Thursday, February 11, 2010

What will you do if you fail this time?

Have this thought crossed in your mind? Does your mind want to beat me up for saying such a unholy thing? Do you feel anxious about the upcoming inevitable AeSI results announcement?

Even if you do, but this is a powerful question. This a question that determines how you will fare in your life after AeSI? This determines your overall attitude towards life.

How? During my times I have seen so many students lying about there results when they fail.

Lying not to me, not to themselves but to their parents. Announcing them glorious results instead of the actual AeSI results. Hiding the truth just to save the shame. Hiding the truth to defer the hurt!!

I am far removed from these AeSI days now and from here I can say that's its a bad move.

Be truthful to your results. That lie will sprout other lies, you aren't stopping the hurt, just delaying it and creating additional pressure on yourself!!!

Come out clean and whatever be the results face it head on. The resolve to succeed that comes from truth will be 100 times powerful than the timid effort that you will put to overturn the lie.

I know some folks in AeSI who are still in AeSI and are denying their results. Don't be one of them?

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