, Where as in GIE, I found that few of candidate have finish their degree (AMAeSI) in 2.5 years followed by 3 years to maximum four years. Very few about 10% candidate may left without even single subject.

Vasudevan asked ...

Dear sirs,

I have finished my 12th std this year with good marks.I am from Chennai.Joining Aeronautical engineering was my ambition right from my young age and i joined that group in Hindustan university Chennai. Many people are saying that i have taken a wrong decision by joining that college because it has become a deemed one this year only. I have paid fees and my coll is going to open shortly.Now my family members also started thinking that way.Please make me clear.I have heard many people saying that my coll has the best lab facilities for this branch.Please tell about my college and also my decision.I am pretty confused right now.Please Help.

Bishnujee Singh replied...

Dear Vasudevan,
I don't think you have made any mistake by joining there.Till you study honestly for your Aeronautical Engineering Degree ,you should be fine in your prospective career.No schools or colleges study,its the student who studies honestly and with utmost dedication shines in there future career.
Please remain focused in your studies,that is most important thing in your life.
Best wishes

Jannani Ameer's reply

Mr.Shraveen ,I am jannani doing my final year B.E Aeronautical in Hindustan Coimbatore.You need not regret for your decision. Don't care about others telling you about this course or your college.Among some of the colleges in TN your colleges is the best for Aeronautical Eng. So don't bother about people who says tat u r wrong.Wat u have to do now is don't expect ur coll or ur professors to feed u the syllabus.Instead ,be advanced,gather the materiales and start studying on your own. maintain at least 75% consistently.Be confirm in what branch u r interested (designing,maintenance,space,pilot training,air force) and work for tat right from now. If u want any help via this field you can contact me.I ll try my best to help u.Wish u good luck.

I personally recommend GIE as its the best in terms of studies and most of the past and present students of AeSI are from there only!!

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Booming indian aerospace - 5 tips for aesi graduates so they don't miss the bus

In recent months there is lot of talks of booming aerospace, with many mergers and acquisitions and recent announcements of HCL,CADES,Satyam, Quest etc getting premium suppliers of EADS. Many big guns of aerospace are setting shops here in India and many have partnering with the one established in India. In short there is lot of buzz in the Indian aerospace industry. So how can the aesi aeronautical engineer, the graduate from aesi make sure that he is part of this action. Here in this series of post i will elaborate on 5 things that an aesi engineer, or aerospace engineer to-be should do so that he shouldn't be left behind.

First of all this goes to everyone of the aesi weather is he graduate or is in the process of being one. Be proud of you degree. AeSI is bad, aesi examination process is not transparent, results don't match the exams, aesi bureaucrats are not supportive, well all this is there but its should remain inside. Once you are outside, its your confidence and the faith in the degree that you have done that you should exhibit. Take my word for it, if you have cleared aesi, then you are one of the best aeronautical engineer in India. Yes that's very true and i know many of the society folks will agree with it.

All we lack in aesi system is the confidence, i got this confidence when i had worked in NAL as a trainee engineer. Here i saw what society has taught me this is where my confidence in knowledge increased. And i am not the only person. Read this piece from anupam goyal, one of my batch mates in aesi. He exhibited similar sentiments when he joined the industry in HAL. Many more are there who will state you this similar thing. So first of all change your attitude. If you are doing aesi seriously, then take pride in it and come out of it with confidence.

Google's advice to students

The Google official blog posted some nice tips for students. Loved the post so just wanted to share it with all of you. Some of the tips are relevant for all the aesi graduates. I am posting here the one that i liked the most.

...communication skills. Marshalling and understanding the available evidence isn't useful unless you can effectively communicate your conclusions.

... team players. Virtually every project at Google is run by a small team. People need to work well together and perform up to the team's expectations.

... passion and leadership. This could be professional or in other life experiences: learning languages or saving forests, for example. The main thing, to paraphrase Mr. Drucker, is to be motivated by a sense of importance about what you do.

And the best part is

Keep on challenging yourself, because learning doesn't end with graduation. In fact, in the real world, while the answers to the odd-numbered problems are not in the back of the textbook, the tests are all open book, and your success is inexorably determined by the lessons you glean from the free market. Learning, it turns out, is a lifelong major.

What are your thoughts on this? What more do you want to add to this? Do mention your thoughts in comments!

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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

DAE University Cancels aerospace and aviation Programs for Fall 2008

Below is the mail of DAE that i received... read it

It is with deep regret that we inform you that plans for DAE University are to be put on hold as the economic recession tightens its grip on the aviation industry. Against a backdrop of growing uncertainty affecting many businesses, admission to the University and academic courses are being postponed until demand returns.

DAE University was established to become a global leader in aviation and aerospace higher education. While that ambition remains firmly held, the demand for the aerospace workforce has shifted amid a deteriorating global economy. A decision has therefore been reached by Dubai Aerospace Enterprise to concentrate its investment on the DAE Flight Academy, our pilot training school, which is training new pilots that are in such short supply everywhere around the world.

DAE University President, Dr. George Ebbs commented “The economic recession has dampened the market with a surplus of skilled workers now available within the industry, as carriers worldwide reduce numbers or worse, close their businesses. This reduces demand for our University programs as fewer job opportunities now exist for our graduates.”
This is the mail that i got from DAE? Is this the first sign that aerospace is also feeling the pinch or economic recession? What do you think? In my next couple of post i will highlight 5 steps that aesi aerospace engineers can take so that they don't miss the aerospace boom!

Stay updated on the FARNBOROUGH 2008 airshow

Want to stay updated on the FARNBOROUGH 2008 airshow. Read this blog from aviation week. You can also follow flightblogger for the latest updates here. Apart from this if you want stay updated on Indian aerospace news, then you might want to read indianaeronews blog

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

What's common in 2008 Beijing Olympics Stadium and aerospace?

Have a look at this picture. This is the picture of olympic statium that is built in beijing for the olympic 2008. What's common in 2008 Beijing Olympics Stadium and aerospace?

Isn't it majestic.But hey what is it doing here in the blog for aerospace professionals of aesi?

We, as aerospace professional you know that Boeing , airbus and all aircrafts are being made and crafted by the help of CATIA. So is this stadium. Yes the 2008 Beijing Olympics Stadium was developed using CATIA advanced 3D model-based design-to-manufacture solutions.

Great na!! have you created something great like this in CATIA. Show us.

Also look at this video of the stadium

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China and India will be the engines of growth of global aerospace industry

Farnborough International Air show is in progress. Among the Indian companies HCL tech is there to show its aerospace expertise.Because of the oil prices and the general economy slowdown. The mood is not dark among the aerospace experts. Everyone is talking about that Asian countries particularly china and india will be the engines of growth of global aerospace industry.

Even aerospace America had an article regarding the twist and turns in the path of Asia's aerospace sector. Read the pdf file here

China and india are engines of global aerospace growth!! Who will win global aerospace industry will win? And this is good news for aeronautical engineers from india and china. This is one who will get the maximum out of this whole booming aerospace. Not only in terms of money , but on experience on working on tools and practice that are followed by the aerospace giants of the world!! In my next pots I will highlight few things that an aerospace engineer from aesi should do so that they are not left out from this booming aerospace story.

Friday, July 11, 2008

How positive are you about your AMAeSI exams?

This was the question that i asked all of the aesi folks that visited this blog and what is the verdict. Well majority of the votes saids they are 100% positive about the june 2008 amaesi results!! That's a good sign and i hope the results also reflect this positivity.

Another thing of importance was that only one person went below 50%. Way to go aesi folks!! This is on the attitude that will help you excel!!

So now what? In my previous blog i have presented 8 things that you can after exams? How many of those you actually did? Do tell me? I will also like suggestion from you about the topics that you want this blog to be covered so that its more relevant to you guys and gals!!!

You are lucky in one way that you have this blog and many groups and community that give advice and direction. During my time there was nothing, so i had to began ouraesi, the group!! Do you whom did i ask about which stream to choose for section b of aesi? Yes NAL's Srinivas Bhogle

Also read : 6 things you should begin doing in your last semester

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What is the future of Aeronautical engineer in India?

Harsha who has completed his class 12 asked about the following questions?

  • What is the future of Aeronautical engineer in India?
  • Which are the best field / industries in India and abroad to grow fast for an Aeronautical engineer.
  • Does additional tag of any management course make any difference significantly?
  • Which are the best institutes / University in demand in the aeronautical industries in India and Abroad?

And here is the reply of Mr. bishnujee singh. The best part of the response is that it eminates so much positivity. I am posting it here so that people searching it can better make use of this information.

Dear Harsh,
Thanks for your mail. Aeronautical Engineering is Interdisciplinary branch where you go on to become specialist as Aerospace Designer/Analyst/Aircraft Maintenance/Aircraft Propulsion Engineer/Aerodynamics Analyst/Flight Navigator & Pilot First officer. These days many Mechanical Engineers/Electrical/Civil Engineer seek position in Aerospace sector due to huge number of Engineers passing out in other branches of Engineering where the competition after graduation is huge.

Aerospace Engineering in India
has seen rapid growth in last few years and its much different from 90s when we graduated out ,then in the present day scenario. Lots of Giants in Aircraft Industry has set up there units in Bangalore and other cities leading to huge number of opportunities.

In India Quest,Infotech,Honeywell,Airbus Bangalore are key players and outside India there are numerous companies like Airbus UK,BAe Systems,Spirit Aerospace System,Boeing & NASA ,Lockheed Martin are key recruiters in this sector.Please do bear in mind Boeing,NASA,Lockheed martin employment restricted to US Citizens & Green card holders,though exceptional International Engineers are hired from time to time. Exceptional category is based on individual professional development after Graduation and not based on University reputation as there might be number of Graduates with same degree.

MBA degree only from reputed places like IIMs & Havarad,Kellog ,Wharton ,Cranfield should be opted for only after 3-5 years minimum experience as very few Management decent roles available for people with no experience.

Some of the best Institutes in India for Aerospace Engineering are Aeronautical Society of India, IIT Kharagpur,IIT Kanpur,IIT Mumbai,IIT Madras,IISc,JNTU,Punjab Engineering College. Please do bear in mind that Aeronautical Society of India's Associate Membership Examination has been Accrediated as British Honours Degree in Aeronautical Engineering which is highest Bachelor Degree standard in Engineering. I am not sure about the status of other Bachelor programmes in Engineering in India. Outside India there are numerous Universities like Cranfield College of Aeronautics, University of Bath, Sheffield Hallam University, Imperial College and many more in UK & ERAU,MIT,CALTech in USA. The list is long one.

I hope the above information helps.
Best wishes !

Bishnujee Singh

Realated : Know more about AMAeSI degree by AeSI?

In AeSI - Focusing on Solutions rather than on problems will reap rewards

I got this forwarded message today. Liked it so much that i want to share this with you. We can apply the wisdom in our life to excel in aesi, or in our career.
Difference between Focusing on Problems & Focusing on Solutions

Case 1:
One of the most memorable case studies on Japanese management was the case of the empty soapbox, which happened in one of Japan's biggest cosmetics companies. The company received a complaint that a consumer had bought a soapbox that was empty. Immediately the authorities isolated the problem to the assembly line, which transported all the packaged boxes of soap to the delivery department. For some reason, one soapbox went through the assembly line empty. Management asked its engineers to solve the problem. Post-haste, the engineers worked hard to devise an X-ray machine with high-resolution monitors manned by two people to watch all the
soapboxes that passed through the line to make sure they were not empty. No doubt,
they worked hard and they worked fast but they spent a Whoopee amount to do so.

But when a rank-and-file employee in a small company was posed with the same problem, he did not get into complications of X-rays, etc., but instead came out with another solution. He bought a strong industrial electric fan and pointed it at the assembly line. He switched the fan on, and as each soapbox passed the fan, it simply blew the empty boxes out of the line.

Case 2:

When NASA began the launch of astronauts into space, they found out that the pens wouldn't work at zero gravity (ink won't flow down to the writing surface). To solve this problem, it took them one decade and $12 million. They developed a pen that worked at zero gravity, upside down, underwater, in practically any surface including crystal and in a temperature range from below freezing to over 300 degrees C.
And what did the Russians do...?? They used a pencil.

Moral: Always look for simple solutions!!

If you are not clearing one particular amaesi exam of aesi, look not at the problem that aesi is getting strict, look for the things that you might have done wrong, Maybe when one line answer was sufficient, you wrote history,. Maybe the question was asking something and you gave something else. Analyze the question paper again and the answers you gave. This will bear more fruit than complaining about the transparency of aesi examination checking.

If you are not getting job after clearing aesi, look at the resume you are sending, are you following all the dictum's of sending resume. Do you modify and update your resume for the different requirements. This simple steps can do a lot. So look for solutions than mulling over problem. Mostly search for the simplest solution, that the one which is most effective.

Remember this two cases when you are faced with problem, big or small. Solve them. and focus of solutions rather than problems and look for the simplest solution.

what are your thoughts regrading this? Have you applied some simple solutions that helped you solve problems in aesi or life? Do tell us!

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Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Farnborough International Airshow begins on july 14th

The Farnborough International Airshow begins on july 14th. The 6 days event will celebrates its 60th Anniversary that commemorates its first show in 1948 held for the very first time at the Farnborough Aerodrome.

This week might mark the busiest week of the year for aviation. After Berlin air show, this is the second airshow and from India HCL tech has announced that it will be showcasing its aerospace expertise at the show.

AeSI's yearly essay competition

Summers are here and exams are over and aesi has announced the usual yearly essay competition for this year in its new website

HAL ESSAY COMPETITION and PHL ESSAY COMPETITION are yearly competitions that AeSI organizes.

Here are the details and the rules for the competition.

i) Indigenisation Vs. International Joint Ventures – which is best suited for Indian Aviation Industries?
ii) Product Life Cycle Management – an effective Tool for Product Development.


i) Business Opportunities for Heliports in Metro cities and their role on development.
ii) Regulatory and Maintenance aspects for offshore helicopter operations.

Best entry on each of the four subjects shall be rewarded with a cash prize of
Rs. 5000/- and a certificate

An entry should not be more than 3000 words, and is be submitted in three type written copies. Author to provide his/her name, address, and date of birth, employment status/parent organization, and telephone/fax nos. and email id for further communications. Also one Passport size photograph of
the author is to be enclosed along with the entries.

Last date for receiving the entries is 30 Oct. 2008. Result of the competitions would be announced by 15 Dec 2008.

For further queries, contact:
Secretary (Adm.) on Phone: 011-23370516, 23370768 (F),,

The Society reserves the copy right of the entries. Decisions of the Society
on the subject shall be final.

Also check out the my-aesi contest

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Requirements push and technology pulls

There is a saying in the aerospace industry: ‘Requirements push and technology pulls.' Did you knew about this saying, my instinct say most of the most of aerospace engineers don't know this. This is the saying i first read from and aerospace essay by Dr. James R. Hansen Professor of History, Auburn University. I will request you to read the following essay.

Its titled "Technology and the History of Aeronautics: An Essay" by Dr. James R. Hansen Professor of History, Auburn University.

It deals with technology and aerospace. I found it enlightening and think you might also enjoy it. Be warned the essay is long but worth the read for the insight. The essay uses wright brothers inventions and charts the history of technology and aerospace. Must for an aeronautical engineer. I have taken the liberty to put some of the parts that i liked in this post....

There is a saying in the aerospace industry: ‘Requirements push and technology pulls." What this means, in a nutshell, is that the requirements of new missions, or even the need to do current jobs better, are often what is driving engineers and scientists to work on the leading edge of technology. They are being "pushed" by ever more demanding requirements to find solutions to problems through the invention of new ideas. Technology then "pulls" by attracting those whose job it is to find a way to meet the requirements to the newest concepts germinating in university, government, and commercial laboratories. For the "push and pull" to work together effectively, it then takes a forward-thinking planner smart enough to envision a way to use the new technology successfully in the design of a brand new aircraft.

Read "Technology and the History of Aeronautics: An Essay"

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

"I want to work in my core field?" do you suffer from this

Sometime back i met a graduate from aesi and after a year of completing his degree he still is without a job and now is looking for training or job. When asked why is he not joining a particular vacancy. his reply was "I want to work in my core field?"

What is core field? Your core field is not propulsion or avionics or aerodynamics! When you begin your career specialist is not demanded. Specialist is not what company looks for in a fresher. For someone starting out you need to be generalist, a person who can do multiple things, a person who is adoptable. A person who can fit the work he his assigned to from time to time. This is one general quality that freshers are taken for.

They look for a lump of mud, un-curved and un-molded but soft and of quality. Its the job that you get that molds you, your inherent interest and the core fields generally comes out when you are in the job.

So how does this apply to aesi graduates?

If you have taken more than 4+ years in getting your degree then the first priority for that guy is to get appointed as soon as possible, or else he will need to explain lot of things. The training in NAL or GTRE, ADA or any other organization fills this gap. If you have done training, then not only your confidence is higher but you also you are perceived better qualified by the would-be employer.

You know aesi puts you at the disadvantage of people not knowing about it, so why put yourself in more disadvantage, start early. Begin with a broad category, a broad title. Unless you are a PHD, there's no use of a core specialist. And not taking a training or low paying job just because its not related your core is simply stupid. So don't make that mistake.

Do you feel the same way or do you think core is what you get in first? what else will you advise, do comment.

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