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Planning to apply for the job at Goodrich Aerospace or any other requirement remember this points

I was visiting and noticed that Goodrich aerospace is one aerospace company that has the maximum number of requirements this week.

From design engineer to stress analyst, from software engineer to technical publication, Goodrich aerospace is looking for aerospace professional for varied range with varied experience

Do check out the job pages here.

Also if you are planning to apply for the job at Goodrich aerospace or any other requirement remember this following points.

1> Research about the company, what it does, what is it primary business?

2> Know if the company was in news recently, if you follow indianaeroblog  you will already know what Goodrich aerospace is doing in India. This information will help you in your interview and while crafting a custom resume and cover letter.

3> Update or edit your resume in light of the requirement and company's information that you have.

4> Craft a cover letter to highlight the points that's make you suitable for the job.

5> and finally follow this general instruction of how to send resume and begin preparing for the interview with these 50 common interview questions and answers.

This common sense steps are always required for every job requirement  that you might apply for, be it Goodrich aerospace or Mahindra aerospace or any other

For more information on how to build resume and how to craft a cover letter click here

The Problems with AeSI degree!!!

In Orkut's AeSI's community, Mr. Nilesh has posted some valid points which I couldn't resist myself in posting here. In this points he states his view on why AMAeSI degree is not the right choice.

My views are similar and if someone will ask me point blank "If I were your brother, will you recommend this degree to me?" My answer will be no.

Don't get me wrong, I am proud of the degree, I have worked for it and have attained it and have told many times that aerospace engineers coming out of AeSI are the best Indian aerospace professionals that you will meet. Many more people have accentuated this fact, but then the way whole examination system and what Nilesh has rightly put  "Erratic question papers, puzzling evaluation and results " I don't think i can recommend my brother or cousin to face that. Sometimes it feels worse than a lottery.

Anyway, here's what Nilesh has to say.....


Hello All,

This is not against anybody neither I want to argue with anybody here. I think new students who wish to join this course should know some facts and figures before they join this, unlike many of us who didn't knew anything at all.

Major Disadvantages

1. It is not exactly like a regular BE degree in spite is has been given "equivalent" to BE status. This creates lot of problems.

2. Though the course is not "correspondence" officially it is neither a full time regular course.

3. No strategy on examinations, how many students to be passed or about the criteria for evaluation/grace markings.

4. No set up for Jobs to students.

5. Erratic question papers, puzzling evaluation and results add to its uselessness.

6. No guarantee of how many years you will need to do this degree.

7. Even after you pass out life is a struggle for first year at least.

Now considering the Industry in India, and the job scene as well as admission scene at various engineering colleges/universities, getting job after a "regular degree" has become very easy. Many companies come on the campus and students are getting jobs in their third years.

So ,

1, If you are a good student then why do you wish to take the path which is not only difficult but uncertain where you could have a safe and successful career otherwise.

2. If you think you are not a good student, then beware, this isn't an easy course.

Two main reasons i see many people take this course are

a.) its cheap

b.) Admission is very easy.

If your main reason is above the two, rethink before you join the course.

I do not mean to discourage students who are already doing or wish to join this course, but its always good to know facts how ever bitter they are.

All the best,


He also adds

But a simple analysis can give you a picture of AeSI degree.

1. Campus jobs:

There are around 27 states in India, so around the 50 technical universities/institutes with hundreds of Engineering colleges in each state. Just try to find how many colleges in your city offer campus placements. See if prestigious/popular and renowned colleges offer campus placement. So in short check whether you are in majority or minority?

2. Passing it in time:

How many students clear this course in fours years every term?? Check out the stats.. during my time (batch) I know of only 1 person who did it in 4 years against around 1000 students who registered. So, does that mean all the 999 are incapable of doing AeSI?? and if so then the next question you should ask is are you in that one or 999 persons?

3. About AeSI administration:

I don't need to say anything on this. It's worst admin of all I have seen till date. Besides, try contacting few companies/seniors to know how many companies/organizations accept this course as a BE course and give jobs to AeSI people.

Anyway's, I am not here to benefit myself from anybody doing or not doing AeSI. I sincerely feel many people lack awareness and this are my two cents.

Wish you guys all the best.

So tell me, what do you think?

Thursday, August 28, 2008

System Crash

Its been long that I have not written. well my system busted last week. Yes
literally busted not into flames but in blue screen and I lost 120 GB of my
data in that crash. I am still recovering from the incident.

And my laptop is not recognizing my Motorola mobile, which I use primarily
to connect to internet. So I am stuck. Please bear with me for a while.

Meanwhile I am updating the indianaeronews blog and its has many good news
for Indian aerospace engineers, so do go to the blog and check out what's
happening in Indian aerospace industry that will affect you?

Hope to bounce back soon.

Go to :

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Bishnujee on what AeSI graduates can do after graduating


bishnujee-aesi Dear AeSI Engineers & Students,

Congratulations to all new AeSI Graduates.I am aware that many of you might be opting for different path of your career.The first target should be always to get decent Engineering full time position in Aerospace Industry which will help you in utilizing your knowledge and help in developing your Aerospace skills.

Normally I advise AeSI Graduates to opt for MS/MTech/ME route after spending considerable amount of time in Aerospace Industry in certain position of responsibility for 5-8 years.Also I am aware that many students also opt for MS/MTech/ME/MSc after AeSI immediately on completion which is not advisable in first instance since in future you are not sure where you made land into Aerospace Industry. But people who opt for such Post Graduation level academics as fresher are advised to explore RAeS Scholarships,AIAA Graduate Scholarships options whether they succeed or not is second thing. But trying that route should always be first priority since tuition fees abroad might be too high and your first job might not be sufficient to cover the loan amount.UK bound students should be safe enough since they permitted to work from the first day they land in UK.

Though sufficient precautions should be taken not to overwork and affect your academics,Its always better to complete MSc and then go for decent position once in UK for people who choose this route.In US ,you are not allowed to work in first year outside the campus and Assistantships are not available to everyone and are limited in number.

Another option for AeSI Engineers which I consider safest and straight forward is Canadian Permanent Residency application programme from India which is completed these days in 9-10 months and some Senior AeSI Graduates already settled in that region .Moreover it allows you to work in US unlimited on TN1 .

I hope the above information helps you people.

All the best to all new Graduates from AeSI.
Best wishes

Make resumes that invite you to interviews with little help!

Well recently there is lot of requirements in OURAeSI and lot of requirements advertised in newpaper and there's many jobs requirements for freshers and seasoned aerospace professional here..

So what you can do so that your resumes gets you invited for an interview....

Read this series fron i think it will be really helpfull. The best part of the series it shows a real cv and the mistakes that one shouldn't do.

check this out here

For more CV and job related stuff see the related links

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Gate 2009 aerospace engineering books

GATE-2009-how-to-crack If you are preparing for the GATE 2009 in aerospace then this is the post that you shouldn't miss. Recently someone posted this following list of books for preparation for aerospace in gate 2009!!

"Hi friends,

After searching on a forum I have got a list of books that must be studied for Gate AE. Many thanks to the person who originally posted this topic:

Advanced Engineering Mathematics - Grewal
Advanced Engineering Mathematics - Kreizig

Flight Mechanics:
Introduction to flight - Anderson
Aircraft Performance & Design - Anderson
Flight Stability and Automatic Control - Robert C Nelson
Airplane Stability and Control - Pertin and Hage
Aerodynamics,Aeronautics and Flight Mechanics - Barnes.W.Mcormick

Space Mechanics:
Rocket Propulsion and space Dynamics - Cornelisse
Space Mechanics - Nelson, Walter C.; Loft, Ernest E.
Introduction To Space Dynamics - Thomson, William Tyrrell
Introduction to flight - Anderson

Introduction to flight - Anderson
Fundamentals of Aerodynamics - Anderson
Aerodynamics for Engineering Students - Houghton and Carpenter/Caruthers
Aerodynamics - Clancy
Modern Compressible flow - Anderson
Gas dynamics - Rathakrishnan
Viscous flow - F M white

Analysis of Aircraft Structures: An Introduction -Donaldson
Analysis and Design of Flight Vehicle Structures - Bruhn
Aircraft structures for engineering students - T.H.G. Megson
Theory of vibration - Meirovich

Mechanics and Thermodynamics of Propulsion - Hill and petersen
Gas Turbine Theory - H Cohen,GFC Rogers,HIH Saravanamutto
Gas Turbine Engine Handbook - Meherwan P.Boyce
Elements of Rocket Propulsion - Sutton

For Basic Fundamentals:
Principles of Flight - Mike Burton
From the ground up - Sandy MacDonalds
Flight without Formulae - Kermode
Mechanics of Flight - Kermode

All the Best... "

I agree with all the books and if you see most of the books are ones that you might have read in AeSI syllabus. GATE is all about basics, so keep them strong and do tons and tons of problems!! That's the basic secret of cracking GATE!!

So what do you think? what are the other books that you read?Is the list missing something? Do tell me in comments.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Should I skip applied mechanics

Someone recently asked...

my-aesi "Which is the best book for section a maths for applied mechanics in section-A or can I avoid this and still pass? "


Its not his question that intrigued me, its his latter comment about avoiding the section that made me roll my eyes..  wow see here is a man or should I say boy who wants to risk his 6 months by not studying a particular subject.

As far as I know AeSI, it is full of surprises, sometimes 80% of the syllabus is based on one particular section of the subjects, and sometimes 80% of the papers just the Xerox copy of previous semesters paper... so I think this guy will be taking a risk..... and that's not cool.

If you just want to pass why bother so much.. if your  intention is just to get by then why ask such questions just get by... but if you truly want to learn the topic and become an all round engineer, then think beyond the exams.... exams are just a check on your knowledge... but the real thing is how that will make you a better engineer. That's the big picture my friend... see that and you will know the answer if you need to study that particular section or not!!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Prospects after AMAeSI

Saraswathy iyyer has the following query regarding AMAeSI in one of the AeSI group in yahoo. Bishnujee replied for that and I am re posting it here in case someone else is searching for this information. Thank you Bishnujee.

Hi people,

I have already completed my 12th standard and I would like to join the AMAeSI course.I am very much interested in doing it.Can you please suggest me any good colleges who give training for this course?Further I would like to go for higher studies abroad after completing the degree.What are the prospects abroad after completing the degree from aeronautical society?I know i am asking this question quite early but I feel, sooner the better.


HIET Chennai,GIE chennai are some of good colleges for AeSI coursework.Yes you can pursue MS in Uk or US after AeSI. Also you can work also in overseas like any other overseas Aerospace Engineer.The programme is accredited by Naric ,Uk on behalf of department of work and skills ,Uk as British Bachelor Honours Degree in Aeronautical Engineering which allow you to work and study anywhere in world since you get additional British degree certificate after completion. I hope it helps in your career.

Best wishes

Bishnujee Singh

I have added links to other resources that a person looking for this information might check! What will be your advice to Saraswathy?

ntent here

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

$2 billion order by Indian Army for BrahMos missiles

The Indian Army has placed a $2 billion order for supersonic cruise missiles from the Indo-Russian joint venture BrahMos Aerospace according to a report
from the Interfax news agency. The agency quoted firm chief executive,Sivathanu Pillai, as saying, "The order by the Indian armed forces comes to $2 billion."

If you want to know about the BrahMos missiles then click this link or for more information of the BrahMos Aerospace corporation click this link

Now this is the news and what is its impact on Indian aerospace professionals.

2 things clearly come out of this ... one that the joint venture is successful and Russia and India will look on to make more joint ventures like this, so learning Russian will be an advantage that I see here!

This development might trigger some other joint ventures that can be made as successful as this one and other countries might look for a partnership.

Everybody loves a customer and India is the most preferred aeronautical customer right now that no aerospace giants can afford to loose so enjoy!!!

Monday, August 18, 2008

6 reasons for doing training after AeSI

In my previous post titled Is training really necessary after AeSI?, here in this post i writing about the 6 reasons that AeSI students should do training after AeSI

  1. Confidence. AeSI doesn't provide the opportunity of having confidence in yourself. But a brush of training will install that.
  2. Opportunity to work on live projects. Be it RTA, micro gas turbine, Saras etc.
  3. Tools of the trade. You will learn and hone your skills on tools of your trade. For some it will be catia, for some it will be solidworks, ansys,nastran,hypermesh etc
  4. For some its an opportunity to figure out what they really like, which field of work they have natural aptitude.
  5. Being in the environment of work, you will pick the basic skills of management, time management, importance of deadlines and importance of team work and documentation.
  6. Last of all you will be feel useful, more skilled and more professional after training...

Will write more on this as and when i get time.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Bangalore challo!!!

It once again the time to head Bangalore.... for the aero show 2009 India is here. Aero India is a biennial air show held in Bangalore, India at the Yelahanka Air Force Station. The first show was held in 1996. It is organised by the Ministry of Defence in association with the DRDO, the Indian Air Force, the Department of Space, India and the Union civil aviation ministry.

It is 4th largest air show in the world. The show includes both air displays and static exhibitions of various aircraft of the Indian Air Force, along with displays from vendors, suppliers and production organisations.

Read more here about who are coming and what's on display.

Tho Bangalore chalo!!!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

3 Websites that Every AeSI Students Should Visit

What was the most fascinating thing about mahabharat? I don’t know about you but for me, it was the different dhanushban that they kept in there tarkesh!!! I was fascinated by the way they used so much arrows and all of them having different powers…some brought rain, other rained fire and so on…..

Giving AeSI exams is another mahabharat, a fight between you and AeSI With its unexpected out of syllabus question, different pattern and unexpected surprises, the AeSI guys has its share of different arrows but what about AeSI students. Depending on one or two text book is not enough. Even solving tons of previous question papers is not alone, you will need more. And here I present 3 websites that every AeSI should add to his tarkesh!!!

The first one undoubtedly is the wikipedia. It’s the best! I have seen that many of the questions that students ask in OURAESI can directly be answered if they search it in wikipedia. It’s truly great. I use it all the time. Now in my office whenever I am bore I just get my browser and hit this website to get to a topic that I take fancy of that time. My recent visits were related to torque, continuity equations etc…

Another site that I would suggest is the MIT opencourseware aerospace material. This one is another resource where you can learn more about the topics that you are studying. It’s another great resource to see a different perspective of the topic that you are studying.

And last of all I would recommend the newly launched and very useful IIT lectures that I posted some days back. The most beautiful thing about the whole IIT lectures is they are video format. As they say a picture is worth thousand words then this lectures are a whole book. See actual IIT professors teach you the topics. The best part about IIT lectures is that many of these lectures closely resemble the syllabus of AeSI and so they are extra benefit. So if you can see this hour long lectures you about the topics you are studying, they will be most beneficial.

These are the top 3 websites that I will recommend to each and every AeSI students. Though I have many more of which I will post latter. But you people do mention some of the other websites that you use....

Gate 2009 how are you preparing?

Gate 2009 are you preparing for it? What is your strategy for it? A student mailed me with the following question, "which course or institute is best for gate 2009?" while lot of materials is available. And every town city is littered with institutes preparing you for gate, i believe there is no need of them.

If you have studied your BE honestly then brush up all your basics and do lots and lots of sample papers, that's the best way to crack gate.

Gate examination is not like regular exams, it tests your basics, your applicability skills, so build them and you won't have any difficulty cracking your gate exams.

If aerospace is you subject of choice then in this blog i've something that might help you in your quest. Just search gate preparation in this blog.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

AeSI results announced

Finally AeSI results are announced. check them at this link . This is the PDF file.

Best of luck guys and gals!!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Remember these 3 Things before Heading for Training.

After AeSI results, some of the students of AeSI will begin thinking about the training in NAL, HAL, GTRE or any other institutions in Bangalore. So here are three things I think every training aspirant of AeSI should ponder before heading for the training in aerospace.

  • Call and begin your training process from Chennai. I am talking about Chennai because it’s the place I began my journey. The point here is before getting to the training place which is most probably is Bangalore. Begin the calling process from via phone. Enquire about the places you are interested, get contact numbers of the people you can contact for the training. Begin it from your place so that when you are in city of your training, you have enough leads to follow up and get started immediately. Be sure to check this post from kripa for some relevant numbers.

  • Be clear about your motivation for training. Is it for software’s or applying your knowledge or for getting a feel of working on your preferred software’s. What is it you want to do it? Know and write about that!

  • Remember this most important fact, its training for you but for the scientist you will work for, it’s real work. Be prepared to learn and deliver the work assigned to you. Its real work and results as concrete as cement is needed from you. So keep this in your mind.

Hope these 3 points help you give a great start for your training mission. Don’t forget to check the other articles related to training that I have written from time to time.

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5 Reasons that IIT Lectures are a Boon for AeSI Students.

I think by now most of the AeSI guys know about the IIT lectures available on youtube. IF you don’t then read this first and come back

I know they are great for all engineering students but I feel some of they are a boon to those who are studying for the AMAeSI degree. Here I list 5 reasons why I think so.

Most of the lectures that are online are related to and closely resembles the AeSI syllabus. So AeSI folks have one more additional source of material for their studies.

The lectures are given by IIT professors and most of them are the top professors of that field. So knowledge they impart is A-grade. As I have already noted in this post, getting the knowledge from the highest source is way better than from getting from the tributaries. Read this post to learn more on that.

The teaching style in all these lectures is very informal and watching the videos make you feel as if you are sitting in an actual class. The lectures progress from basics to advance. In addition to regular classes in GIE or any of your preferred study centres, this lecture add more value and breadth to your knowledge of that particular topic.

It’s not reading and online tests or assignments, these lectures are delivered in video format where seeing an actual professor draw on board help you understand more of the topic.

These lectures are free, so you don’t have to shell out tons of your dad’s money to learn something. So get going guys and gals, after the AeSI exam results are declared and you know the subjects you need to study, this must one of the place where you can begin your self learning. But be sure to read this advice for your next semester.

For these lectures all you need is good connection. In my next post I’ll show you some tools and tricks so that you can have all this lectures in your harddisk or better still on you mobile!!!

Stay tuned and best of luck!!

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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Abhinav bindra has made india proud

Abhinav bindra has made india proudAbhinav bindra has made india proud and for those who want to congratulate him personally, visit his blog. Abhinav bindra began this blog at the begininng of the beijing olympics.... here's the link to his blog. Congratulate him for writing history.

Here's what he wrote on his blog after the victory!!

They have all been telling me what a huge achievement winning Gold is. I realise that but frankly the enormity of the goodwill generated has caught me by surprise. Honestly enough it really has not changed me, I am still the same Abhinav who just a day ago was hanging around alone in my room in the Olympic village. Frankly, all the attention is a bit overwhelming. I am not much good at making loud public pronouncements. That in no way means that this is not the most intense experience of my life.

For more than a decade now my life has been all about my sport. In fact, I do not have a life beyond the confines of the 10m range. I have had a range built in my own home to cut down any possibility of distraction and to be able to practise my sport whenever the fancy strikes me. It all did pay off, didn't it?

It has all still not sunk in. I will post more once the feeling settles. I ran away from all the media and official attention yesterday after I had done the bit I had do in keeping with my new-found status. Instead I chose to go to a quiet dinner with some friends. I would like to reiterate that everyone who represents India at the Olympic Games has put in years of toil and sweat. I ask the Indian people to support our athletes more. It is fine to celebrate our achievements but it is just as important to keep up the backing when we are not on top of our game.

It is important for India to do better at Olympic sport as these are the true measure of a nation's sporting depth. I wish more private initiatives come up with corporate support apart from the backing of the government. The joy that the nation feels at my win is humbling. I just wish that this is repeated more and more often.
With our depth of talent and expanse of people I firmly believe India can be a world-class sporting power. What we need are precise systems. I will try to do my bit at grooming the next generation. I would like to appeal to each Indian to also do their bit in prodding us out of sporting complacency.

Read more about him here

And here is the link to the youtuvbe video of the historic moment

When will AeSI announce june 2008 results?

This is the question that is roaming in the minds of the all AeSI students and AeSI on its part is just waiting.

By now many of you might have called AeSI headquarters in Delhi!! So what's the response guys? When is AeSI announcing the results?

As Abhinav bindra wins india it's first ever gold medal in olympics, i wish AeSI students this semester pass out in record numbers and set a new AeSI record!!!

Best of luck guys and gals!!!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

After exam results two basic questions that cross the minds of AeSI students

After exam results there are this two basic questions that cross the minds of AeSI students depending upon the rung of ladder they are at.

For someone on the verge of section A, thinks of the stream he need to choose. Although some might have thought about this before hand, but this is the moment when they really think about what choices they will make….

Choices between streams…..

Another choice is for the one who are in the last semester of AeSI, as they ponder what to do next? Training Job or Higher studies.

These are the two questions I want to ponder upon, but not in this post, here I present the links to some earlier post that answer the questions “which stream to choose in section B” and this one.

Is training really necessary?
And recipe for job after AeSI?

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Confidence + degree + skills = job

recipe for landing a jobIn my earlier post I have mentioned the above formula and said after AeSI, this is the recipe for landing a job. I ventured that if one can develop this 3 while studying for AeSI then you need no training and he or she is ready for the job,

In this post I would like to talk more about it and go in depth of what I meant by each of the term.


What is confidence? Confidence is your belief in yourself. It’s the belief that you are able to take on the work assigned to you. It’s the belief that you are able to apply your knowledge to get results. So how can an AeSI student build his confidence? First it’s passing his or her degree, that's one major confidence booster. IF you have passed with honest effort, you are already on your way of being confidence. It comes with preparation.

For me passing 4 subjects at one go was a major boost to my confidence. In section B, first semester I took up propulsion 1, 2, 3 and aerodynamics 1 as my subjects and studied for them, and did a marathon study along with Natrajan sir!!! And after my last semester, without waiting for the results to be announced I came to Bangalore and joined NAL as an unpaid training. This was best decision that I took in regards to AeSI and it really paved and concreted my confidence. It showed me the knowledge that AeSI has imparted us.

Confidence comes by preparation. By honestly studying for the exams, and getting all fundamentals and basics in your fingertips. Confidence comes with seeing the results of your efforts.

Wikipedia has a good post regarding how to build confidence. Read it and most importantly apply the points!!

The one I liked most is
"Try to make yourself talk positively at all times. When you hear yourself saying you can't do something, stop and say you can. Unless you try, you will never know whether you are able to or not."

The next part of the equation is degree. Complete the AMAeSI degree. It will enable you to say that you are one of the best aeronautical engineer in india!! Yes Read it here, here and here. It is this degree that enables these persons to say that they are best in the world. And then we all have the biggest inspiration Mr. Bishnujee Singh. He began from AeSI degree. As Shah Rukh Khan says in the recent HP advertisements, think big. Once you have made your mind that you are pursuing the AMAeSI degree. Forget the fact how tactless, careless, unsympathetic AeSI folks are . Be proud of your degree. It’s the only thing that should matter. As I said in my earlier post “tips for getting employed in the aerospace boom”, taking pride in your degree is the most important thing IF you don't respect it NOBODY else will.

A company requires person who are not only knowledgeable but the one who can apply that knowledge to some practical work out of which the company benefits. And this is where your skills came. So as mentioned in post titled “things to do in your last semester”, make it a point to know what are the skills that the companies are looking for and began building them in your AeSI days. This is the most important area that you have to work for. In my case I have begun earlier, I knew I had a knack of programming so I began with that skill and set a daily 30 minutes goal for that. I developed it so that it became my prime reason for getting the project trainee job in NAL. I didn't have access to CATIA or other design and analysis software like NASTRAN, ANSYS then, but if I had I am sure I would have chalked out a similar plan for that... So most important thing AeSI students can do first know what skills are needed and when they are in last or 2nd last semester of AeSI, they should begin developing them. Set small challenge and daily goals to accomplish them.

Well this completes the recipe.. If you have all the 3 you are job ready and can hit send to send your resumes along with cover letters and I am sure there's nothing that can stop you from getting that job.

What are your thoughts to this? Do you think there is some other ingredient to it that I missed? Please do share your opinions in the comments.

Friday, August 08, 2008

Beijing olympics 2008 and AeSI results - will they clash

Beijing olympics 2008 begins today and how great it would be if AeSI exam results are announced today. I bet no one will forget the announcement date for this year's AeSI results. Well it's Friday and chances are that June AMAeSI 2008 results might be announced today.

Friday has always been the favorite day of AeSI for announcing results. Why? you tell me....

So where can you check your results now... It's at the brand new AeSI official website

Click here to check your results now

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Thursday, August 07, 2008

Communication Is the Key to Success

Communication-is-the-key-to-successWhat ever skills you acquire but the ultimate skills that will earn you the most success is not CATA, NASTRAN, Programming, dot net, or VB. Its your communication skills.

Communication is the key to your success. Cultivate this. Here is a really good article that points out why and how communication will bring you money what ever you do in life. I loved it and would like to share it with you.

My views on this are similar and I believe the most successful person will be the one who can communicate effectively. Having confidence is one thing and communicating that confidence is a different ball game all together. So what ever skills you are trying to add to your repertoire, add the communication skills too.

Build it because unlike any other skills that you are planning to develop this skill will truly earn you more than any skills that you might have. Here are some of the links to help you get a head start in your communication skills development.

How to develop communications skills?

Great wikihow article on how to develop communication skills? Also read how to develop communication skills as an employee?

Tips on increasing you work place communication skills click here.

Few exercises to develop communication skills presented here.

Hope the links will be helpful to you AeSI guys and gals!!!

Here’s one another one

Maximize your chances for success with good communication skills

Interested in building other skills click here

Waiting for aesi exam results read this inspiring email from Bishnujee

Are you waiting for the AeSI exams results. I think everyone who has given AeSIexams in June 2008 is waiting for them. A while back bishnujee mailed an inspiring email regarding this time. So i am re printing it here as it contains some solid advice that every AeSI students should keep in mind.

Many happy returns of the day. I know you guys must be waiting for your results anxiously at moment because AeSI results are around the corner. Just advise for you guys that if you pass the subject,get going with your next target and if you miss any subject,just forget that if you have appeared before in that subject and start as fresh.I know it too difficult to prepare again.Then AeSI Coursework is made like that and sometimes if you are unlucky you might get question on calculations from Rocket propulsion which you will struggle to locate in any book. I am aware of that. Hopefully this sort of error in question paper is supposed to be sorted out in future.

Also another thing I wish to inform you guys just when I advise you regarding studies or placement or how to go about doing with it in your career. Its only my personal experience and it upto you to follow it in your life or not. I advise based on my past experience since I did my AeSI ,after my X standard when I when I was still studying for XI,I appeared in Studentship Examination and got success with it in AeSI when I passed all 5 subjects at one go and still was in XI.So I didn't look back and went ahead with Section A where I had measure how much study was expected of me and I went ahead that time with passing Section A in June and December session together in 1 year and then Section B in 3 Semester. Thus due to shortage of time frame,I may had to put that extra bit effort to make up by studying prolonged hours which scared my best friends. Then things never come easy in life and we all have to do very hard work. Always do take pride in whatever you do in life. I have seen that those qualities make you competitive in life and its very important that you build up this quality in life because its foundation of success and how you do well in life in future.

AeSI or any institute is not good or bad,its the student who studies is good or bad and make marks in Aerospace community by his dedication.If you study honestly towards your goal,no one can stop you from achieving your aim. Just message to all AeSI students and Engineer that I am always there behind you in all your mission and goals. Always remember that on 10 Nov 2003 one AeSI Engineer was recipient of restigious British Cayley Award 2003 chosen by all British Aerospace Industries together from Her Majesty Queen at Buckingham Palace in London.That was the most memorable day in my life and its always once in life time achievement which every Aerospace Engineer dreams of.

Best wishes to all of you

Bishnujee Singh

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Learn Ways to Do the Same Thing Differently.

In continuation with my 7 simple tips of getting the maximum out of your training this is the 3rd point in the list. You can see the original 7 simple tips for getting the maximum out of your training here.

Learn ways to do the same thing differently, as mentioned earlier, if the task is repetitive; think of ways to automate it. Think of the ways to make it more efficient. Since most of the work that you do is done on computers. So here is one opportunity that you shouldn’t miss. Computers main task is not to crunch data, but I have seen they are good automatic machines. Now you will say how do I automate? Well mate make Google your friend and seek that answer. Learning requires effort and you need to put that before you accomplish something.

Now if you are working on CATIA, SOLIDWORKS. Designing same thing again and again is also a passion killer, so try different things. You know you can draft this in this way, try something else. Explore the software to get the same thing done differently. This has 2 advantages.

1. You will not be bored with the same mundane work and
2. You will learn more tricks for the software.

So when you are stuck in doing the same thing again and again do it differently. While working on my first program of thermodynamics cycle analysis, I made it with C, but my guide wanted it in FORTRAN. I didn’t know it then. So began learning that and in a weeks time produced the first draft of the program in FORTRAN. I enjoyed the whole process as it challenged me!!

Have you had an experience like this, please do share your opinion. What 2 things will you suggest or have learnt while your training?

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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Opportunity to Apply your Knowledge is more Important that Learning a new Software

In continuation with my 7 tips on getting maximum out of training for AeSI guys, this is the second tip.

Opportunity to apply your knowledge is more important that learning a software. In my days of training, I was fortunate that after seeing my credentials, I was assigned the work on gas turbine performance. This was much better than working on CATIA or any other analysis software’s, where there was very less chance of applying my knowledge. Though from this task I graduated to learn solid works for my task but I was fortunate that I got the real engineer task of design by formulae’s before getting my hands dirty with the software.

I know many of you will tell me that learning software is more likely to get you a job than applying your skills. Well yes you are true but that’s only for short term. IF you need to excel in long term than you need to build your core skills not nail polish some tricks of in-demand software. IF job is what you desire then go for it but if you have a career in mind then build your fundamental skills first. They are way important than the software skills.

How to do that?

Well its not that everyone gets his or her desired work profile as a trainee But its always true that its your attitude towards the assignment and how you accomplish that that will show where you stand and where you will go.

So whatever be the task you have been assigned, do it with your maximum effort. As stated in the previous post, if you have clear purpose of joining the training then think of ways to align or include your purpose into the work you are doing.

Create mini challenges for you if the task in not challenging enough. I know of a fiend who was given the task of getting the flight test data of SARAS aircraft, now all he has to do it was to input the flight data as it came and then plot the results. He did this all the time and now it was routine. During lunch he always used to say: “yaar, koi accha kaam hi nahi hai” here I would have suggested that guy that when he knows that the work is repetitive and it’s always the same, why not automate it. Excel is great tool. He can create a template so just inputting the data will be enough. Create a challenge that you will optimize the work and get the maximum benefit.

So challenge yourself, to do things that you are to do but with the things that will help your grow. Carry on with your assignments but mix those assignments with the dash of your purpose and how you benefit from the whole exercise.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Revised Rules For Student Members Registered For Associate Membership Examination

Well students of AeSI are waiting for there AMAeSI exams results! But what AeSI has just posted on its website is this revised rule.Most affected will be those who have registration numbers in this range S-01-1001 to S-01-1552

This is the text of the PDF notice that AeSI has stung.

Following are the major rules regarding applicable time for pursuing the Associate Membership Examination of the Society:

a) Total time available to a student member to complete the syllabus i.e. Section-A and Section-B is eight years or 16 examination sessions effective from the date of registration with the Society. Students have to devote at least two years to complete each of the Section-A and Section-B.

b) At present, there is no provision of extension beyond eight years. The registration stands cancelled on expiry of eight years.

The Governing Council in its meeting held on 18th May 2008 deliberated the aforesaid rules and associated problems/difficulties faced by the student members regarding
completion of Section-A and Section-B with flexibility for grant of extension to only
well deserving students.

Accordingly, following has been agreed by the Governing Council:

Time Limit for completion of Section- A

A time limit of four years is specified for all student members registered on
or after 1st Feb., 2008 [bearing Registration Number S-08-1001 onwards and eligible for appearing first time from Dec 2008 exam session onwards]. After four years of registration or eight exam sessions, a student will be entitled to get extension of one consecutive exam session, provided he is left with up to three subjects. After the extension, if the student fails to complete the Section-A, his/her registration will stand cancelled.

Students registered prior to 1st Feb., 2008 [bearing registration Number from S-01-1001 upwards to S-07-3416] are authorized to complete Section-A latest by June, 2012 examination session provided they are left with four clear exam sessions to apply and appear for Section-B. For completing Section-A and Section-B within eight years of their respective registration, it is advised that student members should target to complete Section-A by dates as follows :

From S-01-1001 to S-01-1552

Please review your decision to appear in the exam since two years are not there for completing Section-B

June 2009

S-01-2001 to S-01-2413

December 2009

S-02-1001 to S-02-2273

June 2010

S-02-3001 to S-02-3221

December 2008

December 2010

S-03-1001 to S-03-2717

June 2009

June 2011

S-03-3001 to S-03-3246

December 2009

December 2011

S-04-1001 to S-04-2272


June 2012

S-04-3001 to S-04-3207

December 2010

December 2012

S-05-1001 to S-05-2513

June 2011

June 2013

S-05-3001 to S-05-3227

December 2011

December 2013

S-06-1001 to S-06-2841

June 2012

June 2014

S-06-3001 to S-06-3171

June 2012

December 2014

S-07-1001 to S-07-2555

June 2012

June 2015

S-07-3001 to S-07-3416

June 2012

December 2015

Students who have left with upto three subjects may be granted extension of one consecutive exam session for completion of Section-A, provided he/she is left with at least another two years (after extension) in the stipulated eight year’s period to
complete the Section- B.

Grant of Extension for Student Members in Section-B

The registration of student members will be valid for eight years from the date of registration. On completion of eight years, students who are short of completing Section-B by up to three subjects will be entitled to get extension of one onsecutive exam session. Such students will give an undertaking that they will not seek any further extension.

Your reactions!!!!

All the best for your AeSI results

AMAeSI June 2008 exams results are about to come out and as my
experience goes, this is the time AeSI folks are constantly checking
the web for any news from AeSI. But they always keep mum. But
indications are here that it might be released by this weekend. So
keep checking guys and gals.

AeSI results always brings 2 things, complete exhilaration, total
surprise... All the best for your results guys!!

Concentrate on One Main to get maximum out of your training

I few days back i wrote a piece titled 7 simple steps that will help you get maximum out of your training. In it i promised to elaborate the points so here we go.

AS I have said earlier. Training has increased my skills, polished my knowledge and boasted my confidence. Though I was lucky to have DR. Ramamurthy, a hard taskmaster as my guide, I feel this 7 simple tips that follow will be applicable to everyone who is doing training no matter who is his or her guide.

So without further adieu let me begin

Concentrate on One Main Thing.
Concentrate on one main area of work during your training. If you want to be in design and then focus on design and if you want analysis, then focus on analysis. If your interest is programming then focus on that. Now as I have said earlier in this post, one needs to be clear about his motivation before joining training. IF that is clear then you will have no problem in focusing on your job at hand. See when I was in NAL, I have seen few folks not focused on there task and always grudging about the cool task the other person is doing in HYPERMESH. Yes it’s good to be fascinated with the software that your college or friend is working on but don’t loose your focus.

If you are already know what you want out of the training then you‘ll have no difficulty in staying focused.

What are the consequences of not staying focused?

  • You loose interest in your main task that you have been assigned.
  • Your work doesn’t reflect the true potential that you have.
  • Since you began with one topic and now drifting to difference software or task, chances are you have two half-baked software skills. If might look on resume but might glaringly come out when you are in a technical interview.

So what can you do?

3 simple steps.

  • Before joining any training know why you are joining? Have a clear goal for your training. If you don’t have a goal, Do it now. See what you want to take away from this training? Write that purpose down. Make it short but write it. In my days of training my focus was to apply my aeronautics knowledge and to create software aerospace or engineering tools. And I concentrated my maximum time on the activities that lead to me to fulfill my focus area.

  • Now when you know you are to focus on one area of your training, chalk out the activities that you need to do. Some will be related to the task you are assigned by your guide. Align them to your focus area. One of the tasks I got while in NAL was development of an access database for the account database. So where was my aerospace knowledge here? Since I was assigned to do this work, I learned access to accomplish this and then applied this access learning skills to create a database of all the data of military engines that I had for my work on gas turbine engine of a UAV. So work with your focus area always in your mind.

  • Get a small percentage of your time to do that fascinating thing that that your friend on the next computer is doing. Yes programming and making software tools was exciting, but seeing my friend doing magic and creating all those colorful graphs in fluent was also mesmerizing. So everyday I took half an hour and tried my hands on that software if I got the change. This is how I tried so many software including NASTRAN, HYPERMESH, UNIGRAPHICS, GAMBIT etc. Doing this not only gave me a welcome relief from my work but also opened up opportunity to see how my primary focus area skills can be applied to this software.

So these are my thoughts on the training. This post itself got longer than interned. So I’ll be post the other tips for getting the maximum out of your training in my next post.

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Monday, August 04, 2008

List of Aerospace Companies That AeSI Graduates Are Working In!

Here’s is the list of companies that AeSI graduates are working in. All these companies take AeSI graduates and hope this information will help you see that whatever degree that you have done is worth the efforts that you have put in.

By no means, is this list complete. I might have missed the name some companies. Some might have gone unnoticed. Please do extend the list and mention them in the comments

• Aeronautical Development Agency (ADA)
• Aetos Design & Engineering
• Airbus
• Alstom
• Atena
• CapGemini
• DECCAN Airlines
• GE
• GGS Information Services
• Honeywell
• Infosys
• Infotech Enterprises Limited
• M/s Raghav Aerospace Mfg Tech Pvt Ltd
• Mahindra Engineering
• Manaksia Pvt Ltd
• Safran Aerospace India Pvt. Ltd
• Satyam
• Tech Mahindra

And how is this list useful to you all? This list of aerospace companies gives you the idea of wide spectrum of work that is there in Indian aerospace industry. Students of AeSI can learn more about these companies and see which fits his or her stream and passion. Graduates of AeSI can use this list to send in there resumes and cold call the recruitment managers at this companies.

Please do extend the list with your comments. If your company is missing add it in the comments. I will include them in the post and do share how you will use this list of Indian companies who work in aerospace domain!!!!



The first plane in the WhiteKnightTwo class was christened last week at the Mojave Air and Spaceport in California. It was named EVE, in honor of Virgin founder Sir Richard Branson's mother.

Burt Rutton, aerospace designer. Like that title...

Watch the vedio

It you are not able to see the video click here

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Story of Opportunity

opportunity for AeSI graduatesToday allow me to tell you a story that someone told me while I was in the induction process of my present company. The person, Mr. Praveen Came and asked us and said go back to your days in school, you days in classroom and think of the person who was the most successful, the one you thought your teachers favored. Take your time and think back. With this we all sitting in that induction program went back and saw the person he was asking us to imagine. Then he asked us? Was the guy you thought lucky? Why do you think he was favtite of the teacher?

To this he replied, I don’t know whom you have imagined and who is that guy but let me tell you, the person will be the one who asked the most question in the class, or the person who shot his hands up in all questions of your teacher. And truly this was the case for me and for many I have talked after the induction. So Mr., Praveen said. You know why? Because the guy utilized opportunities. Same way opportunities don’t come with big things, it these small things that are opportunities are made of. This is the opportunities that your office will provide, to ask questions to come up with solutions, this are the opportunities that life will throw at you by sending you a problem. Grab them and you will be the winner.

I loved the message then and I love it now….. So AeSI graduates working in different domains. Do remember that when opportunities come you way, do raise you hand!!!!!

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list of CATIA Training Centers in India

So many people have asked me about the address of CATIA training centers. So here is a list of CADD centers that I had in my PC. I did a research on this way back. So please do verify the address. Although I believe most of the phone numbers listed here will be working.

To get to your city. Just press control+F and enter your city name. Hope you find it here.

If you know other CATIA centre please do extend the list by adding the address in the comments section.

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Add :
No.282, First Floor,
Padmanabha Nagar,
Banashankari 2nd Stage.
Bangalore-560 070.
Ph No : 080 -26796777 [O]

Add :
C/o.Priyadharshini Pettrol Bunk Complex,
145B, Amenity Plot, 3rd Cross,
Bommasandra Industrial Area,
Hosur Main Road,
Bangalore-560 099. 080-7832112

Add : No.64/2, 2nd Floor,
1st Main3rd Cross,
Bangalore-560 018.
Ph No : 080-26605337 / 5357

Indira nagar
Add : # 537, 2 nd Floor, Robby Arcade,
CMH Road,Indira Nagar,
Bangalore-560 038.
Ph No : 080-24115 3672 / 2520 2650

Jayanagar( 14th Cross )
# 328/12, 14th Cross,
2nd Block, Jayanagar,
Bangalore - 560 011
Tel: 080 -4121 0101 / 26 57 27 65 / 66 /67
Fax No : 2665 3110B

Jayanagar( 17th Cross )
# 1072, 17th Cross,
9th Main, 3rd Block,
Bangalore 560 011
Tel: 080-26 55 55 14 / 26656259 / 26657145
Fax No : 26653110

Add : No.52, Nehru Road,Kammanahalli,
Opp to police station
Ph No : 080-41161653 , 41161654

Add : # 981, 1 st A Cross,
80 Feet Road, 4 th Block Koramangala
Bangalore-560 034
Ph No : 080-5110 2290 / 91

Add : # 12, 1 st Floor,3 rd Cross,
Sampige Road,Next to Hotel Halli Mane,
Malleswaram Bangalore-560 003.
Ph No : 51280222 / 57606161

Add : # 2, Shiva Building,
2nd floor1st Cross,
Ramanjaneya Layout Marathahalli
Bangalore - 560037
Ph No : 080-55356400

R T Nagar
Add : # 1, 2 nd Floor,S.S.Towers,
R.T.Nagar Main Road.R.T Nagar,
Bangalore-560 032.
Ph No : 080-51244400 / 500

St.Marks Road
# 3, Manandi Plaza, 2nd Floor,
St.Mark's Road
Bangalore - 560 001
Tel: 080 -2222 3074/2222 3075
Fax No: 2221 0173

Add : # 1226, 1 st Fllor,
9 th Main,Vijaya Nagar.
Bangalore-560 040
Ph No : 080-2350 7020

Add : No.692, 2nd Floor,Aishwarya Complex,
Opp to Seshadripuram College,III Phase,
A Sector, Yelahanka New Town,
Bangalore-560 064.
Ph No : 080-55356447

Add : # 3/2 B, Nehru Nagar
NR Anjana Cinema
Agra-282 002
Ph no :0562-3093571

Add : 13/23,2nd Floor,Agama Complex,
Sheo Charan Lal Road,
Near Manasarovar Cinema,
Allahabad-211 003.
Ph no :0532-3959666
E-mail /

Lajpat Nagar,
Kanpur- 208005
Ph no :0512-2242072 / 2242123

Ashok Marg
Add : # G-16 to 20 , Murli Bhawan
10-A , Ashok Marg,
Lucknow-226 001
Ph no :2288618, 4043380, 4043381

Lucknow [AEC]
19/838, Indira Nagar,
Ring Road
Ph No :0522 - 2715157 / 4043382 /404 3383

Add : No.54, Medavakkam High Road,
Adambakkam Chennai-600 088.
Ph No: 5512 5494

Add : Old no 35/ 6, New no 81/6,
Above ViveksOpp Gokul Arcade,
First Main RoadGandhi Nagar,
Adyar Chennai-600020
Ph No: 044-24452555

Add : Nelson Towers, 1 st Wing,
III Floor, No 51, NM Road,
Near Bata, Aminjikarai
Chennai-600 029
Ph No: 044-2374 6026 / 27

Anna Nagar
Add : AC-3, 2nd Floor,2nd Avenue,
next to Turakhia Opticals
Anna Nagar Chennai - 600040
Ph No: 044-43500770 / 71
E-mail /

Ashok Pillar
Add : # 24/6,Rani Arcade Building,
3rd Floor,1 st AvenueAshok Pillar,
Ashok Nagar,Chennai-600 083
Ph No: 044-52029625
E-mail /

Add : 1 st Floor, # 645, C.T.H.Road,
Avadi Chennai-600 054
Ph No: 044-26373813 / 55477230

Add : No: 30, GST RoadChengalpet
Chengalpattu-603 001
Ph No: 044-27424225

Add : No 25/A, Aiyshwaryam Complex2nd Floor, (Moogambikai Theatre)
Redhills High Road,
Kolathur Chennai - 600099
Ph No: 044-25567487 / 25567488

MKB nagar
Add : 1 st Floor,
# 356- C,West Avenue
M.K.B.Nagar Chennai-600 039
Ph No: 044-2673 1124

# 25, Dr. Radhakrishnan Salai,
Chennai - 600 004
Tel :044-28474959 / 28470414
Fax : 044 -28473505

Add : No.6, MTH Road, DABC Complex,
3 rd Floor,[Opp Sundaram Clayton Ltd]
Chennai-600 050
Ph No: 044-2654 6686 / 87
E-mail /

Add : No.31-A,Pillayar Kovil Street,
Next to Chellamani & CoC-Pallavaram
Chennai-600 043.
Ph No: 044-55416033 , 55416022

Add : 144/26 ,2 nd Line Beach Road,
[Behind parrys Building]Parrys
Chennai-600 001
Ph No: 044-52166175

Add : No. 6A ,Chippoy Nagar Main Road,
Opp, Kumanan Chavadi Cycle StandPoonamalle
Chennai-600 056
Ph No: 044-26490706 / 55478727
E-mail /

Add : # 154, Purasawalkam High Road,
Kellys[ Near Abirami Theatre]
Chennai-600 010
Ph No: 044-52186767

Add : Harington Chamber,No 30/1- A,
Abdul Razak 1st Streetnear Panagal Maligai.
Saidapet Chennai-600 015
Ph No: 044-24311243 / 24311138

Add : # 6, Medavakkam Road,
Opp Old Mahabalipuram Road
Sholinganallur Chennai-600 119
Ph No: 044-52154910

Add : Chandra Towers,3rd Floor,
Above Viveks, 23, Rajaji Road,
Tambaram West Chennai-600 045
Ph No: 044-2226 4020 / 2535
E-mail /

Add : # 65/1, 38, Valmiki Stret,
[Above Student Xerox]Thiruvanmiyur
Chennai-600 041
Ph No: 044-2445 5553 / 2445 5443

Add : No.9,III Floor, Doshi Gardens.
D-Block321,Arcot Road,[Opp-Vadapalani
Bus Terminus] Chennai-600 026
Ph No: 044-52013311

Add : # 16, 2 nd Floor, Sarathy Nagar,
Opp Vijaya Nagar Terminus Velachery
Chennai-600 042
Ph No: 044-2243 6111


Pune [Chinchwad]
Add: Uttam Market
Chinchwad Station
Opp to Jayashree Cinema,
Pune - 411 019.
Ph No : 020 - 3230 2332
E-mail id :

Add : # 1206/42 A,III Floor,
Lokmat Bhavan
Opp.Sambhaji Park,
J.M.Road, Deccan
Pune-411 004
Ph No : 020-32924226/27

Dhole Patil Road
4, 2nd Floor, Shanthi Chambers,
Galaxy Society,
Off Dhole Patil Road,
Pune - 411 001
Landmark: Wadia Engineering College
Near to UTI Bank
Tel: 020 5622 02 02 / 5622 03 03

Karve Road [Pune]
Add: Flat No.202, 2nd Floor,
42/9, Kalpana Tarang,
Karve Road, Erandwane,
Pune - 411 004.
Ph No : 020 - 32545939

Add : # 3473/1, 2 nd Main,
5 th Cross Street.
MCC 'B' Block,
Davangere-577 004.
Ph No : 08912-223001


Add : 1st Floor, Prime Towers,
Opposite Mangalore Nursing Home,
Above Taj Jewellers, Bendoorwell,
Mangalore - 575002.
Ph No : 0824-4285772 / 3956070
E-mail : /

Add : # 304, Sterling Chamber,
Kalakunj Road,Kodialbail
Mangalore-575 003
Ph No : 0824-2493 692 / 5253692

Add : # 1226/1 A, 3rd Main,
Krishnamurthy PuramBallal Circle,
Mysore-570 004.
Ph No : 0821-2447574 / 5262626

Add : # 5 th Cross, Behind Ambika Hotel,
Ashok Nagar.B.H.Road.Tumkur-572 103.
Ph No : 0816-225 1359 /5530236

Add : Near M.G.M College,Kunjibettu
Udupi-576 102
Ph No : 0820-2521374 , 5291374

New Alipore
Add : P-613, Block 'O' New Alipore
Kolkata-700 053
Ph No : 24008227 / 8228

Add : 189/1,Bidhannagar Main Road,
Kolkata-700 067.
Ph No : 23550194 / 97

Add : Don Bosco Square.
Laitumkhrah Meghalaya
Shillong -793 003.
Ph No : 0364 2506232

For more info visit

Please extend the list by adding the name and address of the institutes that you know of for CATIA training…..

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Saturday, August 02, 2008

Important Dates for GATE 2009 Examination

For all the AeSI guys and gals who are to appear in GATE 2009, here is just the information you guys will appreciate.

These are some Important Dates for GATE 2009 Examination so mark them on you calendars.

Commencement of sale of information brochure and application forms/ online application form submission will begin from 20 Sept 2008

Last date of issue of information brochures and application forms

By post from GATE Offices 19 Oct 2008

At bank counters 30 Oct 2008

At GATE office counters 30 Oct 2008

Last date for online application form submission (website closure) 30 Oct 2008

Receipt of completed Offline application forms at different GATE Offices 3 Nov 2008

Receipt of completed online application forms at IIT Kanpur 3 Nov 2008

Last date for dispatch of admit cards by the respective Institutes22 Jan 2009

Date of the examination Sunday 11 Feb 2009

Announcement of results Thrusday 15 March 2009

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