Tuesday, June 19, 2007

a new calendar for OURAESI use it

What good is a calendar? Why we use it ad why we need to do it for OURAeSI.



Lets start wilt wikipedia


"The primary practical use of a calendar is to identify days: to be informed about and/or to agree on a future event and to record an event that has happened. Days may be significant for civil, religious or social reasons.


Calendars are also used to help people manage their personal schedules, time and activities, particularly when individuals have numerous work, school, and family commitments. People frequently use multiple systems, and may keep both a business and family calendar to help prevent them from over committing their time."



Well after reading what wikipedia has to say about use of calendars, I wondered why don't we have a calendar for OURAeSI club. I mean its a community and we have lot that we wanted to know about so hwy not have something like a calendar.


Though it features a calendar but I found Google calendar is much more versatile and open and easy to use, so I planned to have that calendar for OURAeSI



Well while I was reading these things i remembered that I missed this year’s OURAeSI birthday, so a calendar is important and will help it more organized and keep its members more informed.


What am I planning to put in the calendar?


Following is the list of things that I came up

1> birthday and important events of ouraesi,

2> exam schedules of aesi

3> important announcement dates of AeSI

4> any user submitted event related to aesi

5> local aerospace related events in Bangalore

6> Job walk-in info as and when it happens


The club being a community so you all can submit your event request. The calendar will be available freely online.


And I hope it will real help and will be useful in time to come.







 So what are you waiting for use it!!!


More at http://my-aesi.blogspot.com




Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Finmeccanica -tips for telephonic interview

I got the following mail...

Dear Sir

My name is Fahimudeen, I have got interview from Finmeccanica, can you provide me details for the first assessment telephonic interview so as to prepare. My interview is schedule to be on June 8th , If u send me details of what they are particular about. It will be great help to me to prepare, waiting for your earnest reply as early as possible.

Fahimudeen .K

and here's my reply

It’s good that you have got a call. Well for preparations please do learn as much as you can from Finmeccanica site about the program that they are offering and what does Finmeccanica does. Know what they do and how you can fit into it.

Most of the questions asked in first assessment will be non-technical, more related to questions which seek demonstrated examples of behavior from your past experience and concentrate on job related functions. They will inquire about your motivation for getting into this program, why you want an international career.?

The questions will seek examples from your working life.

The questions that they ask are as follows

1. What is your motivation of doing this course?
2. Why do you want an international career?
3. Describe a situation where you have worked with people with different culture?
4. Describe a situation when you did something out of your initiative in your present or former job.
5. Tell us an experience in your previous or present job where you did play a critical role and had accepted a challenge and what was the outcome?
6. What do you know about Finmeccanica?
7. How do you work as a team, give one example where teamwork really helped?

Ponder on these points and be prepared with real-file examples out of your life to answers this question. This isn’t technical round.

Apart from checking your motivation for doing the course they will also see and judge your communication skills. So do take extra care on speaking slowly and clearly while on phone. They have a different assent and for them you have a different ascent so be slow and clear.

Also search Google for techniques for telephonic interview and adhere to them.

Here are some suggestions for tackling story-based questions

* Analyze your own background. What skills do you have (content, functional, and adaptive) that relate to your Finmeccanica objective?

* Identify examples from your past experience where you demonstrated those skills. How can you "tell a story" about your use of particular skills or knowledge? Remember that a good story has a beginning, middle and end.

* Wherever possible, quantify your results. Numbers illustrate your level of authority and responsibility.

* Be prepared to provide examples of when results didn¹t turn out as you planned.
What did you do then?

Hope this helps. Best of luck and keep us informed.

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Monday, June 04, 2007




For those who haven’t applied and haven’t yet heard about FINMECCANICA master’s program. The last date for online application is 15th June, so if your serious about it. Register before it.


I know many of you consider is a long shot, but have faith in yourself and apply, the least that can happen is that you might not get selected but don’t give up without trying just for the sake of it by saying “oh they will not take us !!”

If you can’t respect yourself and your degree, no one else will!!!









Finmeccanica invites talented Graduates from around the world to participate in its


Go to on line Application !

The Master's Programme has been designed to forge a link between Academic Institutions and Industry, with the involvement of prestigious Partner Universities from around the world (see Notice & Brochure).
Fhink aims to develop Students from high-potential Graduates into world class Professionals working in an international Business Engineering environment, in the Areas of (see Notice & Brochure):

  • Program Management
  • Project Management
  • Operations & Technology Management
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Business Development
  • Strategic Management
  • Business Improvement
  • Risk Management
  • Financial Control

The Master's Programme combines intensive learning with an internship in one of the Finmeccanica Group Operating Companies, totalling approx. 1500 hours of full-time learning and development activities.
Following successful completion of the Programme, you will be offered an opportunity within a Finmeccanica Group Company
Finmeccanica also offers financial support, for all Participants, to cover tuition fees, accommodation and living expenses (see Notice & Brochure).
The Master's Programme will be taught in English and held in Rome (Italy).
It will start from November 2007 and end in October 2008.

Closing date for on line applications is 15th June 2007.


Requirements for Application and Selection(see Notice)

Go to on line application!

Email: fhink@finmeccanica.com
From Monday to Friday:
9.00am-12.00am (GMT+01:00)
3.00pm-5.00pm (GMT+01:00)
Tel: +39 06 3247.3232
Fax: +39 06 3247.3930


Friday, June 01, 2007

The Dreamliner is no dream anymore - it's real, and it's here


It’s June 2007 and Boeing 787 dreamliner factory is officially open for business that is assembling the airplane. As Randy’s blog mentions, the arrival for the dreamliner’s parts has began and it will be first opportunity for many Boeing employees to see an all new aircraft being assembled.

So don’t miss out the action. Get to the link mentioned below to get glimpse of the dream liner getting ready to take the skies…




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