Friday, May 29, 2009

AeSI Engineers try for IES (Indian Engineering Services) Examination.

Excellent  advice and one more avenue for AeSI graduates. Thanks Bishnujee for the advice.

Dear AeSI Engineers & Students,
I would stress AeSI Engineers based in India to aim for in there career is IES (Indian Engineering Services) Examination.Engineers who are successful in this examination are appointed in Executive Engineer Grade irrespective of your AeSI Degree percentage in AeSI.I was few of successful Engineers in IES Exam in 90s and it builds up strong foundation for your future career. A strong Engineering knowledge is needed to be successful in this exam.It has much better career opportunities than other Engineering Courses Entrance Exams in lndia like GATE,CAT etc.
Best wishes & good luck!
Bishnujee Singh 

Sun Solaris - Some More Productive Tips

In my last post about sunsolaris i talked about the use of semicolon in
automating and combining many tasks in sun solaris. today i will explore
another feature that combined with semicolon can make your working in sun
solaris a lot easier.

Before i go into that, i will tell you about a .cshrc file thats always there in
your home directory. Its the file that we will be using. I don't have much
knowledge about this file but this works like the autoexec.bat file of windows
and can always load during logon and can be used to do some of the cool features that you can customize.

We will be using the command alias in this file to automate some of the
commands that you use on a daily basis. The things you can do is limitless.

Here i will represent some of the common things that i have used it for.

I always develop in a folder and every time i don't want to use
cd /h/username/folder1/folder2/folder3

writing this is tedious so i have written an alias which does this for me.

alias cd1  'cd /h/username/folder1/folder2/folder3'

This line i have pasted in the .cshrc file. To use it you need to logout and
login again.

Same way i use a trial version of the software and i have to type series of
commands to compile and execute the program. this has been done by using.

alias tt64 'make clean; make sun64;strcalc -p -input sss.dat'

Now here tt64 is the command that i have to type at teh command promt and it
does the following make clean, then compiling the program for 64 bit and the
starts the strcalc program with all the options.

Easy isn't it?

As you all know i having using windows all my life till now, so teh habit of
doing cls, dir, calling calc and notepad remains. so for those i have written the
following alias

alias calc 'dtcalc &'
alias cls 'clear'
alias dir 'ls'
alias n ' nedit &'

This all call the relevant programs from the sun environment and i can use the
default already known cals, dir, cls commands at teh command prompt.

So how are you going to use it in your program. Here are some simple things taht
you should know when creating this shortcuts.

  • break down your tasks that you do repeatedly.
  • make series of allias for them.
  • keep it simple
  • keep it short
  • divide and conqure if the task is long, divide it into subtask and impliment them.

Update Your Resume and derive benefit

This is the latest alert that i got from my favorite job site and i just wanted to pass this on to all of you.

In the last 6 months, you would have added new skills, gained new experiences, managed new projects, attended trainings and taken up new responsibilities. 

Its time you Update Your Resume and derive the following benefits.
      Get job alerts matching your current experience
      Reach out to recruiters searching for your kind of profile
      Highlight your recent accomplishments in your CV

Convinced!! Read more on why and how to update resume by clicking the following link

This link will list all posts regarding resumes.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Time your answers

In my previous post highlighting 3 steps to take in an examination
hall, I hinted on timing your answers. I want to continue that
discussion here and will disclose the time management technique that I

So without delay let's begin.

Recollecting the last post I said that don't time individual answers
but fit questions in an hour. Don't fix that you need to do one
question in 20 mins, but fix the number of questions you will complete
in 60 mins.

This is the way I kept my time. Each hour depending on the type and
total number of questions I always divided the questions that I need
to complete in an hour and then tried to hit that target!!

Some questions took longer and some took less time but I always
completed the said amount of questions on time. Another advantage of
this technique was we don't have to see our watch after each question.
We know we are on time if we can finish the previously decided number
of questions in 60 mins.

Now having a watch on time also had an additional advantage. When you
set a time, your mind reads the question more carefully and tries to
give you the answer that you can fit in your time. Many a times I saw
that if I hadn't set a time for the questions I misinterpret what is
being asked and write a long answer to a short specific question..

So now when you are sitting for the exam, keep this in your mind.
Decide on the number of question in an hour and stick to it.

Good luck!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

3 things to remember in the examination hall

Whatever you study, how you study and what part you study doesn't
matter as much the way you spend your time in the examination hall!!

This was very true for me, I lost priciples of flights paper because
of that and got through in workshop technology and thermodynamics and
electrical papers.

Here are 3 things that one should do in the examination hall so that
one can perform well in the exam.

A. Keep calm. Yes the ovious advice but it's the one that is mostly
needed. If the examination paper is easy, don't jump in joy. Keep your
cool and begin calmly, taking one step at a time. If the paper makes
you curse aesi, burn goyal, etc. keep calm and relax. Take a deep
breadth and concentrate on the parts that you know and begin from there.

B. Be in the present. During the exam hall don't go back to the past
or to the future. Stay right there in the examination hall. Don't
think of results, don't think of the next exams. Stay and keep your
mind locked to the exam you are giving. This will ensure you will give
your maximum to the questions.

C. Revise. Revise all that you have written. Read the questions
again and check if you have given the correct answer. Read my previous
post on revision to read more on how to revise.( link given at the end)

Bonus: Time your answers. Yes time management is crutial. Getting all
the answers done in the amount of time alloted always comes as an
advantage. Don't time your individual answers. The best way that
worked for me was deciding on the number of questions that I will do
in 60 mins. It didn't matter how long I took at one particular
question but the aim was to finish alloted number of questions in time.

Have a great exam guys and gals!! Do good preparation and have a
positive and confident attitude and reach for the stars!!!

Some links that you might want to pursue related to examinations.



3 quick links for aerospace interview and drdo

Lot of people are searching for drdo and how to prepare for aerospace
interview so here are 3 quick links that will help you find that on
this blog!!

Hope this will helps!!!


Saturday, May 23, 2009

Cheaper calls to India from uk

I am at the birth place of Concorde! From the place I am sitting now I
can see it basking in the sunlight!!

Well all this is good and great but India and folks back there are
always missed. And phone is the only connection with everyone. So for
the last month I have been exploring ways to call back home in India
at cheaper rates from uk and this quest has lead to few options. I'll
enumurate some of them here for the Indians who are away from home and
are looking for cheaper rates to call India.

Calling cards which can be bought from the shops around the city
center are for those who have access to landline at home or can use a
landline anytime they want. But for those who need cheaper call rates
to India from mobile see the next option.

The best option that I found is from o2 mobiles and is available on a
pay as you go sim card. Following is the steps for getting low cost
calls to India from uk from your mobile.

A. Get a o2 sim card
B. Activate favourite place in it. It can be done by smsing your post
code to 22204. For example SMS bs318ta to 22204.
C. Third and last step is to activate cheaper talk in your mobile by
smsing CHEAP ON to " 81223

This all will take 48 hours after which calls to India will be at the
rate 1.5p per minutes from your post code!

Hope this will be of some help to someone searching for cheaper
options to call India from uk.

And as another option one call also check the !! It charges 3p per minutes for calls made to


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Get proper experience in AeSI training

I'll carry on the theme of my last post. Get proper experience. As mr.
Shashank and bisnujee has already noted, the quality of work in
training for most of the guys of AeSI is nothing. It's hogwash!! A way
to fill in the resume. But this shouldn't be the case.

If you are in a organisation, take advantage of it. Don't just live of
it. Don't just join it to pass time, to increase the bulk if your
resume. Do some fruitful work.

Do something that you want to work on latter in your career. Learning
catia or solidworks or any other analysis and design tool shouldn't
be your only aim. Getting and learning technical knowledge and
expertise should be a priority.

Be there with a purpose. Be there with a goal. Only then will you get
all the worth from your training or spending time at nal, hal, isro ,
Ada, etc.

Read more training related stuff by clicking the following link


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Gather RIGHT technical experience

I can't really add anything to this but Shashank Sharma has nailed it aptly in this recent mail.

The problem with the quality of experience gathered by trainees under AeSI
OJT programme or for the trainees entering under unpaid scheme is :
Most of the trainees are given a low priority work, which might be
beneficial to the organization but does not cater for the right
professional development of the trainee.
Of course there are examples where trainees were either assigned to a
project of high importance thus providing them with sufficient technical
challenges which leads them to gather a good experience, write and
present PAPER(s) in symposiums, but examples like these are few.
In order to gather RIGHT technical experience from any organization, my
advise to budding engineers is to follow few simple steps as follows:

1) Identify the key areas in which a particular organization is working.
Internet, discussions with friends/seniors can provide this information.

2) Brainstorm within yourself and come out with your interest of work
area. The work areas can be more than one as well. for example stress
analysis, dynamics of rotating structure, catia designing of components,
3-D modeling and analysis, performance calculations, CFD, technical
publications, programming to create a thermodynamics module, control
system design..........the list can be endless but it all starts with a
personal initiative.

3) Approaching the organization for the correct person at correct time,
with your preference of work area. The candidate should also request for a discussion with the concerned HOD prior to be on-board. This discussion
can channelize and streamline the expectation of the employer and

Please bear in mind that career planning is not just gathering credentials
and roaming company to company for interviews. Its a chain of strategies which you which needs to be implemented prior to execution.

All the best for your future endeavors !!
Thanks and Regards

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Exam time is pressure and most productive time

Exam time is pressure time but it's also the most productive time in
terms of the amount of study that gets done.

Can't we have this same situation all the year round?

It's like 20 20 where results matter and the full game revolves around
the outcome than on technique or style of playing.

Durin Exam time the whole concentration is on marks, on passing, and
on getting through!!! So brains are charged up and they absorb more.
Our perception is hightened and imagination is at the top gear.

I don't know about you but during exam days I always had dreams of
whatever I studied on that day. I clearly remember how inetia and
other topics of advance strength of materials are still so live in my
mind. It's all because when I studied them, I saw each of this in my
mind. I related stress and strain to the things in my physical world.

If you want to truly learn a subject, use your imagination to picture
it and feel it. It always works wonders.

And during exam time when the brain is more alert this give quick and
immediate benefit.

Yes applyling imagination needs practice so begin now.

AeSI which college to attend

venkatesh has left a new comment on your post "SPECIAL INFORMATION FOR AeSI STUDENT MEMBERS from

i had complete my inter in 2007 year and i had joined in the college SIAEIT in bangalore for three semisters they did not provide me any facultity to the members who joined their. and now i am very scared of this course and i am decided to leave this college. please sugest some tips on the course how to complete it with in the given time and i have lost one and half year also. please sir you can do it with in the time because i have to join other college.

This is one of the latest comment that I got on this blog. And I know exactly what he feels. Previously I have already mentioned that most of the aesi colleges out there and specially in Bangalore are money minting machines just sucking students to the whirlpool of aesi!!!

Now I don't have any idea or experience of many of the colleges but the one that I recommend is GIE!

It's the place I have studied and this is where the faculty is not just for money. If you search this blog for gie, I am sure you will find many people voicing similar sentiments.

And for venkatesh, he still has time on his side and he should reevaluate his decision to join AeSI! If possible take an alternate route to aerospace. Now a days there is no drought of options!!

Please read my previous posts regarding this by clicking this link

For more info on GIE visit

Friday, May 15, 2009

Quick exam study tips

In a game when there are two kind of points to score, which one will
you choose? The one that gets you 3 points at one go or the onces that
fetch 1 point per shot. Definitely the one shot that gives maximum
points will be your choice if you want to win. So while studying for
exams also get this thing clear.

This time around I had few querries from students having less time and
tips to study for exams.

So this tip is mainly for them, if you have less time and lot to
revise and study then go for the topics that have the maximum marks,
turn your attentions to the topics that are always asked, study the
topics that have straight forward answers!!!

I don't advice selective study as it's not one should work on but when
circumstances appear then strike to get the highest score. It's like
IPL, no dot balls, keep the score coming!!!

Please search other study tips on this blog by clicking on the
following link

How to Study in 30 days

In my mail I had quite a few querries from some students of AeSI who
say they have less time and how can they utilize the time so that they
pass the 3 or 4 subject they are appearing for this time.

I believe that regular consistent study is the best way. But I know
life throws circumstances when you are into situations where you begin
your studies just days ahead of exams. For those situations here is
the list of things i would do.

Take it as a challenge.
Take the task as a challenge . Think it as a goal that you have to
reach. Make aggressive changes in your daily routine to get to this
challenge. Shun self pity and make moves to get the maximum of your
time. Time and productively with which you will study is the key.

Concentrate on two subjects a mix will be better.
Doing 3 or 4 subjects is lot. Since time is limited. It's better to
Choose two subjects and give your maximum attention to them. It's
better to be passing two subjects than stuggling with time to study
all 4. Bake two subjects carefully rather than having all four
subjects half baked.

While choosing the subjects, choose subjects that are different. One
theory based one numerical based. This way you can divide your time
between this two and won't feel bored studying the subjects most of
the time.

Take the syllabus book.
As always, with the subjects choosen get the syllabus book and begin
your exam preparation. Cover the topics as listed in the syllabus book.

Read all the already read and previously read stuff. Complete the
basics of all the topics. Study with a plan. Study with pen and paper.
Draw and make connections on what you are studying.

Take the question paper solve the easy parts.

Don't plan to cover all but get to cover 80%

Plan a schedule and action on how to tackle all the different types of
question you get in that particular subject

Begin with simple stuff
Begin with the known. To retain what you learnt revise daily. Talk
about the topics you study. Connect new topics with the old topics
that you already know.

Well this are some of stuff that came to my mind as I read few recent
exam related study queries that I got. Hope this will help you guys.

For other amaesi exam related hints visit the following link.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Einstine said ' imagination is more powe

Einstine said ' imagination is more powerful than knowledge'.

I an sure you might have heard this many a times but do you follow
what it says? Do you apply it in your life, in your studies, in your

Think of ways to do. If a great man said those words then they
definiely have some worth. Well for studies one of the use is straight
forward. I had applied it my aesi days where I used my imaginations to
see all the theory I learnt!!! Thermodynamics, fluid dynamics,
aerodynamics, principles of flights, propulsion 1 etc. were some of
the subjects and topics that I had mentally played while putting
myself to sleep.

Similarlly finding new connection with known and the new theory, see a
gas turbine engine work in imagination were some of the things that I

So during this exam study time see how powerful imagination is. Apply

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Look under the hood

As I wrote the last post asking all giving AMAeSI exams to have the
syllabus book in hand while preparing, I missed one point, and I want
to make it in this post.

Look under the hood!! Don't just study the formulas or the theory.
Look under the hood. See why it works? How that formulae applies in
practice. See the basics on how it came to that point? This way you
will not only remember it better but you will have much more deeper
understanding of the topic you are studying.

Keep your basics rights everything else will follow. They have a
saying in English, mind your pennies and pound will manage themselves.
Same goes for studies, mind your basics and you are on your way to
good marks and a bright professional career!!

Yes looking under the hood looks complicated, it takes time but do it
anyways it's only when you see the inner working you begin to truely
understand what you are studying!!

AeSI exams: Don't forget the syllabus book

It's may and it's the time when aesi students are mostly attached to
the books, it's the time when books are integral part of aesi students
life. Yes books do feature everytine but this is one time when you see
more books related to studies on aesi students hand. Well this was the
way it was when I was in aesi, hope it's the same now!!

What I want to tell everyone studying for the upcomming aesi amaesi
exams is get the syllabus book in hand when you study.

I have two instances in my aesi exam experience that not looking at
the aesi syllabus book cost me 6 months!! So keep the aesi syllabus
book handy!! If you don't have it, look for it, xerox it but keep it
open when you study for the exams!!! I can't emphasize it more!!

Most of the time questions in exams are on the patterns of how
syllabus is organized. So take advantage of this fact!!!

Good luck with your preparation. Want more exam and study tips go to

Friday, May 08, 2009

Think think and think Before joining AeSI

Think think and think . This is the mantra of one of the cartoons that
my daughter loves to watch. Now what it has to do with this blog which
as you know is for AeSI!!!

Well this is the phase that I get in my mind if someone asks me should
I join AeSI?

Whenever Should I join AeSI question pops up ? Think think and think
is the response I get from inside.

Don't get me wrong, I love my degree and have great respect and pride
for AeSI but when it's comes to some class xii graduate asking me to
join AeSI, I feel more options can be tried before aesi. He has enough
time in his hand and before getting into the AeSI route he must
explore other options, think thrice!!

It's not an easy course, nor are many of the variables associated with
it very promising, so one must think think and think before getting in.

This is my personal view! What do you think, please fill in the
comments. Let's see how many of you agree or disagree with my view.

Use the comments section of

3 useful tricks for sun solaris system

Operating systems are heart of a computer system. For me dos was the
first operating system I got introduced back in my early school days.
Windows 98 became the first operating system when my dad bought me my
first system. I grew most of my basic operating system skills in it.
Now zoom to today and I have began to trod with the sun solaris
machines. For last 6 months I have exclusively worked on this systems
and todays post is about 3 things that I use extensively in it.

They are preety simple but I wanted to document this for my own

The semicolon:- you can separate many commands in terminal by using ;
one of the best operator and this makes many tasks easy.

The escape key is another key that helps me a lot in getting the names
of files folders and in my repeated tasks.

I am a power user of dos prompt now but in sun solaris terminal, I am
just taking my first steps hope to master it by the end of this
current work assignment.

Well that's it. This was one of that indulgent post that I write just
to please myself. Hope it will be helpful to you in someways.

And if you are expert user in
Sun Solaris, do mention some other stuff worth mentioning in the
comments. I read each and every comment!!

Cheers for reading!!

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Environment has a big impact on goals.

Environment has a big impact on goals. If the environment is hostile
to your goals you are less likely to succeed in your goal but if it's
in in line with your goals then you have much better probability of
getting to your goal.

Take for example my this years goal of writing each and everyday on
this blog. When I began it in January, I had to sttrugleu with it
sometime for coming up with ideas and some times to have to sit and
write a post. But as days went I set into a routine and the all time
net on my phone helped me to get my post done anywhere even if I had
no access to my laptop. The environment there provided me the net and
I setup my routines as discussed in an earlier post and this two
helped me in keeping to the timeline of my goals.

Now the environment and situation has changed drastically, the climate
is lot cooler, days are way longer and luxuary of all pervasive net is
no longer there. So as you can see limited my ability to post as often
as I used to. It's third week and I am still stuggling to get into a
rhythm. Slowly I am moulding routine and habit to adjust with this new

How do you feel about this? Does environment really affects your goal?
Or do you believe a strong will is all it requires to get things done!
Do comment!!

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Free Ebook coming soon

My rss subscriber mentions that close to hundred people read my posts
and google informs me that triple of that amount of people visit my- daily!!

I am thankful to everyone who cares to read the stuff I write.

Now I want a suggestion from you guys and gals. I am thinking of
begining an ebook project to consume the extra time that I get now!! I
want the readers of this blog to decide what topic they want to read
more about. It is the topic that I will cover in that ebook!!! So help
me get that.

The ebook will be free and by the end of may I'll am also planning to
compile an ebook of the topics covered in this blog. Hope you will
find it fruitfull too.

Send me an email I am waiting for your suggestions!!

Want a job write a presentable resume

Recently I got a mail from someone who wanted some assistance in
getting a job. I asked the person to sent me his resume with a
coverletter. He did it but here are the list of things that I didn't
like and felt why his resume will not go down well with the HR

1. The coverletter was just two lines and it didn't have any
information what so ever.

2. Yes you are a fresher but don't make your resume a fresher!! At
least craft a resume that looks not just out of college. Even if he
hadn't told me, from his basic all education and subject details I
would have known that he is a fresher. So keep that stuff for the
interview, mention only subjects you want to highlight.

3. Resume's main purpose is to attact an interview. This resume forgot
that. It was a plain bio of what the person has studied in his AeSI
degree. State and present your facts as if someone looking for a
designer will find a design guy on it.

4. It had a generic objective with no regard or mention of field of
interest of the person. The resume shouted that put me in any job!!

5. Another thing that this basic resume declared loudly was I am
cheap, recruit me!!

As far as I am concerned I have to modify the resume before I send it
to our HR folks, so it's still pending in my todo list waiting.... So
if you want to send a resume to someone make sure it's presentable
without any modification!!!

To learn more about crafting your resume and coverletter visit

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Knowing a software and applying it are totally different

Knowing a software and applying it has lot of difference. Knowing
Catia and Using it to model compressor, fuselage noses etc is totally
different game.

When you apply and are working on a real life problem it is then that
you see how much you wlll learn.

This thing happened with me in solidworks, I used to practise it
everyday but the real confidence came when I actually solid modelled
the mixed flow compressor with it. Till that time I knew what all
tutorials taught me. It was when I was assigned to solid model mixed
flow compressor that I got stuck in several place, in fillet then in
modelling the splitter blades, all this places I learnt a thing or two
about solidworks!

So the catch is always apply and put yourself in place where you can
apply the tool, if you do it consistently you will always learn
something new every time!!

Learning matlab solidworks to solve problems

If you read this blog regularly then by now you must know from the
couple of blog entries of last week that matlab is the tool I am
concentrating on. Its the software that I am spending my most of my
waking hours on!

I already had a good amount of exposure in MATLAB in NAL, this time I
am picking it up again as it's the need of the project that I will be
involved for a couple of months now. As I went through the re
familiarization of matlab, I felt one thing that I did then that gave
me an edge this time.

When I learnt matlab back in the days of nal, I applied what I learnt
to some practical use. Yes I got the opportunity to make an axial flow
compressor modelling tool but before that I used matlab as my software
learning log. It logged and compiled neat charts of all the time I
spent on softwares in NAL!!

This was one of the many practical day to day scripts that I wrote in
matlab! Same way with solidworks I created few my own personal stuff.
So the take away for anyone is if you really want to learn a tool is
bring and apply it in your own life. Apply what you learn to something
useful, something that you need on daily basis. If you can do this you
will not forget anything they you will learn during this process!!

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Updating resume and Pofessional development

Every month as a part of my own improvement and professinal
development, I update my resume at the end of each month!

As I already stated before measurement improves results so by that
acoount, my each months resumes updates shows me how I am improving
and what new skills and projects I have added to my professinal life.

This April I completed my 4th resume update of this year and am quite
happy with the progress I have made so far. Apart from picking up some
new stress tool, i have build upon my vba knowledge base. Each month I
don't necessarily add a new tool set but improve upon an existing one.

I think this an easy and objective way to access yourself when you are

Usually I update my resume and upload the same to a job site. This
allows the job site to sent me the relevant job opportunities that are
available in my area of work. This weekly job reports also points me
to the additional skill sets the companies are looking for a person of
my profile.

So if you are working and want to improve yourself professionally
begin updating your resumes every month. It really helps!

Saturday, May 02, 2009

I need more time

I loved this do so much that I am reprinting the whole thing here.

Seth godin hits it again.

Need results then just decide and get going!!

I need more time

First rule of decision making: More time does not create better decisions.

In fact, it usually decreases the quality of the decision.

More information may help. More time without more information just creates anxiety, not insight.

Deciding now frees up your most valuable asset, time, so you can go work on something else. What happens if, starting today, you make every decision as soon as you have a reasonable amount of data?

From. Seth Godin

Friday, May 01, 2009

Matlab to start yourself to programming!!

Matlab , excel , solidworks and to some extent fortran were the
legacies of mine in NAL!

These were the skills that I honed and graduated in during my days in
NAL! For many catia, nastran, ansys, solidworks etc. are the skills
that they develop during training. For me solidworks and matlab were
the once that I was first exposed to for the first time in my life.

Matlab is facinating ! If you need
visualization and quick calculations then matlab is second to none!!
Apart from the quick and rapid calculations, the ability to plot
results quick and in so many different and elegant way was thdbreason
I was attracted to it.

As I have already mentioned in this blog, it's a must tool to learn
for avionics stream. For the rest of the other folks, I will recommend
matlab to all those peole who want exposure to programming and don't
want to spend much time learning the language but want to get results
of there problems!

Matlab is fairly easy to learn and is powerful. It has priority to
results. It is programmable, it's flexible and above all it's fun to
play around with!

For all these reasons and if you want to get your hands dirty with
learning a programming language then I will strongly recommend matlab!!

Matlab was one of the software tool that

Matlab was one of the software tool that I learnt while in NAL. In
fact with it we developed a software tool for axial flow performance
predition! But have I began learning it with that intent?

No I didn't, my first introduction to matlab was when I saw a collegue
of mine using it for his project. The ease of plotting graph and vast
array of visualization prompted me to matlab. I was hooked!!

My next step was to fire up the software and I typed help and from
that I began learning matlab bit by bit. Doing small matrix
manipulations to plotting stuff helped me pick up the intricries of
the tool. So half an hour a day of exploration turned to more hours
and it was in time when my mentor noticed my matlab skills and I was
put in the project of axial flow compressor off design performance
prediction tool.

The takeaway in all this is that you got to initiate the
opportunities, you need to prepare for the opportunities. If I hadn't
been tinkering with matlab I would never been part of the software
development team that I was in NAL. My tinkering not only taught me
matlab but brought my skills to notice to my mentor. So always keep
yourself busy. if your task in the training or job is not very
challenging, get up spend some time exploring and cultivating skills.

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