Sunday, February 21, 2010

My fav method of learning and how it can help you?

Total immersion. Once I know I need to learn something, I let it flow
over me. I bath in it. I let it engulf me.

In NAL, by a chance work that I got from my mentor and boss, I saw the  power of VBA in practical use. This ignited my desire to learn it.

So that day I stayed longer in clocter, my lab in NAL, and browsed through the net in search of the stuff. I collected all pages that I could found. I devoured all the materials, understood very little of the things but I carried on.

Then at home, I fired excel and went to the vba mode and began ploughing through the help sections. I learnt a tiny bit of what I read but this process of overwhelming myself with so much materials, so much potentials softened my soil.

This process didn't teach me beyond how to get started in vba, but it showed and opened my eye to the potential that it had. This bath and total immersion in VBA material helped soften the soil and made my mind receptive to the lessons that I was to learn in the days to come.

So my advice to everyone of you is, if you are planning to learn a new tool, new language, new technique or language then take the plunge whole heartily and in the initial days bath in that tool, techniques, and process.

Don't worry about how much you learn just carry on and soften the soil that will eventually yield the desired crop!!

Well that was my method of learning, you let us know what's yours.

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