Thursday, January 29, 2015

Calling AeSI Students for CSRP

Dear AeSI Students/Graduates,

If you aim to explore the area ( eg FEM, CFD etc) in which you wish to pursue your career you may try your hand at CSRP.

It costs nothing except your time & commitment.

If you are ready to go extra mile, extra efforts are needed.

At the end of this exercise you are able  to publish a paper, or
make a good repo with mentor, or got to know your mentor very well, or
know about industrial practices through informal discussions, or have an accurate view of the kind of work usually done in the industry

Under CSRP, You are ready with something instead of nothing when you graduate.

Also your mentor would be ready to write something once he works with you. A good LOR means a ticket to reputed universities. Our association for learning should continue. Getting degree is only beginnings, we have to travel more. Please pass to all in your amaesi circle.

Contact Sunil Morya, Rahul verma for further details as needed or 
write to

Please visit more details


Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Dear Students/Alumnus,

This is for all those who are really interested in going extra mile for the purpose of learning. We (AeSIAA) are launching a innovative and unique learning opportunities for both students and alumnus called COLLABORATIVE STUDENT RESEARCH PROGRAM (CSRP).

Alumnus as mentors will be guiding students on carrying out research in areas of mutual interest in collaborative framework seeking help from fellow mentors as well. This helps partnering mentors in broadening their knowledge base while working students are exposed to learning opportunities.

The measure of success of these collaborations are expected to yield research papers in its simplest form however opportunities are plenty. We will have formal launch of this program and further discussions on this during our annual alumni get-together 2015, expected in a months or two.

Open source tools and softwares will be used and also developed under this. Wherever we get partners for supporting the program their software or services will be utilized with due credit. Hence all are welcome to partner in this.

Seeking information and inviting to

To identify topic of mutual interest to get going, we are seeking the details of expertise from partnering alumnae having interest and time to pursue his or her ideas. I am sure we all have ideas but due to some constrains never worked on that. Let some students help you to realise your dream and learn things together.

Identify the area in which you wish to cruise your career. The control and guidance is our responsibility. We alumnus as mentors will help you to do things in guided mode in order to have mutual growth in respective career.

If you are not sure of your pursuance of area of research/domain of building expertise, let us leave this on us. We will help you choose. For that please send the details of papers cleared along with marks obtained and paper attempted this time. Also while sending information for mentorship and collaborative learning, ensure that your resume and contact details in that are updated. Also mention the elective subject taken and training attended if any.

Helpline for seeking more information:

For collaborating students- Shri Rahul Verma.  M: 97432 27305

For partnering alumnus-     

Shri Sukhbinder Singh M: 97403 20715 ( between 7-10pm only during weekdays and Saturday, anytime on sundays

For partnering firms-            Shri Rakesh Kumar, email: or or

For all other queries please contact secretary either on

This program has got in-principle support from following firms

GTEnterprises-for MATHEMATICA Software student version
Axiomatic software India Pvt Ltd- for CFD++ SOFTWARE
Contravolts- for SCTetra  software training & support
Jetwings- for all in house software including ANSYS fluent & lab facility.

+ many more interested experts in various domains and verticals.

Get inspired and do join hand for mutual growth & lifelong learning's.

For Hon. Secretary, AeSIAA


Monday, January 12, 2015

How are you preparing for 2020

For those who were part of the AeSI AGM in 2014 might have heard this at the venue.  For the rest here’s a snippet..


G M Rao, GMR chairman and current President of Aeronautical Society of India.


Addressing the annual general meeting (AGM) of the Aeronautical Society of India (AeSI), Rao said that India was poised to become the third largest aviation market in the world by 2020. The total spending in the next two decades was expected to be $25 billion for commercial aircraft and $100 billion as defence expenditure.


He, however, said that the biggest challenge to meet the enormous growth potential of aerospace and defence sector would be skilled workforce. Though India has ample technically trained manpower, “there is dearth of personal with specialised skills, particularly in the sphere of aerospace”, he added.



So what does this mean for you?


And here's a question for you.  How are you preparing for 2020?



Sunday, January 11, 2015

Collaborative Research Opportunity for AeSI Students

Dear Students,

If you have interest in carrying out a quality project for your electives fulfilling the requirements of AmAeSI course in association and consultation with  industry renowned researchers you may contact alumni association for the needful. 

You can contact us over mentioning electives taken and planned submission session.

Project will be carried out under the guidance of  AeSIAA. Guides from AeSI fraternity will monitor the work and under satisfactory completion will sign the the report. A certification of completion from AeSIAA would be also attached with the report authenticating the quality. Industrial problems will be taken improving the quality. Also guide will be part of your work and also signatory. Interested candidates can contact.

Tentative Date of start is 26 Jan 15 after vacation following the Dec session exams. All subjects of elective will be covered. Duration of project will be of four months. Weekly contact sessions with guides. Candidates with high aptitude towards research only need to apply who can carry out the work independently under the able guidance.

All correspondence, clarifications, doubts,  on this subject through mail to only.

No calls please.


Friday, January 09, 2015

EBook for AeSI

Finally Ebook for AeSI is released.

You can download it from

This ebook contains my experience in AeSI along with the guest articles.

Suggestions are welcome for improvement of the book as well as articles.


Modi Pritesh

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