Monday, February 22, 2010

Allow yourself more time to stare at the clouds

A phase from study hacks ( )
remained with me

"....allow yourself more time to stare at the clouds, and then be
prepared to follow-up when you spot something cool....."

It's the one technique or way of study that I always hit upon so many
times in this blog.

(Hit to

The main point of the quote is don't just study, soak in it. Drag the
studies out of the text books. Take it out and connect with it.

Study for small time, but use the rest of the time digesting,
connecting the stuff you read. Remember and see the content you
studied in different ways. Imagine consequences of it. Let your
imagination run wild on that information.

This is what a friend of mine in AeSI was master of. He was the only
guy who studied (that is sat with the books) the least, but always got
the highest marks and had answers ready. I didn't know his exact
technique back then, but now I know he moonlighted on those topics
that he studied.

We, myself included, forgot to recall the subjects as soon as we
closed the book, but for him they remained with him. From tea shops to
girls, he uncannily connected the new information with the world
around him.

So as you study for this semester, remember this mantra- study less,
imagine more. That's the secret of successful study.

Please give it a try. Do remember what one great scientist said,
imagination is more powerful than knowledge. So give it the wings and
reach the skys!'

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