Friday, June 21, 2013

Proceedings of 64th AGM of AeSI

With reference to proceedings of 64th AGM of AeSI available at, please note that all AeSI members are requested to submit following information at
Full Name
Membership Number
Email Address
Address of Correspondence
Telephone Number Telephone and Mobile
Current Occupation with Company's Name, Designation and Address
Thanks in advance for your co-operation and it will help AeSI to serve you better.
Team My-AeSI

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Call to AeSI Students

Please use the email provided for all communications!!

On behalf of AeSIAA, I would like to invite all Bangalore based student members looking for internship opportunity to attend the EC meeting scheduled on 22nd (Saturday at 9.30am) and represent their interest/cases if any. Other outstation candidates can send the request through mail as usual. This meeting will be also attended by working alumnus and hence creates an opportunity for meet them and get some insight. Students members are also requested to come and discuss their academic problems if any to the notice of AeSIAA. 
Wish you all a great success.

Warm Regards,

Rakesh Kumar
Hon. Secretary
AeSI Alumni Association (AeSIAA)
AeSI Building, Suranjan Das Road
New Thipasandra Post, Bangalore-560 075

Things Will Get Better!!

"As you will see, things get better. But first you have got to survive. " -Anon

That's so true and more so for AeSI. Whatever stage you are on in AeSI, just carry on. Keep working, keep learning.

Things will get better!!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

How to complete what you began?

Online courses and MOOC's are getting popular these days. They accentuated knowledge and gives students and everyone second opportunity to build their learning. 

But as I have noted somewhere else, not many complete the courses they sign up.   Being online and free is its greatest strength and weakness.

I have just now posted 4 tips, from my personal experience, on how to complete the courses you have signed up at the following location. 

If you planning to take an online course or taking one, don't forget to visit the link to finish what you have began!

Saturday, June 08, 2013

Making AeSI Engineers Proud....

The title says it all. Inspiring...

Read the full story here [pdf]

Many congratulations to Mr Bishnujee...Please feel free to use the comments to congratulate Bishnujee.

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