Thursday, September 30, 2010 is officially closed

This blog post about a small change that you might have noticed.

The site is officially closed.

It's was a community of aesi students and graduate.

I had lot on my plate, so wasn't even doing any justice to it, so I
let it go. And now it's offically closed.

If you try to visit it, you won't be able to access it. I appologies
for any inconvienence caused.

But all is not bad. Similar community exists in form of ouraesi yahoo
club and at aesiaa google group!!

Please give them a try. They have so many good people in it and I am
sure these communities will be enriched by having you.



Hope to see you there!

Too much Wait destroys the idea.

I had this idea of writing a blog post on the mmrca and it's bidding
process. I have the graphs ready but I have delayed it long and now
the activity doesn't feel so exciting.

I just have to write an introduction and few explanation, but it's
prooving hard to sit and complete this job.

Similar thing happened to the fortran ebook I talked about. I had it
half ready, then I delayed. I waited. And the wait destroyed all my
enthusiam to complete it. Now it's sitting shelved in my netbooks hard

This is what's the problem is with waiting. It sucks enthusiasm.

Lesson learnt. Action. Take action within 24 hours.

Indeed a reason to celebrate


Dear fellow Alumnus,
It is my pleasant duty to inform you that Alumni Association of AeSI, formed by the graduates of the Aeronautical society of India, is organizing its maiden seminar on “Technological Challenges in Indian Aeronautics”, SEMAA-2010. Challenges associated with various national aeronautical programs would be highlighted through invited lectures by the eminent scientists of various aeronautical labs.

Following invited speakers have given their consent to be part of SEMAA-2010.

1.      Dr. Kota Harinarayana, P&W Chair Professor, Hyderabad University
2.      Mr. P S Subramaniam, Distinguished Scientist, Director ADA
3.      Dr. A R Upadhaya, Outstanding Scientist, Director NAL
4.      Dr. K Tamilmani, Distinguished Scientist, CE-CEMILAC
5.      Mr. P S Krishnan, Distinguished Scientist, Director ADE
6.      Mr. T Mohan Rao, Outstanding Scientist, Director GTRE
7.      Dr. Manjunath, RWRDC, HAL

As of today, Moog India Tech Pvt Ltd, EADS, ADE, GTRE, ANSYS, ESI and Bangalore chapter of the Aeronautical Society of India have agreed to sponsor our seminar. They would also showcase their products in the exhibition planned on the seminar day at the lawns of the CEMILAC auditorium.

I am sure that the aptness of the theme, presence of the best speakers in Indian aeronautics, participation from the private industry and support from The Aeronautical Society of India would make our seminar a big success. 

To the benefit of AeSI students, AeSIAA has waived off registration fee for the Section-B students (to a limited number). Further, as a token of appreciation to the services of GIE, Chennai, AeSIAA is sponsoring travel and registration cost for the 10 best students of GIE. 

Till date, we have received about 90 delegate confirmations from both the government and the private industries. To make this event a grand success, I request all of you to be part of the esteemed delegation in SEMAA-2010.

I am sure this seminar will give a good exposure to the Aeronautical technologies and would provide an excellent platform for interaction with the best in Indian Aeronautics. Seminar brochure and registration information is enclosed for you reference.

In addition, AeSIAA is also organizing a glider design competition, SOARING. All the design enthusiasts are welcome to participate. We are also in the process of forming an aero modeling club for the hobby flyers.

Friends, I am also glad to announce that AeSIAA has achieved yet another milestone; Bangalore Chapter of the Aeronautical Society of India has agreed to provide office space for AeSIAA in AeSI premises at Suranjandas Road, Bangalore-75.  This office would be inaugurated by the Director GTRE, Chairman AeSI-Bangalore, on 2nd October 2010 at 10:30 am.

I welcome you all to be part of this defining moment.

Dear Alumnus, our journey has just begun. We have various other events in the pipeline to cater the needs of AeSI students and for the welfare of the AeSI alumnus. Let us join hands to take AeSIAA to greater heights.

Please visit for all the details of events and latest announcements.

Hope to see you soon in AeSIAA family.
with warm regards,
Abhishek Burman
Hon. General Secretary, AeSIAA,
Convener, SEMAA-2010.


So what are you waiting for?

Spread the word!!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

5 rules to study smart for AeSI

Over the years writing on this blog, i have realized these are the 5
priciples of studying smart.

They crop up in one way or another in any successful student I see.

1. Know why you are studying something?

2. Focus only on one thing at a time.

3. Keep distractions off.

4. Have a plan to execute.

5. Mix and match different subjects in a day.

to read more elaborately on the above rules.

As always, tell me what are your smart study rules.

Monday, September 27, 2010

3 things you have that I missed in my AeSI days.

With time AeSI has changed a lot. And so has the convenience and the
choices for you all. Here's a list of 3 things that I missed in my
aesi days.

1. The online information. Back in my aesi days, google was at it's
nasent stage, aesi search didn't bring anything close to aeronautical.
And aesi's web presence was virtually non existent.

Search now and you will have lot of aesi related stuff online, not to
mention aesi's very own official website!!

2. No community. Apart from handful of seniors in GIE or the
institutes we studied, there was virtually no community of aesians.

Today, aesiaa, ouraesi and myaesi are the platforms that help you join
your fellow aesians.

3. Networking. Back in my days, networking was possible only if we
knew people face to face. Very little interactions existed beyond that.

Now with the explosion of social networks, you and yours truly are
connected in multiple ways.

So the question for you, my dear readers, is how are you using this

Sunday, September 26, 2010

What my daughter taught me today?

Yesterday, I was at the derbyfeste all day. It's was my daughters day
out and she throughly enjoyed the day.

Except the first hour.

In the first hour as we gathered around the show, she was
uncomfortable. Perhaps overwhelmed by so many things happening around
at the same time.

But as the day progressed she opened up and she got involved. Her foot
tapped with the music, hands clapped as others clapped. Eyes widened
to see what's happening. This is when the real enjoyment began for her.

Why am I talking about it here in this blog?

Because here's the lesson I learnt. Involvement springs enjoyment.

If you aren't participating, nothing will be good. Our participation
is the real source of joy. The event itself becomes less important.
The core is how we connect to the event.

Remember this, next time you are at a boring party, uneventful seminar
or mind melting technical symposium. Your involvement is everything.

Side note:
Talking about events, there are two events specifically meant for aesi
folks, soaring glider competition and SEMAA technical seminar. Be
sure to register and participate!!

Registration for soaring ending on 30th september 2010 and for SEMAA
on 8th October 2010

So hurry visit now!

Friday, September 24, 2010

What is one goal you'd like to accomplish before 2010 is over ?

2010 is racing towards the end. You might have made some goals and
pledges at the start of the year.

Some of you are well on your way to those goals, some of you might
just have dropped off after a couple of days or week.

For me, I am on track in some of them and them and off track on few of

So as the year ends, lets sit down and rewrite one goal that we want
to accomplish in the remaining months and make 2010 a great year?

What is the one goal you'd like to accomplish before 2010 is over?

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Two ways to add value.

Seth Godin, my fav blogger recently had a great post in his blog about
questions and answers.

To paraphase him, he says you can add value to any situation by either
knowing the correct answers or by asking the correct questions.

So true. From classrooms to board meetings, it applies everywhere.

Knowing all the answers might take time and experience to built, but
you can start now by asking questions.

So in your next class, add value by asking questions to the lecturer.
In your training, ask questions to your mentor. In the next meeting,
don't just sit quite, ask a question.

Every question, every answer adds value.

A quick note to all Gliding competition enthusiasts :

Registration for glider competitions are ending on 30th Septermber, so
hurry and register.

More info at

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Airbus FYI - An opportunity for you

Today's blog post is about an opportunity. Opportunity named Airbus FYI.

What is Airbus FYI?
Airbus FYI is a contest that challenges students worldwide to develop new ideas to deliver a greener aviation industry.

"It's a rare opportunity for tomorrow's generation to join Airbus in our vision for the eco efficient aviation industry of the future; to tackle the two percent the industry contributes to manmade CO2 emissions and meet the needs of air transport in a sustainable way; and to win EUR30,000."

Round 1 has started but you can register up until 30th November 2010!

What is the competition about?
Airbus FYI involves three progressively competitive and challenging rounds - judged by a panel of Airbus and industry experts - concluding with a live final. It's not just about engineering; students are encouraged to think about the overall Life-Cycle:

1) design; 2) supply chain; 3) manufacturing; 4) aircraft operation; 5) aircraft end-of-life. The teams selected for Round 2 will be asked to develop their ideas with support from Airbus staff. The five teams shortlisted for Round 3 will win a VIP trip to the final which will be held during the International Paris Air Show - Le Bourget in France, June 2011.

During the final, the five finalist teams will present their ideas to an independent jury - including industry experts - for a chance to win EUR30,000; the runners up will share EUR15,000. Students wishing to take part must register correctly as a formed team of between three and five members by 30 November 2010.

who can participate
To participate, they must be registered to study full or part time at a recognized degree-awarding institution and could be studying a Bachelors, Masters or PhD level degree in any discipline - from engineering to marketing; business to science; philosophy to design. There is no age limit. And students within a team do not have to be of the same gender, nationality, from the same University - or even the same country.

Airbus FYI involves three progressively competitive and challenging rounds - judged by a panel of Airbus and industry experts - concluding with a live final during the International Paris Air Show - LeBourget in France, June 2011. The competition timings for FYI 2011 are:

Registration: Closes 30 November 2010
Round 1, Project Proposal: 01 September 2010 - 10 December 2010
Round 2, Project Submission: 17 January 2011 - 15 April 2011
Round 3, Project Presentation (development): 16 May 2011 - 17 June 2011
Final, Project Presentation (live): June 2011 (International Paris Air Show -Le Bourget, France)

Read the complete FAQ here
More information:

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Getting the best of your training - blank slate

After AeSI, I landed in NAL and joined clocter lab as a graduate

Nothing shaped me more than the 12 months that I had spent there.

I was a blank slate when I went in. Except some programming skills, I
just knew the names of cad/cae softwares. Though close to a computer,
I have never seen or used catia, ansys or any other software before
entering NAL!

This simple fact is what I attribute my good stint in NAL. Since I was
not hang up on doing one specific tool, I had the advantage of trying
everything and getting to know what I enjoyed the most.

This non fixation to particular tool, helped me see other
opportunities and helped me work on varied projects.

So my advice to everyone who is looking for training after AeSI is to
stay clear of fixing your mind on a tool. Having a generic goal of
learning and applying your fields knowledge beats any tool anytime.

Read more on how to get training and all else via this link

Live like a sprinter, not a marathoner

Studying or learning any tools or working for an office assignment, it
always better to be sprinter than a marathoner.

Giving your total attention to your immediate task for the short time
and accomplishing something is much better than sitting on the task
for whole days and weeks and doing a marathon!

I knew a close friend of mine who was a marathoner. He used to study
all day, had a book with him always. I knew he wasn't as productive as
we saw his day dreaming while having a book in his hand.

There was this other guy who was a sprinter. He studied few hours but
he was focused in those hours. We rarely saw him sitting at his study
desk all day.

All day marathons may be easy but it's the sprinting that brings
better results.

So are you a marathoner or sprinter?

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Friday, September 17, 2010

Be a realist and connection between opportunity and initiative

Here's a fantastic quote to pep up your day.

"The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to
change; the realist adjusts the sails." – William Arthur Ward

Adjust your sails.

As I said before, the problem is not lack of opportunity but lack of

Don't agree with me, then tell me how many of you have taken the
awesome opportunity that SEMAA 2010 presents?

SEMAA 2010 is a great networking opportunity. A chance to listen to
industry leaders. And most of all it's free for Section B students.

Opportunity is waiting. Take the initiative. Adjust your sails.

Register and know more about Semaa by clicking this link

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Constraints and how they can help you?

Having choices is good, but when choices become abandant, you need
constraints to be productive.

Good contraints give rise to worthy challenges, and worthy challenges
give rise to success, whatever be the endevour.

Say for example your resume, you have done lot of projects, you have
good skills and your experience is varied. But if you want to have an
effective resume, you need the constraint of brief resume. Constraint
of just having 2 pages.

This constraint will help you think and put only the relevant details
in your resume. This constraint will make you decide what is worth and
what is not.

Likewise, if you constraint yourself by choosing only one base book
for a subject, you become consistent in your terminigy of that
subject, you build concepts faster and your studies are more
productive than if you had several books to hop around.

Constrainting yourself to one tool is another way of being good. If
you don't put that constraint, it's more likely that when you are
stuck at one tutorial of ansys, you mind will want to wonder to the
tutorial on nastran.

But if you have just chosen to work with one tool, you know you have
no other choice and you will dig into your problem more earnestly!!

Constraints are good, if you see yourself deviating from your semester
goals and targets, apply this concept of constraints!!

More advice on how to be productive can be found via this link

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Three simple Resume oversights for a fresher to avoid

Saw a resume today. It was well formated, liked the color. Liked the
content but!!

Yes a big BUT.

It has 3 glaring mistakes or I should say simple oversights!

1. The resume was in PDF format. Cool it may be but HR always likes
things in doc format. That's the norm, that's how resumes are logged
into a computer database by the company. So sent a doc format, not PDF
unless otherwise asked!

2. If you have work experience, and are employed, then don't emphasize
your subjects in the first page of your resume. That puts you back
into fresher bucket who is just oyt of college. You love
thermodynamics, keep it to yourself. Instead promote your work
experience. Highlight your most relevant skill that you used in your
last project.

3. The length of your resume grows with your experience, so if you are
on the runway of your career, keep it short. Unless you are applying
for a post graduate degree in a foreign university, keep the resume
brief. Anything more than 2-3 page is never turned on. Aim to stick
within that limit.

And last of all, your resume is your marketing document, it's a hook
to get that interview, so make it interesting not a thesis on what you

Want to read more resume tips, get to this link

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Attention AeSI students - options before you

Talking about options, among all the options viaing for your time and
attention, the one option that you as an AeSI student wouldn't want to
miss is the Aeronautical seminar in Bangalore!!

Invited talks from India's top aeronautical experts, oppportunity to
network with fellow AeSI Alumni's and a chance to peek into the future
challenges of Indian aerospace. That's what SEMAA is all about.

SEMAA is jointly organized by AeSI Bangalore and AeSIAA. The theme for
this years seminar is "Technological challenges in Indian aeronautics"

And if you are a Section B student of AeSI, then there are some
limited free seats up for grabs. Head over to the new overhauled
website of and register yourself.

You can also use the online form (linked below) on this website to

So hurry up, seats are limited and you don't want to pass this option!!

Find more about semaa (and the registration form) on this blog by
following this link

You can have anything you want!!

Read this lines and immediately thought of sharing it with you all.

"You can have anything you want. You can't have everything you want,
and if you try for everything, you probably won't get anything."

That's how things work. You can have anything but you can't have
everything you want. Choices always come into the picture?

Do I study for the next hour or go see the movie?

Do I attend that class or study for myself?

Do I learn cad or analysis tool? Do I take cfd or fem? Do I learn UG
or catia? Do I spend an hour on nastran or ansys?

You might want to learn everything? But you will prosper and do well
if you choose one!!

So choose, apply some constraints and be a star !!

If you try for one thing, you will definitely get everything !!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Aero Modelling Design Competition for Aero Enthusiasts

AeSIAA soaring..... Aero Modelling..... AeSIAA is organizing its maiden aero modelling design competition for aero enthusiasts. Both students and alumnus of AeSI can participate in this event. Winners of this event will be awarded during inaugural function of SEMAA-2010.

Last date for registration through mail: 30th September, 2010

Rules can be accessed from :


Convener: Mr S Shyam Sundar

Contact: 944818042, 990005372


If you are in Section B then you can register to attend SEMAA- 2010 for free. You can register here

Read Get Read For SEMAA?

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Section B avionics Stream June 2010 Analysis

Which stream is better in getting marks, avionics or aero mechanical? Does Avionics 1 gets you more marks than Avionics 2? Which is the best marks earning subject in this stream?

All these and more is revealed… so dig in.

The BoxPlot

Avionics june 2010 Amaesi resuts


  • The first thing that strikes is none of the core avionics subjects had got into the 80% band.
  • 79 in AGS being the maximum marks in core avionics subjects
  • Median(the yellow triangle in the graph) for AV2 and AI is 60.5 and 64.5 respectively. This means more than 50% of the students got more than this marks in this subjects
  • MRCS has the lowest median of 53, meaning 50 of student appearing in this subject got less than 53!

The Stacked Column Chart


Avionics june 2010 Amaesi resuts


  • The first thing to notice is the numbers. Observe how low they are except in AM2, APSC and MS which is because these subjects are common with various other streams
  • The low number indicate less people take this stream in section B
  • Among the Avionics 1 and Avionics 2, AV2 seems to be doing good as it has got more students passing in the band between 60 to 70.
  • AI also shows the similar trend of more people being in 60 to 70 marks band.
  • AV2,AI and AGS are the only core avionics subjects where some students have got more than 70 marks.
  • AI is the best scoring subject in core avionics subjects as close to 65% students got above 60 marks.

If more interested, study the graphs yourself and you will find more insight. Hope this helps you in your strategy to study for this semester!!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Section B Aero Mechanical June 2010 results analysis

Is propulsion 1 is more difficult than propulsion 2? Which is the most difficult subject in Aero Mechanical stream? Which is the most mark getting subject in aero mechanical stream? which is better in terms of mark, aircraft structure one or two?

All this reveal in the two plots from the analysis of June 2010 results, So dig in..

The BoxPlot

aero mechanical amaesi results june 2010

[click the image to zoom]

  • Except P1 and P2, all subjects had highest marks in excess of 80!!
  • AS2 with 91 got the highest marks of aeromechanical  stream.
  • In P1, more than 50 % of the students got less than 52 marks as suggested by the median of P1.
  • AERO has a median (the yellow triangle) of 64. It means more than 50% of the students has got more than 64 marks!!


The Stacked Column Chart

aero mechanical amaesi results

[click the image to zoom]

  • P1 is tougher than P2. No one got more than 70 in this subject. More than 90% of the students just got less than 60 marks in it.
  • Aero has the highest number of students who got between 60 to 70 marks followed by APSC..
  • Among AS1 and AS2 , AS2 is definitely gave more good marks, with some four students getting above 80 and one getting above 90.
  • AM2,AERO,APSC,AS2,MS and AD are the subjects which has produced marks in above 80.
  • Aero is the subject in which maximum people got marks between 70 to 80.
  • P1 remains the lowest scoring subject in this stream followed by P2.
  • Numbers in the box indicates the count of students in that band of marks.


All this reading and analysis will be waste if you are not taking any action.

Friday, September 10, 2010

One Option

While travelling to office today, this thought popped up.

If I had the option of Reading just one blog, what blog would it be?

Just as soon as the question popped up, I knew my answer.

If I had this same question during my aesi days, I know my answer. And
it is this answer that I want to recommend to everyone studying for

If you have to read just one blog, then if you are a student, dig into
the archieves of studyhack at

I came to know about this website when I was out of aesi, but as I
read it, I found i used so many of it's ideas in my aesi days. My only
regret is that I wasn't consistent!!

The site is an enormous resource to be a remarkable student. So if you
are a student I highly recommend it.

Just like everything, the size and shape might not match, every idea
might not be practical for you, but just read and see what sticks with

Apply what gels with you and be a star!!

Good luck!!

Remember the gem for students is in the archives. So dig in

Thursday, September 09, 2010


Every since AeSI days, statistics has been my interest. Crunching
numbers and getting something meaningful has been my passion.

As the reader of this blog, you might have since manifestation of that
in this blog over the years.

I have done these analysis of amaesi exams since 2000! Playing with
those vast arrays of numbers have since been a routine yearly task for
this blog.

Now what has this simple interest has done for me?

It has taught me excel, it has taught me graphs, it has taught me
animation in excel. It has taught me statistics in action.

The whole point of the post is follow your interest. Do something with
your interest that you can share. This will only make you better!!

What are your interests?

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Section A June 2010 AMAeSI Results Analysis

Unlike all other exam result analysis that i have done on this blog, this time I gave myself the challenge to use just two charts to analyze the June 2010 exam results.

[This is fairly a long post and if you are not an AeSI student, you can skip the post!']

My aim was to capture all the info and insight in just two charts!

I have selected a box plot and a stacked column chart to capture the information!!

The Box Plot

Section A June 2010

Click the diagram to see better.

Boxplot shows the spread of the marks and the stacked column chart shows the count of passing students!!

In the above diagram, it shows what is the mark spread of each subject in section A!!

As you can see strength of materials had the highest marks in all subjects followed closely by applied mathematics 1!!

The yellow triangle indicates the median of all marks students got.

If we lined up all the students who passed engineering thermodynamics in terms of the mark in ascending order and asked the one in the middle what is his marks, this is what 58 indicates for ET in the chart.

Median represents the middle of the marks!!

This plot reveals that SOM, AM1, EDD, ET, and FM are real high scoring subjects and one can aim to get 80+ marks in each of them.

And the subjects EE, WT, MSE, and IA are the low scoring subjects. They had medians below 53!! This means most of the students just barely passed!!

The length of the box represents the variations in the marks, the higher the box, the larger the spread of the marks in those subjects. As expected with high marks, ET and SOM had the highest spread of marks ranging between 50 to 65!!

It's interesting to note that the lowest maximum marks was above 65!!

The stacked column chart.

results_8726_image001 Click the diagram to see better.

This represents the frequency of marks obtained by students in each subject.

The blue colour indicates number of students who obtained marks between 50 and 60, orange represents the marks obtained between 60 and 70, orange represents the count of students who obtained marks between 70 to 80 and read represents number of students who obtained marks between 80 to 90.

As you can see, In EE, electrical engineering 90% of the students came under 60 and 10 % got between 60 t0 70!!

MSE was the subject which has close to 94% of students getting less than 60!!

SOM, FM were the two subjects in which 8 and 3 students respectively got more than 80%

SOM,ET,EDD,FM were the subjects that  some students got marks between 70 to 80.

Numbers on the bars represent the number of students falling under the band of the colour.

Sum the numbers in each band and you have the number of students passing the exam for that particular subjects.

As you can see, except for ET and then SOM, the blue band of students is highest.

You aim should be to get out of this band. You aim should be to get into the red band..

So what does this all mean!!

These plots give you hard facts, facts to arm you to set your own targets for these subjects. They give you the insight to let you decide on how to study for each subjects. These graphs reveal the trend that you can use to your advantage while studying.

Would love to hear what you think of this? Please send in your comments!!

In next Post, I will post similar charts for Section B, so stay tuned.

Ask ask ask

Yes that's all that is needed. Ask. It never hurts!!

If you don't, no one will give you that project, that raise or
anything worth having!!

Asking is the best route!!

Ask when you have a doubt in the class! Ask when you don't understand
a part of the tutorial! Ask when the requirements are not clear...

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

What experiments will you put on Chandrayaan 2?

ISRO said that it would undertake "extremely good" experiments and try out new technologies. (via Hindustan times)

Weight limitation is overall boundary within which we have to work", Prof U R Rao, who chaired the national committee of experts drawn from ISRO centres, academic institutions and R&D laboratories which finalised the payloads to be flown on board Chandrayaan-2 (orbiter and rover), told PTI.

Well as ISRO deliberate their "extremely good" experiments, I ask you, the would be aerospace engineers of India, to fire up your imagination engine and tell us what experiments will you put on Chandrayaan 2?

Monday, September 06, 2010

Get Ready for SEMAA

SEMAA 2010
The first Seminar of AeSI Alumni Association (AeSIAA), SEMAA-2010, is being jointly organized by the Bangalore chapter of the Aeronautical Society of India.

Theme of the seminar is “Technological Challenges in Indian Aeronautics”.

The subject matter would be deliberated through invited talks by the eminent scientists, researchers and practitioners from both the public and the private sectors of the Indian aerospace industry. This seminar aims to provide awareness and encouragement to the young professionals working in various national aeronautical establishments and to engineering students.
The subsequent editions of SEMAA would also provide a platform for the alumnus as well as students of AeSI to share their expertise and innovations through contributory papers.
Who can attend the seminar?
  • From the professional fields – Engineers, scientists from R&D organizations, Defense services & establishments,  public sector companies, private companies and engineering institutions.
  • From the academic fields – Scientists, Researchers and students from AeSI/educational institutions.

And if you are in Section B, you can attend it free. Check the website for more details 

Visit  for more info.

Fill in the Form


"It is not enough to be busy. So are the ants. The question is: What
are we busy about?" -Henry D Thoreau

Are you doing the same thing with your studies? With your training? Or
with your job?

Don't be just busy? Be productive and know WHY you doing the thing you
are doing!

Don't be an ant without a purpose?

Saturday, September 04, 2010


Change is the accelerator of growth!!

Put yourself in situations of change that challenge your skills and
you are on the superhighway of accelerated growth!!

This is why a new job, new training and new project assignment are so
exciting and fullfiling!!

When you are starting, opportunities to be part of changes will be
abound, embrace them and you will grow!!


Confidence is 90% preparation!!

If you are lacking confidence, chances are you are not prepared well!!

Remember this. It applies to exams, interviews and any other
activities in life.

Low confidence is indicator of poor preparation!!

Prepare well and confidence will grow!!

Thursday, September 02, 2010


Practice with your hand and you might need a day, practice with your
mind and you accomplish as much within an hour.
- Anon

Being good needs practice. But not all practices are same.

Reading about velocity triangles 100 times is no practice. Reading
with your mind and understanding it's implications is the kind of
practice you need.

Going through same tutorials again and again of a software tool is not
practice, being mindful of what each step means is the practice you

Practice with your mind!! Its more powerful and quicker than any other

Find More post on how to study for aesi via the following link


Wednesday, September 01, 2010


The FORTRAN Ebook has been on my small project list for a long time now. Apart from the initial work that I did, I have hardly done anything substantial to this Ebook.

So today I decided to shelve the project for good. I have kept it on hold for a time when I feel like taking it.

So apologies to those who showed interest in the FORTRAN Ebook.

But since I am not doing, it doesn't mean you can't learn it yourself. Here's a list of FORTRAN tutorials that might help you in your journey with FORTRAN 90.

A Look at Fortran 90
Good Introduction and Overview of FORTRAN 90

Fortran 90 Tutorial
Short and Simple.

University of Liverpool Fortran 90 course -- Good Place to start

Modular Programming with Fortran 90

Object Oriented Programming in Fortran 90/95

Fortran 90 for FORTRAN 77 Programmers

Intrinsic functions in Fortran 90
Useful and good for quick reference

Dr David Apsley Fortran lectures

Advanced Fortran Programming

Advanced Fortran 90
Good examples of common pitfalls.


Gym is the perfect example. You don't grow muscles just because you go
to a gym! You don't become Arnold just by stepping in a gym?

You don't grow muscle mass if you are lifting the same weight everyday!!

You grow in gym as you increase your weights!

Strength and muscle mass is directly proportional to the progressive
weigh increase.

Just like that. Doing the same tutorial again and again won't make you
master of your chosen tool, nor does doing one numerical 10 times
makes you better in your studies.

Tackling a bit harder workbook exercise and getting outside of the
known tutorials are way to grow!!

What are you doing in your life?

Lifing the same weights or incrementing them?

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