Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Show your benefits not features

Now what do you mean by this? What does this say? What are your features and what are your benefits?

In your resume, don't cram it with all the skills that you have? Be relevant. Don't state all your experiences in one resume. Be relevant.

Skills can be HTML, fortran, catia, ansys, hypermesh etc. Experience can be in meshing, gas turbine performance or compressor design. Depending on the job requirement , your skills, your project and your experience can become a benefit or just remain a feature.

The higher the benefit you will show greater is your chance to get that job. So after requirement study, always do a benefit vs. feature analysis of your resume and shift the balance as required when you begin updating your resume.

Jobs don't come on features, they sprinkle from benefits that this features provides to the employer.

You won't get a job by convincing them that you need the job, you get it by making them realize that they need you!!

Good luck!!

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