Thursday, November 05, 2009


True understanding comes from reflecting on your experiences.
Similarly true learning occurs when you reflect on what you have read
or learnt.

In my own experience, I see that I still do remember topics that I
have reflected upon while studying.

Working of gas turbine, moment of inertia, entropy etc are still as
fresh in my mind as they were few years ago.

So how do we reflect?

We reflect by turning on the mental cinema of mind. By poking at the
new information. By attaching and connecting it to the already present
knowledge and by discussing.

After each study session, get some time to do each of this. Imagine
what you read, talk about it to your friends, see how it applies to
your life, understand where it connects to your life.

This is the only way you can hope to truly learn what is there in the

The good thing is it takes little time. So just get started and you
will be surprised how much you can accomplish in with this simple
practice of reflection.

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