Friday, February 21, 2014

Some of it happened by design and some by accident.

Hi Readers

By now, as you might have noticed, the entries to myaesi blog has dwindled.

That's on purpose.

When this blog began in 2004, there was no outlet for aesi students/ graduates and this blog tried to fill that gap. But now in 2014, there are many options and communities available to aesi students and graduates.

So I feel I can rest now. ;)

I love writing for this blog. But I don't want to be repetitive hence I started by decreasing the frequency of posts here.  And now the frequency is at such a level that I had to write this post.

So the point is, the blog will remain but isn't and will not be as active as it used to be. Some of it happened by design and some by accident.

But if you are interested to read, learn or walk with me, you can follow/subscribe to my personal blog at This is where I spend most of the time I have gained from myaesi.

You might find it interesting, please give it a try.

And yes, if there's anything related to myaesi, do give me a shout!

Thanks for reading!!

Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Last chance to register for AeSIAA Friends and Family Get-Together 2014

Hi All,

Please Register Now. Only 4 days remaining. We are going to close online registration on Saturday evening.

Please register now.

If you are on the fence, please visit to check out the pics of the previous editions of AeSIAA get together.

See you there.


If you have trouble viewing or submitting this form, you can fill it out online:

AeSIAA Friends and Family Get-Together 2014

The wait is over. AeSIAA is back with another edition of the popular family get together for all AeSI alumni and students residing in and around Bangalore.

Mark your calendar. This March 1st (saturday), lets meet for a day of fun and exciting activities with friends and family.

Venue: Ivy park resort

Please fill the following four question form to help us plan the event better. More details will be shared shortly.

See you there!!

Please spread the word and pass on this information to all your AeSI buddies. The more the better.

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