Monday, June 27, 2011

How to pass AeSI papers? - open question to all

Just received a distraught and passionate mail from a section a
student. He said aesi examination question pattern isn't suited for
Indian environment. He argued that instead of subjective paper, Aesi
papers should be objective. He also doubted that there is something
wrong in the the checking of aesi answer sheets.

Well I have to admit, many students including myself have doubted the
checking system of answer sheets by AeSI. At some point of time, we
have wondered what happened to our marks when we were sure we have
done a great job in the examination hall.

I guess the reason for this doubt is the opaque wall that aesi has
put. We don't have access to the checked papers and this non
transparency raises out doubts, which are magnified when we get bad

Now when I look back at those semesters where I felt Mr Goyal had some
evil hand in failing me, I think somewhere I was also responsible.

Examinations are not about telling what you know. It's about giving
relevant answers to the questions asked. It's not about spilling
whatever you know, on paper, but giving the right and accurate
information required by the question.

Brief and to the point answers are Indicators of your understanding of
the question.

Well these topic is open to lot of discussions, so I open this
question to all of you. What do think about this? Do feel free to

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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Apple iPhone and you

Read the following at the noise and signal blog. It's about why
Apple's iPhone is dominating the smartphone market.

"The basics absolutely matter. If the basics aren't right then
worrying about the other stuff is futile. This is why Apple put years
of thoughtful work into getting the basics right. Then they released
the iOS and the iPhone. Then, a year later, they turned the iOS into a
platform for third party developers. And today that platform is
available on tens of millions of iPhones, iPod Touches, and iPads.
Apple got their priorities straight."

Same priorities are applicable to everyone.

Be it as an aero society student or aesi graduate. Whatever we do, we
have to get the basics right.

Learning nastran or Ansys will go unused if you fail to understand the
simple concepts of stress and strain! Knowing non linear analysis will
go in vain if you don't understand the difference between linear and
non linear!

So build your base first.

For all aesi graduates I recommend that in section A, make studies as
your primary focus. Concentrate on getting your concepts right, before
emarking on skill building! Know what is taught. Explore those
topics. Learn them such that you can explain them to your grandmother.

Skill building can begin in the late two semesters of section b.

More on this is myaesi ebook. Check that out if you haven't

Good luck and be a star!

Percentage of marks in AeSI

Ok so today let us take the second question. It's not specific to any
stream. This question is almost on every aesi students mind.

"what is the percentage of marks required for an aesian for job? Are
both section a and b equally important or stress is upon section b?"

The obvious answer to this question is, the higher the percentage the
better. There's no fixed number here but most of the govt.
organisation look for candidates with marks more than 60%

For private companies there is no stated numbers.

These marks are just signals. If you have good percentage marks, you
are sending a strong signal. But if they are in 50's, that signal
prompts people to question your knowledge.

That's the only difference.

As I said earlier is some post here, always shoot for high marks but
if your don't get them, don't loose hurt. There is more to life than

For your second question, overall marks are more important than just
section b!!

Hope this answers your question. Feel free to comment if you have a
different take on this.

Find more here

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

What extra skills should an avionics stream student of AeSI have?

What extra skills should an avionics stream student of AeSI have?

After my post on being profssional, I have received a couple of emails
from many of you. One such email had 6 questions for me to answer.

The question are apt and well framed. I will try to answer them all by
putting then in 6 different posts.

Mr Sumantra is in avionics stream and so his first question was

"we dont have practical in our course, so what extra thing do you
suggest a student should learn for avionics stream?, like students go
for CFD , catia and ansys for aeromechanical"

Let me begin by saying, if your main dish is great, then dessert does
not matter.

Whatever you have studied in aesi is the base, don't leave crack in
that base. Anything that you do beyond that is the dessert! It adds to
glamour but it's the core studies that drives the engine.

If you have read MyAeSI Ebook, you will know about the equation
Knowledge + skills = job

Building skills are important. And now to your question of what skills
an avionics student of aesi should acquire.

First of all. Build your communication skills. Oral and written. They
are the most important skill that one needs to have, whatever be his/
her work.

Apart from communication, an aesi avionics graduate can get training
in labview, learn c coding, know how to use matlab simulink and
embedded system depending on personal interest.

As i am from propulsion stream, my knowledge on avionics is limited.
So over the lifespan of this blog, i have invited few accomplished
avionics engineers from aesi to answer this similar question. Please
find them here by searching the blog via this link.

Hope this helps

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Recent AeSI graduates: Be professional

Today I was at the Annual General Meeting of AeSIAA. There I came
across a letter written by a recent AeSIAA graduate looking for an
intrinship position.

I admire the initiative of that graduate. He thought out of the box
and mailed to AeSIAA office for referel. But my admiration stops there.

A look at the resume dissipitated any good feeling that I had for
him. It seems that some people mistakenly assume that raw enthusiasm
and a willingness to work is enough to get them in the door. It

You have to be professional. You are an engineer now. You need to
know how to write a decent resume. You need to know what to put in
that resume. Just raw enthusiasm won't do.

Please don't do such silly mistakes. They do matter. You have
Internet as a vast resource and google a doorway. Why not utilize
that to craft a professional resume?

For more posts related to crafting a professional resume follow the

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

What will aircraft engines look like post-2025?

What will aircraft engines look like post-2025?

Check this link.

Must for an aero-mechanical stream guys of AeSI!!


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