Monday, June 30, 2008

Buck up aeronautical engineers of india , lot of work coming your way

Top aerospace news round up can be the other title of this post but the one i choose capture the theme of all the news that had happened in Indian aerospace industry last week. The biggest news that happened last week has to be the International Conference on Aerospace Science and Technology (INCAST) that was held in Bangalore from June 2 to June 28, 2008.

The conference,organized as a part of Golden Jubilee celebration of the National Aerospace Laboratories (NAL), Bangalore had the main objective to provide a platform for International R&D organization, Academia and Industrial agencies to present their latest achievements and explore the possibility of deriving synergies. This conference also presented the current aerospace activity in the country apart from showcasing the Aerospace Technologies of NAL.The conference provided a forum for discussion for further advancement of aerospace science & technology in the country to cater to the future requirements of national aerospace programs.

Dr A P J Abdul Kalam, Former President of India. Prof R Narasimha, Chairman, Engineering Mechanics Unit, JNCAR, and Dr G Madhavan Nair, Chairman, ISRO and Secretary, Department of Space were the main attraction of the conference.

Many important announcements were made during the conference. One among them was related to saras. The third weight optimized version of saras will fly in the next year. Since G Madhavan Nair was present, an announcement on chandrayaan launch was also made. Apart from this ISRO chief also made a call to the aeronautics industry of India to wake up and capture the national market. This was one of the significant remark. It hints that in future private-public partnership is going to increase and aerospace engineers of India will have good demand.

Opening up of the Indian economy and globalisation are taking a heavy toll on NAL, as director A.R. Upadhya said "“We are hit hard by talent crunch. Many of our well-trained scientists and technologists are either resigning or taking voluntary retirement in droves to join the private sector or multi-nationals in pursuit of professional advancement with hefty pay packets"

Well that was the high lights of the aerospace conference held by NAL. Apart from this there were also a news of NAL building India's fastest supercomputer.

So you see, NAL and the conference dominated the news. But within all this news there was one good news for all avionics engineer out there, as French defence and electronics major Thales announced to double its Indian business from 250 million to 500 million euros in the next five years.

Taking of France, it is also keenly interested in making inroads in Indian aerospace industry as there are chances that India and France may soon join to make surface to air missiles just in lines of Indo-russian Brahmos supersonic cruise missile. Good news for Indian aeronautical engineers, so folks get those french classes, who knows.

Have you ever noticed that all the aerospace activities of India are all concentrated in Bangalore, but this might change in future as there are reports and signs that chandigarh is also betting big on aerospace. An IDS infotech is a new company to watch.

And for all the aviation buffs and maintainance streams guys, rejoice as Lufthansa Technik, the world’ s largest maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) company, will set up a facility in the country, in a joint venture with the Hyderabad-based GMR group

So this were the top news of the last week, some of themn are significant and will surely affect the aerospace professional. But overall the aerospace outlook for India is positive. So buck up aeronautical engineers, lot of work coming your way. Read more news at indianaeronews blog.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Career advice 2008 - a presentation

Yesterday i got a good news that my good friend for whom i have written i lot in this blog, has finally got a job. Its been long and all of us are happy for him and wish him best of luck for the career ahead. This career talk bring me to this post.

Here i have scoured the net to find the a presentation that is apt for my newly recruited friend and for all the aesi folks out there.

Its about career and mainly an overview of Dan Pink's latest book! Do check it out

Though i recommend viewing the presentation fully but for those who don't want to see the whole presentation, jump to page 84 onward, this is where the main juice is.

related : Actions that will take your career ahead

Friday, June 27, 2008

Poll update- most of the aesi students are positive about their exams. What about you?

I am running a poll titled "How positive are you about your AMAeSI exams?" for all the aesi students who have given amaesi exams this June 2008.

So far the mood is upbeat and on all the people who have voted, the average is greater that 50% and of which maximum people are 100% positive about their exams.

Its nice to see that exams are going well and Students are very positive about it,

If you haven't voted, then do vote now. And lets check what is the mood of aesi students regarding the exams!

Some useful links for getting CATIA, NASTRAN, ANSYS tutorials

After exams AeSI students should think of enhancing their skills, then this are some links of tutorials materials that is available on the web. This links will help you find excellent tutorial material regarding catia,nastran,ansys,solidworks, etc. I have tailor made some links that will directly present you all the tutorial material that you might need to begin your journey of self improvement.

But if you are looking for aerospace or aerodynamics ebooks, then this post will be helpful for you. I have also written another post regarding finding ebooks here.

Looking for tutorials look at this links.

for NASTRAN tutorials click here

for ANSYS tutorials click here

for CATIA tutorials click here

for solidworks tutorials click here

for fortran tutorial click here

Looking for tutorials on some other software then use this tool that i pointed out.

Want training - but what is your motivation?

Training is another integral part of an AeSI students life, after all the exams, this is one more step that almost all aesi students go through. Here are some questions that you need to ask yourself if you are preparing to get training from any other organization including NAL, GTRE etc.

What will you learn from this?
This is the first question that you need to ask yourself. Well paid or unpaid training. Have a positive learning attitude with the whole training thing. By this i mean, do the training for the right reason. It shouldn't be to get a certificate, to get a nice experience column in your resume. This all are the by products and elementary things.

So how to get the maximum out of your training ?
Do the training to prepare yourself for the professional career life ahead, for upgrading your skills to the skills of your chosen industry.

Mine experience in NAL, from both unpaid and paid work was great. The training and the work instilled confidence in me. It showed me the quality of aeronautical knowledge that aesi provided me, and polished and reinforced the basic concepts of aerodynamics and propulsion.

So join as a trainee with this mindset, your attitude should be that i'll develop professionally, whatever be the task, do it in the spirit of learning. Don't be disappointed that you were not given task in catia but in solidworks!!

This is a common misguided thinking trap that people fall into. They join training believing that CATIA is in demand and a work in that will increase your value, well as someone said in the film race, its not the cars who win races, it the driver.

Same goes with CAD tools, unless you exclusively want to be a CAD operator, fretting on any tool is not important. you should have a working knowledge of it and always have an inquiring mind in regards to any tool you are working on. (also read they are just tools)

Do what you have been assigned and learn the things you want to learn separtely. That will help you more than being frustrated over the task or project you have been assigned.

6 things you should begin doing in your last semester of AeSI.

Many of aesi students will be in the last semester of AeSI and here i thought of writing about 6 things they should begin doing in their last semester in AeSI. Earlier i have written about 8 things that you can do after the amaesi examination.

I have seen many folks just waiting for the last exam to finish when they begin doing this steps but i feel the right time for this step is the beginning of your last semester and this is when this 6 steps can impact on your entry into the industry once you graduate from aesi.

1. Make your resume and post it on job sites.

2. Begin looking at the requirements. See the skills being demanded. If you have then, good improve them, if you don't acquire them.

3. AeSI provides you the facility of time, so utilize the time to do freelance work. Teaching is great. Maybe join some local CAD center, or teach the skills you know in your institute. But do something to strengthen your skills.

4. Brush up your favorite subjects. One of the favorite question in your first interview will be based on this.

5. Read about your industry. Computer film magazines are spicy but begin reading about the industry you are about to enter. You might begin with indianaeronews blog to stay current on Indian aerospace news.

6. If you are good at designing, have worked in some CAD or analysis tools, then create an online or offline portfolio. This portfolio will give you an added advantage when you do the job hunting.

Though i have written the steps in keeping aesi folks in mind, but these steps are equally applicable to all the graduating students.

update : Read why to choose beginning of the last semester for all this activities

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

How to write a resume - learn from some sample resumes.

One of the most important task that any graduating student does is making a resume and so is true for AeSI folks. Since there is no formal guidance and placement cell in aesi, so here i present a link to some sample resumes that Boston College of US has to offer.

The PDF document is good in the sense it gives you many samples that you might modify to suit your requirements.

You can download the PDF file from this link.

As the pdf document also states, the resume samples should only be used as a starting point for visual model and general guidelines. So see them, learn from them and the make your own resume with your personal touch.

Other attractive thing about the document is that it contains some general guidelines to be followed while writing a resume. I have extracted some of them that i liked and that are applicable for aesi guys and gals.

List your qualifications in order of relevance, from most to least. Treat your resume as an advertisement for you. Be sure to thoroughly "sell" yourself by highlighting all of your strengths.

Language and computer skills are highly valued in the workplace – include them on your resume.

Proofread, proofread, and proofread. Be sure to catch all spelling errors, grammatical weaknesses, unusual punctuation, and inconsistent capitalizations. Proofread it numerous times over at least two days to allow a fresh eye to catch any hidden mistakes.

An very important point, don't just hurry this process. Wait fro at least two days and read the resume, you will find that you have missed something.

The purpose of an objective is to direct employees to your specific goals within their organization. Objectives that are vague and non-specific shouldn’t be included however effective objectives identify the position you are seeking (internship or job title) and can also include what you offer (skills, education). Change the objective for each resume you submit.

In the body of your resume, use bullets with short sentences rather than lengthy paragraphs. Resumes are read quickly; therefore make key phrases stand out.

Highlight your strengths, and what is most relevant to the potential employer. Incoming resumes are typically reviewed in 10-30 seconds, so put forth the effort and determine which bullets most strongly support your job/internship search objective.

Format variations, such as bold, italics, and capitalization, create visual appeal – use these tools but don’t go overboard.

Font size for the body of your resume should be between 10 and 12 points.

Begin your statements with action verbs. Verbs should be past tense if you are no longer at the position or participating in the activity.

Your name may be larger than the rest of your text, but don’t overdo it.

Avoid using the personal pro-noun “I” in your descriptions.

Study abroad experience is a good way to differentiate yourself from your peers. As you share your resume with prospective employers, you will want to highlight the experience that you gained while studying abroad. Many employers are looking for people who are versatile and adaptable, and by listing your study abroad experience on your resume you are demonstrating your ability to succeed in a new environment and your willingness to seek out new experiences.

Biggest indian aerospace event of 2008 has to be the launch of chandrayaan

The biggest Indian aerospace event that will occur in Indian aerospace industry this year is definitely the launch of Chandrayaan-1. After april 9th delay, the launch of chandrayaan is fixed to 19th September of this year.

But i was wondering, how many of aesi guys are involved in chandrayaan project.?

I know quite a few aesi guys who are associated with NAL's RTA project. But what about chandrayaan project? I am sure some of the aesi guy will be connectd to this project. Do tell us if you know about the any aesi guy connected to chandrayaan mission.

If you interest is piqued, then visit this link to know all about chandrayaan. Also check the links below for any specific information that you might have about chandrayaan.

So what are you waiting for learn more about the chandrayaan mission. Its the biggest aerospace event of india.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

How positive are you about your AMAeSI exams?

AMAeSI exams are in progress. Some of you might have completed your exams, some might be in the last leg and for some it might not have began till now. So for those who have completed their amaesi exams, please do tell us how you have done.

I am running a poll on the my-aesi blog asking all the aesi students giving exams "How positive are you about your AMAeSI exams?" So do participate in the poll. If you are reading this via a feed reader, please visit my-aesi blog by this link and vote.

The poll is in the side bar. I have just now checked the results of the on going poll which will run till mid of july and saw that one person has voted 100%.

So How positive are you about your AMAeSI exams?

Vote now!!

Read the ANSYS Advantage magazine for free

In my last post titled tools for aerospace industry' i listed tools that are used by an aerospace engineer. One of the tools that i mentioned was ANSYS. I had some experience with ANSYS in NAL and at IISC while doing the FEM course. Read my experience with ANSYS in the post titled my 10 hours with ANSYS.

Well this post is about ansys, but is also related to one of the previous post regarding reading aerospace magazine online. Here's one resource where you can do the same with ansys. This is a great resource for anyone interested in simulation and analysis with ANSYS. Its an online magazine published by ANSYS itself and i think its great fro all budding aerospace engineers from aesi.

Wish i had known about this in my aesi day, then i would have gravitated towards analysis side of my career rather than the software side.

Anyway the magazine is titled ANSYS Advantage and can be read online here and if you want to read it offline then here's the link to download the full version as PDF.

Unlike aerospace America, Ansys Advantage is quarterly magazine and has only 4 issues per year but definitely worth a read for anyone interested in analysis field and simulation.

The latest issue of ANSYS Advantage features articles on how Speedo’s new full-body swimsuit was designed using simulation technology in pursuit of gold medals and world records, how simulation tools help to increase megayacht sailing performance, and how a toilet discharge valve is optimized to reduce household water consumption and maintain performance. A special spotlight section explains the five key principles that guide the development of simulation products and technology at ANSYS.

So you see aerospace is not the only domain ansys is being use, perhaps in the upcoming 2008 Beijing Olympics someone might be using a swim suited that was designed after analysis in ANSYS. who knows.

Talking about Beijing Olympics reminds me about one of another tool of aerospace that is used to build the Olympics stadium in china.

If you know of other online reading resources then do tell me in comments. Happy reading folks.

Monday, June 23, 2008

8 things you can do after exams

AMAeSI exams are going on and by the the end of this week they will be over. If the aesi is same as it was back in my time then most of you will be going back home, some will head for Bangalore and some will just stay put and look up for the next class schedules.
But whatever you do, professional development should be top of your agenda for the next few months after amaesi exams. Here i present 8 things that you can do after exams.

I have selected this 6 things keeping in mind, that if someone does these, he or she can expect to become an all round engineer when he clears aesi.

Learn a CAD software.
Learn a programming language.
Increase communication skills.
Begin thinking about creating a portfolio of work that shows the skills you have.
Reading more on your favorite subjects.
Learn an analysis software.
Join the community of OURAeSI and begin your PR.
Take up a new constructive hobby.

I'll elaborate on easy of this topics in my next post. The list is by no means complete, please feel free to do add your views and skills that aesi student can do after amaesi exams.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Bet you don't know these 3 things about G Madhavan Nair

ISRO chairman G Madhavan Nair I bet you don't know these 3 things about G Madhavan Nair, the chairman of ISRO

A P J Abdul Kalam was Nair's first boss. Both Kalam and Nair then worked at the Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre in Thiruvananthapuram

oh ok you new it, what about the next one.....

Madhavan Nair is the first scientiest,after a long time that a scientist not based in Bangalore was chosen as the chairman of ISRO. Madhavan nair is also the first time in two decades that a scientist not working on satellites -- Nair specialises in rockets and launch vehicles -- has been chosen for the top job of ISRO.

Yes he is propulsion-3 guy!!!

And it is rare for a scientist without a doctorate to be chosen to head ISRO, but G Madhavan rao did it and his selection underlines that knowledge and work experience are more important than degrees on paper. Before being the chief of ISRO he has lived in Kerala all through his 35-year tenure with ISRO.

Because of his major contibution in SLV-3's, he was made project director of India's first operational Satellite Launch Vehicle, the PSLV which is the only launcher whose services ISRO sells commercially. Don't forget its this launcher that made a world record of launching 10 satellites at one go and it is this launch vehicle which chandrayaan-1 will ride to moon.

Here's a brief history of G madahavan nair.

Nair was one of ISRO's early recruits. He joined the space programme in 1967, after being trained at Mumbai's Bhabha Atomic Research Centre. After graduating in engineering from Kerala University in 1966, he joined the Thumba Equatorial Rocket Launching Station, as VSSC was then known, in 1967.

Nair had been recruited by Vikram Sarabhai's protege, R Aravamudan, now a distinguished scientist with ISRO after he retired as director of various ISRO centres. Aravamudan himself had been personally handpicked by Sarabhai five years earlier. Nair was one of three young men hired by Aravamudan at the time -- the other two are no longer with ISRO.

Nair was designated to work under Kalam, who headed VSSC's payload integration section from 1967 to 1972. Former ISRO chairman Dr U R Rao still recalls how hard Nair worked on a project to develop sounding rockets in collaboration with Japanese scientists.

A decade later, Nair was working on the satellite launch vehicles in Thiruvananthapuram. "The failure of the ASLV was a major setback for the Indian space programme," recollects Rao. "Nair contributed in a major way to the development of the first Indian Satellite Launch Vehicle, the SLV-3. So he was made project director of India's first operational Satellite Launch Vehicle, the PSLV." The Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle is the only launcher whose services ISRO sells commercially. It has also been chosen to send India's unmanned lunar craft, Chandrayaan-1.

Read more from this wikipedia article

Well this were the facts that i just learnt and thought about sharing with you all. I did my aesi with propulsion stream, so felt great when i heard that Madhavan Nair's major contributions are in propulsion stream. I do believe that hard work and experience matter more than degrees and the ISRO's chairman is the living example of it.

And for those aesi guys who don't know, he has been the chairman of AeSI. And i have the honour of getting my degree from his hand. I am trying to locate the picture that i had with him, will post it as soon i find it.

Do tell me what do you think about him and has his story inspired you.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

How are your AMAeSI exams going on?

First phase of aesi exams are over and the next will begin from Monday, so guys and gals those who are giving amaesi examinations, tell us how the exams are going on. I have included a online poll for it. Check it out at the side of this blog.

And if you are looking for the examination tips then here are some related to exam tips.

For students waiting for there amaesi exams to begin, read the following posts

And if you have already finished your aesi exams and looking for jobs or training then you might like these following posts.

If you are reading this mail through reader, you have to visit my-aesi blog to see the links i mention.

Read aerospace magazine for free

Back in my aesi days, whenever we went to spencers, myself and my roommate's most of the time was spent at the magazine section of landmark. There we used to browse the cool aerospace, aviation related magazines. Sometimes the ogling continued so long that the security guard suspected us and was always at our backs. Flight international, science today, popular science were some of the international magazine we, the would-be aerospace engineers devoured and liked. The magazines were expensive and none of us wanted to to lighten our pocket just for them.

Working in NAL had this same advantage, you got to read this magazines for free and this is one the benifit that i have enjoyed a lot. But after leaving NAL, this luxary was also withdrawn. This is when AeSI enews came into existence and i read it along with nasa websites. But there was always this desire to read an aerospace magaizine. Well today i'll tell you about a source where you can read aerospace mag for free. All you need is an internet connection and acrobat reader.

The name of the magazine is Aerospace America "Aerospace America" is USA's magazine covering Aviation. It is a source of information on the cutting-edge technologies, policy issues, and business trends that affect the profession.

The magazine's readers and contributors include leaders of the nation's major space, aeronautics, and defense programs as well as premier decision-makers in government, industry, and academia, both national and international. This magazine is owned by American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics.

Read the june 2008 issue of Aerospace America online by clicking this link

Do you know of any another such magazine that one can read online, then do tell us in comments.

Friday, June 20, 2008

learn CATIA with this CATIA book.

One of my friend is learning catia and he is learning it through the tutorials that are provided with catia. He mentioned they are good but for him the computer based catia tutorials are nice but he needs more than that. He needs to have a reference book. This is what he is lacking right now. Having a book he says add an advantage that even if your are not doing the tutorial on the computer you can just browse it at bed time or free time and pick one or two things. He is quite right and i think this also makes the learning more effective and gels with the 5 techniques for accelerating self learning of catia.

That conversation with him promted me to check out some books on catia that are available in india, so i did a quick book search on "CATIA books, INDIA" this is what i found.

Astronomical book prices!!!

Catia Reference Guide by author Carman Paul published by OnWord Pre is sold at a price of Rs.6400 That expensive by any standards.

Another one by the same author "Inside catia with cdrom", had a similar price tag of Rs 6102. Others were at the price of Rs 4800.

While only one book came under 500 rupees. Below is the link of the only CATIA book that is available under 500 rupees. I think this book is affordable and priced better for students.

Catia for engineers and designer V5r15

Its available in landmark book stores and if you are comfortable buying online Rediff is selling this book with free shopping. And doing a little search on the book i found that this book contains

· Detailed explanation of CATIA V5R15 commands and tools
· More than 35 real-world mechanical engineering designs as tutorials and projects with step-by-step explanation
· Emphasis on Why and How with explanation
· Tips and Notes throughout the textbook
· 624 pages with heavily illustrated text
· Self-evaluation tests and Exercises at the end of each chapter

Prefer reading few chapters of the book before buying it then do check this link. This site has few chapters avilable for free as PDF ebooks. I just download one small ebook from the link aboveand it was a 46 pages! Great! I think you should check this site if you are looking for a good catia ebook.

If you are looking for CATIA models to practice then look at this link. You can download the models to play around and learn.

You can find more CATIA tutorials by using this tool that i have blog about.

IIT's course materials available online for every engineering stream including aerospace

Kapil rathi bhaiya reports in ouraesi about the courses in IIT. So just like MIT,USA, indian IIT's have began this initiative. Please do read the email below for the full info. Thank you Rathi bhaiya.

Dear All,
The IITs have taken up an initiative of starting online teaching and thus have started offering course materials online for every engineering stream.

Many professors from all the IITs have provided course materials for each chapter and each subject.

One has to register at the link provided below and can access the course material free of cost.

Every Chapter has been described with diagrams and charts. Please spread this message to everyone, as many can benefit from this program taken up by the government and IIT.

This is just a trial period going on and hence i request everyone to register at the link given.

1] Type the following address on internet explorer

2] Click on Courses

3] sign up as a NEW USER

4] And one can access any course material.


Rathi bhiaya is from avionics stream and he has posted 3 suggestions for avionics students of aesi.

Will you recommend AMAeSI to your friends and family.

In the year 2007, i ran a online poll among the members of OURAeSI club on the topic, "Will you recommend AMAeSI to your friends and family."! the poll was a success as it evoked lot of reaction in the ouraesi club. For those who don't know, ouraesi is an online community of aesi students and members. There we discuss and disiminate information about aesi and aerospace.

This are the results of the poll. 57% of those who polled said No and 45% did say yes.

Though this numbers don't tell the whole story. Read the accompanying comments to decide if you are the one thinking of doing AMAeSI!

Uma Maheshwar Y
I suggest the students to undergo regular college environment. By doing A.M.Ae.S.I, one has to miss many career opportunities.
07/03/07 12:31 pm

Not necessarily. By doing AMAeSI one can aim going for a PG in a short period. He will the so called environment there. Even otherwise there are lot many opportunities now in airline sector on maintenance.
07/03/07 11:30 pmN.

S it is true what Uma Maheshwar said . Many of the students r suffering badily as i am one among them . It is better to go to the regular college scoring high percentage completing within a fixed period and can apply for all colleges for higher studies.
07/04/07 4:55 am

AeSI students need to complete with in stipulated time. due to longer time period students are suffering to settle.
07/04/07 9:47 am

Rohit Kumar
I would suggest students to take up this course simply becos of the fact that its the course of the future.Aerospace industry is booming in India and we are short of aeronautical engineers.
07/05/07 7:01 am

Unless the society as such doesn't change i am very reluctant to recommend AMAeSI to anyone let alone friends and family. Examination and transparency is the most needed in AeSI. Or it will just remain the money generating wing of AeSI!!!
07/05/07 9:23 am

Sudhir Joshi
I suggest to join the regular College first but if not able to join (due to sum circumstances) then it is better to join the Course specially AMAeSI. As Students learns a lot in Engineerig College : New opportunity,Campus environment, Regular Practical , Interaction......
07/05/07 10:19 am

Manish Chauhan
If you are looking for positives from this course then....I would like to say that i have developed qualities like HARDWORK,DEDICATION,SELF-CONFIDENCE during AeSI....and these are enough to excel into the field....I dont think one developes such qualities during simple B.E.
07/05/07 11:08 am

first i would suggest regular colleges bcos we are missing a lot in Aesi like pratical classes.those who are very well intrested in aeronautics but unable to join in colleges can join us.
07/05/07 7:45 pm

Paras malviya
Go for University Driven BTech from Panjab Engg College or MIT, in case didn't qualify for IIT BTech Aero Degree. But just don;t do AMAeSI.
07/05/07 11:45 pm

From missing college environment point of view, by not having any stipulated time duration, from percentage of marks scored and for many other reasons it's not advisable to do this course.
07/06/07 12:12 am

Roop kishore
No i will never recommend it to anyone,i m not saying that this course is bad but the whole process of this course is nothing but a torture, and these r not my words this is from someone who holds a responsible position in society itself. well in my words, the society authorities r just for namesake,whenever we try to communicate with them they abuse us, well apart from that when u somehow complete it, then starts real problems, no recognition, unpaid trainings,treatment like an uneducated labourer. a graduate from any regular college will be given better salary for the same post but not to us. the process most of the time takes so much of time that we after completing it end up somewhere else, coz in this whole frustating and long journey we loose our passion and energy , we forget y we joined this particular course and we in end satisfies with whatever comes our way, coz there r people waiting for us to complete, they r dependent on us, n they have almost lost hope on us. so if in the end if we r going to satisfy with anything then y opting for this torture. go to any other college and feel the college environment , coz i really feel that in this whole process i missed this important thing of life. some people may not agree with me but all this i have personally experienced and i can tell u the names of so many students and graduates who r going through the same n heading towards satisfying for anything. so i will never recommend this course for anyone.
07/06/07 12:51 am

I will not recommend AeSI to anyone. A regular BE has more recognition and opportunities than us. As Mr. Kishore has correctly pointed out, this is the real world. The effort required to complete this course is not worth it. The brilliance required to complete this course could be utilised where one can get some good results. Though you gain something but you stand to loose lot more than you gain.
07/06/07 2:39 am

I do not think i would ever do that! its better to pay a sum of money and get a degree in aeronautics from a private engg college rather than slug it out in the darl alleys of AeSI. After all that we have suffered i strongly recommend that do not join AeSI. Being in AeSI u seem to miss the charm of doing regular B.E Degree. It takes time to get the required respect in ur work place too.
07/06/07 7:16 am

hi frnds most of the members say that aesi is the future. but in order to sudtain in the field of aero we need the degree. Nowadays getting aesi degree within time is being dream, more we are being exposed present student trend in colleges. so, i will vote for no, any how the standard of aesi has no competition in india.
07/07/07 2:49 am

though we are struggling like anything but only few people know about this course. there are no campuses nothing.... most of us either go for PG or non pay vote is NO...
07/07/07 7:41 am

No i will never recommend it to anyone A regular BE has more recognition and opportunities than us. We also don't have vivas and assignments.
07/07/07 7:41 am

in this fast changing world demanding very skilled & experinced workers i doubt abuot the job oppurtunities for this course.
07/08/07 1:38 am

07/08/07 9:50 am

kamanasish biswas
no i'll never recommend this course to any body.the time usually, its take to complete the course is horrible.then comes the % of marks.its always better to go for regular engg. least then one 'll be eligible for everything.
07/10/07 7:44 am

sunil wani
AmAesi qualification is very good better than any other college and univercity courses.
07/11/07 12:53 am

i kindly suggest to any one dont come to this cource for aero engg u go to iit s or isro started new college ....... do ur best in 12th n try to crack iit jee or aieee........ otherwise go thr any regular cource its cheapest course but u have to face lot of problems n have to spend min one yr more to join t our job so u have that DUM then only dare to do it!!!!!!!!!!

AMAeSI is the associate member of aeronautical society of india. Read more about it.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

General structure of a cover letter

Resume without cover letter is like indian cricket team without sachin, hindi movie without song, job without a pay. So you see its incomplete. just like an hindi movie is incomplete without song, indian team is incomplete without sachin.... You are not doing job if you aren't getting paid...

Same is true with a resume, a resume without an accompanying cover letter just doesn't have the punch. Just like presence of sachin gives confidence to the indian team, a cover letter increase your resumes's success rate.

So increase your chances by attaching a good well written cover letter with all the resumes that you shoot off from your email.

Here i will show a sample cover letter and discuss the structure.
An effective cover letter must have an catchy introduction, professional main body and memorable conclusion.

{intro, write from where you have got the information of the job and it should also mention for which post you are applying for}

{highlight your experience relevant to the post you are applying, if the job is for catia, highlight the experience relevant to it, if its for propulsion highlight that one}

{Highlight one skill that is relevant to the post and the skills that you want the recruiter to notice while browsing through your resume.}

{Conclude showing you know about the organization. Research the company you are applying for and mention something in your conclutions that shows that you know about the company.}

Here's one sample cover letter.

I am interested in working as an {the post name} in your organization and applying for the job listed at I am a graduate of aeronautical engineering from aeronautical society of india, New Delhi.

I am a good learner with relevant experience as trainee in NAL & Indian airlines. I have worked on {write here things relevant to post you are applying}. Additionally i have been involved in the project related to {the things that you don't have so much idea but are relevant to the job you are applying}

As you will see in my resume, {write the things that you want to highlight in your resume, it might be the the extra skills combination, or any experience }

I have enclosed my resume as a first step in exploring the possibilities of employment with your organization, which is { write something relevant about the organization} { This step will show that you have done research on the company}

As an aeronautical engineer with your organization, I would bring a focus on quality and ease of use to your system development and performances of the work delivered to me. furthermore, I work well with others.

I would appreciate your keeping this inquiry confidential. I am really thankful to you to give me your precious time. Thank you for your time and consideration. Hope to receive a call from you.

Thank you

Some useful jobs links for aesi aerospace graduates

While i was working in NAL as project training engineer, i saw that there were these five tools that most of the trainee were really working on.

Hypermesh,catia, solidworks,labview and nastran! So i guess most of the folks that are in NAL or other institutions, they might be searching jobs in this skills. So here i have mashed up some links that will make finding aerospace related jobs with these specific skill set. Click on the links given below to check the jobs available in indian aerospace industry for your skill which might be hypermesh,catia, solidworks,labview and nastran.

These links will also be useful for other other aeronautical engineer, new aesi graduates searching for aerospace jobs or aesi non-graduates as they can see what the indian aerospace firms are looking for. And they can prepare themselves with this requirements in mind.

Jobs in hypermesh and aerospace
Jobs in catia aerospace
jobs in solidworks aerospace
jobs in labview and aerospace
jobs in nastran and aerospace
Jobs in HCL can be found here.

Please keep in mind this is an experimental links, so sometimes they might not fetch the required jobs, please let me know in comments so i can fix them. thanks and happy job hunting!!!

You might also check the resume writing, cover letter section of this blog for more job search tips.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

What should an aeronautical engineer learn? Catia or solidworks.

A few days back i was having a chat with one o my friend about the CAD tools. While talking he observed that in aerospace catia is the cad tool that's defacto in aerospace industry. His statement made me wonder how correct is he?

In NAL, where i have spent close to 1.5+ years, solidworks was the tool that dominated my and my colleagues work. In my lab it was used extensibly, i have seen cad designer model, draft whole gas turbine engine in solidworks.

But then when it cames to the design of aircraft and wing, i saw catia taking the lead.

So which one takes the lead in catia vs solidworks contest in aerospace domain?

Catia is vast, has better PLM capabilities, more specialized modules, more legacy support. So the answer is catia takes the lead.

But now solidworks is slowly picking up and from the direct replacement of autocad, solidworks is now marketing design.

As my personal opinion, i have used both catia and solidworks,and since my most work involved solidworks i tend to favor it.

In terms of learning curve, solidworks beats catia hands down. Its much more intuitive and you actually work on your design rather than on the software.

The menus and commands are well presented, the AI in the software guesses your intension pretty well. If i have to make a crude comparison. I'll say solidworks is google calendar, while catia is microsoft's calendar.

While catia might have the bulk, but for a student, I'll definitely recommend working in solidworks then if or he chooses he can migrate to catia.

But catia is all companies demand, i hear someone saying, yes its true, but before you get ready for job, you need to know if you are ready for CAD and that my friend solidworks does very well.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Cool tool to find tutorials and other ebooks from net

Looking for ebooks on aerodynamics, gas tubines or propulsion or any other topic. Well here one cool tool apart from google that will help you get it.

The tool is PDF search engine. This is search engine which lets you search ebooks,pdf documents and download them. Just enter the search term and it presents you with the direct link to download the copy or it might present a torrent link, which can be downloaded using the torrent client.

The tool is great not only because of the clean and clear look but for the information it get you. As you can see from this i have tried searching gas turbine engines and i found it there!

Some ideas on using it.

Preparing for interview, need a pdf on some topic, come to pdf search engine, you are bound to get something that will be useful.

Students can use it to find ebooks of the books that are not available in market.

Learning a new skill, like solidworks or catia, search some tutorials here.

learning fortran or C language. dig in.

So what are you waiting for enjoy!!!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Are AeSI graduates eligible for Finmeccanica masters program

As my previous post stated finmeccanica masters program is on. The last date for online application process is 10th july. But as an aesi graduate you might wonder "Are aesi folks eligible for it?"

As far as i know yes they are eligible. Following are the eligible requireemnets for the Fhink masters program.

Participants must meet all the following requirements in order to be considered for the Master’s:

a)A minimum of four years’university studies (e.g. Bachelor’s Degree (Hons.) plus a Master’s Degree or Laureaspecialisticafor Italian candidates). Alternatively, candidates should have a Bachelor’s Degree plus at least one year’s relevant work experience.

A Degree in one of the following technical-scientific disciplines:
•Economics and Business;
•Other Sciences (e.g. Physics, Mathematics);
b) Most recent university degree awarded within the past two years
c) Proficiency in English.

I had applied for this two years back and then had a telephonic interview. There they asked me about about my course but there was no comments from there side about my eligibility, so i guess you are eligible for fhink...

Technical interview after DRDO SET

Mr. S.M.SINDEER HAMIDI, was another person from OURAeSi group who shared his DRDO technical interview after the DRDO SET exams. He was not as elaborate as Tejas but he had listed out all questions he faced.

As in case of Tejas email, i am not cutting any of the text and posting it as it is. so enjoy and learn.





Sunday, June 15, 2008

Top indian aerospace news round up

Mr Dataram Mishra, MD and CEO, CADES said, "It’s a great achievement for CADES. We are proud to be associated with EADS family!" This perhaps is the biggest indian aerospace news for the last week. After nearly two years of rigorous evaluation for technical capability, project management, quality, IT, security and commercial considerations; EADS has selected CADES as an E2S preferred supplier for engineering services. Read more here

Well after this news some of us might thing that in India, we will get the routine boring job, but this isn't the case as a study by Duke and Harvard shows that Indian and Chinese companies are performing the most advanced types of R&D for multinational corporations. The report highlights that in aerospace we are taking the lead and getting at par with the developed nations. Read more about it here

It's not only EADS which is finding partners in india, Swiss aerospace companies are not behind as there was this news of HAL signing a deal with Swiss aerospace company Ruag to manufacture the new generation of Dornier-228 aircraft. Read the full story here.

Talking about HAL, it is extremely happy an pleased about its show at the Berlin air show. They did lot of business and also generated interest for there products. Read what M. Balamaran, General Manager Marketing, HAL has to say about this.

Well HAL is getting collaboration but NAL is also not quite as the national aerospace labs are working overtime on the regional transport aircraft. Kota harinarayana mooted the idea of manufacturing a light passenger aircraft at a university convocation ceremony.

If you remember last week Mahinda and Mahindra acquired a foreign design firm, this time it was the turn of Tooltech, an India based engineering services group. This group has recently acquired two midsized automotive engineering companies in Sweden. Ideteknik and Aspinova. Both of this have high profile aerospace and automotive clients. A clear sign by the group to make a mark in aerospace.

So this were the main Indian aero news of last week. And indian space program will get a big leap as the reports are there that Indian first mission to moon chandrayaan might launch on 19th September. Read more about this here.

Tools of aerospace industry

This is a list of tools that i have seen in aerospace industry. See how many of them you know of?



I know this is not complete yet, help me grow this list. Add the others tools that are used in aerospace industry. Add them in the comments.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Visualize the top indian aerospace news by tags

Regular reader of this blog will know that every week i write about Indian aerospace industry top news. This week was no different. Look at the tag cloud below to see which companies and words were the highlight of the indian aerospace sector of India.

Curious why CADES had so prominent place after the word aerospace. Read the full story here to know more

Friday, June 13, 2008

Master's Programme from the finmeccanica group is here, apply now....

Like the two previous years this year again finmeccanica group is out with the Master's program. The Master's Programme has been designed to forge a link between Academic Establishments and Industry, with the involvement of prestigious Partner Universities from around the world. So check it out

Fhink aims to develop students from high-potential graduates into world class professionals working in an international Business Engineering environment, potentially in the areas of:

-Project Management
-Innovation Management
-Project Planning and Control
-Operation and Technology Management
-Business Development
-International Sales

The Master's Programme combines intensive learning with an internship in one of the Finmeccanica Group Operating Companies, totalling approx. 1500 hours of full-time learning and development activities.

Depending on student's graduation scores and the skills they have acquired, Finmeccanica will offer them an opportunity within a Finmeccanica Group Company

Finmeccanica also offers financial support to cover tuition fees, accommodation and living expenses.

The Master's Programme will be taught in English and held in Rome (Italy).

It will start from October 2008 and end in October 2009.

Download the Brochure
Read more about the program here

Direct link to the online application here

Important dates:
Closing date for online applications is 10th July 2008.

Best of luck for the amaesi exams

Amaesi exams are beginning this Monday. So all set guys and gals. Best of luck to all of you.

Wondering about the exam,centers then here is the map for the examination centers.

Just be positive and remember all the tips mentioned before.

best of luck!!! be a star.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Exam stress busting tips.

Exam times are here and i have seen from my experience that we, the students, often panic before an exam because we are so worried about our performance. This makes it even harder to do well. What should we do? This is the topic i wanted to explore/ Though in my previous post "de-stress before you the examination hall" i have highlighted some of the tips that i had from my experience of taking AeSI exams.

Today i went to net for the tips and i found an excellent resource for fighting pre-exam stress. The tips are arranged in three categories, general exam tips, tips for revision and tips in the examination hall. you can read them here. This is the high light of the page.

General exam stress-busting tips:
Believe in yourself.
Don’t just worry – take action!
Talk to a friend
Don’t put yourself under too much pressure

Tips for the revision period:
Time is of the essence!
Play is as important as work.
Take a break.
Another cuppa? Don't think so.
Eat some ‘superfoods’.
Give your body a workout (as well asyour mind).
A change is as good as a rest.
Experiment with several alternative revision techniques so that revision is more fun and your motivation to study is high. Check out these revision techniques:

Tips for keeping calm during the exam:
Try to avoid panic.
Breathe deep.
Blankety blank?
If your mind goes blank, don't panic
Don’t dwell on past exams.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

De-stress before you hit the examination hall

Exams are here,so here are some tips for the exams before you hit the examination hall and presented with your question paper. This techniques or tips are mixture of what i have learnt and experienced myself and what have my school tutor always told us.

Reach the exam center well ahead of time.
A 30 minutes before you are supposed to enter the exam hall can be your benchmark, but this you can decide according to your needs and situation, but ideally at least 30 minutes more is the optimum time to physcic yourself for the exams.

Don't compare yourself with others, specially just before exams.
Don't judge yourself with others. You are not reading or pouring over your books because you are not the other guy. Everyone is different and have their own personal style. You stick to yours. Don't follow the herd. If you like reading and running your eye on the important points so be it, do it and don't think of the other folks Or else if you prefer just to loiter.. suit yourself. Do what comes natural, forget what the next guy is doing.

Distract your mind.
If you are the other type. Take help from your mobile. get it out and play a game, challenge yourself with small challenge. Do anything thats not related to study. Remember cricketer use this technique and they relax by playing football. A game entirely different than the cricket. So use something. Figure out what suits you. Don't worry about the exams which are just minutes away. If you have studied well and your preparation is ok. Be assure your mind will give you results. If no mobile use something else, you aim is to keep your mind occupied in something else than studies or the exam.

In the examination hall.
Now you are in the examination hall, everyone is taking out there exams pen and are keeping there bag and stuff outside and getting to there seat. Now you are alone, you are not supposed to talk, the examiners are in the hall arranging their stuff. Take deep breadths, go through your plan for the question paper. Remember how will you proceed with the paper. Remain cool. just wait for the papers to be distributed.

Now you got the question paper
Don't begin as soon as you get the paper, read the questions before you get to attempt them. Once you have a cursory glance at the questions begin with the one you know. Keep track of the time but don't hurry. Setting time per question is not the way, set time by hour. 3 big questions in an hour is how i set my time in my exams days in AeSI.

Hope this tips and simple techniques will help you in your exams. Best of luck. and be sure to give in your ways of decompressing before exams in the comments !

Interview tips from DRDO SET's actual interview

One the great thing about OURAeSI group, that aims to unite all the members of AeSI, is that the spirit of community is there and people share their experiences.

Back in 2003 tejas patel gave DRDO SET examination and passed it. After that he had his DRDO technical interview. Every one has that, what special about it?

After that he was generous enough to share his experience with us in the ouraesi club. Since the number of messages in yahoo groups gets buried under the layers of many messages, i am pasting it here with my remarks at the end so that they will from hence forth available via google search and can benefit more people.

Tejas patel wrote:

this is for the idea of the friends who r doing aesi.
my interview was on 1st of dec.
there were 13 guys who had came for the interview.
i dont know, but some of the people were saying that
they have called on the merit of written test--SET
the first 3(i.e.1st,2nd and 3rd of dec) days were for
general candidates followed by 2 days for obc's and
last one for obc and sc/st's.
for the kind information out of 13 present there 7
were from ganesh institute!(i.e.more than 50% to
say).namely in the order of calling,Tejas,Praveen
Bajpai,Puneet Gupta,Prashant Jha,Darshan Trivedi,Suraj
Chaurasia and Sinder.If any body of above persons
spelling if written wrong then its by mistake only.

My interview was more of a sort of introduction then

during my interview there were 5 interviewers.2 were
IISc bangalore's was head
GTRE, was of DRDO lab in agra(i dont know
which).the chairman was from REC warangal.
the rest of the talk i will indicate who asked what.

the next some initial questions from chairman.

Chairman:first question was u have done ur aesi,where
u working while studying?
myself: no
C:then did u prepared ur self?
C:then did u took guidance from somewhere?
M:i said yes.
M:Ganesh Institute ,Chennai.
(for the next coming candidates he himself asked u r
also from ganesh institute?)
C:u havent done any practical.?
M:iit madras.
C:u r in first semester , u have 3 more semesters.out
of which 2 are will u join here?
M:i will request u to give me time to complete,or i
will take a break from and join here or i will
shift my project in drdo and complete the
C:What if i dont give u time to complete the
M:I will request u to give me time......
C:what shall i ask?
C:have u seen any wind tunnels?
M:iit madras.
C:what type?
M:all the three subsonic,transonic and supersonic.
C:what is the test section range of supersonic
windtunnel in iit madras?
M:mach 2-2.5.(it depends,but to less complicate the
matters i gave this number)
C:wht is the area of the test section?
M:(i couldnt recall exactlyso i said )100mm*100mm.

then the professor from IISc took over.
Prof:which is ur favourite subject?
M:Gas dynamics
P:Ok.i ask u one question.
P:design a mach 3 supersonic cruise missile,with nose
l/d ratio of 1,middle lifting surface of l/d 10 and
tail lifting surface of l/d 5.
(I was quite confused to hear so high question )
M:is it blunt nose?
(here i make a mistake)
M:this is missile why do u want to have lifting
ALL:that u decide u have to design.
(I showed something which was a missile but i dont
know whether it was what he was asking or something
different.but i suppose he wanted that only because he
didnt gave any comment)
P:show me the shock pattern.
(again i was confused what to do,what we have studied
is only bow shock and rest we dont know what happens
at back)
(Still drew something,he didnt commented so i
P:show me the location of CP?
M:give me the freestream pressure.
P:just tell me by ur idea where it will lie.
M:between mid and tail section.
P:why ?
M:because we are having shock (some explanation i gave
on paper by drawing ,and he was not satisfied)
P:OK,if i give u three CP's of nose,midsection and
tail section.can u find CP.
(I was thinking to tell him to say what we do in CMcg
way.that at cp the moment wont come.)
P:i dont want explanation.
(b4 i say something)
P:my last hint (zigma M/zigma L)
(b4 i start my word)
P:i dont want explanation.just tell me.
(b4 i start)
C:Ok leave it.

another prof of IISc.
P2:what is stress concentration factor?
(i had heard something like that but i couldnt recall
so i gave bluff)
M:max stress by average stress.
P2:draw an rectangular element,make a hole in
that,apply a tension load.
P2:where will be the max stress?
(b4 i can put my pencil on paper)
P2:on the edges of the circle?
P2:ok,u must have learned theory of elasticity.take an
element from that rectangular me the
stress pattern.
(I showed something ,OK.I also know that it was wrong
but i was off by the missile question)
then came GTRE head:(he asked a simple question and i
made mistake)
G:take a rod and apply bending and torsion
simultaneous ly.what will be bending moment diagram?
G:will it be direct addition or direct subtraction?
M:its addition(that's my mistake)
M:no,some equivalent value.(i couldnt recall the
formula there which i would have dont atleast 100

then came the agra heads turn
A:so u have seen the wind tunnel,what we do in wind
M:we test the model
A:how we will test,directly i can take a model and
test there?
M:no there should be dynamic similarity.(at that time
it could not recall kinematic similarity)
A:what will u equate?
M:reynolds no,and mach no in our cased.
A:and ..?
M:Froude no,but we dont give much preferrence to it.
A:that's what i wanted.
A:how will i test a LCA,if i have particular reynolds
no then how will u test it in wind tunnel?
M:we will match the reynolds no.
M:suppose u have a one fifth model then vary other
parameters so that it remains same.

then again it came with chairman.
C:u say u have worked on supersonic WT.
C:why dont we dont equate reynolds no there?

M:at high speed mach no i similarity is more important
than reynolds no similarity.
(this is probably the wrong answer)
C:ok if i want to increase the test section mach no
what should i do?
M:increase the area ratio.
C:will that be sufficient ?
M:other consideration will be the pressure,either
increase the total pressure or decrease the back
C:ok what is area ratio?
M(I explained that)
C:what is throat area?
(i explained that also)
C:so can i increase the area in any way i like?
M :no
C:what if i put a cone?will it give me increase in
mach no?
M:no,it will have to be carefully designed
M:otherwise that wont give isentropic flow.
C:have u heard about method of characteristics?
M:yes but i have not applied any where.
C:OK,thank u,u can go.

i know i had made lot of mistakes but this was my
first technical i am happy even if i dont
get it.i tried to perform well,but was baffled with
the first question.

any way the above is for others information so they
dont make mistakes.

so this is the post of tejas, i have intentionally left the message intact to give you the flavor of the sitution there. First of all thanks to tejas for the candid and honest mail about the interview.

As mentioned in the earlier post, look from where most of the questions were triggered..

The fav subject is omni present and this is where the whole interview got its focus. See how different it would have been if the question tejas's answer was more related to a subject he knew a lot about. So the first lessons to learn is have your favorite subject ready. Let it be the subject that you know the most about and the subjects in which you are most confident.

Second thing that you might have noticed is that all other questions that are asked are from the replies that tejas was giving, so you see interviewee is the one who leads the interview. It is your words that triggers the questions, so keep them to the territories that is topics that you are confident about.

Since this is already a long post i'll discuss other points in some other post.

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