Friday, February 26, 2010

Don't go to an interview if you have.... Part 2

Why the rant about 'Don't go to interview if you....'?

Well yesterday a friend of mine was in the process of taking an interview. An AeSI guy, who is doing apprenticeship in NAL came for the interview.

That post highlights all the mistakes he did during the interview. We were so angry over the way he handled himself, so i came up with that post.

If you are coming for an aerospace interview then expect questions on gas turbines and you aren't allowed to say that I haven't studied that. It's your limitation not mine. So spare us that excuse!

A fresher's resume should be decent, should have the right amount of the projects. Too many projects in the resume definitely raise a warning bell. Be sensible and take great care while putting them in your resume.

And above all, you need to defend your resume, you submitted it, so as an interviewer I fully expect you to at least know what you have written in the resume.

And last of all. Professionalism !!

Please be a professional. It's not about you. The company is not a charity institution to help you get stated in your career, it's business and you need to provide and show the potential to be a use to it. Otherwise you are as good as the chair you are sitting on while in the interview.

This reminds me of the interview advice Gururaj gave years back to all AeSI graduates!

Always remember, friends can lead you towards an interview, but getting inside after that is entirely on you.

Hope this and the previous rants on interview will be helpful for the your future interview attempts.

Good luck

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Please forward this to all your friends who might be going for an interview in next couple of weeks.

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