Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Journey as a student of AeSI is full of crossroads. A student at least
finds himself at these three crossroads.

First one is should I join AeSI or not? This is the very basic one and
this blog is littered with posts that try to answer this question.

Second crossroad is encountered at the end of section A. Which stream
do I choose for section B? This is a tough one and it was the quest
for this question that prompted me to start the ouraesi yahoo group 10
years back.

This topic is also well talked about in this blog, if you find
yourself at the same crossroad, search the blog with appropriate
search words and I hope you will find some answers.

The third crossroad happens just before graduating. Should I join the
industry or go for higher studies?

This one is not answered that extensivly on this blog. I will attempt
to answer this in coming posts.

Meanwhile, if you have any advice, comment and remarks on any of this
or other crossroads faced by an AeSI students, do pitch in....

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

FEM workshop

Dear Students,

It is our pleasure to inform you that AeSI Alumni Association and
NAFEMS, an International Association for Engineering Analysis
Community is jointly organizing a two-day workshop on FEM and
Practical stress Analysis for the benefit of engineers involved in FEM
activities. Overall this workshop which is also supported by AeSI
Bangalore Branch is designed to enhance the functional knowledge of
young FEM users in the practical application of FEM.

NAFEMS is the world's premier organization with 25 years of expertise
in benchmarking CAD/ CAE software, publishing high quality books and
training for analysts. NAFEMS has provided new vistas to several
international organizations in domains such as Dynamics, Optimization,
Multiphysics, Heat Transfer, Non-linear Analysis, Electro Magnetics,
Process simulation, Biomechanics and CFD. The humongous work of NAFEMS
can be seen on www.nafems.org.

This Course is being handled by reputed industry experts with the
following objectives:

1. To offer guidance in guiding which approximations are acceptable
for solving practical problems
2. What are the best practices applicable to automotive, aerospace
and manufacturing industries?

Practical case studies on automotive/Defence/Aeronautics would also be

This course is aimed at practicing engineers who wish to learn more
about how to apply FEM techniques to their particular problems in the
most effective manner. The contents of this programme are specially
designed keeping the needs of junior and middle level analysts who
have to apply FEM for solving practical problems. The material that is
presented is independent of any particular software package, making it
ideally suited to current and potential users of all commercial FEM
software systems.

Date: 22 & 23 July 2011
Venue: Aeronautical Society of India, Bangalore Branch
Suranjan Das Road, New Thippasandra Post, Bangalore-560075

Registration Fee:
Industry and R&D Labs - Rs. 2000/-
NAFEMS /AeSIAA Members and Academia (Including Students) - Rs. 1000/-
For AMAeSI Students – Rs. 750 /-

This will be an excellent opportunity for engineers to get practical
and fundamental insight into the applications of FEM. We request you
to avail this opportunity by participating / nominating your
representatives. The pdf format of the workshop brochure is attached
for your reference. Additional details on the course feel free to
contact us.

NOTE: This workshop is open to Student as well. However seats are
limited and on first cum first serve basis.
For all your queries regarding the workshop, please contact our fellow
alumni and workshop secretary, Dr. Rajesh Kumar (9986018742)

Rakesh Kumar
Hon. Secretary, AeSIAA

Saturday, July 02, 2011

Effort not an hobby

This blog is an effort, it's not a hobby.

An effort to give back what I have received. It's a way to share my
experiences and insights that I had the previlege of having.

It's the effort of documenting the path that every aesi student charts

So if you email me, or contact me via the comments, and I don't reply.
It's not that I don't want to. It's just I am involved with other
things in life.

Maintaining, writing here takes effort and so far I have managed to
keep it. I intent to do so in future.

This post is an apology to everyone whom I am not able to reply. Rest
assured I read each and every mail and comment that I receive.

Thanks for being part of this journey with me.

Search the blog via the search box at http://my-aesi.blogspot.com

Campus for AeSI and Industrial Training after section B

To speed things up, today I will attempt to answer two questions that
were asked two weeks back.

If you remember, in my previous two posts I am attempting to answer
question that are present in every aesi student's mind.

Today's questions are

3) Is it true that without 60%marks in section b u wont manage a
industrial training?

My knowledge on this is limited as it concens the new syllabus. In old
times, if you have overall 60% AeSI provided you with a 6 to 12 months
On Job Training. But one can always take your own initiative and get a
on job training in nal, Hal etc

Anyone here who has more Information on this, can you please chip in.
Any info on this is most welcome.

4) Are there any companies coming for recruitment in convocation?
Unfortunately there is no recruitment at the convocation.

At the convocation you get your certificates, you get to meet some
aerospace personalities and two good meals. That's it. No recruitment
drive there.

But don't worry, there's a good news in this department. AeSIAA has
taken this up and it conducts a recruitment drive or campus for AMAeSI
graduates once a year. Last time we did the recruitment drive in AeSI
Bangalore office and two AMAeSI graduates were placed through it. This
year aesiaa wants to make this event more grand!!

And there's one another avenue where lot of recruiter's post their job
recquirements. Ouraesi yahoo group. Be a part of it and participate.

Hope this helps. Please feel free to leave your questions, remarks in

Friday, July 01, 2011

2 day workshop on FEM and Practical stress Analysis – Register Today


Date: 22 & 23 July 2011

Venue: Aeronautical Society of India, Bangalore Branch

Suranjan Das Road, New Thippasandra Post, Bangalore-560075

Registration Fee:

Industry and R&D Labs - Rs. 2000/-

NAFEMS /AeSIAA Members and Academia (Including Students) - Rs. 1000/-

For AMAeSI Students – Rs. 750 /-

Workshop Info [pdf]

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