Tuesday, July 31, 2012

UTC Aerospace Systems !

Goodrich and Hamilton Sundstrand have combined to form UTC Aeropace Systems.
Click Here to know more about it.

Good Morning !

An arrow can be sent forward only by pushing it backwards so when life is pushing you back, it is going to launch you towards victory.
Isn't it ?
Same thing is applicable to airplane as well.

Be positive.
Don't define limits of your patience.
Identify your true potential.
Start unlocking new possibilities.
Always remember everyday is a new day in life. 

Monday, July 30, 2012

A chance to attend AeSI CFD Symposium!!

Want a chance to attend AeSI CFD symposium, then read on.

Dear all,

CFD Division-AeSI, Bangalore is organizing the "14th Annual CFD Symposium" from 10th August 2012 to 11th August 2012. The symposium is on CFD. This could be useful for the students & unemployed graduates working in the area of applied CFD or willing to make a career into it.

CFD assumes significant importance in the country in view of several major aerospace programmes being undertaken and new programmes proposed to be initiated in the coming years. The CFD Division, with its Annual Symposium has created a lot of awareness and propelled new developments in this area.

On behalf of AeSIAA, we propose to nominate 2 students to the above symposium. As this symposium will be useful to update the individual's knowledge in CFD areas. Also, the symposium is expected to be benefited by the presence of a few leading CFD researchers and practitioners.

Application for this will be invited through Google group and following criteria will be followed for final selections & nominations.

Criteria of nominations/selection:

· Unemployed graduates & Sec-B students to apply with their resume and statement of purpose(SOP).

· Priority will be given to those who has taken CFD as elective subject in Sec-B or who is working/doing projects in the area of CFD.

· Candidates have to meet their travel expenses in order to attend the symposium which is scheduled on 10-11Aug at IISc campus. They will only be supported by way of registration fees.

· All communication in this regard has to be addressed to secretary.aesiaa@gmail.com.

· Final list of nomination and decision in this regard will be taken by EC through online EC Forum.

Warm Regards,

Rakesh Kumar

Please send your resume and statement of purpose by 3rd August to be part of this.

So go get that SOP ready.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Welcome Air Mantra !

Air Mantra which is a new airline funded by Religare Group has started it's operation in India on 23rd July, 2012. It is currently operating with two Beechcraft 1900D.

Doesn't it sound good ?
Indigo Airlines order of 150 A320neo and 30 A320s, the introduction of Air Mantra and a net profit growth by 113% of KPIT Cummins are the indications about the growth of Indian Aviation in the upcoming years.

Jet Airways's chairman Mr. Goyal also said that he supports the Government's move to allow foreign direct investment (FDI) in the domestic airline sector. Even though at present aviation industry is facing certain issues however market hopes that FDI can overcome them.
Even on April 19, 2012 we mentioned the same that everyone's hope is FDI (Click Here)

Let's hope for the best !

EniT Group welcomes fresh graduates !

Being a fresher, one can join EniT Group. 
The company deals in aerospace & automotive domains hence can attract the interest of both Aero-Mechanical & Avionics streams.

One can send his/her detailed resume to info@enit.in

CLICK HERE to know more about this opening.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Less is More - Building a resume

Let me tell you a story. Being in NAL was the best learning time I had in my working life. I learnt so much. Within the first 6 months, I had done analysis in ansys, designing in solidworks and programming in visual basic and fortran. The pace continued. I loved the work i was doing.

Then a year passed and i decided to craft a resume and send it out there. The resume i created was decent and i thought it had all the right ingredients to get me lot of interview calls.

But all i got was empty email inbox. No acknowledgement, let alone an interview call. Thinking its the fault of my resume, i tweaked and tweaked it but none got me any call.

Baffled. I analyzed why others got the call and not me even when the resume clearly matched the requirement. All this while i continue building my skills.

Then one fine day i realized my mistake. Since i had worked on so many projects, my resume was bloated. In an effort to impress the recruiter that i know so much, i crammed all my work into the resume. This list baffled the receiver of the resume. It distracted him or her and since there were so many projects, it dimmed the effect of the one that matched the profile.

Fortunately i caught this mistake early and then divided all my project and its descriptions into 3 resumes. Now i began putting only those projects in the sent resumes that were relevant to the profile. Kept the resume brief and sharp.

This did the magic and this little shift had me called for 3 interviews.

Less is more, when it comes to building your resume to get an interview call.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Don’t Create Your Resume Without Going through this….

Don't create a resume without doing all the steps provided in the video and the link that is presented below.

Just following the steps honestly will increase your chances of getting an interview call by 10 times. YES. there is no typo there. I mean 10 times.

How to Write a Resume ? Do and Don’ts?


Presenting yourself well by California State University

Resume Crafting tips

Training Programs !

Let me introduce a company "Aeolus Aero Technologies" to you and specially about it's training programs. I feel that the students of final year and fresh graduates will find it interesting and worth checking.

Aeolus Aero Technologies understands the expectations of aerospace industries from student's community and henceforth they conduct many training program which can help you in developing skills and shaping career. It is founded in 2008 and one among the fastest growing companies that provide turn key technical solutions and products in the field of Aerospace laboratory equipments, engineering services and avionics embedded solutions.

  • CFD
  • Aeromodelling (45 days)
  • Research oriented academic projects in CAE/CFD (3-5 months)
The company is also developing a fully autonomous UAV.

Contact Details
Email Address : contact@aeolusaerotech.com

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Brand Value !

Further to earlier post Let it shine, I request you to please not degrade the brand value of Aeronautical Society of India. Let me share few points which I have noticed and are effecting the brand value of AeSI.
1. Quality of Resumes
2. Even though profile doesn't match the job, than too applying for it.
(Example : The job is related to Ansys with 2 years exp. & the HR is receiving applications of Avionics freshers.)
3. Just attaching the resume and sending it without mentioning anything like the job code, a short summary of your profile or a cover letter.
4. Using irrelevant font and size in the resume.
5. Size of the resume sometimes exceeds 6000 Kb.

Trust me above issues not only just make a recruiter hyper but also degrade the brand value of Aeronautical Society of India. We work a lot in creating opportunities and when such mistakes are in front of us, then it really makes us to think that Are we doing right ?

Let's make a commitment with you that you'll always use the right approach while sending the resume to any organization. The way we approach to a recruitment officer entirely differs from the way we approach to a project leader in case if freshers jobs aren't available. Use the power of communication in such a way that it will allow the other person to think at least once that whether I should recruit or recommend him/her as a trainee or not ? Let the recruitment officer know that you have a passion to learn new technology (in case of a trainee) and you are looking for a long term career.
But How ?
It's what we call power of written communication, power of cover letter and so on..

Google the same on Internet, there are various websites available & I'm confident that you will shake hand with us in every possible way to promote the brand value of Aeronautical Society of India.

Getting a degree from Aeronautical Society of India means you have a special talent and you reflect a shadow of perfectness. Let's bring the perfectness in this aspect as well. As someone said that "Don't see it as something you are sending but see it from the receiver prospective."

Best Wishes !

Job Opening !

There are multiple job openings overseas in various analysis packages like Ansys, Nastran etc... at confidential. If you are looking for a job change and have at least 24 months relevant experience so you can contact the below mentioned profile.

Lokesh Kumar
(Technical Recruiter)

Note : In case of any clarifications, feel free to contact us
Sukhbinder Singh sukhbinder.singh@gmail.com
Himalya Bansal himalya.india@gmail.com

Best Wishes !

Friday, July 20, 2012

Let it shine

Sun finally broke through here yesterday; bringing some light relief from rain.

But the quality of resumes that I continue to see shows its still gloomy for the resumes.

The formatting is in shambles. Placement of the skills and experience cheeky and relevance to the job profile non existent.

Spend some time on the resume. Don't see it as something you are sending but see it from the receiver prospective.

If reading your resume only prompts him to draw out his umbrella, then the resume is worth not sending at all.

let it shine. let it raise his curiosity. let it make him meet you. That should be your goal.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Go INDIA, Go !!!

Indigo, India's largest low cost carrier, ordered 150 A320neo and 30 A320s which is the second largest order as of today.

It clearly indicates about the growth of Indian Aviation in the coming decade. There will be plenty of openings in various segments. Various market researches have already proved that India will pick up a high growth rate in maintenance segment.

Info Source : Airbus Careers @ Facebook

Cheers !

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Marching orders of DGCA's chief !

In a very sudden development, the Civil Aviation Ministry gave marching orders to the DGCA chief EK Bharat Bhushan on Tuesday evening with immediate effect. The 1979 batch Kerala cadre IAS officer had  got six months extension just a week ago.

He handed over charges to Prashant Narain Sukul, a Joint Secretary in the Ministry, who would also be holding the position as an additional charge, they said.

There was no official word on the reasons for his removal, but there were speculation that DGCA notice to Kingfisher to ground its operation for breach of safety norms, may have led to his exit.  Mr. Bhushan had also issued notices to Air India and Kingfisher Airlines to pay dues to their employees.

As the Director General of Civil Aviation, he brought in stringent measures to prevent airlines from compromising on safety matters on account of their financial trouble.

He had bluntly told loss-making Air India and Kingfisher Airlines to pay up the employees’ dues. Both the airlines have defaulted on timely payment of salaries and allowances for several months. Mr. Bhushan had said that safety could be adversely affected by a demotivated staff, particularly a pilot, an engineer or a cabin crew if they were not paid their salaries and dues.

During his 20-month tenure as the head of the aviation regulatory body, 57-year-old he handled a series of major cases of flouting of aviation rules, including the fake pilots scam and fudging of records by flying schools.

Mr. Bhushan was actively involved in the Mangalore air crash investigation and had brought in big changes by computerising licensing examinations for pilots and engineers.

Ministry sources were tight-lipped on what prompted the sudden move.

Friday, July 13, 2012

AeSIAA sports day and Cultural Festival

Yes it look a long time coming, but as they say, better late than never.

Beginning of this Year, AeSIAA organised two family events for the AeSI alumnus and their families in Bangalore. One was the fun filled evening of cultural festival and other a power packed Saturday of adrenals pumping sports day.

Both were well attended and lot of pictures were clicked. But its only day that i received the pictures and so here’s the result.



Two collages to help you see the fun we had. If you were their, please post links to your pics in the comment.

More events coming soon. Are you a member of AeSIAA yet? need more information contact Mr. Kuldeep at kudeep.mail@gmail.com.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Indian Aviation : A survey report !

Major software used in Aviation Industry !

Market Segment of Various Branches !

Good news for AeSI graduates

Just saw this news in AeSIAA group and want to spread it from here.

The stipend amount paid to On Job Trainees has been revised from Rs 3000/- per month to Rs 6000/- per month effective 1st April, 2012.

Not much but hey at least 100% hike!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Initiative to reinstate AMAeSI degree to proper degree status

As many of you already know, AeSI has taken the initiative to reinstate AMAeSI degree to proper degree status.

AeSI Alumni Association is assisting AeSI in this.  To make our case, we are collecting database of AeSI working in various organisations. This will help put the added weight to our argument.

If you are an AeSI graduate , please help us in filling in this online form. Your two minutes will go a long way to help confer AeSI degree the respect and status it rightfully deserves.


If you can't make it to the online form, please email the following details to Mr. Kuldeep Kumar at kuldeep.mail@gmail.com

AeSI Graduate no:
Contact email:

Please forward this email to every AeSI graduate you know so that we can make this initiative a success.

Thanks for your time.





Sunday, July 08, 2012

Granting equivalence to AeSI - your help needed

Dear Fellow alumnus,

Sub: Letter to Ministry of HRD for granting equivalence of completion of section "A" & "B" of the Aeronautical Society of India to a Bachelor's Degree in Aeronautical Engineering awarded by Indian university

This has reference to the letter received from Shri RK Rustgi, Secretary (EXAM), AeSI.

AeSI HQ is preparing a paper for submission on the above subject matter and has requested AeSIAA to provide help in preparing the list of AeSI Graduates occupying important positions in different industries/R&D organisations.

In this connection I request you all to help AeSIAA is mapping the existing alumnus in each organisation we know.

This will go a long way in securing a Bachelor's Degree instead of Equivalent to Bachelor's Degree awarded to all of us.

Mr. Kuldeep Kumar employee of Aetos, Bangalore and member of Executive Committee, AeSI ALUMNI ASSOCIATION has been entrusted with the task of compiling the database for submitting to AeSI HQ, NEW DELHI

It will be appreciated if you help Kuldeep in collecting the details of AeSI GRADS working in your organisation.

Please use the following online form. It will take a minute to fill the form.


Please feel free to call Kuldeep at Kuldeep.mail@gmail.com if you need any help.

Every little helps. So please take the time so that cause is successful. Please forward this email to anyone who you think will help the cause.

Thanking you
For team AeSIAA

Don't waste your time! Move on...

An interesting post is brewing at the ouraesi group.

I want to repost it here for all your comments and discussion.

The points are practical distillations of the person who posted them, but I don't completely agree with him.

Career path is never a straight line. Even for an IIT graduate it's always zigzag. And no two person have the same trajectories in career. So I will take advice, although practical with a pinch of salt.

Your comments as always are welcome.

So here we go...

Hi friends,

My humble request to u all

If you are just now started AeSI, Better to move to something else If you are halfway in AeSI, try to finish as soon as possible.

Try to get more than 60%,other regular Engg guys ( Below Avg) will come with 70 to 80 % marks.

Very few company will be ready to take AesI Guys.but not good salary, no increment.. (ex: Infot.. h)

AesI wont help you for your life if you have taken more years or Not able to finish quickly or dont have min 60% Look for some other plan for life.

The Best thing is finish try to get into HAL,NAL,ISRO as a scientist
(Full of politics,Nonsense. but this is one of the best option) then move to co like HoneyWell
Gate -> IIT-> Look for some oppertunity by hiding AesI with the help of MTech Ex Honey well or fly somewhere else

In any job you get better hike, when you jump from one company to other.
But with AeSI you can not jump easily,so your growth is very much limited.

Please think about it and dont recommend AeSI even for your enemies

Any help related to CATIA and Automation in CATIA V5 feel free to mail me..

Even after 6yrs exp and 1.5+ onsite AIRBUS France & Germany My Pain continues

Thanks & Regards

You can visit the link and see others comments.

Saturday, July 07, 2012

Request !

Requesting all Aesi Graduates to please share 2 minutes of your valuable time to fill out the form available at below mentioned url. I'm sure it'll help you and fellow students.


Thanks in advance !

Free After Aesi Ebook. CLICK HERE to download a free copy !

Friday, July 06, 2012

Update ! @ Please Check !

Due to some communication failure we have updated wrong contact details of the Mr. kuldeep in our last post.

We regret for the inconvenience and henceforth requesting you all to resend your contact details as soon as possible so that team-AesiAA can start working on this assignment.

Correct Email Address

What information has to be sent ?
Name :
Company Name :
Designation :
Aesi reference number : (like your registration number and membership number)
Area of expertise : (like CFD, Ansys, FEM, Avionics, DO178b, Testing etc...)
Group/Div : (like Scientist D, Scientist E etc....)
Contact Number :
Email Address :

Why ?  
AeSI HQ is preparing a paper for submission on the above subject matter and has requested AeSIAA to provide help in preparing the list of AeSI Graduates occupying important positions in different industries/R&D organisations.

Thursday, July 05, 2012

Granting equivalence to AeSI - your help needed

An update from AeSIAA

Dear Fellow alumnus,

Sub: Letter to Ministry of HRD for granting equivalence of completion of section "A" & "B" of the Aeronautical Society of India to a Bachelor's Degree in Aeronautical Engineering awarded by Indian university

This has reference to the letter received from Shri RK Rustgi, Secretary (EXAM), AeSI.

AeSI HQ is preparing a paper for submission on the above subject matter and has requested AeSIAA to provide help in preparing the list of AeSI Graduates occupying important positions in different industries/R&D organisations.

In this connection I request you all to help AeSIAA is mapping the existing alumnus in each organisation we know. This will go a long way in securing a Bachelor's Degree instead of Equivalent to Bachelor's Degree awarded to all of us.

Mr. Kuldeep Kumar employee of Aetos, Bangalore and member of Executive Committee, AeSI ALUMNI ASSOCIATION has been entrusted with the task of compiling the database for submitting to AeSI HQ, New Delhi.

It will be appreciated if the details of AeSI GRADS working in your organisation are forwarded to Mr. Kuldeep [email: mailkuldeep@gmail.com Contact No: 98449 71193], to the earliest possible.

Thanking you

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

LinkedIn : A supplement to the resume !!

The primary question while updating your LinkedIn Profile during your unemployment days is what to mention in current position and headline sections of your profile. It is important to have a positive impression on whosoever happens to read your profile even if you are unemployed. Equally important is to stay honest about everything you want to write about yourself. Hence, the choice of writing your profile headline and current position should be carefully selected.
‘Open to opportunities’ is the phrase suggested by professional people which you may include in your profile during your unemployment.

Examples for your LinkedIn headline

Headline is the first thing the reader of your profile comes across. Some Headline examples are mentioned below to give you a clearer view of what to include in your profile while you are jobless.
• Looking for Work in Aircraft System
• Experienced Ansys Professional looking for New Opportunity
• Marketing expert Exploring New Options
• Fresh Graduate Looking for Work
• Market Analyst Seeking Work
• Administrative Assistant Needs a Job
If you have recently left a job and now you are looking for a new one then you may update the status field in your LinkedIn Profile telling the same. Some examples are; “Mayur is looking for a challenging position in DO-178 and abc, do you know someone who needs staff in such technology?”. Or “Mary is looking for a marketing job. Let her know of any good opportunities you know of”. In this way, a simple status update informs all of your LinkedIn connections about your unemployment and you might get instant help on that.
Keep your LinkedIn profile updated all the time and there are always chances that someone in your network knows someone who is hiring people matching your professional profile.
My Experience about LinkedIn :
I've been to several job portals but found LinkedIn as the most helpful network. Even I got an interview call from a non-aviation company just because the HR was interested in my profile. Most of the big brands have their separate dedicated page for careers at LinkedIn. Besides it, recommendation matters a lot to have a better understanding of your profile.  

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Resumes and First Impressions

Today I received 3 resumes. As I was scanning them I saw a really unprofessional one.

That resume looked most inconsistent, less tight and thin on content.

Without looking at the college, I thought this one might be from an unknown college. And to my surprise found it came from someone who has AeSI as his BE and some unknown college in M tech.

I felt sad. Among the 3 resumes, his shined the most, in the WRONG way.

That lack of proper presentation, inconsistent fonts, paragraph spacing and use of big and small letters just ruined the guys chances.

As I showed the 3 resumes to the client, I saw his face crib as he got to this resume.

The guy was rejected even before the resume was read. That's the first impression.

After deliberation and reading through, it was decided that maybe this guy will be considered last IF the other two failed.

Whatever marks you get, how many papers you publish or whatever be your achievements be, first impressions counts.

Don't be the IF guy and crafting a good resume is the first step to be not being one.

Want to write a great resume, click on the below link to get to the posts on resume building. http://my-aesi.blogspot.com/search?q=resume

Sunday, July 01, 2012

5 steps to master something

It's just after exam time and a perfect time to add some new skills. It maybe learning a new programming language, an analysis tool like Ansys or just plain painting.

Here are 5 steps that I have always found useful in getting those new skills. Give them a try and be sure to add your comments if you do something interesting.

Pick techniques
Mastering something is knowing the little techniques and getting natural with them. When you begin a new language or tool, aim to master techniques. Master the simple first and the complex one will automatically follow.

Don't hop around
Learning a new language, tool etc is all about putting in the time. Going on after the initial burst of energy has dimmed. Keep the patience and keep doing the task and learning tiny bits one at a time.

Don't be a multitasker
Let your laptop, smartphone be the multi tasker. We humans are linear and single tasking is the best that we do. So avoid multitasking. Learn one thing and learn it well.

Keep things separate
Just like you don't mix eating with sleeping. Don't mix learning with more learning. Keep a balance. Separate your work and play time. The better you do it, the more productive you will get in both the areas.

Exhaust a model and go deep
Learnt a feature, used a model. Don't stop there. Keep exploring that new feature. Delve deep into the feature you just learnt. Once you get the feeling that you have learnt all there is to learn. Take a break and again go deep. This is the zone where real insights sprouts!

Hope you will try some of this in your learning. If you do try, do let us know which one worked for you..

Good luck!!

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