Thursday, March 29, 2012

Let's contribute your learnings !

In this era of advancement, learning a technology without social networking is like red rose without fragnance. Day by day new concepts strike into the market, new researches take place and a lot. I personally feel that if we'll share our learnings so we'll not only reflect a shadow of perfectness but also will get a chance to learn new things, new approaches of a project and a lot.
Friends, It's a tradation of Aesi that students of Avionics domain genrally choose to learn Embedded technology before striking into the market. At institutes, we learn something but untill an unless we don't share it so we can't understand it's different aspects.
Let's start !
I'm working on Atmel's Atmega 16 microcontroller. I'm good in 
  • Basic Electronics Circuits  "mobile charger, laptop charger, voltage regulator, fire alarm, diwali's lights which glows at multiple pattern etc...."
  • LCD Interfacing using CVAVR (projects like : digital clock, alarm machine, stop watch, displaying any data etc....)
  • ADC (Analog to Digital Converter) (projects like : voltmeter etc....)  
  • Speed control of D.C. motor (using pulse width modulation PWM mode of timers)
and .......................
If anyone needs any help in the above stuff or wants any kind of assistance in making project so you can mail me at or can contact me on facebook (Himalya Bansal).
If anyone is already working on Embedded platform and wants to share about his job profile or about the technology so He/She is always welcome.

Happy Starting !  

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Where there's a will, there's a way !!

Friends, If you love electronics and looking for an entry level position so here's an opportunity to prove your skills and get a chance to kiss success.
Vinay Chadda, C.E.O. GVC Systems invites ideas of a commercial product that is required around your work place. The first five best ideas will get complete hardware from him and a cash award once you'll complete the project and of course a job in GVC SYSTEMS.

Please check the below mentioned presentation.

You can contact him at :
Contact Number : +91-9811074026
Email Address    :

Screen Names    :  vinay.gvc (google talk)
                             vinay.gvc (skype)
                             vinay070361 (Yahoo ! messanger)
Best Wishes !

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Space Shuttle and Piper Aircraft

A piper aircraft can't compete with a space shuttle. It's asking too much from a two sitter monoplane. But then what a 2 sitter piper airplane can do, you can't expect a space shuttle to do it.

So where am I getting at.

Eveything and everyone has there own unique abilities. The trick for optimal performance is to use them at those tasks for which they are designed.

Similarly we are built and grow up to have certain qualities.And to get the best out of ourselves we should put ourselves in those situation where we get to use our abilities in an optimal manner.

I am not trying to say we shouldn't expand, shouldn't experient!!

Continue exploring but when the stage is set, the spotlight is on, give your best by playing to your strengths.

You can't be a Shuttle and Piper at the same time. Train yourself to choose.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Interview Myths

If you are preparing for job interviews then this embedded presentation is a must see for you.

If you are not able to see the presentation, click interview myths

If you are still waiting to send in your resume for the AeSIAA job, please do so now. More info here

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Finite Element Method Video Lecture series

Just a quick note, if you are interested in finite element method, then you might want to visit this webpage.

video lecture course on Finite element method from MIT.

Pre-requisite to join any institute @ Embedded !!!

Many profiles have contacted me to suggest any good institute for them to learn Embedded Technology. Even though in this era, it is very difficult for me to suggest the same however I wish to share some facts which will help you for sure in choosing the right platform.
Embedded course fee ranges from INR 8000 to INR 50000, this fee includes below given modules.
Programming Language : C, C++
Basics of Electronics, Digital Electronics, Basics of Microprocessors
Embedded concepts using 8085 microcontroller
I was interacting with my friend last day about his institute, He told me that his institute is very good and they are teaching him pretty well. I asked him, "Whether he is satisfied by learning 8085 or not." He replied me that his institute has a brand value in bangalore and most of the companies recruits candidates from his institute just because of it's brand value. I told him that market no longer deals with 8085, It's the time of AVR, ARM ... even more advanced microcontroller. He replied me "Who cares ?.. if I'm getting the job by learning 8085."
C.E.O. of GVC systems also says that "8085 or other 8 bit microcontrollers are no longer basics when it comes to Real Time Circuits." Even I also do feel like this.
Henceforth I suggest you all that if you are going to join any institute to learn Embedded Technology so first try to know what modules is the team offering ? 8085 is the basis... let's say !! but how about advanced micro-controllers ? Atleast if not advanced .... then they must teach you AVR and ARM. so that you can meet the market requirement.

Best Wishes !!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Bat and Ball and how it can help you?

Here's a simple puzzle. Try to answer it.

A ball and bat cost Rs 110. The bat costs one hundred more than the ball. What does the ball cost?

Answer it now. Tell the answer to yourself.

What does the ball cost?

If your answer is Rs 10. You are wrong. Read the question again and solve the answer.

Do it, I will wait.

Do it before going ahead.

The answer is five? Have you figured it?

Let the value of ball be x and then the value of bat is 100+x

Ball + Bat = 110

x + (100 + x) = 110

Solve for x!

What does this prove?
If your answer was 10, it proves you took the path of least resistance or least effort.

A simple mental effort would have lead you to the right answer, but we choose the least effort path.

This is what happens when you are answering a question in your interview? You just start answering without giving much thought on what is being asked and what should be your reply.

This is what happens when you are asked to send in your resume for a requirement?

You take a quick look at the content of your resume and shoot it without a slight mental effort of making it stand out.

This simple puzzle highlights that. I don't know about you but i will always remember this puzzle.

Ps: if you have registered for the aesiaa job fair, please send in your resume as soon as possible, refer to the previous post on for details.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Update on AeSIAA job fair

An update on AeSIAA Job Fair. Aesiaa job fair team is in talks with
various companies to be part of the job fair.

As the process proceeds, there's one thing we need from everyone of
you who have registered.

Please send your updated resume to the following email address.

Please use the keyword JOBFAIR in the subject line for easy processing
of the email.

Please send in your resume as early as possible and make sure your
resumes are crafted well.

Good luck.

Ps: refer to the following link to learn about tips on crafting a resume

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Happy Holi Once Again

I am reviewing my skills in java and in pursuit of this mission, this holi was an apt opportunity.

If you are interested, please do check this link

Don't just use it, learn it?

For a couple of weeks now we are conducting interviews.

There are two broad themes that have surfaced in all these interactions.

One is the ever present communication skills.

It's not just how you say it, it's knowing what is asked and how to

The essence of communication is to understand the other person and
making him understand what you know.

The second thing is don't just use a programming language or tool,
learn them.

Most of the people who came for the interview just knew how to use the
tool. When asked why they were using such and such feature, they
looked confused.

Asked about a programming feature, they stayed mum. They have used it
but don't know it's purpose.

Each of them was clearly using the language or the tool but when we
digged on why such and such analysis were carried out, most failed.

The lesson don't just use it. Learn it!!

More on skills development can be found here

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Nothing Happens Overnight

Remember this when you are building skills. Nothing happens overnight.

Building skills, knowledge requires time and consistent effort.

Building skills is like a marathon. Start small and do it daily and
soon you will find yourself mastering the skill.

This is how my current pgplot learning is going on. In a few months
time, I feel I am comfortable in it and building solid skills in
creating gui based fortran programs.

My earlier attempts at it had failed since I wanted to run it like a
speed race. I learnt something but nothing stuck.

This time, I gave pgplot the time and consistent daily practice and
boy I am proud.

What is your take on this? How do you learn new skills?

If you are interested, I posted some of my work in pgplot at the
following link.

Sunday, March 04, 2012

A conversation with Sr. Embedded Engineer of Precision Electronics Limited

Yesterday my room mate's friend came to my flat, who is working at Precision Electronics Limited, Noida. I tried to know about what he actually does at his job as an embedded engineer. He told me that he deals with power supply.
Oh Jesus !!! I was thinking in my mind that I can also made power supply then what the hell he has extra which I don't have. Even though every mobile charger has a power supply circuit to convert AC to 5V DC (variation may be there).... Even though by using  7805 IC we can convert the supply to 5V DC......
I was feeling like hell.... and simaltaneously I was also feeling happy that I know it .. I can also approach his company.

Then I tried to know more about his job profile. He told me the fact that power supply doesn't mean ALL about converting into 5V. Generally 7805 gives 0.5-1.0 A current, but there are applications where we have to amplify the current to upto 18 A keeping 5V constant. There are applications where we can't allow the tollerance of even 0.1V.
I asked him, do you also use 7805 to have a constant 5V DC ? He replied, NO.... Oh Jesus !!! Again... now what the hell you do use.... ?
He answered that there are applications in which the operating enviornment of any circuit is even upto 150'C and 7805 can't tollerate this temperature.
Thanks to him to let me know the different aspect of Electronics. Life is not all about what we read? Life is all about what we debugg.......
"Debugging, Debugging and Debugging makes you a perfect engineer."

Friday, March 02, 2012

Embedded ????

I want to share my embedded experience with you. Friends, when I was about to join any institute to learn embedded so at that point of time "I wasn't aware about what is Embedded ?.. I've just heared by my friends that It's a software/programming language which is used in Aviation Industry. Even I have googled about Embedded but there were big-big definition." I wish to tell few facts about Embedded to the new comers.
Digital Clock .... [ 00:00:00 ]
Digital Calender [ MM-DD-YY ]
//It's programmed using Embedded. How???? How it's possible after every 60 seconds minutes number is incremented by 1 ? Is it by using a simple for loop?
for (i=0;i<=59;i++)
"diwali's jhalars.." remember there is a switch... by pressing it multiple times, we can display multiple patterns of l.e.d. How ? Is there any chip inside ? Has someone burned any program in it? One switch & 4-5 program that too in just 20-30 rupees... HOW????????
It's Embedded........ but It's not all about Embedded.

\\I have given few examples just to let new comers know about "What we can do by using Embedded Technology ?"

Thursday, March 01, 2012

Most popular programming language by AeSI graduates

Guess what is the most popular programming language by AeSI aeronautical graduates?

Find the answer at the following link

Before clicking take a guess and post your answer in the comments.

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