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A nice post  in OURAeSI  from Daulat!!!  Thanks Daulat. Is just and appropriate post during exams. AeSI exams began today. Will end on 23rd june. So AeSI guys and gals a busy now!!!  Best of luck folks!! And  this post!

A boy goes to shop and buys a big book.

He take the book to a medical student and asks him how much time will he
take to finish the book.
The Medical guy says 6 month's minimum

Then he goes to a law student and asks the same question, he says
minimum 3 months

Then he goes to a engineer and asks the same question How much time will
you take to finish the book???
The engineer say's 





Various Job Sites

Job  sites are gromming  up  like mushrooms on the net? Here are some of the prominent ones i have seen


From all of this  sites, my personal best is, for its quick and easy apprach and accurate search!!

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What is drdo SET

RAC issues advertisements on DRDO Website ( & "Employment News" (with curtain raiser in leading national dailies )for Direct Recruitment of Scientists 'B'. The prescribed Essential Qualifications as mentioned in the advertisement are bare minimum and mere possession of same does not entitle candidates to be called for interview. Where number of applications received in response to an advertisement is large, it is not possible to interview all the candidates. RAC may, therefore, restrict the number of candidates for interview to a reasonable limit on the basis of qualifications/experience/ achievements higher than that of the minimum prescribed in the advertisement or by conducting a screening test named DRDO Scientists Entry Test (DRDO SET).

The first DRDO SET is conducted on all India basis in order to provide equal opportunity to all students from different educational institutions in view of the increasingly wide variation of marks due to increase in the number of educational institutions in the country. DRDO SET is of three hours duration consisting of two sections viz. Section 'A' of 100 questions to test the candidate's knowledge in the subject of their BE/ BTech (for Engg discipline) or MSc ( for Science Discipline) and Section 'B' of 50 questions to test the candidate's ability in analytical and quantitative skills, current affairs and general awareness to test the aptitude and scientific knowledge required for Applied Research & Development. Based upon the organisation's requirements DRDO SET is conducted in Engineering Subjects such as Aero, Civil, Electrical, Chemical, Computer, Electronics/Electronics & Communication, Instrumentation, Mechanical, Metallurgy etc and Science subjects such as Chemistry, Physics and Maths/ Operations Research/ Statistics etc. These subjects are specified in the advertisement. DRDO SET exam is conducted only for those subjects where vacancies are sizable in number. Cases, where very few vacancies are available, NO SET exam is conducted and the individuals are directly called for the interview. The advertisement generally appears during the month of April / May every year. The availability of DRDO SET forms through designated banks, Details of eligible candidates, examination schedule, result of the exam, schedule of interviews and list of selected candidates are made available time to time on DRDO website (

What is ANSYS?

ANSYS is a general purpose finite element modeling package for numerically solving a wide variety of mechanical problems, used widely in industry to simulate the response of a physical system to structural loading, and thermal and electromagnetic effects. ANSYS uses the finite-element method to solve the underlying governing equations and the associated problem-specific boundary conditions.

Looking for tutorials for ansys click this link

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Point 2 Point vs Large Transport

I read an article by Randy Baseler,vice president of marketing for
Boeing Commercial Airplanes,where he wrote...

"On my recent trip to Europe I flew non-stop from Seattle to London.
But my destination was actually Geneva, so I had to make a connection
at Heathrow Airport.

Do you think that if there was a non-stop option of Seattle to Geneva
I would have taken that rather than have to connect in London? Of
course I would! That would have saved me 2 or 3 hours, the hassle of
connecting, and a bus ride at Heathrow.

That's the point of "point to point" travel. Seattle to Geneva. Miami
to Taipei. That's what people want. Not to have to schlep through huge
hub airports.

If I were to ask anyone at Boeing the difference between the
strategies of itself and Airbus, I'd guess they'd say that Boeing
believes in point to point transport, taking people exactly where
they'd like to go. Whereas Airbus believes in large transport to major
hubs with smaller planes carrying passengers to less-major
destinations. "

So this is the big issue in the commercial aviation on which this
two giant companies are competting for. So what's your take on Point 2
Point vision of Boeing and the large transport vision of Airbus!! Who
is right? What will succeed? Do let us know!!

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777-200LR Flight Test Journal

There’s a new blog in the Boeing universe. This one is dedicated to the ins and outs of Boeing’s flight test program.

It’s a first, really: personal accounts of what goes into making a new airplane ready for delivery - told by the pilots, flight crews, and technicians who make it all happen, as it’s happening.

The new blog is called Flight Test Journal.

If you’re at all interested in what it takes to certify a new airplane, I think you’ll enjoy it.

How ambitious are you? How ambitious are you?: "Watch out, darling, I am going to be very famous "

Well cool 5 question quiz. I thought i was not an ambitious guy but this quiz said......

You are ambitious, wise and balanced. Having fun while you work and living a life complete in every sense is important to you along with career growth. You know what you want and you work your way up patiently through your performance and attitude. Sometimes, you may need a little push, but you will get there. All the best!

so guys check out how good you are?

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CSIR has largest Indian share in US patents granted

Patents!!  they have always excited me. Its the innovation behind the patent that have aroused my curiosity and I have always secretly wished that when I grow up I will have some patents in my name. To me they are a way to give back to society what you have enjoyed from it. So couldn't resist posting this news about CSIR's achievement!!! 
Of the 229 US patents granted in 2004-05 to Indian inventors (excluding foreign assignees), CSIR had 140 (61.1%).
Isn't  it a reason to be associated with an organisation like that!!! I am proud of CSIR!!

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Fulfill your dreams in Aeronautics with AeSI - Pearls of OURAESI

As the description of the blog says, this blog is my way of contributing and commenting on the happening of OURAeSI club, India's first and biggest congress of AMAeSI students and aerospace community!!!

So I thought why not paste some of the good posts of the club here in this blog?
Well the advantages are many, most of the times this pearls (which I would like them to be called) do get burdened and hard to find under hundreds of emails of jobs post and many forwards in the club. So let this blog be the place where we pate those gems for easy retrievals!!! Sounds fine to me.

And so here I go.

This post is by Mr. Sudhir Joshi Sr.Design Engineer Infotech(Pratt & Whitney Division), himself an AeSI'ians! I like this post and have seen many of my friends in the category Mr. Sudhir Joshi mentioned. Its nice to read such stuff and so here is it for all my blog readers!!!

Dear All

I have gone thru the mail below and felt that still some kind of a gap in
communication is missing.

some may be very positive towards A.M.Ae.S.I and some may be 50:50, and some
felt its worth to do after all its not B.E rather equivalent.

yes I understand if you have less than 60% in aggregate its tough to get job
but this does not apply only to A.M.Ae.S.I its applies every where , if you
have a B.Tech Degree less than 65% its of no use.

We fell good to be Ae.S.I graduates as it has got an excellent recognition
compare to a graduate from any other Engineering colleges .

Getting 60 % in A.M.Ae.S.I is equivalent to 80% of B.Tech.

you will finds A.M.Ae.S.I grduates everywhere around the world from leading
organization like Boeing,Rolls Royce, G.E, Pratt& Whitney, DRDO, HAL, ISRO,
VSSC, ADA, TCS, Honeywell, Infotech, Quest, Textron, Snecma, GoodRich.

I'll say its difficult for a B.Tech to get a job rather its very easy for an
Ae.s.I to get a job if he is having 60% and now a days when you have a
common platform like OurAeSI its very easy to get 60%+ , where all your
doubts and carifications can be cleared.

Even we can arrange some sort of materials if some one required.
Its a platform for youngster to boost there knowledge in the Aerospace field
and make India as an Aerospace Hub.

I sugest,

1. Getting an idea to join Aerospace itself is a great. An ordinary person
will never think in this field

2. Doing this from Aeronautical Society of India is of Great value be sure
and have full confidence in yourself and We are sure ,with a positive
approach nothing in this world in impossible even the word impossible spells

3. you need not have to work like horse , just work hard as usual, don't
neglect the things , be specific , always have positive approach , then at
last you will come out with a Degree that will fulfill your dreams,

Best Wishes to ALL Aero Guys.

" Confidence is the most important single factor in the game, and no matter how great your natural talent, there is only one way to obtain and sustain it: work." Jack Nicklaus

well guys and gals, this was my choice of a pearl, if you have your own and want to mention is so please drop me a line, I will surely give it a thought!!!

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What is CATIA?

Hi, my last post was on what is NASTRAN? Hope you liked it. well todays post is on CATIA, another engineering software that you will hear about when you graduate in engineering.

CATIA is the market-leading suite of CAD/CAM products developed
by Dassault Systemes. CATIA’s modular architecture allows users to
customize their installations to meet their exact requirements. It
supports digital design processes from concept to reality.

CATIA offers unique design flexibility, which can accommodate even
the most sophisticated product design involving hybrid-modelling
techniques, while preserving the ability to make late engineeringchange.

The product gives a broad range of integrated solutions that cover
all aspects of:

• Product design and manufacture
• Driving enterprise competitiveness
• Task productivity
• Process improvement

source: CSM (institute of technology)

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Where can i learn NASTRAN and CATIA

Where can i learn NASTRAN and CATIA

Well for last week or so I am busy finding this out and have got two prominent names of the institute where this can be done One of them is CADD center and the other CSM.

I was searching for this institutes branch in kolkata, my native place. For CADD center I got the branch office number and contact address from their website but when I went to the place, there was no such institute! and the phone numbers of kolkata branch were out of service.

They say its professionally managed institute!!! Will contact the head office and see if I have any luck.

Well for the second institute learning from my CADD institute experience, I have emailed the head office only to mail me the updated address of their branch in kolkata!!!

Let me give a brief info about this CSM institute of technology.

CSM was established in 1992 by Dr. R. Narayanaswami, one of the original
scientists who worked with NASA on development of finite element
software - NASTRAN. CSM was set up primarily to meet the growing needs of the engineering community in India and overseas for CAE applications. CSM is headquartered in Bangalore, the IT capital of
India. CSM has a network of regional offices across India – Bhubaneshwar,
Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata and Pune.

And to save you the time here is the contact info for this institute.

Niton, No. 11, Palace Road, Bangalore - 560 052, India. Ph: +91 80 - 2200997, 2208059, Fax: +91 80 - 2200998,
Branch Offices: • Bhubaneswar • Chennai • Delhi • Hyderabad • Kolkata • Pune

Please know that I am in no way related to this institutes and I don't have any first hand info about how this institutes perform. This is just the info I got while I was searching for it and is presented here only to inform you. Please do take your own decisions and ask around before deciding and venturing.

As for the Address of CADD institute. Please visit the website and do verify the address by emailing or calling them.... :)

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