Sunday, October 31, 2010

But it's not necessary for my happiness.

As Einstein and his second wife were visiting US, Elza Einstein was
asked by reporters if she understood theory of relativity?

Elza Einstein always replied "of course not, but knowing relativity is
not necessary for my happiness"

This is the essense of happiness in life. Knowing what makes you happy
and what doesn't!

In your job, training and AeSI days there will be numerous things that
will come your way. Understanding what to choose and which to let go
is the skill you need.

Everything is not equally important. Know which is more important for

In my AeSI days, I realised that programming was important for me. I
found I like the mix of solving an engineering problem with
programming, so as this thought took seed I began to seek
opportunities where these skills were needed.

I actively shunned CFD fluent, designing in catia because solving
problems through developing new software tools was the area that I
enjoyed the most.

I don't know catia and fluent, but then they were and are not necessay
for my happiness.

So choose which things are not necessary for your happiness

More on tools via this links

Education is.......

The value of education is not to learn fact, but to train the mind to
think!! - Albert Einstein

That's education. If you are doing anything else, you are wasting your

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Semaa 2010 a review from a student attendee

Was clearing my email backlog and read this. It made my day. Reminds
me why I have joined aesiaa. It is moments and reactions like this
that AeSIAA is working towards.

So without further adieu here's the mail.

Respected Alumni,

Firstly I wish to thank each and every member of the AeSI Alumni
Association for their dedication in organizing the informative and
inspiring (for us AeSI students) seminar on Saturday at NAL.

Right from the first words of Shri P.S.Krishnan, DS & Director- ADE on
the challenges faced by AeSI students during the length of their
course and the perseverance and success story of AeSI alumnus Shri T
Mohana Rao, Director- GTRE to the interactive session between the AeSI
Alumnus and students(especially this part) was a boost to our morale
in pursuing this degree with much more enthusiasm and inspiration.I
truly believe that every AeSI student present yesterday would agree
with me.

I only hope that the issues placed before the Panel members by AeSI
students, like the admissions to IIT's and IISc and the 'reference'
for projects at various Govt Labs would be looked into by them.

Finally from all the AeSI students here in Bangalore, we wish AeSIAA a
long life and the very best for all their future endeavours and we
assure you that we will also show active participation throughout.

Thank You,

Raghunandan A Rao

Thanks Raghunandan for sharing this with us.

Have you attended the seminar, share your reactions in comments.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

AMAeSI December 2010 is on..,

Anil, a reader of this blog has just confirmed that the next AMAeSI
exams are scheduled to begin on 6th december.

Incidently it's my mom's birthday that day. I remember a day back in
my AeSI day when I was in khagpur iit for my Amaesi exam and went to
the exams by wishing mom over the phone from an STD shop while walking
towards the IIT center.

As I remember. It was thermodynamics exams and I passed it with flying
colours. I wish the same to you!

By the way, thanks Anil!!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Tinkering with things.

Here's a quote I believe in.

There is an immense amount to be learned simply by tinkering with
things.- Henry Ford

Most of skills I have acquired are becuase of application of the above
philosophy. From my aesi days to training. From NAL to my present job,
tinkering with tools has been the underlying truth.

Be it a new cad/cae software tool, or the trusty ms office, skills
only develop once you begin tinkering.

So if you feel stagnant in your training, bored at the mundane
assignments at your job, take up tinkering.

Treasure lies behind tinkering.

More on training at

Thursday, October 21, 2010

After AeSI ebook

I am not sure if I have told you this or not, the ebook "after aesi,
career guide to aesi" will go offline in the next couple of days. I am
taking it down.

It has been downloaded more than 500+ times so far and I will be
getting it offline in the next couple of weeks.

I want to update it. Improve it. It's sitting online just doesn't let
me get going to refine it. So it will be offine. If you really want to
download it then this is the time.

After a couple of weeks it won't be there until the start of next year
( hopefully) !!

4 online communities you should be a part of.

Here's four communities that every AeSI graduate and student be part of.

Ouraesi. Oldest group of aesi professional around. Dubbed as Indian
aerospace community you can find a variety of people there. Http://
from job updates to debates on hot topics of aesi, you will find
everything there.

AeSI orkut community. No links for this one. But if you are in Orkut
and in aesi. This is the one group you should join. questions and
answers regarding exams are some of the regular posts here. Search for
Aeronautical society of india when you are on to find
this community.

AeSI yahoo group. No link again. This is a restricted aesi community
group mainly run by Bishnujee Singh. It's another community you want
to be a part of if you seek advice on higher studies and inspiration.
Search for Aeronautical Society of India at

AeSI Alumni Associasion aka AeSIAA. This is alumni community of AeSI.
It's the official alumni association for AeSI graduates. You should be
a member of this if you an aesi graduate. Visit for
more information. Parallel to this there is a thriving google group
that you must not miss.

Well these are some of the aesi communities I am part of, do you know
of any other, do tell me in comments.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

5 things to remember while in an interview.

Being in an interview is like giving a driving test. There's lot of
similarities between this two tasks and lot can be learned if you
think it this way.

Streering wheel.
In am interview, you are at the steering wheel. You steer the
interview not your interviewer. He/she might start it but you have the
control to steer it to your comfort and strength zones.

Follow the road rules.
Just like on road, interview is not free form riding. Follow the rules
of curtesy. Listen to the questions. Understand what is asked. Then
reply. Blazing all about your accomplishment with no regard to what
is been asked will take you no where!!

Sudden acceleration and brakes won't help you.
Give a smooth ride. Sudden busts of excitedness and dullness can ruin
the interview. Be consistent in what you have written in the resume
and what you are telling in the interview.

See the bends.
Just like roads, interviewer will not give you straight roads. He will
throw in some bends. Make sure you know understand them. Just like at
real bends, in an interview slow down and think before you answer.

Stop at red signals.
Interviewer expressions and manners are the signals you should look
at. They are there for you to guide your way. Stopping at red signals
and moving at green is the only way.

Hope this fresh look at the interviewing process will cement the
correct mannerisms that one needs.

More interview tips at

While in AeSI, always remember this.

While in AeSI, always remember this.

College time is to challenge your mind, entertain your senses, and
expand your horizons!!

Exploring, taking interesting hobbies and best of all reading widely,
you can meet the three conditions.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Where your participation and enjoyment mix?

Yesterday we celebrated my daughter birthday with few of my collegues
here. The gathering was small. Around the cake cutting and lunch we
had lots of fun.

The most fun happened when everyone was involved. There was only one
person who I can say didn't enjoy and his non enjoyment was entirely
due to his non particiation.

This is the same that happens to you when you at your job or in
training. Active participation is directly proportional to enjoyment.

If you don't get involved, you won't enjoy. So if you aren't enjoying
your job, your training, look at your involvement. That might be the

The cure is simply to participate, to contibute to the occasion and to
make an effort.

Talking about participation, if you are an AeSI graduate, i strongly
recomend you should be involved with AeSI Alumni Association. More
info at

Thursday, October 14, 2010

An investment that AeSI student shouldn't neglect

It's happening all over again! Competence defeated by communication.

I am sitting in some client interviews and I see this pattern playing
out again and again.

The guy is super competent. Knows all the right answers. Has good
skills. Experience match the requirement but oral communication is a
let down.

Every single time communication shot down a candidates chances.

The idea is simple, in a multicultural work environment, if you are
not able to understand and communicate your views what's the point of
having the skills?

So my earnest urge for all AeSI students and graduates is to invest in
developing your verbal communication skills.

This is an investment you shouldn't neglect.

More on other skills

Last two days remaining for SEMAA

Just to let you know that the list of all selected students is out.
Check out if you have made it to be at the first aeronautical
technical seminar organized by AeSIAA for free.

If your name isn't there or you haven't registered yet, then you don't
waste time. Just two days left to register and for AeSI registration
fees is lowered to just Rs. 250

Visit for more info.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Greatness is directly proportional to consistency. The more consistent
you are, more remarkable you become.

Sachin became great not because he made centuries, but by being
consistent in his early days and amassing those incredible numbers.

Consistenty is everything.

From your study routine, to training and from training to your job,
if you are consistent in action and performance, you are on your way
to be a star.

If I can advice you to develop one character trait then it will be

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Your training will be multidirectional!!

Here's the thing. You might want your training to be unidirectional,
focused but it will never be.

Your training will always be mutlidirectional.

You thought you will get the training and then concentrate on nastran
or ansys analysis. But that's not always the case.

It depends on the project and work load of your mentor. If he/she is
involved in multiple projects, you are bound to get your hands in
multiple programs. So be prepared.

It happened for me and it might happen to you.

The important thing here is to see through the task and mould it to be
a stepping stone of your career.

For example, in NAL when the cad designer quit, I got the task of
doing the cad design of a centrifugal compressor. I liked the work. It
was new. It taught me a cad tool and It felt like I was contributing
to something of real use.

But quickly I realized that it was fun, but cad was not something that
resonated as a career choice. So digging deep I found, it had API's
that I can program and get those things done via programming.

So I tinkered with them and created a tool that cad modelled a
centrifugal compressor impeller without manual intervention. The tool
is still being used.

So when you are in your training period, accept all opportunities and
turn then to the stepping stones to your career goal.

Multidirectional or unidirectional, it's your career you are preparing

More info on training can be found via this link

Sunday, October 10, 2010

When is the December 2010 AMAeSI exams?

Well as always queries related to this type become more frequent in

Every other day someone wanders to this website and raises this

My only source is, official website of
aeronautical society of india. And visiting that revealed nothing on
the date.

So I am turning to my next best source, the readers of this blog. As
they are more into aesi, this type of information travels to them
first. So can someone tell us when are the next amaesi exams!!

As always, thanks in advance!!

Also note: Did you know, there's an aesi essay competetion running at
the aesi's website. Check it out.

Friday, October 08, 2010

Fruitful training.

Training/apprenticeship is part of almost every AeSI student and

Making it fruitful is what one should aim for.

What do I mean by fruitful training?

Fruitful training is one which builds on the knowledge of what you
have studied in AeSI!

Fruitful training is one which sharpens your various skills.

Fruitful training is one which acts as a springboard for your future

Fruitful training is one which helps you define you!!

These are the things a fruitful training should be.

It's not a road to travel by. It's a runway to pick up the momentum
for the takeoff!!

How are you using it?

More posts on training in nal etc can be found via this link

Learning by Osmosis

I am attending a training on iSight. I already know the software and
in the past couple of months i have use it in my day job.

I have read through all the tutorials/documents that I had on this
software. But still I choose to be part of the training. And I am glad
I am doing it. I am learning so much by osmosis!!

The instructer is clearly an expert, 30 years in this domain, he knows
the ins and out of this tool. His slides are preety much the same but
real insights are in his way of explaining.

With the experience behind him, he emphasizes the points of mistakes,
common pitfalls and important places to look for.

Some of his analogies sheds whole new light on your way of seeing the

I experienced similar thing when I studied for AeSI and always choose
to attend lectures by Natrajan sir and others. Even if I was attending
a seniors extra classes I made it a point that I was also in the class
of a qualified, experienced lecturer for that subject.

Similar insights errupted and foggy understanding cleared as I sat in
those classes. I call this learning by osmosis.

It's like thermodynamics, the higher the temperature gradient, the
better will be the heat transfer. The more experienced the lecturer,
better the knowledge!!

So my advice to anyone in AeSI now is go attend lectures even if you
know the subject. Even if you are taking extra classes from seniors,
go for experienced lecturers. There knowledge, wisdom and experience
will seep through!!

Natarajan sir has been a big influence on my studies and you can find
evidence of that strewn all around this blog. Find it via this link

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Henry Ford on your career planning

Most of the present acute troubles of the world arise out of taking on
new ideas without first carefully investigating to discover if they
are good ideas. - Henry Ford

Similar thoughts can be expressed for apprenticeship and first job
after AeSI.

Most of trouble in training or first job comes because we take the
first thing that is offered and fail to investigate if the offer with
that particular deparment gels with our career goal.

Investingating means wait. It means mental effort. And so many of us
just latch on the first thing that is offered.

I clearly remember a guy who did his AeSI in propulsion stream but
accepted the offer to work in avionics lab of NAL. His only reason was
that it was the first offer he received and he didn't wanted to miss
the opportunity.

Career planning is not random acceptance of any opportunity that shows
up at your door but a series of well thought out steps. Remeber this
when you embark on your journey after AeSI!!

Good luck

More advice on training/ first job can be found via this link

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Your opinion will shape the future

Its been more than half a decade that I have left AeSI as a student,
but I still continue my journey with you all via this blog.

My primary motivation in running this blog, is to fill the gap that I
felt during my days in AeSI. I continue the blog in the hope that
somewhere it's helping, Inspiring and guiding someone.

When I began the blog it was out of curiocity. In fact I began 4 blogs
and this is the only one I still continue.

I am planning couple of changes for the blog. So I want to ask you the
reader, what do you want out of this blog?

What do you like about this blog? What do you want to improve ? what
topics to include and not to include?

Your opinion will shape the future of this blog, so please come
forward and send me your comments, remarks and suggestions.

Every opinion matters.

Use the comment field on the blog or reply via email, the blog needs
your opinion in whatever form you like.

And last of all Thank you for Reading.

Monday, October 04, 2010

6 tips for learning a new software tool.

Learning a software tool is an essential part of AeSI life. Some do it
while studying, some like me get to do it in their training days.

But whenever you are doing it, keeping this 6 rules in mind can help
you get maximum out of your tool learning experience.

1. Read the documentation fully
Before begining, have a through read on the documentation. You will
not understand everything but will get the bigger picture of what the
tool is and what is it doing.

2. Choose one set of tutorials.
For each software tool there are infinite number of tutorials, but at
the initial stage, one should choose only one and stick with it.

3. Linger longer on each exercise
Don't race through the tutorials. Think and explore. Linger longer on
one set of tutorials.

4. Explore extra.
Explore extra. Once you followed the tutorial. Explore the new things
you learnt. Look at the dialog boxes that were introduced to you.
Click on other buttons that the tutorial was silent about. In short

5. See the big picture.
Remember, softwares are just the tool. Tool for you an engineer, to
make decisions on. Use the tool like a tool. Then make an engineering
judgement. See the bigger picture of why the analysis/design is done
the way it is.

6. Initially shoot for quantity. Then chase quality.
When starting go for the number of hours you tinker with the tool not
on the number of components you design. Go for the number of simple
truss like analysis than just doing an all wing modal analysis.

Quantity should be your aim. Chasing quatily at the begining is like
trying to run before you have mastered walking.

Hope these tips helps you in your tool learning experience.

Do let me know if you want to add something.

More tool learning posts can be found via

Saturday, October 02, 2010

Aerospace News Dashboard on MyAeSI


Staying informed is the key. Knowing what's happening in your industry, in your area of expertise is important. With this age of information and fast changing pace, its important to be on the top the things that are happening in your industry.

During my AeSI and NAL days, i scoured the net and used all the info that NASA’s website and NAL’s pasteboard provided..

At that time, the choices were limited but now the choice has exploded. Numerous sites provide tons of information.

To track all the new things happening in Indian aerospace one needs to peep into so many sites, so i build an app using Google technology and today i am unveiling it to myaesi readers..

Its a one page aerospace news dashboard, that updates itself and harnesses Google's awesome power..

You can have a look at it via this link.. or by visiting myaesi website..

Aerospace News Dashboard

Why interviews fail -join the conversation!

You come out of the interview room, you feel good. You think you gave
all the correct answers.

You are asked to wait and then the HR lady comes and says, "you can go
home today, we will call you after all the interviews are over."

You wait for the call and the phone never rings.

You wonder what went wrong. You replay the Interview scene in your
mind and wonder why you didn't get the job?

This is the precise thought I am thinking of now, so lets join hand
and answer this very question!! Why some, so called "Accha Gaya"
interview fail?

Have you had any similar experience?what do you think? Join the
conversation in comments..

Friday, October 01, 2010

Excellent resource for all kinds of Resumes

Need Resume templates…

Here’s an excellent resource…

Microsoft Office Resume Templates

It has all kinds of resumes…

You can never go wrong with investing in yourself

A couple of days back while browsing, i stumbled upon these lines.

They resonate with what I talk about in this blog, so here they go.

"You can never go wrong with investing in yourself – that way,
everything that you learn and have can go with you. You can invest in
three ways – your health, your network, and your knowledge, and all
three are necessary to be successful"

While studying or doing training or in your job, investing in yourself
is the best thing you can do!!

And what's important is that this investment only need your commitment
and an hour a day.

So are you giving yourself that one hour!!

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