Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Data Available !

After a month struggle and by the help of various job portals, social networking domains and LinkedIn, I've created a data base of 100 HRs of Aviation Industry.
I personally feel that It's very useful for one who is going to complete Section-B this time or already cleared and hunting for job, this data may open the gates of new opportunities. 

You need to follow few steps to get access of this data.
- Shoot an email at 
- Share your registration number
- Share your stream

Why am I expecting these details from you ?
- Data includes some higher level profiles including the General Managers - HR and Sr. Recruitment Officer etc...
- I feel that if irrelevant emails will be sent so It'll close the gate of fellow students and as well as It'll decrease the brand value of Aeronautical Society of India.

Good Luck in advance !

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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Urgent : Suggestions required !

Greetings of the day !
I'm working on several online/offline roles to shape the career track of fellow students. I'm coordinating with the Nasir Jawed (Product Manager - to have a separate category dedicated for Aviation with some sub categories like cfd, do178 etc ....
I'm sharing his reply with you, he is looking forward for the suggestions. Even though I can reply it at my own but I want the reply to be the voice of US because unity has power and always helps us to understands the various aspects.

Dear Himalya,

Thanks for bringing this issue to us. We are intent on adressing this segment better than others. However, in a huge software system which is standardized as per indusry, such as ours, it takes time to add master lists such as aviation.

We will appreciate if you can provide us with a list of specializations and roles in aviation industry so that we can make our system better.

Thanks for your help,

Nasir Jawed
Product Manager -

ve written the above mail in green color because it shows keep running, now it's a request that please don't make it a red . I'm sure that It's going to help you a lot.

Some benefits of this task :  
  • We'll get the exact jobs which we're looking for in our inbox. Generally it happens that we receive emails like "Travel Process", "Embedded Jobs", "Cabin Crew" and some other software jobs which have no relation at all with the Aviation Industry (Considering Engineering segment).
  • Companies will get the exact candidate which they're looking for. It'll save the time of  HRs to sort the resumes. They just have to select and call you for interview.
  • Paid clients of the job portal will not get the irrelevant leads because it decreases the brand value of the job portal so every job portal wants their clients to get the relevant leads. It's a policy that if a company A is looking for an apple, so job portal must give "apple juice" to the company in order to move towards excellence.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

How C programming is related to vision of MyAesi ?

Greetings of the day !

/* Write your comment here ! */
This is how, we suppose to write comments in C language. Often programmers seem to ignore writing of comments. But when a team is building big software well commented code is almost essential for other team members to understand it. An adequate number of comments can save hours of misery and suffering when you later try to figure out what the program does.

Similarity with the vision of MyAesi 
We work online & offline to promote brand Aesi and to shape the career of fellow graduates of Aesi. 1500+ posts, letter of recommendation from the Director of ADE and etc are the facts which advocate this fact.

When we share something so It's an opinion of us and when you park your comments so it become the public opinion. These opinions further help fellow Aesi Graduates like the way, comments help to a C programmer.
Add on to it, if you park your comments so we have a access to different aspects of a post.

Let's make it an Interactive platform, I request all the engineers, students, admins of various blogs and communities dedicated to aviation to come up and  Join hands with us to make it an interactive platform so that we can shape the future and showcase the reality.

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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Gate Preparation _ Section-A !

Greetings of the day !

The title of the post sounds strange. Isn't it ?
Agree ! Actually I was chatting with a student of Section-A who has cleared 3 papers and he was asking me about where to do gate preparation and he was damn excited about it.
Let's take an example first :
Why do you need a bachelors degree to enroll in masters ? because to be a master in mathematics, you must have the basic knowledge of mathematics and it is represented by a bachelors degree if you are going to enroll yourself for masters in mathematics.

What to do in Section-A in terms of Gate Preparation ?
  • Identify your real potential because the honest measure of success is what you are doing compared to your true potential.
  • Clearing Gate is very easy if you have a clear picture of the basics. History advocates that even after completing the degree, one prepares again for subjects like Fluid Mechanics, Thermodynamics, Engineering Mathematics etc. : Hence my request to you is rather than just learning the concepts blindly, focus on achieving excellence in basics, It'll  not only help you in examination hall but will also help you  a lot while doing Gate Preparation
  • I always say one thing that your friend circle represents your identity and the marks you score in any exam. Try to have a good friend circle. Take a topic and have a quiz among your circle followed with a debate. By doing so nobody can stop you to meet achievements. 
  • While you'are in Section-A, don't go anywhere for Gate Preparation (It's my personal opinion.), Clear your basics of every subject and try to score maximum because my strategy says that very soon the fashion of 60% is going to be outdated. It'll be at least a minimum of 65% because in other universities, students are even getting a cgpa of 9.5 (It's a fact !)  
What not to do during academics ?
  • Don't have friends which create negative environment and which further lead to failure. 
  • So many people will say to you that Jobs are not there and to leave aesi or to take lateral admission in any other university because Aesi is very difficult and so many things : just say to them "Winners don't quit & Quitters don't win." and if jobs are not there so "Where the hell are seniors working ?"    

Friday, June 15, 2012

30 Days !

Exams are over !
Best Wishes to all.

This post is very specific to the students who are about to complete their section-A this semester. Yeah ! I agree that It's time to enjoy after exams however make sure to utilize these 30 Days, to select the right stream.
DO what you like and LIKE what you love !
(A simple concept which helps a lot in selecting the right stream.)
Some Facts :

  • There will be lots of students who will say that real aeronautics comes under "Aeromechanical" stream and all other streams are damn easy and so on ...
    (My answer : All streams deserve equal importance, Imagine a real aircraft and notice Is it possible to take off the aircraft without engine ? land without landing gears or instruments ? operation without maintenance & ground staff ?)
    It's a team work and like a chain, if one loop goes so entire chain breaks. 

  • Various survey says that Maintenance & Production will be the upcoming sector and India will gain a super sonic speed in the development of Indian sky. More will be the planes, more will be the jobs in Indian Aviation market.
  • Everyone needs speed and comfort. Avionics is playing a huge role in this domain, starting from "Aircraft's automatic hand wash system in washroom" to "Flight control system". Avionics always shakes hand when it comes to modernization or automation of aircraft.   
All streams are good, Just select which you like. Interact with your seniors, Use LinkedIn and try to know what exactly an Aeronautical engineer does? Check it for all streams, Find your area of interest and Rock !

Useful Communities : Check it on this post ! " CLICK HERE "
Worry about Jobs ! " CLICK HERE & CLICK HERE  "

All the best for your RESULT !

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Beware of fraud institutes....

Friends It's the time of admissions, there are lots of institutes which provide coaching for associate membership examination conducted by Aeronautical Society of India. I wish to share some facts which are very necessary to read before joining any such institute because some institutes are there who play with your money, your career and the most important your time. You may feel that I'm wrong or It totally depends on students and so many things but the history advocates my point.

1. Useful links which can help you in knowing that what is Aesi and how to get enrolled ?
(Some points in the below mentioned url are outdated like fee structure however the concept is same and they are worth reading for the new comers.)

2. Facts
  1. It's a correspondence course which contains 20 papers divided into two sections, Section-A & Section-B. 
  2. Society is aware that some private institutes are providing coaching for the associate membership examination however they don't recommend any such institute. 
  3. Society doesn't have any tie-up with such institutes to provide coaching.
  4. If you want to get yourself registered in Aesi, so the amount for each section is 5000 rupee. (Please confirm with society : Click Here for the contact details.
3. Please think 100 times before joining any institute. Take help from seniors, social media platform, interact with the profiles who have completed their degrees. They are the actual hero who can save your money in lac and help you in designing a career track for you.
Some helpful communities where you can take suggestions from seniors.
4. Don't just go on infrastructure. I agree that it also matters a lot but without a quality faculty, what will you do with the infrastructure ? Meet your faculty before joining any institute. There are institutes which might give you FREE LAPTOP or ANY SCHOLARSHIP. Even after scholarship, the fee might cost you around 1,00,000. It's just their artificial policy to attract some students. 

5. My agenda here is not to disappoint any college or institution, Even there are some institutes which are providing quality education as well as there are seniors in metro cities which are taking classes and they are perfect in some subjects. I don't want to recommend any such institute. 

Best of Luck to the new comers.  

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Why we need a good resume ?

Recruitment personal deals with such numbers. How will he ever find your resume it doesn’t stand out?

Recruitment personal deals with such numbers. How will he ever find your resume it doesn’t stand out?


Source : Mahesh Batra , Head-Training (Click2Resume)

Monday, June 04, 2012

An appeal to all AeSIAA Alumni's

This is an appeal to all AeSI alumnus from Honorary Secretary AeSIAA.

Dear Fellow Alumnus,

Are u aware that AeSIAA has started arranging In-plant training for AmAeSI Students?

Two batches comprising of three students are undergoing training at ADE, Bangalore & CDadpaco, Bangalore.

Our first batch of 2-student has successfully completed from ADE, Other one student who is undergoing training under our fellow alumnus and my brother Dr Rajesh Kumar at CDAdapco, and is also going well. CDAdapco has offered a paid training to the aesi students at par with IIT 3rd year B-Techs.

Its your turn now...............With your kind cooperation and support, we wish to send many more batches to all over places and firms. HELP us in our endevour.

Please join hand with us and help our AmAeSI students in getting training at your firms either paid or unpaid. If you can manage few students-interns at your place with the help of HR, then kindly contact AeSIAA. AeSIAA will shortlist and send the request to the concerned HR, officially. Please help the needy students. Its time to give it back to the society what society has given to us. Let us grow together.

Please contact me if you can help these students for in-plant training/summer internship etc.

Thanks with regards,
Rakesh Kumar
Hon. Secretary

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