Sunday, August 30, 2009

Measure what is measurable to succeed in everything you do including AMAeSI

Last week when I wrote the post begining with Galileo's quote, I had
in mind the previous words of wisdom from the man called father of

I have already mentioned it but it's worth repeating. "Measure what is
measurable and make it which is not!!"

What Galileo is referring is measure your progress or efforts. If you
don't you won't be improving.

So are you following this in your life?

Ever since I have began measuring my blog posts and my other goals, I
have steadily progressed and now I have a better sense of where I am
on my projects and goals. So this simple measurement and tracking
different metrics has increased my efficiency.

So are you tracking yours?

If you ask me one advice that you want for this semester then this is
the one. Measure what is measuable. It might be the number of hour you
study? The number of hours you spend on any software?

Add a tip of Galileo's wishdom in your journey of AeSI!!

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Start your interview preparation with this question!

If you are likely to face an interview in next month or two then this
is the time to begin preparing for it.

Early preparation and methodically scanning of resume will give you an
head start in an interview.

The first thing that you should practise and get it right is your
openning line.

After the pleasantaries are over the first question that usually
starts the interview is 'Tell us something about yourself?'

So this is the question you should prepare well. What and how you
answer this question will pave the path for the rest of the interview.

As I have said earlier, it's the interviewee who leads the interview.
So learn the way to answer the questions. Learn all about this
techniques by clicking on the following link.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

You cannot control the wind but you can always adjust the sail

You cannot control the wind but you can always adjust the sail. -unknown

Loved this great quote!! It's sums up what you can do when you AeSI
hands a totally unexpected ugly surprise!!

I have gone through this when in VMD paper I was sure I will get
around 80 and AeSI slamed fail!! Was devatated. Back fired for
recunting but no change was the response.

This is when my mom said something similar that the above quote

Many senior members of aesi are working on improving the unexpected
surprises so till then learn to adust the sails!! Set them in such a
way that whatever be the wind your boat sails to the coast!!

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Today I would like to introduce you to a blog that I really like for
it's tips on productive studying and enjoying life.

I have been following this blog on and off and now recently I have
become a regular subscriber to it.

It's about studyhacks!! The author, a post graduate student mentions
his tips and tricks for studying more in less time.

The blog is full of practical advice and I feel many of the advice is
applicable to AeSI graduates.

Here's the feeds address of the website.

If you visit the website, do Comment about about what you liked and

my-aesi blog has its own share of many practical study advice which
can be accesses by clicking the following link.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Is your resume shouting ' I am fresher !'

Be a freshers but don't let your resume show it!

I have seen many resumes of freshers and none had presented itself as

Each and every resume shouts I am a fresher even before you read it.

Let the statement I am a fresher come from inside the resume but not
from the appearance of the resume.

Here are the things that I observed that need to be corrected before
you sent your fresher resume.

1. Resume is shabby. Looks like it's the first word document they have
ever edited.

2. Gramatical and spelling mistakes strewn everywhere.

3. Weak, generic objective statement.

4. Personal details are presented up front. Reception should be for
skills and projects not personal details.

5. Details of subject studied listed as if it's a bibliography of a
research paper. List your interest subjects and that too not more than

6. No projects or if present they are nicly tucked somewhere near the
last page as if you are ashamed of them.

7. Skills section virtually absent.

8. Resume more than 2 page.

9. Lengthy project descriptions adding no value to the resume.

Avoid all these points to stop your resume from broadcasting ' I am
fresher' message!!

For more info on how to craft a resume browse the following link

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I've loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night!

I've loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night -Galileo

25 august 2009 marks the 400th anniversary of Galileo's telescope!!

And sentiments in the quote mentioned above by Galileo is exactly what
anyone learning a new software tool like catia, solidworks,
nastran,ansys etc. should aim to achieve!!

When you are too fondful of a subject to be fearful of the mistakes,
you are truly enjoying and learning from the experience.

Aim for the time, you can genuninly utter similar words for your
chosen work, profession, project or life!

What this quote says is be passionate in everything you do!!

Read one more advice that Galileo has for us by clicking on the
following link

8 things that you can immediately do on your resume to enhance your chances in job search.

After the announcement of results I think, many of aesi graduates/
students will enter the stage where they need to attend to their
resumes. So here are some simple things that you can immediately do on
your resume for better results.

1. Cut the fat. Make it lean, mean and to the point.
2. Make all fonts consistent. Just use one type of font for all text.
3. In the first page include all the projects you have worked on in
bullet points.
4. Mention the software and other skills just after the projects.
5. Be brief in personal details no one needs your passport number!!
6. Name and Contact info must stand out. Increase its font size.
7. Resume shouldn't look crammed. Use lots of whitespaces.
8. Rephase your objective statement.

Apply each of this. Good luck!!

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Monday, August 24, 2009

10 ways to show initiative in AeSI

Everyone talks about it. Everyone agrees initiative is a great
personal quality to have. And I know from personal experience, it's a
term which will pop it's head in all the advice you get when you are
in your last semester.

Take initiative. Show initiative. Initiate something. This terms are
all too familiar. So how can you as an aesi student show initiatives.

1. Participate in classes, ask questions.
2. Give free lectures on what know.
3. Teach what you have learnt.
4. Learn a programming language.
5. Read on wide range of subjects.
6. Join and actively participate in Internet forums.
7. Organize events in local school, college, and community.
8. Create presentations on things you have studied and post them for
people to see it.
9. Create online asset. Like Models of catia, scripts for ansys.
Shortcut list for excel.

Ten is intentionally left blank for you to fill. The list is just an
indicator. Expand it, twist it to your requirements and above all take

Do post your own suggestions in comments!!

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Why 18 million is an important number to get a job interview!

18 million. Imagine that number. has this many resumes in
it's database and when 35000 clients search for aerospace graduates,
your resume has to stand out from among the 18000000 resumes!!

Remember this when you craft your resume. Remember this when you post
an update in your resume.

Standing out from this vast sea of resumes is the only way to get a
request for interview.

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Sunday, August 23, 2009

What preparing tea can teach you about enjoying life and AeSI?

How to prepare tea?
You get certain quantity of water, boil it, put in a small quantity of
tea, sugar and milk and let it be for a minute or two. And you have
the tea ready.

what happens if you decide to put more tea leaves, more sugar or more
milk, the tea won't be as good as you like. So the point is to get a
good drinkable tea, all ingridients needs to be in the right amount.
Anything less or excess will ruin the taste.

Same is with studies, same is with life, if you don't put in all the
ingridients at the right proportions, your life will be either be too
sweet or too sour to consume.

So what's the point?

The point is balance your studies with other activities. Just filling
all hours of your day with study is not the correct stategy.

When you balance ingridients in making tea, it makes sense to follow
the same in life!!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Results of AeSI june 2009 announced!!

So at last the wait is over, aesi has finally announced the results.

Is the website that has the results!!

Hiring trends in India - which region is hiring more than Bangalore?

Do you follow's job index? If you do, you might have
received the job hiring index of july in the midst of august.

As I read it I found some interesting trends that I want to share with
you in this post.

Job hiring is picking up. The ITeS sector hired more people than it
did in June. This includes engineering service sector that directly
affects AeSI students and graduates.

Bangalore, chennai and Pune are losing the hiring edge over Delhi/NCR,
Mumbai and hyderabad where most of hiring took place in July.

Demand for 8+ years of experience was highest in july. It means
companies are looking for good experience people on a lower recession
induced compensation. This means companies are consolidating, and
building new teams and as the recession receeds demand will pick up
for freshers and mid level professionals.

So what do you think about this? Do you feel optimistic about your
career? Are you building your skills while the market is down?

Feel free to share your views.

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What does it take to do mtech in IIT Mumbai after AeSI

As Mr. Sandeep Patil informs us, there's a way to get in IIT Mumbai
after AeSI.

Aesi degre, one year experience and a valid gate score, if you have
these three you have a good chance of being accepted to do mtech in
IIT Mumbai!!

Recently IIT Kanpur also accepted an AeSI graduate who topped GATE!!!

Read more about IIT and AeSI on this blog by clicking the link given

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Friday, August 21, 2009

The quickest way to begin Learning fortran!!

Here's the quickest way to begin learning fortran.

Get a compiler
Get an editor
Google simple fortran example

Well that's it.

Copy the example in the editor.
Save the file as .f . F90
Compile the program.

Viola you have just created your first fortran program.

This essentially is the quickest way to learn fortran.

Let me give you the links for doing the same in an elaborate way.

Google 'gfortran compiler download'
Download the file for your system, install it. (I am assuming windows
system here)

Second step.
Get notepad or any basic text editor

Copy the following program

program test
print *, ' my first fortran program'
end program

That's it. Copy the lines in a text editor. Save the file as 'first.f90'

Now compile the program in command mode. Open command prompt and type.

That's simple : 'f90 thefilename' for our case' f90 first.f90'

After the successful compile, in the command mode type a.out

Viola it will declare your entry into the fortran world!!

Do this successfully and you open doors for yourself to enter the
castle of fortran.

These are the hardest steps. Just climb them and you are on your way.
Most of folks falter here and abandan the learning.

After this pick up the tutorial that you have and begin. It will be
much easier to follow and quicker to grasp.

For more on why to learn fortran and other fortran related topics
click the following link

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Secret of being a successful designer, analyst or programmer

Learn by doing not collecting.

This is the only secret of any successful programmer, designer or
analyst. They all learnt by doing.

Just collecting tutorials, googling catia hypermesh models, torrenting
vedio tutorials won't move you anywhere. Only thing that will help is
doing. Creating models in catia, meshing models in hypermesh, and
analysis in ansys or nastran will teach you more than reading heaps of
tuturial material.

So ask yourself are you doing or collecting?

The sooner you begin doing the faster you will get to master the tool.

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CAE softwares and programming languages for AeSI Graduates and Students

Automation customization will rule the world that you will work in so
along with learning a cae tool, aesi students and graduates should
also pick up a programming language.

Here are some suggestion on programming language and cae software
combinations that you can choose. I have included the ones which I
hear a lot about in my work life.

1. Catia. Vba
2. Unigraphis vb or c++
3. Solidworks vba
4. Ansys APDL and fortran
5. Nastran fortran
6. Phython
7. Excel

The number 6 and 7 are the two thing that I have included for those
who are not interested in CAE softwares.

These combinations will enable you to customize, automate and increase
your productivity in the CAE software of your choice.

Learn more about why learn programming by visiting this link


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Thursday, August 20, 2009

AMAeSI results - attentive readers update

I can't be slack this days. I have very attentive and alert readers.

As my superattentive readers namely anshal and himlaya has corrected
me, results of amaesi June 2009 will not be published on
but on !!!!

Yes notice, the new webaddress of AeSI has .in domain name than the
previous .com!!

So it's

Thank you guys!.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

5 study tips for studying for AeSI

AeSI is tough, AeSI is this, aesi is that... We all hear this often,
but whatever it is, if you want to clear it you have to study for it,
you have to clease those papers. So in this post i will list 5 general
suggestions that any aesi student can apply to improve his chances to
clear AeSI papers.

1. Keep simple.
Yes keep things simple. Make a simple plan. Set a minimum hour and
stick with it. Grand, complicated plans are not needed. Just a simple
barebone plan is lot better than no plan. So keep a simple routine for
study and a strong resolve to stick with it.

2. Attend classes.
Even if you are studing the subject second time, attend classes. Even
if you don't feel like, attend classes. Even when it needs some
effort, attend classes.

Attending classes, discussing and asking questions will open up lot
more mental neurons than just reading old notes.

3. Be systematic
Following a simple plan is better than no plan. A free wheeling wind
mill generates no power. So plan and make simple routine and stick
with it.

Systemetic study of the sections will help you harness the power of
incremental learning. So begin making a routine. Next step is to
execute it

4. Play
Here's a simple rule for making a routine that actually allows soaking
the maximum knowlede in minimum effort.

Decide on the number of hours you want to study per week. Double this
amount and keep this time free for other things of life. If it exceeds
try reducing the number of hours to study and do the process again.

The point is have play time double the amount of study time. This is
the time your mind will have a chance to soak up all the info. This
play time can be used to pursue other projects like learning a new
programming language, reading, model making etc.

5. Murder
Murder all distraction. Murder all fruitless activities. Murder the
belief that you need to study every available hour of the day. Fill
the first hours of the day with the most important activities.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

AMAeSI results - where and when will it be declared

When will AeSI's declare the amaesi results? This is the question that
is popping up in my email everyday now.

This time aesi has delayed the result of June 2009 longer than I have

Frankly I don't know when aesi plans to declare amaesi results, but I
have a feeling that it will come out this week. So wait till Friday.

And for those who are searching for amaesi results at, don't waste time it will only be declared at aesi's official
website at

So keep an eye on that.

Best if luck!!

If you are new at this website then please feel free to explore the
site for it catters to everyone who is related to AeSI!!

Go for high quality books in AeSI

In the AeSI yahoo group, Senthil kumar, rightly pointed out that
people shouldn't concentrate on books like Sharma and Sharma etc.
Instead they should read the books like sutton, anderson etc.

His arguments and observations are right on. Most of the Indian author
books are just diluted, exam-ready materials with very less emphasis
on concepts but more on exam recipes.

So go for the standard books. If you want a source for the book then
look into the syllabus book. It does a good job listing all high
quality books.

Just like tutors, select your base book with care. Go for the book
that has high potential instead of plucking the ready made dishes
served by most of the regional authored books.

Read more why selecting base book is important by following the link
given below.

Monday, August 17, 2009

2 tips to get maximum out of your class

For most of you the new semester has began, you might have enrolled
yourself for many classes. Here I present two tips that helped me get
maximum out of the classes I attented.

1. Go prepared
Before going to the class, read what's going to be taught. Read what
the teacher intends to teach that day.

This has many advantages. Reading before the class wets your mind.
Makes you more aware of the flow of the subject. Keeps you aware of
the overall context.

2. Ask questions
Asking question during the class is like discussion. It's helps you
connect the information that you just received. It focuses your brain.

Even if you understand everything ask questions to help others learn.

These two simple acts can help you spend less time on your studies in
the long term. Try it!

Aim to be consistent

Aim to be consistent. Since my Internet connection is down and this
affords me few extra minutes ifnthe day, so I have been involved with
couple of small projects.

From ebook, to developing some wallpapers, to creating vedios of my
daughter, creating a dos goal logging system etc. are some of the
projects I worked on.

Each of them is complete and the broad lesson that I have learnt in
all this is aim to be consistent.

Consistency will beat any goal. For all the projects that I did, all I
did was set 30 mins minimum time for it and then applied that 30 mins
consistently each day.

This focus on being consistent not only helped me overcome inertia but
also put my goals on autopilot.

So if you are stuggling to get your goals on track, your to do list
remains unalterted, it's time to focus on consistency, it's time to
set a minimum hour!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

7 things to take note while learning an analysis program

I used ansys back in NAL, I tried nastran in my free time and now I am
working on a in house fem software. So I thought let me enumerate some
points I noted while dealing with these analysis softwares.

1. Understand and be comfortable with the fact that GUI is not

Most of the GUIof analysis programs suck.

And it doesn't matter because in the long run, the solver is the one
where most of the analysis results should come from.

2. Everything can run though batch.
As I said GUI is just an addin, for efficiency and automation,
knowing how to run the softwares to run in batch is important. This is
where you should spend your maximum time while learning. Learn how to
complete an analysis with ASCII text files.

3. Understanding the underlying principles is more important than the

How to create model, appling boundary are crutial but knowing why
those boundary conditions are needed is more important. Knowing which
element to use is more important that how to add elements.

4. Use small models.
Big complex model look sexy. Working with them provide a sense of
accomtplishment, but if you want to truly learn the priciples of
underlying theory and application then use small models. They are easy
to modify, easy to solve and most importantly easy to try out
different combinations. Basics come not from analying a big 3 million
nodes landing gear model but playing and tinkering with small cube.

5. Experiment with the core functionality of the software not the
models. As I said earlier, models are just models. You are learning
analysis here, so keep learning that, models are just a way to learn
the different features.

6. Keep the end goal in mind.
Don't forget you are learning to do analysis. It's about designing
products. You are learning it to design safe, reliable designs. So
learn with that thing in mind. Also remember automation, the better
you are with it, the more efficient analyst you will become.

7. Verify all your results.
It's a software. Your job is not just to setup experiments, and
present the results. An analyst job begins after the run. It's the
interpretation of the results that matter. Verifying what you got
after the run is what you should teach yourself.

These were some of the things I remember and will suggest to anyone
learning analysis softwares like ansys, nastran , ls dyna etc.

Some thoughts on how to design your resume!

If your resume exceeds two page then you are doing something wrong.

A resume longer than two pages never get much attention.

Be Brief.
A resume is like a preview, a trailer to entice the recruiter to call
you for an interview, not the entire movie. So be brief.

Cut ruthlessly and eliminate all projects, tasks, and information that
isn't relevent to the job requirement you are applying. If in doubt
about something delete it. When you doubt the relevance of that
information in your cv then how will the person at the other end will
believe it?

CV is not a fish hook that you are just throwing into the pond to
catch any company. It's should be a net that invites interview
requests from the companies you want. So design it properly.

Develop skills early on?

If this is your second last and the last semester in AeSI, then its high time for you to take a skill that you want to use in your work life. Its the time when you can put in just 30 minutes to it everyday and have a sizeable amount of knowledge about that tool. So begin.

the advantage of starting now is in compounding. You have time now, all you need is consistent use of that time to learn a skill.

the skills can be anything from learning catia, to programming in FORTRAN or making excel charts. The size, shape and volume of the skills is not important, whets important is that you develop some tangible skills that can be used when you enter into the industry.

select something that you can do daily. select something that you can begin today. select something that you know will come handy when you enter the industry.

remember this skills are the stuff that will separate you from the other graduates. This are the skills you can honestly highlight in your resume and cover letter just out of college.

Just like me perhaps this will be the skills that will land you your first job... So are your preparing yourself for it? Its your career and you have to pilot it. And setting 30 minutes daily for this pursuit is the best autopilot technique for achieving it.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Intermediate step

Not everyone lands up a job, just after graduating, It seems like we need some Intermediate step after you graduate from college (AeSI)!!!

I know very few people, in my life, who has bypassed the Intermediate step. But for majority, there is an Intermediate step just out of graduation. For me It was the training that I did In NAL.

If graduating from AeSI instilled some confidence, then the stay and work at NAL under an able leader was confidence on steroids. It boosts mine like intro does to the bikes in Need For Speed (NFS) games. It supercharged my self-confidence. A look at my resume over that period reveals how I evolved from a timid, hesitant AeSI graduate pass out to an aerospace engineer ready to take on the world. :)

The confidence didn't come from vacuume but rose from the tasks , projects and assignment i handled in NAL. So, for the graduates of AeSI who are stepping out Into the Industry, embrace all the opportunities that come your way.

From training to apprentice to other avenues of professional development, leap to opportunities and let the Intermediate period be the springboard for a greater success in life.

Sunday, August 09, 2009


I have talked about automation a couple of times in this blog. But why
there is so much need and where do automation fit in for the
organisation you work for and most importantly for you.

Following points will give you an idea!

1. Customize CAD software to suit the needs of the organization.

2. Repetitive tasks can be automated.

3. Time consuming operations can be scheduled to be performed overnight.

4. Custom applications written with C, C++.

5. Office applications can be integrated with your CAE software.

6. Utilize standard part library for different CAD/CAE softwares

All this points converge at reducing two things for an organisation:
time and money.

If you keep this simple fact in mind while learning any CAD or CAE
tool, you will never face recession of job in life.

Teach - best technique to study effectivly

A study showed that if you take on the social role of teaching. You
will learn more.

It means while studying if you know that you have to teach someone you
will study it hard and learn more.

Same apply to discussing. If you know you are going to discuss a
topic, you will make different connections and eventually when you
study you do put in the extra effort.

So if you want to learn a new topic, subject then think yourself as a
teacher. Or plan to discuss the subject with your peers.

Simple but effective!!

Bad comment and my-aesi

A bad comment shouldn't demotivate you.

If this were the case this blog would have long died. It's still there
because I choose to ignore the ilogical, haste and completely ignorant

They did hurt. But choice to continue was clear.

When I was in AeSI, I needed something like this. So the blog continues.

Hope my-aesi blog helps you more than the small time investment that
is needed on my part to keep it running. As long as former part of
this equation holds true, I will keep putting in my time.

Friday, August 07, 2009

Lock and key

You will encounter lot of opportunities after aesi, how to seize them?

Opportunities are like locks. To unlock them you need to have a key.
Once a good opportunity comes you way and you have the key, you will
be land yourself in an office. So what is the key?

The key is the skills you develop during and after your degree.

There are two paths to land in a job. Either search a lock for your
matching key or create a key that matches the lock.

There is no other way? So which path have you chosen.

Thoughts about office

This week i am marking a landmark in my office life. Its a personal
milestone for me. From the begining from NAL, to today, I had the
fortunate experience of working in diverse environment.

Here are some thoughts about office environment, that I have picked on
the way.

Never eat alone. Eating time is the opportunity to network. So never
eat alone and most importantly never eat with same group everyday.
Your lunch box shows variety why not you?

Just like in investments, start early. Don't wait for deadlines to
show up at your door, begin well ahead. Having a time leverage is a
great advantage.

Always help. Your value increases with the number of people and times
you genuninly help. So extend the helping hand. You will become
valuable this way.

If you are begining your career or office life, do remember these

Good luck and enjoy the journey !!!

For AeSI Aerospace Graduates.

Once AMAeSI results are announced, some of you will pass the
threshhold and will be able to call yourself aerospace engineer.

It's a great feeling. Here are some of the things that I want to tell
the new AeSI aerospace graduates.

1. Be proud of your degree.

2. Keep learning.

3. Being a graduate is just a milestone, not a destination.

4. Confidence comes with practise. So practise what you want to be
confident about.

5. Anticipate and embrace change. It's the catalyst for growth.

6. Surround yourself with what you want. Unlike lotus, human mind
doesn't bloosom in dirty, muddy surrounding.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Lazy routine that's easy to follow

In a recent mail, someone wrote, "I am lazy, can you suggest an easy
study routine for me?"

This post is an answer to that.

For him I will say. All you need to do is follow the next two rule

The rules are.
1. Set one hour for study and
2. Let the hour be the first waking hour.

Yes follow these two rules religiously. If he/she can follow just this
two rules he will clear AeSI without any bumps.

Except the first hour after waking, in all other times he is free to
loiter and spend his time as he likes.

I have followed this advice to some degree in my aesi. And now this is
my default stategry in running this blog and doing all sorts of small
projects I am involved in.

So my friend, if setting big routines overwhelms you, try this for
30days. It's the cheapest and inexpensive way to overcome your inertia.

Fishermen and AeSI - what's the connection?

Imagine a big sea. Imagine fishermens with their boats and nets.
Imagine a guy sitting at the sea coast with a fish rod to catch fish.

Fishermens are ready to charge in the water, and the guy has flung his
fishing hook in the sea. Now tell me if you want to catch some fish
for yourself, to whom will you approach?

I don't know about you, but I will go with the fishermen. They know
their trade and they know the ocean and siding with them will given me
the maximum advantage.

If this logic looks right to you then why do you follow the exact
opposite while choosing tutions for aesi. You shun the teachers in gie
to some guy taking class in his room.


Think about this. It makes lot of sense to learn from the experts,
from the person who are there in the field for long. Experience do

So this semester if you tend to get into this situation. Remember the

Internet connection

I hate to say this. My internet connection is still off.

This is still delaying the ebook launch. This is delaying other
interesting posts that are stored in my laptop. This is delaying lot
of other stuffs in life.

I don't know when it will get corrected.

This weekend I am moving to a different service and hope this will
correct all the problems.

So be patient. Luckily this iPhone app works in this limited
connection and I am able to post to my-aesi blog!!

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3 tips that you can apply to enhance your studies

After the announcement of AeSI results, starting out your new semester
is the next thing in aesi students mind. Here are some study tips you
can immediately apply to get the maximum out of your semester.

Yes, whatever you study imagine it. See it in your mind's big
blackboard. Connect whatever you have learnt with the previous.
Imagination is more powerful than knowledge, so utilize it.

Start small, and switch on your minds cinema to accelerate your

Just reading is not sufficient. Get a pen and paper and start
outlining the concepts you pick by way of drawings. Draw what you have

This sharpens your understanding, strengthen the connections and glues
the information you learnt.

I have extensively used this technique during my aesi days for all of
the subjects. If you can look at my notes of aesi, you will find
papers crammed with little drawing, and line. So draw whatever you

The topics that I remember the most are the once that I had discussed
with my friends. The topics that still float around my mind are the
once on which I had heated discussion around the tea shop with my
friends. So discuss what you learn.

Present what you learn in an interesting way. Explain the topics in
different angle. Connect and tell your friends about how what your
studied is connected with what you already know.

Take a leap in imagination and make the stuff you learn interesting to

If you can do all these, you can study and remember lot in less time.
Study will become fun. Finding interesting ways to discuss the topic
will fire up new connections and help you retain more. So get going
and apply these techniques this semester!!

Monday, August 03, 2009

Fastest way to learn a CAD software

Go for quantity first. Quality will follow.

If you have just began to learn catia or any other cad software then
go for quantity. Do as many models as you can. Aim to do cad model as
many items as you can.

Don't worry about the results, keep churning the models and in each
iteration follow the process, learn a specific technique.

Let's say you learnt about lofting today, then aim to employee this
technique and bring out as many cad models you can. Make it as a
personal challenge to see how many models you can create with all the
techniques you have learnt so far.

Just create and don't worry about the quality for now. Most of your
models will be useless, crap but their purpose is not to get a world
changing model but to teach you the software.

This is the easiest and the fastest way to learn a cad sofware. Sure
its lot of work but hey who told something worth acheiving will be
easy. So try it.

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Amaesi results are out kya?

Amaesi results are out. I am sure preety much every student of aesi is
waiting for this news.

This is the general sense around this time among aesi students. So
what are you planning to do while you wait for the results.

Just waiting is stupid. Do something!! No you cannot self publish some
results or hit goyal for getting the results so late but you can
always start. Start your next semester.

I mean truly begin studying as if you are doing it for the next coming
exams. I know it's hard, it's difficult. That's precisely the reason
it needs reminder like this.

Saturday, August 01, 2009

Accelerate your FEM software learning with this tip

Here's one tip from my current adventure with an FEM software.

Read the documentation at least 5 times. And read it all at different
times and different stage of your learning.

Studying the documentation before begining is common. It's natural to
do that at time.

But the biggest benefit of the help documentation will come at the
middle stage of learning. It is at this stage when you are fairly
comfortable with the software, seeing the help document will reveal
nuggets of information that went unnoticed at the begining.

As I went through this exercise, I learnt lot of small stuff in the
FEM software that I am working on.

So revisit the help documentation at different stages in your
learning, it will help you accelerate your learning without any extra

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