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Take pride in AeSI

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Once again I will be posting a mail that Bishnujee has posted in the aesi club. I liked the stuff and appreciate the work being done for the aesi folks. A big thank you to him and other for working towards that…..


So without much adieu here’s the mail. I have highlighted the portion I liked best and believe in.


Thanks for your highlighted problems.There has been numerous reasons behind very low pass percentage.Poor teaching and training centres and adequate facilities not at disposal to AeSI Students.I had been in AeSI Program after my fresh pass out after Matriculation and so had to pass AeSI Studentship along with Sec A & B.That has 5 subjects of AeSI Studentship along with Sec A & B.Those days in mid 90s IIT Chennai numerous Staffs from Aerospace Dept used to actively support teaching and training program for AeSI Coursework.So we used to have best of teaching stuffs.Things have changed since these professors retired from IIT Chennai and now AeSI students have to deal with new modified syllabus course work which cannot be completed in decent time frame unless teaching and practical facilities of University level is provided to AeSI Students.I don't know whether this was discussed by AeSI Governing council when they decided to go for new syllabus.Until this problem is resolved passing percntage will continue to remain low.


Also Students joining AeSI program should be recommended that they have certain pre-requisite course work upto certain standard level to pursue the program.Students shouldn't forget that the AeSI program and career they are entering into is application of Physics and Mathematics stuffs.Unless they are very strong in these subjects there success rate will be low.


Even those AeSI Students who are passing out with less than 60% should have decent career option after same and this stuffs need to be reviewed by AeSI Officials with Universities under UGC in India and also with recruitement official of Indian Aerospace firms.I am sure that they could come up with some sort of decision which would help the students Graduating out to pursue decent career.


AeSI Students and Graduates along with AeSI Officials are requested to co-ordinate with each other to promote and have better future for AeSI Students & Graduate and these can only be resolved by mutual discussion and better co-ordination.There will be no progress by criticising each other and self destructive crticism of AeSI and its officials.AeSI Students and Graduates should bear in mind that there identity is through being AeSI Graduate and if they don't take pride in whatever they are doing with AeSI,then no one would be respecting them and they would never be able to grow.


As all of you must be aware that currently I am involved with Engineers Mobility Forum in UK & USA and Professional Licensing Board in USA to ensure that all Indian Qualifications are recognised at same level as any of the local US & UK Qualifications.Things have been going out in favourable direction and we hope the future should be better for new generation.


AM Qualification should be covered with concurrence Bachelor Degree in Engineering and this is urgent need of hour and AeSI Officials should look into this matter seriously and I am sure that there is no better person that Air Cmde Raghubir Singh to take up this issue with AeSI Officials.


I would actively request all AeSI Students & Graduates to support Air Cmde Singh in his mission for growth of AeSI program and I believe he understands all of you people concern better than many other people in Aerospace Industry and I would be glad to see him in AeSI Academic wing in time to come.




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This is india's chandrayan


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Do you want to hear the sound that marked the beginning of the Space Age

Yesterday October 4th marked the 50th year of beginning of space age!


"Beep… beep… beep...." That's the sound that marked the beginning of the Space Age fifty years ago. It was a simple radio tone transmitted by the first satellite, Sputnik 1, as it orbited Earth in October 1957.


Do you want to hear the sound? Click here to hear with your own ear!!



Other interesting first satellites signals available here


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Ebooks for aerospace

Another gem of a post from OURAeSI and this again from Anupam Goyal.. Good work Anupam. For those who were searching foor good aerospace engineering ebooks. Please do see this post

Dear friends

Presently being at IIT KGP it gives me privilege to access whole lot of e-books which i guess are so very useful for all of us. infact specially for us AeSIans who donot have access to good libraries and had to run from pillar to post for the books. so here are some of the most famous books of engineering specially aeronautics which u can download from the links below. this include structure books like brhun , megson , aerodynamics books like houghton etc and so many other books which are very useful for all.

Mechanical & Aerospace Engg E-books

Mechanical Engg E-books

Click the below link and download more than 90 Mechanical Engg books


Aerospace Engg E-books

Click the below link and download more than 25 Aerospace Engg books.


More books will be uploaded soon.....

How To Download:

All files are uploaded in Raphidshare website, Click the link and select the Free option in the raphidshare webpage.In the next page you can see the 3 or 4 digit code enter the code in the box nearer to it and download.

Click the below link to download winrar software for extracting the zipped files


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Space age is 50 today !!

Fifty years ago this week — on October 4, 1957, to be exact — a 100-tonne rocket blasted off from the steppes of Kazakhstan, then a part of the Soviet Union, and placed in orbit the first artificial satellite to girdle the globe. It weighed 83 kg, was roughly the size of a basketball and its beeps, as it circled the planet every 98 minutes, signalled the dawn of the Space Age.

Coming as it did, at the height of the Cold War, it also triggered off what was to be become a bitterly fought Space Race between the U.S. and the Soviet Union, that ended only when the Soviet Union itself broke up, leading the new Russia as well as the U.S. to join hands with other nations to create an International Station.

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