Friday, April 30, 2010

Surest way to get an interview call that

Surest way to get an interview call is to put relevent experience in
your resume.

All your experiences need not be in your resume, nor does it require
all your projects listed.

You don't want to put the HR executive selecting your resume to sleep!

Your 2 years of online tutor experience might come handy when you are
applying for a tutur job but don't mention it in gas turbine aero
engine engineering related job.

Your competing and getting big incentives at a call center is not an
achievement to flaunt for a job that requires aerospace engineers!
Save that for a sales job.

Highlighting your technical projects and skills that you acquired in
those projects is what you need to provide.

And not all jobs are made for you. So skip the once that do not cross
your profile.

Be relevant and get the interview call your are waiting for.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

First Look of AeSIAA symposium and why you should attend?

Here’s the latest update on the symposium organised by AeSIAA.


Hope you can view the image, if not click here

So why and which AeSI students should attend the symposium?

The seminar apart from having invited talks from eminent aeronautics professionals will feature an interaction with Indian industry experts and placement consultants. This fact entails that students in last semester, graduates doing training and graduates looking for jobs must attend the Symposium.

Once details are final, i will post some here. wait and watch?

Mean while, if you are wondering on what is AeSIAA and why you should join it? Read the following

Saturday, April 24, 2010

How to Send your Resume?

You see an job advert. You then search your email or hard disk for your resume. You modify the dates, mobile number and experience field and send the resume. Well those days when you did that are over.

No longer are the days when your generic all purpose resume can fetch you an interview call? Gone are the days when just by sending your resume, you will guarantee an interview call. Gone are the days when few scribbles in a word document with your name on it was getting you interview calls.

Everybody is sending resume and sending a resume like that takes 5 mins and that fact alone makes that the HR at the other end will get 100’s of resumes. So stop yourself and make sure your resume highlights answers to the following  questions before you hit the send button.

  • Why you are an excellent match for the job?
  • What skills you bring to the organization?
  • Your capacity for doing the work better than other candidates
  • Your ability to solve company or industry problems

If the HR doesn’t see this in your resume in the first two pages, your resume will end up in the recycle bin!!

So before sending your resume, take some time and craft a resume?

Don’t forget to read this

Friday, April 23, 2010

Walk-in interviews for Repair/Service Engineers (Aero engines) in Bangalore.

Walk-in interviews for Repair/Service Engineers (Aero engines) in Bangalore.
Education: A.M.E. (Mechanical Stream Only) / Diploma / B.E. (Aeronautical/Mechanical only) / B.Tech (Aeronautical/Mechanical only)  / M.Tech (Aeronautical only)
Experience: 0-15 years


Experience and working knowledge of current commercial or military engines in service.
Basic knowledge of engine systems, functions of engine modules and systems as well as experience in design environment.
In-depth technical understanding and competence Experience in 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th line servicing of aero engines
Experience in maintenance, repair/service and overhaul of gas turbine aero  engines


Soft Skills:
Good command of the English language required
Customer orientated behaviour
Attention to detail
Good communication and interpersonal skills

Thanks for the response. All the resumes has been sent to HR. They will take it from here. Please don’t send any more resumes.
Thank you all. In the next week as a thank you note i post three resume templates for anyone to use.


Read this awesome quote and wanted to share with you all.

Asked how long it took to achieve Excellence, IBM's legendary boss
Tom Watson is said to have answered more or less as follows: "A
minute. You 'achieve' Excellence* by promising yourself right now
that you'll never again knowingly do anything that's not Excellent
—regardless of any pressure to do otherwise by any boss or

Hope you make that promise and shine in all your work!!

Want some other inspirational quotes to boost your moral then click
this link

Acheive excellence

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Slow Blog activities, AeSIAA and seminar update etc

This is a sort of rant post. Sometime I just like to tell you all why
the activities are slow on the blog.

Well I am busy like a bee in the an upcoming seminar related
activities. I have dipped my hands few things which I am trying tie.
So posting to the blog has suffered.

AeSIAA update
I am sure by now you all know about aesiaa. It stands for aeronautical
society of india alumni association. It's a registerred society and
formal organisation formed by the alumnies of aesi to unite and build
a community around aesi graduates.

So if you have graduated recently or long back then be a part of
AeSIAA. Join aesiaa!!

It's there to help you and leverage the goodwill that we as graduates
of AeSI are generating in the Indian aerospace industry!!

So join and be a part of your roots!!

Seminar update
As part of its annual program, AeSIAA is organising an all india level
seminar titled advances in Indian aeronautics, where eminent
professionals of Indian aeronautics will share their thoughts and
experiences of working in Indian aeronautics industry. This seminar
will be held in Bangalore on 24th July 2010!! I am doing my bot to
make this event a success.

If you are interested please leave a comment here and keep a watch on
this blog.

I will keep you posted. Till then visit the brand new website of

Some avionics keywords that your resume should have!!

If you are an avionics graduate of AeSI, then here are some of the
keywords that should be in your resume

Unit testing, Integration, Acceptance & System Testing, C, Ada, RTRT,
LDRA, Raphsody, UML, Rational Rose, and labview.

This are the magnet skills that can fetch you interviews. And if you
are competent in few of them then they will fetch you a job!!

And if you feel and you are not confident in any, then choose one and
start running with it!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Finmeccanica is looking for you- aerospace graduate?

'Finmeccanica is increasing its international presence with a
particular focus on India, where the group is promoting its most
important platforms and systems, as well as enlarging the company's
industrial and technological footprint via successful collaborations
established with public sector undertakings and private companies,'
the statement said.

'Finmeccanica is looking India as a key strategic high potential
market and is currently engaged in several initiatives aimed at
expanding its long-term relationship with India,' the statement added.

The course commences on July. Following successful completion,
students will also have the option to join the Finmeccanica Group that
currently has 73,000 employees, 5,200 researchers and 14,300 engineers

It is a fully sponsored masters and hence completely free of cost.
Candidates can apply online by visiting

The programme will be eligible for students with four years of
engineering degree with specialization in mechanical, manufacturing,
aerospace, aeronautics, electrical, energy or ICT.

Find more on aesi grads experience with finmeccanica by clicking this


Thursday, April 15, 2010

What tools to learn in avionics stream?

A recent mail from the reader of this blog has this question.

"I am in section B and have avionics branch, so what extra course i
can do which is helpful for my career!"

I guess I talk about catia, solidworks, ansys, ungraphics, fluent,
hypermesh etc but I rarly talk about anything realated to this stream
that many in AeSI take.

Before I lay my two thoughts on this subject here, I would like you to
point you to find the old articles in this blog that might help you.

You can find them by clicking this link

Well that being said, I would like to add that first and foremost take
up c language and start learning it from now starting today. Don't
worry about when and where just resolve that this is one language you
want to master while still pursuing this stream.

And second thing, search for some good blogs or websites that talks
about this subject. Subscribe to them. Read them everyday. You might
not understand everything written in that. That's ok. Just be a part
of the team. Join avionics groups in yahoo, google and linkedin.

Do this two things consistently and do it with a sense of mastering
them, you will require no additional advice from anyone to have a
great start to your career!!

Hope this helps and don't forget to tell me how it goes.

And better still start a blog about your adventures in this stream!! I
would love to hear your experiences.

Good luck!!

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Free Webinar for Mechanical and Aerospace Engineers

Every 1-2 months SoftInWay runs free webinars for engineers involved in the design and optimization of axial, radial and mixed flow turbomachinery.

The 40-minute presentation discloses new effective approaches to the main mechanical and aerospace engineering challenges, such as the analysis of axial compressor performance, redesign of steam and gas turbines etc.

After the presentation SoftInWay encourages participants to ask questions and get a professional opinion during an open forum.

AxSTREAM – Generation 3: New Features for Radial Turbomachines (Radial Turbine and Centrifugal Compressor)

April 15, 2010, at 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. EST

Register for webinar by clicking here

The time in India will At 10AM in Atlanta it is 7:30pm in India. Do check the daylight saving time!!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Quotes and news from AeSI’s AGM in Bangalore

“If we don’t produce in time, others will take advantage of our delays and sell their products to us. The Indian aerospace industry should not only produce for defence and civil aviation sectors, but also to export,” IAF Vice Chief Air Marshal Pranab Kumar Barbora said here at a national convention on aeronautical technologies.

Read the full report here

I will try to update this blog post as and when i receive more news..

List of Aerospace companies that know about AeSI

Look at this list of Aerospace and other companies that are corporate members of Aeronautical Society Of India. They know about AeSI.

1. Air India Ltd., Mumbai
2. Air Works India Engg., Pvt.Ltd, Mumbai
3. Aeronautical Development Agency, Bangalore
4. Airbus Industrie, France
5. Aeronautics R & D Board, New Delhi
6. Airports Authority of India, New Delhi
7. Boeing Commercial Airplane Group, U.S.A.
8. Hindustan Aeronautics Limited,Bangalore
9. Indian Airlines Ltd., New Delhi
10. Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur
11. National Aerospace Laboratories, Bangalore
12. Pawan Hans Helicopters Ltd., New Delhi
13. Rolls Royce India Ltd., New Delhi
14. SNECMA, New Delhi
15. Taneja Aerospace & Aviation Ltd., Bangalore
16. Indamer Company Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai
17. Jet Airways India Pvt.Ltd., Mumbai
18. Honeywell International Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi
19. Hindustan College of Engineering, Chennai
20. Indian Oil Corporation Ltd., Mumbai
21. Rockwell Collins, New Delhi
22. Max Aerospace & Aviation Ltd., Mumbai
23. Krasny Marine Service Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai
24. Intercontinental Consultant & Technocrat Pvt.Ltd.,Delhi
25. Pahuja Enterprises, New Delhi

26. ASL Advanced Systems Pvt.Ltd., Bangalore
27. Genesys International Corp. Ltd., Bangalore
28. Shipra Technologies Ltd., Bangalore
29. Godrej & Boyce Mfg.Co.Ltd., Mumbai
30. EMBRAER, Singapore
31. Kirloskar Pneumatic Co.Ltd, Pune
32. BAe HAL Software Ltd., Bangalore
33. VEM Technologies Pvt.Ltd., Hyderabad
34. Taj Air Ltd., Mumbai
35. Electronics Corporation of India Ltd.,Hyderabad
36. United Technologies International Operation,Mumbai
37. Indocen Electronic System Pvt.Ltd, Mumbai
38. Hi-Tec Systems Inc, Gurgaon
39. Indian Aero Medical Service Pvt.Ltd
40. Defence Research & Development Lab., Hyd.
41. Integrated Test Range, Chandipur
42. Army Aviation Corps, New Delhi
43. Indian Air Force, New Delhi
44. Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai
45. ANTENA India (P) Ltd
46. Integrated HQ (Navy), New Delhi
47 Defence Metallurgical Res.Lab., Hyderabad
48. Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation, Singapore
49. Bharat Dynamics Ltd., Hyderabad
50. CADES Digitech (P) Ltd., Bangalore
51. MLR Institute of Engg.Tech., Hyderabad
52. ZEN Tech. Ltd. Hyderabad
53. Telelogic (I) Pvt.Ltd., Bangalore
54. CEMILAC, Bangalore
55. Royal Aeronautical Society, London
56. Bell Helicopters India, New Delhi
57. Radiall Protection Pvt Ltd, Bangalore


If only each of this 57 mentioned firms resolved to interview at least one AeSI graduate each year, there wouldn’t be such shortage of aerospace professionals!!!

AeSI AGM is on in Bangalore

AeSI AGM is on today, if you are in Bangalore and in AeSI you should be at Hotel
Orchid, Old Airport Road, Bangalore.

This is the place AeSI is conducting its 61st Annual General Meeting along with a national seminar on ‘Frontiers of Aerospace Technologies’

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Why learn fortran and vba if you want a career as an aerospace engineer?

In my last post on software language that you should learn, I
mentioned VBA and fortran the language to learn if you want to work in
a career as an aerospace engineer.

To find what languages I recommended click the following link. Http://

Each language i recommended has it's own inherient advantage and
disadvantage. Here in this post I will talk about vba and fortran. Why
you should learn them?

VBA is the most readilly available and accessable language. It's easy
to learn and the learning curve is plain and you can do interesting
stuff with just small effort. Very good to impress buddies.

If you work in catia, solidworks, excel and other windows based
software then knowing this language gives you an edge and if you use
your imagination, you can do a bundle of things in it.

Working in aerospace domain, then rest assured that you will use or
work with one or two fortran based applications. Fortran is the life
blood of the aerospace industry and if you want to be in this industry
then it makes sense you know how to write programs in this language.

This is the easiest of computer langugae to learn and is very
powerful. This will enable you do stuff that you might need to do

Fortran and vba are part of my daily work life. When I was in aesi I
never knew I will be working on this but thanks to my years in NAL,
where I honed this skills and developed them so much that they now
enable me to do magic with them every day!!

So what languages are you working on?

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

3 things you shouldn't mention in your resume

As I said yesterday I will mention three things that you shouldn't
write in your resume.

In AeSI, these three things are part of most of aesi graduates life.

Very few among us go tangent over this three. But this three things
shouldn't be explicitly mentioned in your resume. They reduce your
impact and dampen your chances of getting an interview call!

The three things are

Mention of unpaid word with your work at NAL or any other place where
you are doing training. Don't mention the word unpaid. Tell you are
doing training. Let them ask you more info in the interview.

Mention of percentage when not asked explicitly by the job
requirement. Don't flaunt it unless you are more than 80 otherwise
wait for the recruiter to ask it.

Mention of your life story/philosophy in your resume. No one is
interested in your spritituality so don't mention it in your resume.
It's not about you! So shut up. Highlight what you can give to the job
and nothing else!

So avoid these three stuff in your resume like a plague!!

Read more about how to build a resume that always brings you an
interview call by clicking

Monday, April 05, 2010

AeSI graduates don't send your resumes if you can do this!!

In my recents posts I have talked about what to do in your resume. How
to answer interview questions? How to prepare for technical interview
but today I will talk about a very common mistake that AeSI guys do
while sending their resumes!!

First of all don't send a resume unless you know what is the job
requirement! Send one page job profile but don't just send your
generic because a friend of a friend asked you send it.

Get to know what the job is? Get to know what the requirement are and
then and only then send your updated resume.

Remember this, the job is not there as a charity, it's there because
of the organisations NEED! So don't insult the need by just send your
generic resume. Craft your resume. Polish it with answers to the
companies need!

Understand and respect this basic fact and I can put my words on this
that you won't miss an interview call!!

This post was prompted by a recent resume that I got in my email.
Tomorrow I will post about three things that are part of AeSI
graduates life but that you should NOT mention in your resume. So stay

Read more about how to craft your resume by clicking this link

Sunday, April 04, 2010

My biggest lesson from NAL?

I did apprenticeship at nal after my aesi. This is the place I call
the birthplace of my confidence. Working here I gathered the skills
and self belief that's essential for work.

So in this post I would like to highlight the biggest lessons that I
took while working in NAL!

Concentrate on your assigned work. Everything else will follow!

When I entered NAL I had this preconceived notion that working on
catia will be the best thing that can happen to me as that was the
hottest tool to have in my resume. Guess what the lab I joined didn't
use catia.

Initially I was feeling unhappy but took whatever task was assigned to
me. Gave my 100% to the task without resentment and without thinking
of going back to some other place whete catia can be part of my resume.

And this served me well. As I began completing the tasks, I began
getting tasks of richness that I never realized before. My task became
more and more sofisticated. From gas turbine performance, to design
and analysis of mixed flow centrifugal compresssor, I found myself
working in some of the top projects of my boss.

From my boss, I got projects involving more complexity and new
features. This strenghtened by fortran, vba, c skills. This approach
taught me nastran, ansys, solidworks, and matlab!

And none of this tool, I was working on trivial projects but projects
that increases and expanded my knowledge.

Lesson for everyone who is doing training in nal, isro, gtre etc

Don't judge your work to be trivial!! Every task is important.

A modern gas turbine engine has 30,000 parts and each one from the
bolt to the blade has it's own importance. Failure of one will lead to
an incomplete engine.

So take up whatever work you are assigned and make the most of it.
Every task has it's importance. You maynot realize it then but give
your 100% in the task you are assigned!!

Expand your knowledge, and rise from the framework of tasks you are
meant to do!!

This was my biggest lesson from nal and I am glad I did stick to the
tasks !

You too share your stories. What is your biggest lesson from the
training you do?

Announcement: your MyAeSI is now more interactive!!

Now my aesi is more social. you can connect with fellow aesi folks and
can interact with them via the my-aesi blog.

I have added the social bar to the blog, so that interaction with
members on the site is much easier.

So take a look?


You will notice the social bar at the top.

What can be done from the social bar?

1. You can comment, question and remark on anything that is on the site.

2. You can interact with fellow aesi students, alumni!!

3. You can sell, buy and borrow books and study material among site

4. You can explore who else is Reading the my-aesi blog and what else
they are doing.

5. You can discover cool things about your peers!!

There are many things that you can do via this new feature, so what
are you waiting for go to and take a spin!!

Please don't forget to comment and tell me what cool ano not so cool
about the feature!!

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Superior credentials vs good interview skills - How to ace your interview?

Come March, April and Interview seasons are on. Companies go out to
hire, to consolidate bench strength or to replace the non performers!!

But what is it that you should possess. Superior credentials or good
interview skills. Ideally the former will do but life is not ideal. So
the the latter is the one which decides the outcome of your job

You might have all the correct training, have worked with the right
customer, but all will come to none if you don't know how to answers
questions in an interview.

Composite training, fem training at iisc, project work with top Indian
scientist will come to a not if you are not able to present them well
in your interview.

Catia sheet metal knowledge, patran's 3D meshing or icem projects will
not help you unless you know how to answer an interview.

So along with having superior credentials, learn more about how to
answer interview question. What to say? How to say it?

Read old posts regarding how to ace your interviews by clicking this
search link. Http://

This post is part of my new series for this month on how to ace your
interviews, so keep your eyes on, more articles are on the way!!

Berlin Air Show 2010

This is one air show i want to see before i complete this decade.

Berlin Air Show held bi-annually on the southern section of Berlin-Schönefeld Airport, Germany, ranks among the world's largest and most important aerospace exhibitions.



Read more about Berlin Air Show to be held on june 8-13 2010 from this pdf link of Berlin Air Show

Friday, April 02, 2010

If you are not able to clear an AeSI subject read this!

Are you failing in one subject of AeSI again and again? Are you
feeling no matter how much you study, you can't clear AeSI?

If AeSI is being tough to you and if one subject is coming back to you
again and again, then I suggest read the following post.

This post talks about how we need to change our study technique and
not the number of hours.

As the post suggest, I do feel that the real reason for not clearing
the exams is not the number of hour but it's our faulty study habits!

Read the above post and resolve to impliment some of the tips into
your life. You will surely reach your study goals!!

Thursday, April 01, 2010

When to start learning catia, ansys or other softwares in AeSI?

We all know softwares are important. They are the tools you need to
learn them before you venture out in the industry, before you start
your journey.

So when should we begin learning this softwares. This decision is as
critical as deciding what to learn.

Start too early and you begin to loose enthusiasm before you actually
use the tool, start too late and you endanger being just a novice. So
when to start?

I will recommend that start it when you enter section B! Start using
a software consistently as you enter this phase of AeSI's journey.

In section a, you should explore all and everything that you can get
your hands on. Keep section a to study, wander and explore! Take up
anything that excites you, do whatever you want.

But when you enter section B choose a software and dedicate one hour
or so daily on that software of choice. The aim is to be consistent in
practice. Don't count on the results, concentrate on the techniques.

When sachin practises, he never aims to hit boundaries in each ball he
faces, he aims to practice and improve his techniques. So you do the

Take up the tool at the right time and then practise it consistently.
These two acts will pave a way for a great career ahead!!

This post was an answer to a recent reader question! Hope it helped.
Please shoot in your questions and as time permits I will try to
answer them here in this blog!


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