Monday, December 14, 2009

‘After AeSI - career guide after AeSI’ launched ………(finally!!)

I know regular reader will add finally to the title of this post. Yes finally the ebook has been launched.

If you are a recent reader you can read all about my attempt to puplish this ebook here

Thanks to the steady connections that i have now and thanks to the routine that i have setup that made me cut out some time to get it done this year, the ebook is here finally!!!

What is it about?

Well its about AeSI and the things that myAeSI is all about. Its about you? Its about AeSI.

The only thing improper about the whole book that i feel is the name . Its not just about After-AeSI. Its about AeSI and how best to navigate it!!

Its about the journey, the destination and beyond.

I receive lot of emails regarding different topic that i write on myAeSI blog and this ebook is in essence the reply to all those questions. Its the compilation of al the posts that i keep refereeing back to people.

In shorts this ebook is the gist of myAeSI. So most of the important post that you might not have time to check at the achieve can be found here and i have made an attempt to organise them in this book, so that as a whole the content make sense.

Hope you will find this useful. if you do. do pass it on and let me know?

Do send it to your friends and folks who do you thing will benefit from it.

If one of you gets benefit from this ebook, i will consider it as a success.

How to download?


  1. Fill the form and Submit
  2. Get the download link for the ebook, which is in the pdf form.


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