Tuesday, April 23, 2013

No Guarantees

There are no guarantees in life, but the odds are that if you can take care of these 3 things in your life, the rest will take care of itself.

1. Be good at one thing. The 'thing' doesn't matter. What matters is that you are better at one thing than anybody else. Build that skill. Hone it so much that its shines through even in dark. Being good at one thing and knowing about it will inject confidence.

2. Be a marketeer. Marketing is not a skill only needed by a corporation. You, as an individual, need it more. To market yourself. To market your creations. To showcase your work. To articulate and defend your thoughts. Even Apple's iPhone needs marketing. So cultivate marketing skills!

3. Be the salt. Ask any chef, or cook, whatever dish he or she prepares if there isn't salt, it isn't anything. Salt adds value. It completes the flavor. Same way aim to add value in whatever you do. Be it work, study, or any assignment. The more value you add, the more valuable you become.

An update:
In a weeks time, I am putting up something that will be useful for all AeSI students currently in section B or on the verge of training. So stay tuned.

Thursday, April 04, 2013

All members are requested to..... update from AeSI

Update from AeSI.

During the proceedings of 64th AGM of AeSI, it has been desired that the notices to members be sent by email. Therefore, we are in the process of updating the personal particulars or our members in our record for correct and prompt communication with them.

All members are requested to kindly furnish the following information/particulars to aerosocmember@gmail.com

1. Full Name
2. Membership number
3. Email id
4. Address
5. Telephone
a) Landline
        b) mobile
6. Current occupation
a) Company Name
b) Designation
c) Address

Stress Analyst Requirements and 3 point checklist.

If you match this requirements, send your resumes to the following email. sukhbinder.singh+myaesi@gmail.com

Before you send your resume, please run through this 3 point checklist.
1. Is your resume in presentable form. No modification needed what so ever.
2. Is your profile matching with the requirement?
3. Are you serious about this job?

If you have responded no to any of this question, your CV is already rejected, if not, shoot your CV now.

Experience       :  3yrs – 10yrs
Qualification    :  B.E / M.E in Mechanical/Aerospace Engineering
Location           :  Bangalore
Position            :  Stress Analyst
Job Code           :  HC/JC/3035/12
Job Description :
-       Experience in aerospace industry, with good structural stress analysis experience, preferably with airframe structures
-       Good awareness on Airframe/ Nacelle components and programs including an understanding of basic load conditions and load paths.
-       Performs structural analysis of a complex nature using conventional hand calculation and/ or computational analysis on Metallics and/ or Composites
-       Strong application of engineering principles and theories in structural analysis
-       Experience/ Exposure to composites (Laminates and Sandwich Panels)
-       Very good knowledge of NASTRAN/PATRAN and Hypermesh
-       Working knowledge of Catia V5
-       Highly proficient in MS Office Tools
-       Good analytical and problem-solving skills
-       Effective communication and interpersonal skills

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