Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Another way of revising.....

A good way to revise after u have completed all ur syllabus. Select 4 chapters u want to concentrate from all the subjects and study one chapter per day daily morning and study normal WHole day...

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Learn from kuldeep...

When u want to memorize something then do it aloud. Its more effortless and efficient than mental memorising..

Monday, November 22, 2004

Greatest lesson of this semester..

I am struggling with VMD now and the topics i'm facing the most difficulty are the one which i have not done with sir, as he taught in the class. So always go with the class. It helps. Revise classwork within 24 of it being taught.

Sunday, November 21, 2004

Crucial time for studies

This is an important in an aesi guy now, coz exams are a in 20 days,Typical changes noticed are gossips stop, sms are intermittent, books are open, and only thing remains unchanged is t xabit of cursing goyal of aesi..:)

Friday, November 19, 2004

Mathematics study tips for exams from Ganapati sir

Here are tips to study numerical or mathematics as i learnt from Ganapati sir.

-Do all steps
-Start with simple numericals.
-Divide a chapter into topics and then go topic by topic.
-Most important lesson is to learn t general rule and see the exception.

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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Suggestion by Ganapati sir

This are suggestion by Ganapati Sir on his last marathon class. He asked students to concentrate on complex variables, numerical analysis and partial differenciation! According to him these topics have max marks!

Suggestion for flights...-by students.

Come exam month and what will come and what will not becomes a got topic. so the news is there will be at least one derivation from propellor and one from performance!

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Biggest lesson of this semester.....

Biggest lesson i learnt this semester is studying at one fix comfortable place is as important as studying. First 2 months got wasted coz of this but my productive increased as i took my old chair!

How am i revising?

I have all the numerical papers maths, asm, and vmd. so having completed the syllabus now i am revising as 100 numericals a day. 60 maths, 20 each of the rest two... why?

Sure shot for ASM by students

Exams is in a month's time and the speculation about what will come is on every student's lips. here's a sample on asm. Area moment, rivets, and conjugate method is sure. more as i learN.

Lay man's guide to A B C....

DRDO has posted requirement for c grade scientist.

So what is this B and C.

Well C grade means after completing or Masters where as B is for and bachelor level!

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DRDO's requirement for c grade scientist

DRDO has posted requirement for c grade scientist. for more info visit drdo's site and advert no 49. Best of luck.

Gossip about aerodynamics question paper

Among the students its believed that Mr. Allen Govan of MIT chennai had set aero question paper for last to semester. Another rumor is about asm that this time the question paper will be easy and Goyal sir is the source of the news.

DRDO interview

Last week drdo conducted the interviews for SAT. The questions were on basic like what is Is, name two double propellant, what is balancing, etc. will post more question as i learn..

Next president of Aesi

News is there that the next president of Aesi will be Dr G Madhavan Nair, Chairman, Indian Space Research Organisation. The present president will have his term end on 17 december and during the recent Aesi AGM at pune on 11th december the news is that Dr G Madhavan Nair will take the charge.......

section a exam schudule is reshuffled

Hi folks section a exam schudule is reshuffled. Section b's timetable is still the same. for those looking for a big change its just a small change first two subjects are shifted to the last and the last two to the first. check aesi site for detail and its a good news for those giving flights and workshop technology coz you guys will have 7 days between the exams.

First post

I had opened this as a google group but then after a long musing thing this bloging will be better as it won't clutter your email and all you to do to read this is to come to

Just after 3 years i am starting this group? why well first of all because i can email all my thought about aesi in it anytime i want it. amd i don't want my personal comment to clutter the pages at ouraesi so i will sent it here and if i like it i will send them to ouraesi. so this will be like a personal blog on aesi from my side.

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