Saturday, October 31, 2009

When is aesi's December 2009 exams?

Come November and it's time to look at aesi's website for the dates of
amaesi exams of December 2009.

Does anyone know when the December 2009 exams are beginging?

If you do know just shout it here.

There is no sign of the dates at aesi's website

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Friday, October 30, 2009

6 shift plus function key shortcuts for productive excel work

Here's 6 Shift plus function key shortcuts in excel that helps me in
my work. They are all quick ways to do the most common stuff in excel.
Knowing them will not let you live longer but certainly will make it
more productive.

Shift F2 Insert quick comment…
Shift F3 Insert quick formula
Shift F5 Quick find and replace
Shift F10 Quick right Click menu
Shift F11 Insert quick f11 key
Shift F12 Quick save

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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Maximum impact.

This comes when you are consistent. It comes when you are focused. It
comes when you believe you are good and deliver.

How to give maximum impact in aesi?
Study everyday. Learn a new topic each day. Revise the previous
concepts each day.

A two hour concentrated focus is much better than 9 hours of loose
study. Make studying your priority. Share what you learn with others.
Discuss the concepts.

Be positive. Know your abilities and trust them. Seek personal growth
push your boundaries. Study with an attitude to be a better engineer,
exams are just the tollgates in the path.

This are some simple steps which when followed will enable you to have
maximum impact.

What do you think? Got anything to add?

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Three different kinds of interviews

Yesterday I was talking with my friends about interviews. We were
sharing our experience at various interviews, from small to big. As
the discussion was on full swing someone remarked about 3 kinds of

The first one is someone has already decided he will take you, but
just uses the interview process as decoy.

The second kind is where you are already decided out and the interview
is just to let you out.

And third kind is the one when you are seen as a good prospect and the
interview explores your length and width of your knowledge. This type
is the most rare but the most fullfilling experience.

I have encountred all these types of interview and everytime the third
kind is the one I genuninly learnt something. This interview kind is
when your hitting score at each question is not important, your
thought process behind the answer is.

Well remember this type of interviews when you are in an interview. If
it's the first kind? Don't worry you are already in, just cruise. If
it's the second type don't get stressed, they are just whitewashing.
Be bold in this interview and learn more about giving correct answers
than getting a job. And the third kind is the most usefull. Answer
genuninly and honestly. Flanking is allowed so enjoy your good answers
and learn.

The success in the third kind depends on you! Whereas in the other two
the interviewer holds the key.

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Some thoughts on learning software and time needed.

Excel has been part of my work life from nal days. From importing
cordinates to excel program to using excel to plot curves in catia, I
have done so many thing with it. Now I am fairly confident in this
software and know many things in that software from basic formulaes to
advance stuff. From simple macros to vba programming.

But all this I didn't learn in a day, a week, a month or even a year.
This stuff I have learnt over the years. I am still learning.

The point being, all softwares are huge. One can never know, learn,
and master them in some short period of time. You need to give it
time. So when you begin learning catia, nastran, or ansys, give
yourself ample time and if possible start early.

Fix a schedule with minimum no of hours of practice and then stick to
it consistently for a considerable lengh of time. This is the essense
of being a pro in any field.

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Monday, October 26, 2009

How to prepare for aeronautical engineering GATE exam?

Read indtroduction to flights by John d Anderson. That's the short
and simple answer!

Will it be enough? By all means, no!!!!! But that book is a good
starting point and can help you in recall, comprehension and
application type of questions of gate.

Apart from this book recomendation, I would say the best way to study
for gate aerospace is study individual topics from the syllabus from
different standard books and pose short quiz questions on all the
things that you read. Use back questions? Section and topics to pose
mini questions. Answer them and onces you are confident in the topic
move ahead.

The main point I want to make is don't do straight question answer
study, read the topics that are in the syllabus, understand them, pose
questions from those understanding and then move to quiz questions.

Solving 10 thousand questions won't help unless you understand the
basics and going from basics is much more easier and time saving and
effecient way to study for any exam.

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How to answer interview questions?

Recently there was a recent walkin and I heard many Aesi folks went to
it but many fizzed out in the technical rounds after clearing the
test. So Here are some thoughts on how to give answer interview
questions so next time you are better prepared.

Start with a bang.
Always begin the interview with what you know, start from your
strength that is the bang I am referring at.

Don't answer what is asked but answer to lead.
Answering and answering properly are two different things in an
interview, so answer intelligently. Remember you are the leader in
your interview, so answer in such a way as to lead the next questions
to your area of strength.

Basics should be clear. Explain from that point onward.
Whenever your are asked a question, begin from basics, lead the
interview from there. Explain the basis and answer the question than
just giving a one line answer. Interview is not just about the correct
answer, it's more about the thought process that went behind that

Be confident. Go to the interview as they need you not you need them.
Be confident but not be obnoxious.
State the truth but always in positive light.

Interview is just like a tiffin box. Each compartment has separate
dish. This is how you should present yourself. Don't give every thing
at once. Separate the stuffs and present it best. You might know a lot
of things but successful interview is all about presentation. The
better way you present yourself and your skills, the better your
chances of getting that job.

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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Sit down and start

Sitting down and just begining is the best strategy to break inertia.
If you are finding difficulty in finding the right time to begin your
routine or if you if stuggle to get the right time for getting started
on the new CAD or FEA software then your best bet is to start. Start
from whatever you are! That's the best technique.

Apply this when things seems stuck, when no path seems right, when the
way ahead is foggy.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Find an alternative there's always one

As you might have already noticed, i am posting updates to this site
via my new phone. The interface of the phone is so bad that my output
has decreased drastically. So what should i do? I am hoping by the end
of this month i'll have a stable system and updates to this site will
be more regular. What have i learnt from this lull? This lull is due
to factors out of my control. I can't control my mobile service
provides, nor do i have direct control on the tool i use, so the best
thing i did, instead of cursing others, i am taking notes of the post
ideas that i have and will post them once the system is in control.
This has reduced good amount of friction and i'm productive even when
my tools fail me. The take away message is don't let external factor
derail you from your routine, don't let non availability of software
tools to learn what you want. Find an alternative, there's always one.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Where do i share my selected Indian aerospace news

For this week, there had been lot of good news from the aerospace
sector. Boeing, eads and many other firms are indicating positive
signs. Air travel is improving. And there's the announcement from
airbus and boeing to increase thier research and development
activities in india. Clearly all aerospace professionals are heading
towards a bright future. If you missed any of this news then you can
follow the news i share at I share
all the interesting aerospace news that i read there. Visit it and

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Gate 2010 start preparing now

As registration for gate 2010 closes in another two weeks, its high
time to set an hour or two for gate 2010! Remember gate papers
questions revolve around 4 patterns of question. Recall,
comprehension, application and analysis are the question pattern. All
the 65 questions you need to answer will be deal with one of these 4
types. So prepare yourself with these 4 questions types in mind.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Question to answer

What will you give for a chance to work for world's biggest aerospace
giant? Figure this out and apply what you discover from this
introspection. This is the core for a successfull career and life. I
liked thesimpledollar's analogy that life is a river and our beliefs,
attitude are the paths it flows through. We have to change our
attitude to change its course. For me answering the above question
clarified many short term decisions. Hope this does the same for you.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Effective routine and how to study mathematics ?

Some of you have asked about how to make a routine, and how to study
maths? Well i have already tackled this topics in some previous post,
so here i will just point you all those posts that will answer your
questions like how to make an effective routine and how to study
mathematics? So follow these two links and Good luck!!!!

4 reasons to follow revision centric routine

1. It takes time. 2. Its not fun. 3. We assume no one else does it.
And 4. We feel its silly. Well these are the four reasons you have to
overcome for starting a revision centric routine. But if you can do
all this now, you are on the way to a successfull semester and career!

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Why learning from a good teacher is essential

Knowledge is like a hard metal. And you are a vessel. There are two
ways that knowledge can come to you.

The teachers are there to melt that metal of knowledge. You can get
knowledge from books but at that state it's doesn't fit well in the
moulds of our brain but if it's taught by the a teacher it pours
easily like a molten lava.

So choose a good teacher. Choose someone who has enough energy to melt
that knowledge to pass to you. The better he does his job, the quiker
and better you will understand the subject.

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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Commit to a routine

Routines are the framework. Routines are the roads. Routines are the
ground work of future success.

That's the essesnse of studying. Hard work is not about reading loads
of books and stretching yourself. It's about following a set pattern

Not only will this improve your results but will build up your mental

So commit to a routine. The number of hours you choose to study do not
mater if you commit to put in the time everyday, without fail!

Have you made any routine? How are you following it, share your views.

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Be Brave

Be brave....

This is the piece of advice i would give to all new aesi graduates.. be brave..

Having you resume on is good, and useful. Telling your friends and sending resumes to them is great, but the best thing is to upload your resume to the companies you want to work for.

Every firm of reputes has an on-line system of accepting resumes, if you are not utilizing it, you are loosing a valuable resource. Try it. That's the first thing the HR people look for a requirement.

So be brave and utilize these opportunities....

Saturday, October 03, 2009

12 ways to have very effective office days...

Here are 12 tips to have effective work days, some i follow and some i try to follow. I have noticed the day i do most of this i do generally have a productive day!!

so with much more delay here they are

1. Begin as soon as you enter.

2. Check your mail after 2 hours of switching on your computer.

3. Aim to Complete a big chunk of work before lunch..

4. surf net only during breaks, twice a day.

5. Want to gossip then move away from system..

6. Leave on time.

7. Aim to learn at one thing new on each day.

8. Keep work log.

9. Switch off your primary software for 30 mins and spend some time on an entirely different software.

10. Move around but with purpose.

11. Discuss solutions not problems.

12. Take long walk after lunch.

what are your thoughts on this, post your comments...

Thursday, October 01, 2009

12 CAE interview questions to prepare for

Arvind Pandey is working on CAE software in NAL and he has send me 12
questions that he was asked in his cae interview. He wants them to be
shared with you all.

So here they are.

1. What is hypermesh?
2. Why it is called hyper? Why not anything else?
3. Why meshing is needed?
4. What type of elements are created by meshing?
5. What is dof?
6. What is degree of freedom of a plate element?
7. What is post processing? Why it is needed?
8. What is IGES?
9. What steps will you follow to do stress analysis if we give you an
iges file?
10. How to apply boundry condition and how do decide which boundary
conditions you will apply?
11. What are the common material properties that you can apply on a
12. What is youngs modulus and density of steel and aluminium?

Thanks Arvind!! Keep up the good work.

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6 questions to ask if you didn't get 60%

Here are 6 questions to ask yourself, if you didn't get percentage
above 60% in AeSI

1. Can limiting my job prospects for government job a good move?

2. What is more difficult to explain, the less than 60% percentage or
the time it took to complete the degree

3. Do I belive myself and my skills?

4. What do I want to experience now being an engineer or being a

5. Am I going for higher studies?

6. Is job really dependant on the percentage!!

Hope answering these questions will help you choose the correct path
for yourself.

Good luck

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Two ways to get maximum out of any training There are only two ways to get maximum out of any training. Be prepared and put in your questioning cap.

There are only two ways to get maximum out of any training. Be
prepared and put in your questioning cap.

Well that's it if you have this two, you are fairly well capable of
getting the most juice of the training. And in this post I will
concentrate on being prepared.

I am attending a week long training now and I have observed that being
prepared on what will be discussed in the session boosts the
understanding 10 times! Getting a rough idea of things to be tought
helps create the framework on which the lecture fits in.

Reading ahead is sort of like creating the rough outline drawing,
which gets filled with detail and colors by the actul lecture.

So how can one apply this, in class it's fairly simple read ahead what
the lecturer is about to teach, form mental, rough pictures of the
cencepts and use the actual lectures to fill the gap and details.

In training, anticipate the next work/project you might be doing and
begin tinkering with it.

I do the same at my work assignments, I stretch myself to do the work
I might be doing next and experiment it before actually getting to the
actual assignment.

So read ahead and bloom.

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