Monday, March 26, 2007

first jet liner to have ....

Boeing's 787 will be the world's first new commercial jetliner that was designed from scratch with an on-board fuel inerting system. Later this year, the FAA will require that airplane makers and airlines reduce the flammability of fuel vapors, and inerting is the only practical way of doing that.


What is inerting? How this can prevent fuel tank explosion disasters? Why boeing 787 has it… to find an answer follow the interesting link. This is a new technique that most new aircrafts will apply in the days to come…. So budding aerospace engineers, take a peek into the future…..



Tuesday, March 20, 2007

John backus 1924-2007


'John W. Backus, who assembled and led the I.B.M. team that created
Fortran, the first widely used programming language, which helped open
the door to modern computing, died on Saturday at his home in Ashland,
Ore. He was 82.'


'Fortran changed the terms of communication between humans and
computers, moving up a level to a language that was more
comprehensible by humans. So Fortran, in computing vernacular, is
considered the first successful higher-level language.

Mr. Backus and his youthful team, then all in their 20s and 30s,
devised a programming language that resembled a combination of English
shorthand and algebra. Fortran, short for Formula Translator, was very
similar to the algebraic formulas that scientists and engineers used
in their daily work. With some training, they were no longer dependent
on a programming priesthood to translate their science and engineering
problems into a language a computer would understand.

In an interview several years ago, Ken Thompson, who developed the
Unix operating system at Bell Labs in 1969, observed that "95 percent
of the people who programmed in the early years would never have done
it without Fortran."

He added: "It was a massive step."

Fortran was also extremely efficient, running as fast as programs
painstakingly hand-coded by the programming elite, who worked in
arcane machine languages. This was a feat considered impossible before
Fortran. It was achieved by the masterful design of the Fortran
compiler, a program that captures the human intent of a program and
recasts it in a way that a computer can process.'

Thursday, March 15, 2007

50th anniversary



Do you know the year 2007 marks the 50th anniversary of the language FORTRAN? It is in February in the year 1957 that john backus and his team announced the arrival of FOTRAN. The more I read about it, the more interested I am in this language FORTRAN. Do you know in a way FORTRAN is said to be the point where all this IT industry began. A statement you might think to be too loud but when your read about the development of FORTRAN compiler, you will feel the same way as I do now.. 


I don't know if I have send u a link that describes the days that lead o the FORTRAN compiler development. The article was so vivid that it almost makes you feel that you are there with the FORTRAN team doing the work.  Anyway, if I haven't send that already then I will send it again or just search john backus inventor site: 


Wednesday, March 14, 2007

WALK-IN man!!!

Seriously, how many of you take these walk-ins seriously. How many of you use the news and get going/ from what I have seen and noticed, most of the aesi guys shrug from these walk-ins. In first 2 or 3 walk-in people walk-in but after that they get a weird idea that the walk-ins are fixed and they just done to show foreign clients that these things are moving in the company!! Maybe it might be true in some cases but not every time. I don't believe people at the company will spend there Saturday and Sunday just like that, there definitely is some need, otherwise no requirement would have come.


Anyway without getting into this issue, I am here to tell you the experience of one Mr. P, I can’t use his name as I need his permission to include the name... So a little background, just like many aesi guys, he was doing an unpaid training in a R&D institution here in Bangalore, he was doing good work and even though he has shown his capabilities there and was efficient and doing work no one gave any thought for the guy and as the one year term neared its end, he was feeling the heat of no work and no job that will come in a week time. So he began going to any walk-in that was advertised in the papers. He even went to the one that was related to his field but they wanted an experience greater than he had and you know what, he got through in a reputed Indian firm with one walk-in which he just went because he had the day pass of the bus on that day!!!!


So all I can say is don’t miss an opportunity of walk-in, your previous failures, experiences and other things won't count. If you need a job, then do go for this walk-in, needless of whatever that is holding you back. Sometimes it’s the cold feet of facing a interview that inhibits us, But from my personal experience i tell you, by all means go, you will always end up learning something from it!!!



Thursday, March 01, 2007

Boeing's electric plane

I read this piece of article on web. It was usual news-type article except the last line which caught my attention.


You go through it; perhaps your aeronautical mind will catch the word!!


"The fuel-efficient engine developed by General Electric for The Boeing Co.'s 787 Dreamliner began its flight test program 22nd Feb. on the wing of a 747 test plane.


In a statement, GE said, "The GEnx engine took to the skies today in Victorville, Calif., marking the start of flight-testing on GE's 747 flying test-bed. During the three-hour first flight, the GEnx-1B engine demonstrated aircraft systems and instrumentation functionality, climbed to more than 43,000 feet and established engine performance baseline for flight-testing.''


The 787 will be a much more electric plane than previous commercial jetliners, and will not use bleed air from the engines to run certain systems."


So far so good, but the word electric plane stuck me and upon investigating found some good facts about the Boeing’s new airliner


We know much about the new jet's composite wings and fuselage, its cabin innovations and the next-generation, fuel-efficient engines, but what is this "electric”? To find out get going



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