Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Its exam time

This time even I didn't notice that AeSI exams have began, its only a call from my friend from Chennai that reminded me of this. Thanks kul! so best of luck guys and gals!! All the best! Just carry on. For whatever you study you do have a future in aerospace, so just carry on. And a tip for the exams, don't panic or get over excited, being anxious is ok but never get over excited in anyway. Keep your cool during the exam and take deep breadth and  carry on.


In my case lots went through my head while in exams hall but keep it blocked and with cool and calm mind answer everything that u can.


So folks carry on my best wishes for all of you!!


Monday, December 11, 2006

Why learn Fortran?

Well right now my work involves FORTRAN and while browsing through some documentation on WWW I came upon this piece by Mr. Richard Kass and I liked what he said and thought it might be proper for Aeronautical folks to read about this so here we go.


FORTRAN is the dominant programming language used in scientific applications. It is therefore important for physics (or engineering) students to be able to read and modify FORTRAN code. From time to time, so-called experts predict that FORTRAN will rapidly fade in popularity and soon become extinct. This may actually happen as C (or C++) is rapidly growing in popularity. However, previous predictions of the downfall of FORTRAN have always been wrong. FORTRAN is the most enduring computer programming language in history. One of the main reasons FORTRAN has survived and will survive is software inertia. Once a company has spent many people-years and perhaps millions of dollars on a software product, it is unlikely to try to translate the software to a different language. Reliable software translation is a very difficult task and there’s 40 years of FORTRAN code to replace!




Friday, December 08, 2006


Hello guys and gals

Good news...or maybe I should only say news because the goodness depends on individuals. This year’s AeSI AGM has been delayed to 18th Feb. It’s a good news for me because were it on 12th Jan as previously mentioned, I would have not  been able to attend it because of my personal engagements  but now being on 18th Feb. the same date this year when results were announced, I am happy that I will be able to attend it. So guys will meet you there.


Hope lots of crowd do gather in COCHIN which is the unchanged venue!!



Thursday, December 07, 2006

Its and opportunity ...utilize it

During my days in NAL, I observed that many trainees routinely did what they were expected to do and nothing more. They had time and the necessary tools but they either gossiped or went back home early.


This is not the way forward especially for AeSI people being in AeSI should instill in you the quality of initiative. But unfortunately, I have seen in my experience after the initial 30 days the shine from work wears down and people become lazy. Hey its your training days and it your good luck that you got the opportunity, so make the most out of it. I am not suggesting overtime work but utilize the resources that you have access to. Learn from the Scientist you are working for, utilize the library and most importantly seize the opportunity to do new work!  


Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Resume -ur first impression

Today got a resume of an AeSI guy and after seeing the resume, its content and structure, even I would not hire the guy. I know the guy so I could picture him to be well dressed and decent but if it were through his resume I saw an untidy, ill-dressed person, ugly in manners. So please guys make an effort to have a resume that’s shows you in good light.


If you are not getting called, think hard your low experience might not be the reasons for getting an interview call instead this seemingly small thing about how you present yourself is.


Résumé’s purpose is to make a first impression so that the person gets a call for an interview. So don’t just-do-it. Take time and thought before you shoot your resume for a requirement or else the dustbin is where they ultimately end up


More on resume stuff in my next post, but till then a bit of advice… first impression DO count!!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Silent aircraft initiative

Well folks, do you remember anything that happened in 2003, well i don't as a matter of fact but then one news i do remember which about designing a silent aeroplane. And today that silent airplane concept was revealed to the world. Back in 2003, Cambridge university and MIT university took the initiative to reduce aeroplane noise and they have finally came up with a concept aeroplane that not only reduce noise significantly but also reduced fuel consumption. So the silent aircraft initiative have bearded fruit. To know more about it just google the silent aircraft initiative. Well as aeronautical engineer and students its apt to tell you that the findings are very common. Please do search and read more about it, as i feel that a quieter aeroplane is the need of the hour. You don't how much it disturbs me when an aircraft takes off when i'm talking to my girlfriend! :) so perhaps in next twenty years the next generation won't have to deal with this problem that i face now.

why not make all of our existing models composite airframes?

Welll folks i am fond of reading Randy and here in this piece he
explains my long standing query that why not make all our existing
models composite airframes if it save so much fuel and add to
efficeincy.... so here is answer from someone from boeing.....

C.W. from California recently asked about composite "skins" on
commercial airplanes, as in, why not make all of our existing models
composite airframes?

Given that a 747 or 777 is built around an aluminum frame, how
difficult would it be and how much weight would be saved by
"re-skinning" with the same material that is being used for the 787?
It would seem to be relatively easier to make pre-molded sheets vs. an
entire fuselage .. would this be at all practical?

Well, the answer is, it's not really practical. To get the full
advantage of composites we really have to create the airplane design
from the beginning with the composite "material set" in mind. The cost
of re-doing an aluminum fuselage design that is already complete,
using another material set makes it pretty much prohibitive. I should
add, though, that we are already making significant use of composite
materials in some of our airplanes. 9% of the 777's structural weight,
for example, is composite - primarily floor grids and the empennage

Anyway if you like more insights on what else Randy ha to say
please visit

Monday, August 14, 2006

Aesi agm in jan

Hello people heard that this time aesi agm is in january as opposed to december like the previous years. Don't know the reason but hey guys who are waiting to get their degree have to wait one more month. :( date is not announced till now, though the venue remains the same. Will meet u there folks whenever it is.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Results are out

Since none of us are living on mars, so its definite, by no every aesi student knows result is out. So why am i repeating it. Well because the analysis is also going to get out in a day or two. I've made a spread sheet on the percentage of pass and fail. Will upload that in a different way this time. I love google and they have come up with a great spreadsheet online service and i'm planning to release the data through it. I tested it today and will incorporate that in the analysis. So folks wait for a day or two, analysis results will be out:) Do leave your comments love to read them.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Result out

Hi folks, for those who were waiting for results, the wait is over. Best of luck guys. The result is out in AESI website. So what are you waiting for hit the road.:-)

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Its been a long time

Hi its been a long time since i have posted here. Well a new person has entered my life and she consumed all my time that was left after work but now as her internet connection is off the air i'M free to post. First thing i want to say is that from now on this blog will write about my job search experience. I am an paid employee in nal. At last i can say that i had a stint of government service. My say comes from centre fund so its good to know that the work that i did for is finally been rewarded financially. Though not much but any salary is better than none. So i am happy for time being and as my one year in nal is over i can reflect and say that i've learnt. A lot from this organisation and under my boss. He rolled the ball and showed me the way and with my aero engineering knowledge i did all the goals. He gave me the opportunites and i took them. It was an event full one year where i leant a lot, some technical and project management stuff. Its good to know that now as a paid employee i've been offered more and more things to do and i'm enjoying every moment of it. The best thing that i can saw i have gained from the work here is the confidence that aesi are truely the best and once you have the confidence we can get anything that we want. I have learnt the hand of hold just a hard work away. All i need to do is work and show my capabilities in the right place and then going to the top is no big deal. So from now on i'll share my job experience here and will list all the pitfalls and success that i've encountered. I don't know when i'll get the job i want.. Though i came so close to it but then i am sure god has something big, good and more wonderfull in store for me. So i'm trying to get it. First criteria for a job is how much i want i need more than 30k per month right now. And am i skilled enough for a company to pay me that kind of money. I guess i'm but i need few more skills to pick up and then i don'T be telling this . So off i go. Hope by next week i'm more comfortable with the cad tool that everyone is asking. If i'm then i would say i have half crossed the limit and the other half i'll complete by the end of this month so that when i go for interviews now i don't be one of the best but the best of the lot.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Standing in line

I'm standing in a que for my payment. This is one line i don't want to stand after next month, i want to move out of nal and be among the folks who receive their salaries in bank and the amount is such that one can give a party for the amount that i'm here to receive. Well amen i pray i get job soon and i'm preparing myself for it by reading and learning stuff. No longer one has to depend on dad's money and can do whatever i want with the money i earn. I want to earn this much money so that i don't feel any need on this side of my life. I want to fulfill the dreams of people who are around me. One wish that i have is that i can call didi to me whenever i want and she doesn't have to stay only because she has less money. Money shouldn't be any constraint.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Catia,Solidworks, NASTRAN, ANSYS they are just tools...

Recently i read bishnujee's email which struck a chord when he mentioned the value of hand calculations. Here in NAL i've seen people loose focus on this very important point in their attempt to get to know the tools like catia or nastran! They neglect the theory, their core domain in pursuit of getting a great mesh or perfect assembly!

One must remember all this computing power and the engineering software packages are just tools, and tools have meaning only in the hands of masters! Having the best analysis tool won't make you the best analyst but the engineering insight that you get from your theory will!

The tools certainly makes an engineers job easy but they are not the be all end all. So my advice to all the folks pursuing training here in Bangalore and elsewhere is along with your tools, do upgrade your core knowledge. You are an engineer and this is a profession you need to be constantly in touch with the core area that has earned you the title of engineer!

The tools increase your market but in the long run the base that you have studied is the one that will propel you to new heights. Perhaps in ouraesi we should discuss ways of upgrading our core knowledge.

As bishnujee suggested reading books of our course is one way to begin. Please do chip in with your ideas on this or any other topic that you might have.
Comments are always welcome.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

5 things i need to improve in NAL now

People have begin taking me for granted. My boss began suspecting me
of not doing work. I need to do more work and less display. I need to
Carry on the good name that is there in every one's mind in nal for

I have stopped learning and for the last 3 months i have not learnt
anything new which by any standard is bad. Worse if i look back at my
record at clocter.

I need to once again rise and be the best not in talks but in deeds. I
need to lift myself to a level of work i used to do here in NAL. I
need to learn and explore myself more. I don't enjoy teaching, i enjoy
the task of a magician. For a magician learning new tricks regularly
is the only way of survival, so i have to work on my new magic.... by
doing something new, by doing what i have not done before, by
spreading my wings and daring to jump.

It takes effort and will and i promise to apply these from now on

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Resumes and cover letters

Job hunting has now become the first priority in my life now a days, so please don't mind if i devote my most of my posts here on this ventures! Well my last interview was long back, since then none of my resume has fetched me any interview call. I've been lucky with my resume and cover letter as almost all that i've dispatched from my mail had had an response. None i guess landed up in someone's trash folder. But still there are flaws i guess, that's why i'm posting this entry still as a trainee engineer of nal. Anyways first and foremost thing i have learnt by sending resumes is that a good cover letter is must. Have seen lots of people just sending there resume with just a line "please find resume attached " as cover letter, pleas don't do that. Show your interest in the job you are applying, highlight the most important aspect of your resume in it and most importantly remember cover letters are your means to let the recruiter notice your resume that will eventually grant an interview call.! I guess enough of gyan for today. Do write about your experiences and experiments with your resumes.:-) love to hear about it.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Solidworks vs catia

Won't be able to cut extrude this two popular solid modelling tools but will like to give my usage experience on working on this two tools.

Catia is vast but then is restrictive, solidworks is relatively compact and very intutive. Solidwork as i saw it works around you where as catia user interface i found was around catia.

And in terms of intelligence i found solidworks more knowing of what i want than catia. Giving relations, constraints is much easier and as i said earlier is much human way in solidworks.

Anyway this are just my personal views after being with both the softwares. Anyway i'm just beginning my journey with catia. I hope as i grow using it i'll find it as appealing as i find solidworks now.

Anyway folks do write me about your experiences with these tools. Would love to know what you feel.

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Saturday, July 01, 2006

One year review

Well i'll be completing one year in nal now. What have i achieved and learnt during this time. What areas i've become confident and what things and stuff i've learnt. I'm confident in solidworks, matlab and in design and performance analysis of gas turbines. This is the area i'm confident and would like to stretch myself in that area. Nal and under my boss i've learnt to apply my programming skills in aerospace domain. I've become more confident in languages like c, vb and fortran. And most important thing that nal has taught is the importance of what i've learn't. The broad knowledge that we get in aesi years was clearly highlighted in my tenure in nal. This has shown that i know something and the knowledge i've have gained is not wasted, and has use in all the work that i'll do in future.... Well will write more on this more. But from now i think i'll write more on my job search because this is where now my majority of my time is devoted.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

After a long break

Hi there folks! Was kind of busy with my own work so wasn't able to update the blog, as often as i would have liked to.  Well exams are over and hope all of you who have appeared will clear the subjects that you sat for. By the way this semester exams marked the begining of the new syllabus, so folk do write in your views how it was. How were the questions set? Do write back because unlike you we are now out of the exam loop so your inputs will help us know and understand what changes aesi is doing in the exams that we have all gone through.  Well anyway i guess my posts will be regular now. And probably my next post might talk about the ge interview i went through! It was a good experience and i would love to share it sometime. Ok guys and gals. Enjoy

Friday, May 19, 2006

"We didn't lose the game; we just ran out of time."

"We didn't lose the game; we just ran out of time."

Nothing's interesting about this quote but while reading this on
my gmail's strip it reminded me what's happening in ouraesi club
right now.

well pen my thoughts on these and many pending topics latter.

till then wait and watch!!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Yesterday's interview

This was interview in nal. Things i learnt from this interview are know the basics, have precise definations on your lips, be confident or act confident. Answer slowly and plan your ansWers.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Utilise NAL'S time

Learn from my experience, when you are in any organisation for a temporary period, keep a book with you. You'r in technical field read what you know, revise old concepts. Nothing looks More bad than poor technical knowledge from a proffesional.

Its MAY part ii

Three things to do so as to get to my target are, be good and well versed in my domain subjects, read them, discuss them and repeat them. Take three software tools and practice it regulAly. Do t exersice understand y and what the tool is doing behind the scene.


Within no time, may is here. a month which will mark the arrival of my coming to bangalore, the city of opportunity. By the end of this month i intend to get a decent job. I have the exp- And the capability to do so and i'll get it.

What i need most

Right now what i need most is a good job. A job where i don't think of moving, and a job that pays me well in both terms. Professionally as well as financialy.

Sunday, April 30, 2006

May eighth

May eighth,its the day ouraesi club enters its fifth year. From a one member club to seven hundred members, i've seen this club grow and make a difference in aesi folks.

Friday, April 28, 2006

Three things to learn from

Three things learn from my previous interviews is that you should have through knowledge about your projects you have mentioned in your resume, they will grill you most from that part onLy. ther area is the skills section that they question most and lastly be prepared with a closing spee

Three things i'm associated with in NAL

Its my 280 day in NAL and there are few things that i'm proud of. The first is the mixed flow compressor, india's first, that i solid modelled. Micro gas turbine where i predictated the On and Off design performance, comes second. 3rd project was automating the impeller solid modelling.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Outlook employment....

A recent outlook employment survey has a good news for all you guys who are waiting. It says that in next six months, indian companies are preparing to hire in loads. So folks update Ur resumes, someone out there is waiting for u!

Monday, April 24, 2006

My GE interview

Last thursday, i had a telephonic interview in GE. everything went well except my lapses in greeting and thanking my interviewer. One thing i need to prepare is to make a concluding remark so that it leaves a positive impression.

logger dismantled

As you know i logged my hour of work in nal but after march i've not presented an update on it but don't anxious i'll post them soon.

Monday, April 17, 2006

three new things in my life

Three new things in my life that came in this one month, my second pc of my life, life time graduate membership of aesi, and the last is the offer to work as paid with my boss. Well will elaborate more latter.

three new things in my life

Three new things in my life that came in this one month, my second pc of my life, life time graduate membership of aesi, and the last is the offer to work as paid with my boss. Well will elaborate more latter.

Long time no see

Long time no see, perhaps this were the sentiments of my blog last i logged to it. well was busy with interviews, internet time now mostly revolves around job sites and writing covering letters. But i promise to fill this gap.

Its been long break

My last post as i remember was more than a month back. Was busy, anyways my last look at ouraesi members count was a surprice for me as i saw it crossing 700 mark. A landmark indeed as the club completes its 4Th year in may 2006.

Its been long break

My last post as i remember was more than a month back. Was busy, anyways my last look at ouraesi members count was a surprice for me as i saw it crossing 700 mark. A landmark indeed as the club completes its 4Th year in may 2006.

Its been long break

My last post as i remember was more than a month back. Was busy, anyways my last look at ouraesi members count was a surprice for me as i saw it crossing 700 mark. A landmark indeed as the club completes its 4Th year in may 2006.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

After long time

This post is after long time, cause i dido't feel like doing it. Though lot has happened.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Feb's soft log

Feb software log, well this month's logged good numbers in terms of numbers, very close to jan's number. Will post the details in due coarse.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Next AGM at...

For all those folks who have been waiting for the aesi's annual general meeting announcement of venue, then wait no more, its in Cochin. For the less geography.minded, its is in Kerala, which to my mind brings the image of green coconut trees along side river and long boats. So folks meet you there.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Important day for me today

Fruits of my labour came today, the mixed flow compressor that i modelled and drafted came after pre manufacture. Important day coz its my baby. Another imp thing was this is india's fIrst compressor of this type.


Praise is a thing i 've seen Amitab bachan handel so well. He is humble and this is one thing one can learn from a man who is called living legend. Don't let praise raise your ego, bUt instead let it be encouragement to be more worthy of it.


Yesterday developed three softwares, all of them utility software dealing with my quote class. It was great feeling applying what i know.

Monday, February 27, 2006

Its just your state of mind.

You do work or you don't, its your attitude that makes you succeed. Work or no work, if your attitude is lame, not positive you are doomed to feel sad, unworthy and discouraged.

Friday, February 24, 2006

Three things that ruined my interview

First thing will be my one sided preparation, second thing was on the word expert used in the resume. They attacked it. And last and most important was my inability to steer them

My first interview

Well yesterday was my first interview and i've done bad. Bad in the sense that i was expecting a written but instead it was verbal and i was less prepared.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Feb 18th an important day

An important day in my life, became an engineer today. Got my result today. Am happy obviously. Meet two good people today will discuss latter.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Last week in CLOCTER

hi there

well no funda's today as i am free and i have time to email you big,
unless somebody comes at my back. Anyway. how's your life in
you-know-where. we are not even allowed to name the "master"
institution here in clocter.

so what's up.

well my things have gone well. I mean this week was good, as i got a
chance to sit in my first "office" meeting. Its very rarely that my
boss takes anyone in his meetings but he took me and that only was a
proud moment for me.

And that was not all. There he sat and then said that this all
results were done by me and our propulsion head was impressed and did
talked to me.

Just like my first cup of coffee that i drank there along with our
propulsion head, the moments i spend there were good. I enjoyed and
bathed in its Glory. But the rest of the day went event less as power
went off in CLOCTER and we were all sitting ideal, with manish's radio
phone blazing some Hindi numbers......

As time grew on, we also got bored and after twitching in our
chairs, cursing the electricity we decided, its time to flee from here
and we went straight to our boss and said "can we leave" He was
pleased with his presentation and that showed in his answer, when he
said, yes, why not?

So then we were back to my room, where again we did nothing, except
spending sometime on the net and cooking up tales of why some people
are getting job and why some aren't.

anyway enough of my babble. tell me about your things.....

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Lessons from last three days

Well from the last days with so many things coming my way, learnt few lessons like verify the data, if any distortion go to the root cause, and always keep a hard copy. and always alwAys check your data.

Monday, February 13, 2006

4 Lakh

Today was a day of excitement as turbocam droped a bomb. And if it were true, i would have been responsible for rs four lakh loss to nal. anyway things turned out different as we SoRted the problem.

Saturday, February 11, 2006


Thinking about my soft log. With using vb in excel, the line between this two tools have blurred. Anyway now staying late, working on holidays have become common. Why haven't i did tHis bEfore.

Thursday, February 09, 2006


Yesterday was great as i was challenged to architect and deploy an automation tool in my lab, which i'm proud to announce i successfully did and did it well before time. I was happy ThAt i contributed and clocter rejoiced its problem got solved.

Have become irratic

Have become bit irratic in posting to this blog. Not because i had no matters but because i thought of doing it from kis's phone from which its much easier. In fact last days were very exciting and fullfilling.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Surprise learning

I knew about it long ago, i tried it back then but now in nal,i'm using it. The programming part of excel, word. This is t shift that i did here in nal in exploring it.

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

NYEXM-E is the name...

NYEXM is the name of the virus affecting. All members are warned that do a system scan because on feb third this virus will overwrite all word, powerpoint,excel, pdf etc files on youR Computer. Pls update your virus definition and scan ur system. For more info visit bbc tech site.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Phew what a day€ part iii

...And for those who are sending forwards without even thinking, my sincere request is think thrice before hitting the forward button. No one likes to be bombarded with emails of cars when they have more important things to do, so don't bother sending. All you are doing is wasting others time and email space!

Phew what a day€ part two

I admit i haven't expected an attack so severe, and did not realise the step of banning attachment earlier, but now i think things will get well. Apart from our in house moderators the guys at the yahoo spam team has also sprang to action. If its a prank the guilty won't be able to hide long.

Phew what a day

I don't remember a day when i've to be online for so long just for the club. Well today was one such day. The virus whose name i don't know has surged the number of message received in this month to over 190. But nothing to worry now. Attachments are been blocked to restrict the spread. Many people are restricted which'll be sorted by end of t day.

Three companies i would like to work for..

Three firms i'll love to work for as of today are ge, boeing, and google. The last one may be surprising but i like the work culture they promote. GE coz its an old player in my fieLd.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

A year ago...

A year around the very same time,i had no idea about anything nastran! And thinking about it now feels like i was so naive. But perhaps it was good in a way that my ignorance concentrated me on my studyies.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Lessons from solidworks...

This is the solid modelling package that i have used and now i call myself an expert in it. I was very reluctant to learn it but as i got into making things with it i was hooked and one thing led to another and finally i discovered what i was looking for. ~ow i'm comfortable with it

I love cars but.............

Dear members

I love cars, i love to droll over them in magazines read
voraciously all that they give in the ads but i don't like them
in my email!! More so when they are just forwards and do nothing
more but clog my net experience and throttle the speed of my

One or two occasional mails of this kind is acceptable, but don't
make it a rule to just send this stuff over to us. Not all us
have the luxury of sitting on the mail and deleting the forwards
that we have been seen tons of times.......

please think twice before hitting the forward button. Your
participation with your content is most welcome. And i am not
the only one irritated by this i have received complains from
many. One complain from a friend wrote "... it really irritates
me to open same message many time and not getting anything new..."

Its easy to forward but that does mean you need to do it
every time. This is a public forum. Many may not like the stuff you
send . Please do take care and maintain decorum and be relevant
to the club and we should always remember my and your love of
cars shouldn't others experience with the club!!


Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Fished it

Now i can say i'm comfortable in NASTRAN, at least the software side. Well i know the software pretty well, would like to know more but now i can categorise it to be at some beginer plus level. Today after so many days finally sir noticed my ability on this software and has hinted on giving a project related to this!

Monday, January 23, 2006


Today i intend to write big one as i am sitting in clocter and i don't
have much to do.

Well as always my phone is out, i mean out of battery. Today was a
good day at clocter. Why!! well its a secret, but i would like to
divulge that i did and am working on something very important. An
assignment that sounds and is so tantalising that my utter here will
create flutter. But then I'll disclose it someday when the
information is public!

The work involves defence establishment and its related to my work on
compressor design. But now i know the application that my compressor
will come into.

I guess this much clues are enough and more for a prepared mind.

3 things that you must have before you embark on your training mission!!

3 things that you must have before you embark on your training mission!!

Time is the most important parameter, training in a organisation, be
it NAL, GTRE, or any other is not a part time work. Its a commitment
of your time. Its a two way process, you learn and they get some work
done. So first thing one should consider when is how much time you
want to loose of your studies. If you have subjects to study, i
don't recommend training, Because whatever you may think at first, it
comes in your way.

Motivation comes second, if software is all you want, you can go to
so many institutes cropping up. They will come with some money but you
will have the flexibility of time. Coming for work experience as
motivation, then its OK. But be prepared to do mundane works, and do
some works that you thought are not for you to do. Its not always
that you are going to sit under ac with computer, sometimes pushing a
cart of junk, sometime, just sitting in the library, re-reading
something for your boss, or searching google for a mundane dealers
name are some of the work that you will regularly come across.
Remember in a ball bearing the rollers are real mover and shaker and
perhaps the stressed.

Though this is an external factor but if your boss is an workaholic,
you will get benefited so know just like your friends choose him
carefully, if you have the option otherwise use all your initiative to
get, do and provoke work from your boss.

well this three things should come before you enter the training
program !!!! more next time....

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Job resume and Naukri

Well this has began with us, now when we meet this are the three words along with walkin's that toss up in our conversation.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

A milestone week...

If my matlab program is right, this is my 24th week in nal and this week became a landmark of sort with my accumulating eight hour of single software session and my overtime on saturday. My boss was also present there and i saw him for the first time in informal dress!

Mehnat kar rahe ho

Well this is how mr na and another person described it! And the it is my staying overtime in NAL on friday and on saturday. Well i don't think so. I'm just getting a chance to use the softwares that i want and i like it so i'm going or staying there instead of wasting time here in my room. Room time is for sleeping and reading!

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Want to recount an incident...

Today a project trainee in Nal saw me doing NASTRAN and approached me if i have the software. I said yes and as he brought his cd, i burned it to it. But it was after this that i got shocked when he questioned, hey what does NASTRAN does? Imagine, just collecting softwares with no aim. Well.....i'm not judging you judge.

My experience with c in nal

For C i can say that its not like a have to do because job demands it. No c is my love, can do it even when i'm not supposed to do it. Its idea generating, its easy, less demanding and you and your logic rules rather than the structure! I love c and i would like to do at least one program daily in it. Nothing beats it, Matlab is close second.

The success of knowledge...

The success of knowledge begins where it generates ideas. Today while returning from nal, as i was clarifying my day, i realised that my days success depends if i generated at least one forward looking idea. And Stumbled on that quote on knowledge!!

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Future is in not in CAD part iii

Just like BPO, EPO, engineering process outsourcing is the boom in the making. If job is what you want go for it, but for students i strongly say concentrate on your core subjects, learn this only in spare time. A cad person with no or weak core knowledge is just a draftsman!!

Future is in not in CAD part ii

CAD and FEM are essential part of an engineer, but definitely not the future. The future is his core domain knowledge. Anyone can learn those tools with money and an investment of time, but no one gain the knowledge that your be degree imparted and more so AMAeSI degree!

Future is in not in CAD

If you open any newspaper or sign board, you must have encountered the advert of CADD centre. Future is in Cad! well i don't agree. If you have no specialised degree and if you are willing to do a mundane repeatative job. Then CAD is your future, but for aesi folks, as my boss said, built your basics, the rest follow.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Three things i've learned in NAL part ii€i

....but trust me, once you are in this side of the river you will definitely see my point. Anyway hope here's wishing that the reforms aesi is doing now do bear fruits and do make one feel proud of our degree while doing it.

Three things i've learned in NAL part ii

...You'll realise the truth when someone says "Gadhe ko gora banati hai aesi" Don't want to say that aesi's way is right but after coming and hearing by your own ears, you see the truth in words that Bishnujee use for aesi graduates. Specialist. Yes its true. Maybe seeing the results and facing uncertain exams don't inspire this feeling, but..

Three things i've learned in NAL

This might be my first entry or a rarest entry on my experience in nal. Well the three things are work hard, no work is small and be a delivery boy. That is deliver what is expected of you. Come to an organisation like this and you will realise the importance of aesi. You'll realise how it has lifted you without your knowing.

Honey melts...

Honeywell calling!! Well i don't have a way to confirm this, but as my collegue informed me, this sunday honeywell has invited everyone at a walkin on sunday. He also informs me that this is the first time that honeywell has invited freshers! Great news if its true. So head honey,before the honey melts.

C My second introduction

He you've my roommate, by now you have been aware of what is consuming most of my work. Yes its c's big brother c This is my second meeting with it, the first being long back when i was in class eleven! Auth it is this meeting that has opened my senses to the vastness of this language. I'm practising little bit every day n hope 2 conquer it soon!

Three cardinal rules of report making

In NAL apart from the work i do, i have read so many reports and on that basis i furnish here 3 rules of report making. First in the begining site literature, what has been done, what is is what. Second state what you have done, and last of all populate the report with results that you got. More results you site, the better!

Lesson from kis's boss

Suddenly he turned yellow, as kis told his boss about his migratory plans to gtre, his boss said he will issue him certificate only if he submits some report and so kis is now busy penning it down. So learn from this episode, begin your reports as soon as you do a work. Don't delay.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Today did all the work for clocter!

Today whole day i was busy making the report for turbocam fabrication. The added responsibily was that this report had to be accurate or else nal will loose 9 lakh!

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Kis's advantage

For kis, having worked in nal, having seen its working culture, will be an advantage to him. He will be better compare both this organisation. But then i suspect there is an element of prejudice here, having shamed gtre so much, i feel, a little good of gtre will look great. Well lets see we'll know in a week!

Something about GTRE

Well gtre is gas turbine research establishment, a drdo lab that the world knows is working on development of KAVERI engine for LCA! And one thing gtre is famous among india and world is the time its taking to get that engine out of its lab!! Well what's ails it i don't know but having kis there i'm sure i'll have the answers soon.

Kis going to gtre

Well my roommate and friend is joining gtre tomorrow. Its good now i'll have first hand experience of what goes in gtre! Its not that i didn't had it earlier but now it'll be more close to me. GTRE is india's propulsion mecca! Wishing that kis's haj there be good!

Saturday, January 14, 2006

My Projects so far in nal

My projects so far in nal. I'm thinking of posting this topic and on what i learnt in the course of it. It will probably include things i missed! and overlooked!

Long posts...

Today went to net and saw some of my earlier posts. Liked the big ones, so have decided that at least one not of my five posting would be big and necessarily from a computer. Clocter lab. Today i've aPplied for graduate trainee in NAL. Would like see what happens.

Happy Sankranti

Happy Sankranti to everyone. Do you know this day is of special significance as both night and day are of equal hours! Great na! equal hour to sleep and work! Anyway coz was busy so coul- 't Post some interesting statistics on ouraesi club. Will do it soon.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Let me correct...

Let me correct what i last wrote in my post. Nastran also does has the script function, so that repeated tasks can be configured with ease. Today went through its help files, they are tO my surprise comprehensive.

NASTRAN vs ansys part ii

..but then in ANSYS with its macro capabilities, one can setup the analysis without even opening the software. Mostly this helps in saving one from repeatative forming fem models!!

NASTRAN vs ansys

I've not used both this softwares so much that i can comment on their fem performance, but i've used it that much so i can compare them on ease of use, visual appeal, and learning curve. yn all this counts ~QSTRq^ beats qNSYS hands down. similarity to windows makes it easy to use, but then...

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Today's lesson

Today's lesson from sir was an important one, he today by example taught that no work is unimportant. If you're doing it do it seriously and with all your effort. He taught not to undermIne any work how trivial it may seem at 1st glance

Topics that should be strong....

Topics on gas turbines, compressors, turbines, and combustion chamber should be strong and through! Not only for interviews but for my sake, for knowledge sake.

Monday, January 09, 2006


GTRE, next week kis will have the experience of going there and the next week he will have the experience of working there. Its good for him, but before moving he should decide what his Priorities are. what tool he'll learn the fastest


Fluent is a cfd tool and from the look of it i liked the stuff, pictures are great. But just like nastran, i feel the job is repeatative! But then also would like to learn it for its ViSulisation power.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

five things that nal should improve

This is surely my views on what i feel Nal needs to work on to improve itself! Number one thing is improve the recruitment system, favour knowledge than percentage, prefer specialist thAn mech. Recruit not by recommendation but by merit in test and tech interview.

Friday, January 06, 2006


I remember the day, i was suggling and tired of asking friends if they had and cad software. And today i did it so much and that too with the latest 2006 version! that i got tired doing It but in t process learnt many things.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Most busiest year!

First of happy new year! Before i in for the next year, lets see some facts for the year that passed. 2005 was year which received the most number of message amassing 40% of total ouraesi messages since the birth of the club i've received 1852 number of messages. That's the total count of the number of messages. More stats with graphs tomorrow.

software vs software part iii

Apologies for the sms type language in the last post. I'm posting from my mobile and after 160 letters, its a struggle to fit in more words. anyway software is just a tool, you are the {ey to your future!

software vs software part ii

.... must know what he wants at. I'm not telling you know exactly what you want for, even i'm don't know, but i know i enjoy programming, sitting with a challenging problem and getting q fruitful product out of it. y knw i can stay without food if need be. Ths is wht i mean whn i say u suD K~w abT ur passion.

software vs software

I'm returning from nal, and continuing with the carpenter analogy, just like a carpenter won't learn a blacksmiths tools, so you shouldn't fall on all the tools that you hear! The old Sqying that one should know his destination apply here too. you must have an idea as to what you enjoy and wq^t To Work

Software vs software part iv

Just like a carpenter, your judgement and knowledge should take precedence in the formative year of your career! Sharpen them as you work. Emphasise them equally if not more, in a race To learn the tool that can become obsolte.

Software vs software part iii

I'm not against learning this tools, but what i'm against is giving them more importance, which can retard one's creative growth. Tools enhances a carpenter's job, but what completes it His knowledge, his judgement and his creativity. His tools just helps him in the process!

Software vs software part ii

Perhaps this is because job market gives more emphasis to this software in the job pages. But then one should always know that this won't fetch rewards in long term. Routine job as they Say will be phase of your life.

Software vs software

Now the debate is on software vs software! I've observed that if you are not using a high end software people don't seem to think you work. For example working on Catia drawing a lousy Bolt attract more appreciation than developing a new software in C or MATLAB!

Now my work...

Now my work is related to mgt. My boss is planning to upgrade the already modelled has turbine power unit to pure turbojet and my part come here to make the preliminary feasibility study, modelling of the mini gas turbine!

Monday, January 02, 2006

Update for december!

Software update... well i've n't counted them yet, but all i can post now is the count of NASTRAN, which i began on the last two days! The count for december is at eight!! Better i guess considering this is not my main project!

Plan and focus!

I have seen people have collection of speeches but this one will not feature in any of them even accidently! Not all was bad, he mentioned work for pride, work for india!

The problem with the speech!

Speeches should be inspiring, motivating and uplifting! But today's speech was none. Its main problem was that it tried covering so much. From what i heard, i thought y doesn't he hands out the paper he is reading from. It would save much time.

NAL speech

Today attended a speech of nal's director, was very disappointed with it. I'm no expert on speeches but i do have an ear and mind that warms up to a good speech but today was not the day!

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