Friday, March 28, 2008

Edit your resume like a professional resume writer

Since as you might have noticed resume writing and reworking on it has ben on my mind recently so here's one great article on web about how to edit your resume like a professional resume writer" The

Article points on 3 different ways and most of them are related to experienced personal but a fresh graduate might benifit from it too.

One important point the article points is

"Don’t give everything away in the resume.
The idea of a resume is to get someone to call you. Talk with you on the phone. Offer you an interview. So a resume is like a first date. You only show your best stuff and you don’t show it all."

Read more here

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Monday, March 24, 2008

Before rushing your resume to the latest requirement at Goodrich or InfoTech!

Job search is serious business. Do it with care and professional way. Remember the thing that HR's are trained professionals and they have seen 1000 times more resume that you have seen, so don't try to fool them with your resume. Be honest in but at the same time present yourself in positive light.

Being honest and introducing yourself in positive light is possible. All you need is to do is shift your focus from yourself to the recruiter. See the firm's point of view and present your true facts in terms of what they require or

This is easier than you think. Just sit down and before rushing your email to the latest requirement at Goodrich or InfoTech! First and foremost see what it does, what are the latest news stories about it. Research the company and the
products and services it delivers. While doing that have a feel on where
your skills and knowledge fits for them.

You might not have the total knowledge or skills they require. Don't let this stop you. Concentrate on the skill that you can deliver the next day and highlight them in the resume. For the rest of the skills that you have but you need time to hone them, resolve in your mind that the next time a company with similar requirements comes, you will exactly fit the bill.

There is no perfect job or skills set that will exactly match you. Some will be always be lacking...

And always remember a good resume will not fetch you a job, it will just fetch you an interview... the rest will be the on the interview and that my friend begins from the things you have presented in the resume.

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Friday, March 21, 2008

Two basic questions regarding resume and how to prepare for interview?

I don't know where i read this but i had this as a text file in my work computer. I am posting it here as i know it will help aesi folks preparing for interveiw. This answers two basic questions regarding resume and how to prepare for interview?

Question: What’s the ideal length of a resume in a world where every resume is electronic and not viewed printed out on paper?


A page. Still. Your resume is a marketing document, not a summary of your life, so every line should be about an accomplishment. The more amazing your accomplishments, the fewer you need to list. For example, if you can write “Evangelized Macintosh and made it one of the most beloved brands in the world,” then you don’t need any other sales and marketing bullets on your resume.

If you have totally lost perspective, and you think you have two page’s worth of incredible and relevant achievements, consider that hiring managers spend ten seconds evaluating a resume, and a scanner looks for ten keywords, which certainly fit on one page.

So unless you have a great connection with the hiring manager, and you know he’ll look at both pages, don’t bother sending them. And if you do have that great connection then you are probably going to get an interview even if your resume sucks.

Question: How should I prepare for an interview?

Answer: An interview is a test you can study for. So memorize answers to the fifty most common questions. Most interviewers ask standard variations on standard questions, and there are right answers to these questions.

Whether you are a stripper or a CIA agent, the answer to the question, “What is your weakness?” is a story about how your weakness interfered at work—in a specific situation—and you overcame it. Most of your other answers should be stories, too. This means you need to make them up before you get to the interview. Stories of your life are memorable. Lists of your life are not. Be memorable if you want to be hired.

Another way to prepare is to go to the gym right before the interview. It doesn’t matter if you never go to the gym—although you should, because people who workout regularly are more successful in their careers. You should go right before an interview because people judge you first on your appearance, and if do heavy lifting with your back and stomach muscles you will stand up much straighter in the interview. This will make you look more confident, which is half the battle in being judged by appearance.

Ps: I will make a credit as soon as i find from where i got this info.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Wondering what has happened

Most of you who visit this site must be wondering what has happened? Why the post have stopped? well still now that email posting problem has not solved. so i am not able to post.

But i am trying to get rid of this as soon as possible. Update on AeSI enews is that its really dead!!

And please do follow the discussions in the for the latest in AMAeSI!!!

Monday, March 03, 2008

Address and email of AeSI

The Aeronautical Society of India
13-B, Indraprastha Estate
New Delhi 110 002, India
Tel: ++91 11 23370516
Fax: ++91 11 23370768

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Best way to search job

What is the best way to search for job? Internet surely has made things easy and comfortable but still AeSI folks find it difficult to get a call for a job interview!


Share your thoughts on this topic! Tell us what is primary reason that prohibits this? Is this our confidence or lack of it that is doing it?

Tell us, we would love to here about it!!!!

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Have you noticed a queer thing? Feb.'s enews is not launched till now?

Have you noticed a queer thing? Feb.'s enews is not launched till now?

Why? Is the enews dying? Is AeSI silently dumping the whole thing!!! I
don't know for sure but it looks like. Here is a screenshot of the
newsletter section of aesi's site!!

ffc/s144/enewsletter.png" />

By the way, tell me how many of you actually read the thing? What are your
opinion on the enews and its apparent silent death?

Did it help you in any way? And the big question is of course why AeSI is
dumping it.

I liked it, though the content needs more improvement but that was a start
from aesi's part. All in all i liked the effort and I would guess that it
would have matured if it were to continue...

I sound like the Enews is already dead. Maybe its not. Maybe AeSI folks were
too busy with exams results and the AGM that they forgot about enews!!

Anyway please do send in your thoughts.....

Resume tips from satyam

Currently there are lots of requirements in OURAeSI and recently I posted
one of the requirements in regards to my friend Mr. Md Naimuddin for his
firm! He wrote back to me to relay these suggestions to you......

I got lots of resume for vacancies I forwarded you.

Plz tell our guys that plz mention there total experience before they start
there project detail that too in Front page.

As soon as any body will see there resume they should know there total
experience in there first sight instead of searching it.

Many of the guys didn't mention there total experience at all.

Even if they mention, they mention in such a way that we have to search for
there experience. It should not be like that no body like to search there
total experience or like to add the year they worked for different company.

Thanks a lot to all of you guys for sending ur resume. I will try to do my
best so that our guys will get a good opportunity.

And a deep hearted thanks to Mr.Sukhbinder Singh for making such a beautiful
platform to interact with our guys.

Thanks and Regard,


Apart from this I have 3 more suggestions for all the guys sending there

Don't send your resume without a cover letter.

Don't lie in your resume and know what you have written in your resume.

Your resume is the first thing that people will see , so be professional and
project a positive and confident look.

I have written lot of resume related and job searching related stuff at Read some of them to be prepared.

Best of luck guys and gals !

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