Sunday, April 29, 2012

A personal note

I've been out of touch and for a very good reason: We've just had a
baby boy, on April 23rd! Excited, Delighted, Sleepless, Panicky,
Exhausted – all the adjectives apply.

Please excuse the light posting this week.

And before I forget, best of luck for the upcoming aesi exams. If you
haven't began your studies, now is the time to get serious. You might
want to read this posts

Saturday, April 21, 2012

How to study Maths?

When I was in aesi as a student, I have written lot of posts (
) on this very same topic.

But last week I have received couple of pushy emails that wanted to
know how to study mathematics.

So here I go.

Maths is a subject of concepts and techniques to apply those concepts.

Vectors, derivatives, complex numbers etc are all concepts to link and
explain the physical world. If you don't understand them, no amount of
practice of solving them will be useful.

You need to understand what this concept is and then do practice
questions to apply those concepts.

Most Maths books just concentrate on the techniques to solve but if
you have access to Internet, then understanding concepts behind Maths
is much simpler now.

Head over to the videos of khan academy (
) and cement those concepts first. I didn't have them, when I was
studying, but now I never miss a chance to head over these videos to
cement my understanding.

Once the concept is done. All you need is practice.

For practicing, I prefer my Maths Teachers technique. (

He used to teach us a topic and the next day, first thing he used to
do was write couple of exercise numbers on the board and asked us to
do those exercise question in ten minutes before he began his next

This was the ritual. The practice of this random exercises from the
old taught topics was great. It cemented the understanding and this
regularity kept the concepts alive.

So these are the two steps that I used to do in my Maths study in aesi.

Learn the concept. Understand it. First from the teacher and then by

Once this was done. I went to the exercise of the book. Will
systematically solve all exercise, but also incorporated the habit of
giving myself 10 minutes to do random exercises question from the
previous exercises. This ten minutes were how I used to start studying

Every math study session began with doing a ten minute random
exercises from previously understood concepts.

Hope this helps. I am far removed from doing Maths right now but I
feel this principal that I learnt in class vii from my Maths teacher
still works and will be helpful to anyone applying it.

What are your ways of studying Maths? Do you have a nobel
technique to share?

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Aviation's future in India !!!

The above screen shot  shows a part of the e-conversation with the Senior General Manager of Reliance Industries. Everyone's hope is FDI.
What do you think about allowing FDI @ Aviation ? Let's discuss !

What does an aviation industry require as an avionics engineer ?

Good Morning! 
I love to interact with so many students and I always try to share my experience with them. Just a couple of hours before, I received a message from a student. She asked me some questions which can be seen in the below picture. I'm very happy to see that students are actually enjoying AeSI these days and have started interacting with each other using social media platforms.
My learning in embedded technology
## I want to be very honest while replying. It's a fact that a couple of months back, I wasn't even aware that whether a resistor has polarity or not ? what exactly a capacitor does ? how to use voltmeter ?
## I learnt Embedded Technology just because I have seen that it's a trend going on in Bangalore and most of the guys use to choose this path.
## I was good in C language but when I joined the institute, I came to know what is the difference between the C language taught in a normal institute and what is required by an industry? Till 2011, I wasn't aware about graphics.h. I never thought that we can turn OFF/ON keyboard keys using C program. 
## @ Embedded 
  • Introduction to basic electronics (components, some basic circuits etc.)
  • Introduction to digital electronics
  • Introduction to BASIC of C language
  • Playing with LCD, :LED, MOTORS and .................
    (It doesn't mean only turning On & Off.... example : intensity variation of LED, glowing and blinking of a set of LED in multiple pattern, Displaying various things in various ways on LCD, controlling the speed of motors.)\
  • IR Sensor (using of sensors & projects like never falling robot, metal detector robot, temperature sensor etc......)
I have used Atmel's Atmega8 and Atmega16 microcontrollers in basic and Atmega128 as in advanced embedded. Software used were Code Vision AVR and AVR Studio. There is a difference between C and Embedded C. I have learnt the basics of Embedded-C at the institute and I'm still on the way of learning excellence in Embedded-C. But some company also uses Embedded-Java.

Learning a technology is always good, but do it only and only if you have passion to learn. Don't just do it like me. In my case I have done it just because of the trend going on that time and I was not having enough people to communicate with. Let's leave it. AesiAA & the team's intention is to help others so that the future of Aesi students can be polished.
The girl who has sent this message, wrote that she has knowledge in some languages like java, c , c++, unix, linux etc. It's good but I want to suggest that rather then thinking in all directions, think in one direction but with a shadow of perfection. I'm confident that one day you'll become the role model for others. People will give your examples to others. 
Linux is very good because of it's nature of virus free activities. When you work with micro controller, It's always necessary to work in a virus free platform because we burn files into micro controller. and due to some other reasons as well. 

Take an example of flight control system or fly by wire system. Just close your eyes and imagine How it's possible that flaps of star board is going upwards and flaps of port wing is going downwards? How it's possible that after moving to a particular degree  it stop its movements? How does an aircraft understand that how much deviation from original position it require ? How does the light blink which is located in the belly of aircraft?  Anti-collision system : How is it working ? Is there any concept of sensor in the operation of this system ? Specific warning comes only at specific job... Why and How ?
The answers are hidden in just one word which is none other then "EMBEDDED"

Case 1 : B.Tech (Aeronautical) Vs B.Tech (Electronics)
Case 2 : B.Tech+M.Tech (Aeronautical) Vs
My experience says that a company is more interested in the profile which is marked bold because of a fact that a regular student of electronics will obviously know more about electronics. In all operations of FMS (Flight management system) the technology used is fully devoted to electronics. One just need a cloud of Aviation to be the best. Even in case 1, company has good trainers who have the ability to teach the ABC of aviation to electronics students. My intention is not to demotivate the students rather I just want to show them the reality. So It's a world of competition, if we want to kiss success, so we have to try hard, try making new projects, refer magazines like electronics for you ! digit ! and all... 
But It's a fact that AeSI students have more knowledge (not practical), if a chance of learning is given, they are going to rock. It's time to say and prove that 
"Do what you like and like what you love "


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Freshers _ Embedded

It's time for me to get ready and go to office so can't share everything in detail as if now. I'm sharing a presentation to all electronics hobbyists who love to play with micro controllers and have an attitude to learn and grow. In case if you do have any query related to it so feel free to post your comments and please note that I'm not getting anything to refer you in the industry. It's just because I've seen students saying that "No company recruits freshers and I want to help my Aesi friends."

View more presentations from Vinay Chaddha

I'm confident that some students from Avionics domain will find it interesting.

Enjoy the world of Electronics !
Himalya Bansal

Monday, April 16, 2012


As promised, here's my reply to the letter I posted yesterday.


I agree to what you say and if you just look through past posts on , you will find many instances where I or someone else have lashed out on aesi. Look at this post for example

Everything you say is true. But what you don't know or realize is that we the seniors and aesiaa are doing a lot behind the scene for addressing those concerns. The heat is on. Its only when the water boils we realize the fire is on.

This post about the glowing testimonial we got for aesi graduates from director ADE is a result of lot of efforts and dedication from our side.

Yes things are still bad and needs improvement. But this is a gradual process and it will take time.

When I say be proud of your degree, I mean be proud of the efforts you have put in your degree. Be proud of the knowledge it has given you. Once you are in the industry, you will truly see the height, studying for AeSI has taken you. Look at these posts in myaesi and you will understand what I am saying.

When we realize the value of this education after we graduate. We can't expect people to understand it without experiencing it. It's a job for the bureaucrats at AeSI buts it's a way of life for us.

Building the brand of AeSI is what we at AeSIAA has chosen to do. IIT's are not only famous for the education they provide but for the things the IIT graduates do. We want to do the same for AeSI.

AeSI should be known for its graduates. And with students like you and many others from whom I regularly get mail from, I am assured the future for AeSI and its graduates is bright.

Cheers and reach for the stars.

The conversation on the posts is continuing in the comment section of the post. Head over to the post and join the conversation.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Why AESI is not up to the mark for me? - an aesi students view

After my recent post on update from aesiaa, I received this email from an aesi student. And I am posting his email here for giving it a wider audience.

I am changing the name for obvious reasons. But the points raised by him are genuine and worth to ponder.

I have sent a brief reply to this email to him, will post the same here, latter this week.

Now over to the student of aesi......

hello sir,

I am tony, AVIONICS stream , cleared 16 papers so far(65.2%). I don't know what to say and what to expect from this email but still you asked me to shoot you a mail, so i'm writing this. When you wrote the last blog , then i got a little carried away
and wrote things that shouldn't be said or atleast the way i put it .

I'm sorry for that, but truely sir what i wrote was straight from the heart and if you think from our student side, then it won't be that wrong if you see.

What AESIAA is doing or trying to do, is very impressive and yes every one has a life and sorry for putting it that
way. What i want is that someone could carry my words to AESI, as i
can't do it myself as long as i haven't completed it, thats it, what i meant when i wrote it . I thing AESI doesnt deserve that kind of pride 'cause of the negligence it shows to students like us,and the lady who picks up the phone she is over smart, i think, don't even know the proper rules,

Why AESI is not up to the mark for me?

1) Absolutely no motivation from their side, u don't get credit on merit , nor deserving students are offered any job after completion, so when there is no motivation how one is supposed to study,

2) very elusive policies and rules, the rules regarding training and projects in sec-b are not clearly mentioned in any written notice, u have to call AESI to seek information and that stupid lady hungs up without even listening to your queries,

3) Syllabus not upto the mark what industry seeks from avionics,
students, nor it is suitable for GATE, we have to study a hell lot extra to cover it up, its not so in case of aero-mechanical though,

4)Wont give authority to any college , like IGNOU so they can train us
the way they want and practical can be included.

5) i don't understand every organisation wants to see its growth , but why not AESI ? its going the other way round, its being decades since
the foundation of AESI, progress is nil not slow,

6) The curriculum does n't encourages quality students, most of the students who are present in AESI are simply 'cause they didn't get
chance in good colleges not like me who want to study aeronautics ,,

7) there is a huge void between passing of 20 papers and getting a job
'cause :-
a) No one knows AESI that well
b) % marks are not good of majority of students
c) no practical knowledge only theoretical, so that effects confidence of the student itself
d) to gain practical knowledge u have to get training from organisations which are mostly unpaid and u have to pay them instead, so that kills time, money ,patience and aesi is not be bothered about it

8) "u are 21 \22 yr u are an engineer and working for a good company "
chances for either of this case or both to occur is tending to 0% i believe

Sir , i have spit it out, i don't know how will you take it but i certainly can't feel proud of an organization which
lacks this qualities, i'm very sorry sir, my apology again.


What are your views? Spell them in the comments but let's be nice.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Recommendation for AeSI Graduates from the top

AeSI Graduates received this great  and best possible recommendation from
none other than Shri PS Krishnan, Distinguished Scientist & Director ADE.

Have a look!!.

AESI graduates recommendation

The text for your reference.

I am writing this letter for the high possible recommendation for the graduates of the Aeronautical Society of India. I have seen many of the AeSI Grads working at various positions under many UAV programs at Aeronautical Development Establishment for couple of decades. I found them very sincere and diligent.

They have shown commitment for work and have impressed me and my establishment with their extraordinary understanding of the engineering fundamentals. They have contributed well with the scientists community in the lab and outside, taken opportunities to discover more about their fields of work. They have independently taken initiative of refining the methods of simulation rather than just concentrating on the results. They have also proven themselves to be adoptable and efficient manager of the resources. As an illustration of their calibre, those scientist of this stream selected in DRDO have risen to the positions even up to the Director of the labs and retired as Scientist G’s as a minimum.

As per my impression of them, they would be an asset for any organisation they are a part of and i truly believe that they will always excel in their career.

                              PS Krishnan

Distinguished Scientist &  Director ADE


DDownload the PDF from here

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


On the post on aesiaa update, sumantra has this comment.

sir, i would suggest if there is provision to speak out rather stay
dumb and listen to the person standing on the podium , please someone
gather the courage and point out the negligence of AESI on our
students members, we are asked to fell proud of our board , how is it
possible to do something when you are not doing from your heart? this
negligence of AESI and a total revision of the entire curriculum have
to be brought out , to make us student fell proud in what we say and
what we do, other wise it would just be an alumni meeting not a
effective conversation,
and if possible try to broadcast it through youtube or other means, so
that student all over india are motivated,,,,,,,,,

Well this comment just made me realize that people don't know what
people associated with aesiaa are really doing.

Let's zoom out a little.

Aesiaa is a not for profit alumni association formed by group of aesi
graduates. Aesiaa does not pay them. They work as volunteers and pitch
in their time and effort while carrying on with their daily life.

It's very easy to dismiss the efforts if you don't see this dedication.

In the agm every aesi member in Bangalore got the invitation to
attend, but just a handful of aesi graduates turned up.

And about not being heard. Well you can't change a system in one day.
Two years back aesi didn't even recognize aesi alumi association but
efforts are continuing. Now they are commending our work.

Those seniors who are part of this are doing their bit, slowly and
steadly we are becoming a force to recon with.

But as I said earlier, this isn't our job. We have a life outside aesi
and unlike many other graduates, we have not chosen to disconnect from
aesi once we graduate. Instead we have chosen to stay connected and
connect everyone involved.

YouTube video. Good idea. But as we said we have limited hands and
more things to do.

What we need is more people joining this initiative. So if you haven't
joined the initiative, do so now. Shoot me a mail.

Sunday, April 08, 2012

AeSIAA update

A quick update on the recent commendation that AeSIAA received at the recently concluded AeSI Bangalore AGM.

Dear Fellow Alumnus,
It is my great pleasure to announce that AeSIAA has received a tremendous attention and support during the recently concluded AGM of AeSI Bangalore Branch and received the commendation from Shri T Mohana Rao, Chairman, AeSI BB.

Shri Abhishek Burman, Hon. President, AeSIAA and Shri Rakesh Kumar, Hon Secretary, AeSIAA received the Honors on Behalf of AeSI Alumni Association.

Commendation Reads like this,

"We place on record our deep sense of appreciation for excellent services rendered by you in furthering the cause of Aeronautical Fraternity through Aeronautical Society of India, Bangalore Branch. .................T Mohana Rao, Chairman, AeSI BB"

Friends, this is just the beginning. With your continued support and endevours, we are likely to excel further in our activity. We need to create a brand of AeSI like IITs/IIMs and we the graduates are the ingredients of this. Each one of us in our respective organisations should feel proud and be the ambassador of AeSIAA. We need to map all our alumnus across all organisations and bring them into single umbrellas for mutual benefit of all. Let pledge to do so. Help AeSIAA, Help yourself by joining and taking active interest in furthering the cause of Aeronautical Fraternity through our AeSIAA.

With this motto in mind we are planning a general body meeting and requesting participation of all AeSI Grads/alumnus settled/working in and around Bangalore in our AGM on Saturday, May 12, 2012 at AeSI Bangalore Branch.

Kindly spare your valuable time and be the part of the ongoing efforts of AeSIAA creating BRAND AeSIAA. The agenda and notice of the meeting will follow soon. We also seek generous donations for creating funds for awards in the following category like Distinguished Alumni Award, Best Students etc. The same will be debated and discussed during the scheduled AGM. All are welcome to give their valuable inputs.

The awards can be named after the donors if the donations are sufficient. Alumnus settled abroad or with High net worth are requested to join this privileged move.

*Warm Regards,*
*Rakesh Kumar*
*Hon. Secretary*
*AeSI Alumni Association (AeSIAA)*
*AeSI Building, Suranjan Das Road*
*New Thipasandra Post, Bangalore-560 075*
*Tel: 080-2505 8142

Good Luck !

I'm confident that all of us know that "Winners don't do different things but they do the things differently".
Yeah ! It's the fact of clearing papers of Aesi. Doing things differently doesn't mean that the answer of a question will become 1 from 0. It means to add values by using Graphs, Flow Charts, Diagrams etc...
As Mr. Singh always says that garnishing your answer sheet matters a lot. Practice last years question papers and always remember that "doing mistakes at the class room is better than doing mistakes in the exam hall."
Good luck to all the students who are about to give exams in June,2012 session.     

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