Sunday, January 31, 2010

What's your playground?

Yesterday went with my dad to his playground. Its was a big garrage
where he has spend most of his work life. His playground includes
trucks, grease, mechanics and drivers.

Likewise my playground is software tool development in engineering
domain!! This is where I feel I can work without external motivations.

What's your?

The degree you are pursuing, the stream you choose, the training you
take all are the paths that will lead to your chosen playground!!!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Companies and organisations that AeSI graduates are working in

Following is the list of companies in india, AeSI graduates are
working in. The list is not comprehensive but is an attempt to show
the length and breadth of AeSI graduates footprint !!

General motors
Quest global
Aetos design and engineering
EDRC ltd

Please include other firms that I might have missed.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Tell us your Interview tips

Well interview is a practise that each of us face. It's one thing that
runs common in us all.

From informal interviews of training to job interviews, we in aesi
have faced interviews at many times.

In this post, I want to open a thread for all of you to share your
experience of interview. So come forward and have your say.

Tell us what you did right? And what went wrong?

Tell us your interview tips!!

Have your say at

Monday, January 25, 2010

How to maximum out of the current job opportunities?

If you are registered to a job site like naukri or monster, you might
be receiving a flux of opportunities. It seems aerospace hiring is
getting lot of attention this time.

So what are the steps that you can take today so that you don't miss
the opportunity!!

First thing is update your resume. Add all the new skills you have
learned,add the new projects you worked on. Then upload it to the jobs

Now look at the resume you just uploaded and on the requirements that
are availablee on the job site. Match which requirement fits closest
to your profile.

If you find one then concentrate on those requirements and brush up
all the relevant topics of that project or skills required. If it's
catia, brush up that project where you used catia, take up the
tutorials of catia and dust your knowledge of the tool itself.

If you don't find an exact match of requirements for your skills, look
for the skills that can be easily built. Look for the skills that you
are also interested in but don't have yet.

Apply for that requirement anyways. And along with that develop a plan
to study/add that skills to your profile by working on some task
related to it for a hour or so everyday.

The main point of the post is act. Act now. Either the requirements
will match you or you make yourself to match the skills. Doing nothing
is not an option. So getup and roll the ball!!

Read more about lock and key of job search by clicking

Ask or no one will know!!

Two days back I went to a bank and saw two people going from one
counter to other, reading signs on boards. From there looks, it was
clear they were looking for some forms.

They combed the bank floor several times, searching for some forms.
This continued for 15 mins. But they never approached anybody. Neither
of them asked anyone in those minutes.

But finally one of them buckled and asked a person and they were out
of the bank in two minutes with their query solved.

The point is to ask. Ask when you are in doubt. Ask when you don't
know. Ask when you are new!!

Remember this when you are in a lecture class and don't understand
something. Ask. If you don't noone will help you.

Remember this when you are doing training and are stuck in same old
work. Ask. Because if you don't noone will know!!

AeSI results for December 2009

If we could see thought bubbles, I am sure, the question that most of
the aesi students would have now, in their mind will be "when is aesi
results for December 2009 coming out?"

I have no idea? Does anybody know anything about it? If you do then
please do enlighten us!! A small drop of information is worth so much
ro the information thirsty minds!!

Good luck to everyone for the results!!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Quotes from 2009 to inspire

Last year during mid may, i began collection quotes, snippets of writings that i liked. here is the complete quotes that i collected.

Hope they inspire you as they do to me when i read them. That tie, since i was collecting them for myself so i didn’t bother collecting the sources, so most of them are unacknowledged here.

But most of them are online on some blogs and articles which i visited last year.


  • Learn the methodology and the process than the tools... so don't Lose the wood for the tree!!!
  • Focus is the key. The big lesson I took from Outliers  was that consistent practice over a long period pays off. It takes a lot of practice to become great at something - but if you want to leave your mark and truly become an outlier, you need to start cracking. Three hours a day for ten years should do the trick.
  • People are far more likely to embrace a smaller goal that feels likely than they are to devote themselves day and night to the amorphous jackpot.
  • Murakami remarks:
    If I am asked what the next most important quality is for a novelist, that 's easy too: focus - the ability to concentrate all your limited talents on whatever's critical at the moment. Without that you can't accomplish anything of value.
  • Will Wright said he's learned the most from games that seemed appealing on paper, but were failures in the marketplace. "I actually ask people when hiring how many failures they've worked on," he said, "and I'm actually more likely to hire someone based on how many failures they've experienced. I think it's the best learning system."
  • I strongly suggest your first game is not a very hard game. You should not spend a lot of time on it and you should not plan on making a lot of money from it. Your first game should be a learning experience. It should be a lesson you start, and finish, and move on from. Try to do the best you can, but don't try to make Doom your first game. >
  • Impressiveness, on the other hand, comes from doing things very well in a way that defies expectation
  • The relationship between reward and skill level is not linear, but, instead, exponential
  • One does not discover new lands without losing sight of the shore.  ~unknown
  • You can't direct the wind, but you can adjust your sail ~unknown
  • The greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it. - Michelangelo
  • Giving in early makes it easier to keep the important stuff in later
  • You cannot teach a man anything; you can only help him discover it in himself.
  • Doubt is the father of invention.
  • Measure what is measurable, and make measurable what is not so
  • I think that in the discussion of natural problems we ought to begin not with the Scriptures, but with experiments, and demonstrations.
  • If I were again beginning my studies, I would follow the advice of Plato and start with mathematics.
  • I've loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night
  • To acquire knowledge, one must study; but to acquire wisdom, one must observe. -Marilyn vos Savant
  • I think the reason so many people lose isn't because they weren't swinging hard enough. It's because they quit too early after striking out.
  • Make the gross adjustments first, and then work on the finer adjustments.
  • whether you have the best plan constantly, it's more important that you simply stick to a plan
  • If you want to change what your boss believes, or the strategy your company is following, the first step is to figure out how to be the best informed person in the room
  • Basically, he said he starts with the first scene in mind, and the last. Then he just starts. Sometimes he gets stuck (which is why he brought back a character from 15 years ago). But he said he wants to spend his time working on his book, not " working" on outlines and plans.
  • William L. McKnight, then CEO of 3M, said in 1924: If you put fences around people, you get sheep. Give people the room they need."
  • Many years ago during a televised interview, the actor Rod Steiger was asked if young people ever asked him for advice. "Oh yeah, sure, all the time, and I always ask them the same question: Do you want to be an actor...or do you HAVE TO BE AN ACTOR? The longer it takes them to answer, the less chance they'll ever make it."
  • It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see. Henry David Thoreau
  • "If you want to build a ship, don't drum up the people to gather wood, divide the work, and give orders. Instead, teach them to yearn for the vast and endless sea." - Antoine De Saint-Exupery
  • People who actively look for the "best" parking place in a parking lot outside a mall, say, inevitably spend more total time than people who just take the first open spot they see.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Lesson of choice from Richard Branson – How to choose stream and training?

Read this just an hour ago and liked it so much that i am posting here. Do read the following its just one line.

When asked in a TV chat show what he would do if he lost all his money, entrepreneur Richard Branson replied simply: “I would find something interesting to do”.

This applies not only to Richard Branson, but to everyone. Do Something that you find interesting. Do something that you love. This is where success is.

For AeSI students on the verge of choosing a stream for section B, i will say. Follow what Richard Branson says. Follow your passions.

If electrical sets the current in you, then avionics is the stream your compass is pointing. If wind tunnels fascinate you, its pointing you somewhere. Look in that direction.

Your natural skills, the subjects you enjoy, the things you do in your spare time, the magazine that you look for in a book mall, are better indicator of success in future than external reasons, so find them. Know what you like and choose that appropriate steam!

Same goes for training. Don't select the one that is available, select the one that your mental compass points you at. Select the one that you know/feel is made for you.

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Thursday, January 21, 2010

The presentation secrets of Steve Jobs that you should learn!

Steve Jobs is probably one of the most polished presenters in the world.


In the above embedded slide show you can learn it.

A must for everyone who does presentations.

if unable to see the presentation visit MyAesi

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Walk-in at TCS Bangalore on 23rd January 2010 (Saturday)

From the AeSIAA group.

Dear members,
There is walkin in TCS for all Domains.
CAE- Hypermesh is also one of them, in which most of us are working.
But I don't know how-long Companies will not consider AeSI like degrees.
As in eligibility criteria its mention.

As per my knowledge IIT Madras Mtech+Aesi guys are working in TCS, I request to them please insist to H.R for AeSI guys ELEGIBILITY.

I totally agree when guys only with AeSI degree can work in Rolls-Royce and GE then why not in TCS or any other company.

I think this is not the failure of the company or AeSI but failure of AeSI folks who come out of aesi. They should promote themselves. They know they are good, then why feel shame.

Go ahead make people aware of your clan, about your degree.  


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

How to accelerate your GATE preparation?

Gate 2010 exams are nearing and by now you want to accelerate your
gate 2010 preparation. You want to push through the syllabus and get
more out of your study time.

Then here's a simple but effective technique to accelerate the pace of
your learning.

For this to work. You are required to have read the topics at least
once. You need to know what is where and what is what of the gate

The technique is to "take open book test" once you have covered some
topics or part of the syllabus!!

Simple but works everytime.

Gather 4 textbooks or question papers of your chosen subjects and
randomly take a open book test.

Atempt the questions without seeing the book. If stuck, try hard to
remember the answer and if no success then only see the book. Ater
seeing write down the answer without peeping at the answer again!!

Do it enough time and you will see how much you can cover in shot span
of time. Do it with all the topics, do it several times and you will
see how testing yourself, this way, increases your learning capacity.

Why it works I don't know! But it works. I have used this countless
times in my studies in AeSI!

And while selecting questions randomly, don't read the question you
are selecting. Just think of some random numbers and answer questions
against those numbers.

Hope you will at least give this simple exercise a go. Go test for

And best of luck !!

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My favourite CAD program!!

My favourite CAD program. My first love in CAD!! I fell in love with this program when i was first introduced to it in NAL.

Solidworks has and is my fav CAD tool. Second only to UG.


What about you? What’s your favourite CAD tool?

Unable to view the video. Visit MyAesi

Monday, January 18, 2010

Things you should decide before taking on training?

Before boarding on any kind of training after AeSI, do remember this.

Training of the right kind is the spring board to future sucess. Any
other kinds are just filling your resume. So select the training
which gives you the right skills, and the right exposure.

And also remember that spring boards need you to jump on them to work
their magic. Just quietly standing on a springbboard won't help you
jump higher. Your effort of jumping on it will leverage the spring's

Same is true with any training. Just doing training without a plan of
action or thought is only a resume filling exercise.

Aim to jump on the platform you have secured. Aim to use the resources
you have at your disposal to build transferable and technical skills.

Use the time and expertise you are exposed to make yourself job-ready!!

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Sunday, January 17, 2010

AeSIAA Get Together January 2010 – fun we had!!

Last Sunday as you all might know we were at confident resort for a big get together of all the AeSI community in Bangalore. It was fun and for those of who missed this, here’s the link to the fun hat we had there.

AeSIAA Get Together January 2010

How to study fluid mechanics and mathematics?

Someone just mailed me and asked the above question.

I don't have very specific answer to this since I am far removed from study right now. So guys and gals out there, have your say and suggest your tips on studying this specific subjects.

From my side, I will add this.

Fluid mechanics is a subject that you will be using in your career long after you have passed AeSI, so I suggest that spend maximum time in understanding the concepts. Relate them to your life and make them spring out of the text book.

Source sink, fluid dynamics, viscosity, Reynolds's number are the core pillars of further studies. So while learning understand them well, use your imagination to connect them to your life.

Study with question answer style for maximum retention.
While reading the material, write down small quiz questions on the topic you are reading. They will be used to revise the concepts latter. My tuition teacher used this approach. While going through the topics he made us write down trivial questions like what is source? Give examples of sink? What is the most viscous materials you have seen? etc.

That time we felt, the questions were waste of time, but latter I realized how useful they were for revising the concepts.

For every study session. Spend ten minutes revising what you have already studied. If you have formed those small questions then use them to jog your memory. This ten minutes jogging session not only reinforces the previous studied material but help you begin the next session with a positive momentum.

This three concepts can be applied to mathematics and the other subjects. Just remember, that if you can setup a simple process for your study and follow it consistently, that is more than sufficient to help you tackle any subject that AeSI throws at you.

Good luck!!

If you have some specific tip, do chip in and comment!!

Further reading Effective routine and how to study mathematics ?  and How to study mathematics.

How to increase your job chances from a walk-in?

Quest recently did a walk-in, and now HCL aerospace is doing one on 23rd and 24th December. It looks like walk-in are back.

So if you are Looking for a job, don't miss the walk-in.

Here are some thoughts on tackling walk-in and getting the most of them.

When do a company conducts a walk-in?

It does it when there is an urgent requirement, when the company needs mass head count. They do it when the time to recruit is less.

Carrying out a walk-in means the company is in the serious need for those requirement.

Keep this fact in mind when you see a next walk-in! Look at the requirement from this angle. Shift your focus of answers in line to this fact. Prepare your resume after digesting this information.

If you can do this, you are bound to increase your chance to getting a job from that walk-in.

Read more about How to handle walk-in?

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Friday, January 15, 2010

When is the next AeSI AGM?

Does anyone know, when is the AeSI's next annual general meeting?

AeSI's website donot have any information
regarding this?

But someone informed me that AeSI's next agm will be held in and
around 8-10 February in Bangalore.

If anyone have this information, please do pass this on to us!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Are you a round peg in a square hole?

This is the biggest question that you need to ask yourself when you
are accepting your first job offer. Is the job right for your skills
set? Does it match/compliment your interest, your passion?

The best way to understand yourself is answer these two questions.

Will you work on this job even if you are not getting paid for it?

And can You imagine yourself doing this kind of work for the next 5

Answer these questions honestly and i am sure you will answer the
question are you a round peg in a square hole?

A slight hesitation in your mind, while answering this will give you
your true answer!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

6 smart things you can do today to give a great start to your semester.

Here is a list of 6 tips for all AeSI students to give a great start to your new semester.

  1. Set a fixed routine.
    Identify the time you will study and the time you will nor study. Fix it.  
  2. Set minimum hour of study and keep it low.  Maybe just two hours of study at the beginning of the semester is what you want. Keep it light. The aim is to set the minimum hours and stick to it.
  3. Plan to use the first waking hour productively.
    Once you fill the first hours with the most important work rest of the day you can use to whatever that comes to you. So think about what is the most important task of your life right now and schedule it to the first waking hour of your day.
  4. Set reminders of the your goals.
    We fall short of goals not because we have low potential but because we forget our goals. We forget to do revision. We forget the intention for which we are working. So set reminders. 
  5. Set one day for total fun activities.  No Study Day.
    Choose a day when you will not study. Will not do anything related to AeSI and career development. This is your recharge day. Use it to recharge. Be active in all other actions. Try including sport activities.
  6. Research and set one base book for each subjects that you have for this semester. Setting one base book gives you consistent definitions and understanding. Hoping books is like going to ten tuitions for one subject. Gaining too little with so much hard work. so be smart, stick to one book for at least the first 3 months of the semester.

All the tips that are mentioned above can be implemented right now. so what are you waiting for. Go ahead and create a successful semester.

I am sure you might have your own list of tips, so what are you waiting for write them in comments.

Monday, January 11, 2010

My resolutions for year 2010

Just like past year I will publicly announce my new years goals for 2010. I think publicly committing the goals have positive effect and this raises my motivation to work on them.

In some other post I will discuss how I fared in the last years goals  but for now here are my goals/resolutions for this year.

It's a topic that I have been thinking and trying to implement for the past few days. I began working on many of this goals, before the start of this year so as to enter the year with positive momentum.

So what are my goals for this year?

Continue daily updates to MyAeSI 
Just like the previous year, I will continue the momentum of updating MyAeSI daily. I will strive to be relevant, focussed and helpful with the posts.

Complete 4 BIG projects in this year, 3 month for one project.
Learning shouldn't end after coming out of college. Keeping that in mind I will work on 4 projects.

This projects will be leisure based and will only be done during free time. And some of them might of use to AeSI community.

One for 3 months to create something that pushes my limits and produces something that is valuable to some people. With this goal I want to utilize the little time I have.

Embed the habit of focussed work, daily/weekly plan and deliberate practice in the work flow.

Habits are the autopilots of our life. I want to install this three autopilot habits in my work flow to have greater control over my time. Time is the only resource I have and I want to invest this resource to create a structure on which I can bootstrap all my other goals.

Learn Python
The last goal for this year is to learn python language. This is one of the failed goals of last year. And in year 2010,  I really want to give this goal a serious go.

So this are some of the goals I have fixed for myself for this year? What are yours?

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Why you lack behind?

You lack behind because you don't create the path ,you don't lead,
because you follow the path of merry go round!!

Focused action on a merry go round path will lead you no where. You
will end up at the same place always.

The path is the action plan to the goal.

So before striking the hammer, or taking focussed action. Set your
aim and plan out the action steps.

As you head into a new semester, new year. Give a thought to this step
and you will never lack behind!!

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Various Aerospace awards for Indian Aerospace Fraternity

Aerospace Awards of india I am sure, most of us are unaware of these awards that AeSI gives away each year.

They are the awards coveted by Indian aerospace industry.

So here’s brief a run down of all the awards mostly instituted by Aeronautical Society of India.

If you know of some more please do add them here…



Aeronautics Research & Development Board, Ministry of Defence had instituted the National Aeronautical Prize in the year 1988. The award is conferred to recognize  outstanding contribution(s) in design and development of fundamental and applied work in the field of aeronautics. The award comprises a certificate and cash prize of Rs. 1,00,000/-.

Dr. Biren Roy, a distinguished pilot and multi faceted personality, and founder President of Bengal Flying Club had instituted this award in year 1985 to encourage Indian scientists. It is awarded for outstanding contribution in space sciences. The award comprises a certificate and cash prize of Rs. 20,000/-.

Dr. Biren Roy Trust Kolkata had instituted this award in year 1983. It is to recognise outstanding contribution in the field of design, development, maintenance, operation, training, manufacturing and allied areas of aviation and space. The award comprises a certificate and cash prize of Rs. 20,000/-.

This award was instituted in the year 1984 on the occasion of 75th birthday of Dr. V.M. Ghatage the legendary in the history of aeronautics in India. The award is to recognize  outstanding contributions in the field of design, development, operation, maintenance, training and allied areas of aviation and space. The award comprises a certificate and cash prize of Rs. 20,000/-.

The award was instituted by the Aeronautical Society of India in year 1991 to be awarded once in two years. However, in the year 1993 it was converted in to an annual award. The award is to recognize exemplary services rendered in the field of aerospace education. The award comprises a certificate and cash prize of Rs. 20,000/-.

The award, instituted by the Aeronautical Society of India is to encourage and recognize outstanding contribution by technician(s) in making of aero products. The award was instituted in year 1993 and carries a cash prize of Rs. 20,000/- and a certificate.

SIATI had instituted the award in year 1994. The award is to recognize outstanding achievements in indigenisation of aeronautical equipment including ground handling equipment. The award comprises a certificate and cash prize of Rs. 20,000/-.

Aeronautical Society of India had instituted the Swarna Jayanti Award in the year 1999 on the occasion of its Golden Jubilee. The award is to recognize outstanding contribution by a young achiever in the field of aviation aeronautics or aerospace. The award is open to the Society’s members of age below 40 years on 01 January 2009. The award comprises a certificate and cash prize of Rs. 50,000

This list is by no means a complete listing of the aerospace awards of Indian aerospace. If you know some more then please write here in the comments.

Sunday, January 03, 2010

A Quick and Gentle Reminder for AeSI Alumni meet

This is last week of registration for AeSI alumni meet.

If you have not done it now. Please do it now. For those who have done it, you will receive a call for further information.

So what are you waiting for? If you are in AeSI and you happen to be in an around Bangalore on 10th of this month, then mark that Sunday in your calendar!!

It's a fun event you don't want to miss.

More information and registration is available here.

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Two things AeSI student should adopt in 2010

This year whatever your goals or resolution is, if you are student of AeSI then there are two things I would like you to adopt.

  • One is study with a set routine.
  • The other is don't miss classes and use them where most of your learning takes place.

Adopt this two habits and make them a part of your life and you won't have to struggle all semester.

All the best and a have a great year ahead!!!

Read more on how to set your routine? and How to start next semester with a Bang?

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Best of MyAeSI 2009 – Career and Job related

To mark the end of this year, for next few posts, I will list out the best of 2009 posts of MyAeSI. The posts will be arranged in the following categories.

  • Study related
  • Training and Skills
  • Career and Job related

This one deals with Career and Job related . Please enjoy the posts

  1. 8 things that I will tell all pass outs of AeSI
  2. Walk-in : Be the first
  3. Building a better Aerospace Engineer
  4. Kind of Questions that Aerospace Engineers can exp...
  5. How to Write Great Cover Letter?
  6. Tips on How to Answers Interview Questions
  7. Follow your passion
  8. Secret of being a successful designer, analyst and engineeer
  9. What preparing tea can teach you about enjoying life and job...
  10. 8 things that you can immediately do on your resume for a better job...
  11. Is your resume shouting ' I am fresher !'
  12. Start your interview preparation with this question...
  13. Importance of First Class Degree in Aerospace Job ...
  14. 101 technical interview questions to prepare yourself 
  15. 7 questions that you should answer about your first job?
  16. How to answer interview questions?
  17. Three steps to successful career
  18. 20 questions that you will be asked in any CAD interview...
  19. 12 CAE interview questions to prepare for
  20. How to answer interview questions?
  21. Some Aerodynamics Interview questions
  22. 2 things you can do today to have a great career ahead...
  23. Entropy and what it teaches on how to prepare for interview?


Please pass this on to your friends who might benefit from this information.

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Friday, January 01, 2010

Best of MyAeSI 2009 – Training and skills

To mark the end of this year, for next few posts, I will list out the best of 2009 posts of MyAeSI . The posts will be arranged in the following categories.

  • Study related
  • Training and Skills
  • Career and Job related

This one deals with Training and Skills. Please enjoy the posts

  1. How I learnt ANSYS, NASTRAN or Solidworks?
  2. Take up a Tool early on in your AeSI days
  3. UG
  4. Training is all about your Mentors work
  5. 25 Very Useful Excel Keyboard Shortcuts
  6. AeSI Training: 11 questions to ask yourself before...
  7. Some Tips to learn from Tutorials
  8. When is AeSI training not worth doing?
  9. Software,Training and AeSI graduates
  10. Matlab to start yourself to programming!!
  11. Want a job write a presentable resume
  12. Get proper experience in AeSI training
  13. Stipendiary training programmes in NAL
  14. Catia and solidwork
  15. Transferable skills and core knowledge
  16. Which Programming languages to learn?
  17. Some thoughts on learning catia or other car software...
  18. Three software's that I would recommend
  19. Which software to use? Advise to AeSI aerospace st...
  20. Which version of CAD or CAE software should you us...
  21. Fastest way to learn a CAD software
  22. 7 things to take note while learning an analysis program.
  23. Riding bike and learning catia what's the connection?
  24. Cinema, funcity and NAL training! - What's the connection? 
  25. Two ways to get maximum out of any training
  26. What my learning of excel can teach you in learning other CAE software?
  27. What AeSI graduates should learn instead of CATIA?...
  28. List of 50 common excel worksheet functions


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