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Internship Experience By An IITian.

In the last article I had written  about 7 Reasons Why You Should do Internship which you can read from here .Some days before I was just surfing Facebook and I got a very nice article from Facebook page Inside IIT  about the internship which was Submitted by Tapobrata Behera, IIT Kharagpur.
Below I am sharing that article,
I hope you will like that

Internships are the craze of the moment. One of my seniors said that it is always advisable to utilize each and every vacation of your college life and do something noteworthy for your CV! So I also asked my dad to liaison with his friends and ultimately I got a winter training at one of the steel plants. It was the first day of my 4 week vocational training and my dad introduced me to my mentor. After exchanging the pleasantries with my mentor, he asked me to follow him. First we were supposed to visit the STEEL MELTING SHOP.

"So, you are from which college?" he asked me while typing a reply on his smart-phone.
"IIT-KGP sir," I replied with a sense of pride.
"That’s really nice. Which branch do you belong to?" He asked, looking into my eyes with a sense of admiration.
"I belong to metallurgy department, what about you sir?" I asked him.
"I am also from metallurgy department, IIT Madras. By the way, we have reached the STEEL MELTING SHOP."

He then showed me the huge furnaces, flow of molten metal and started explaining them briefly to me. After that I asked him a few inquisitive questions . He was able to answer almost all of them and I had started to admire him for his knowledge . After that we both went to a canteen as my mentor had not taken his breakfast and wanted me to accompany him for the same. The following conversation took place after he came ordering his dosa and coffee and sat in front of me.

"The entire process is so fascinating. It must be quite some fun working out there?" I asked him, and my mentor could read the exuberance on my face.
"Yes .. the process is very fascinating. But do you know .. I never enjoyed to learn all this facts and stats which I was telling you. Aeroplanes used to enthrall me a lot in my childhood days and I had made up my mind that one day I will design and develop new aerodynamic models. However, as you know, in IIT you don’t select the branch, THE BRANCH SELECTS YOU (based on your rank). And similarly I had to settle for Metallurgy. A senior there, introduced me to the concept of department change. I used to think that maybe we have to develop a project on a topic of our desired branch and I used to spend all my time reading and collecting data about the various aerodynamic models. It gave me immense pleasure and filled me with joy when I understood how exactly planes like BOEING 747 and Fighter Jets function. By the time I came to know that branch change was related only to the “PERFORMANCE IN SUBJECTS OF FIRST SEMESTER” all my dreams were shattered. Thereafter my grades suffered terribly . Do you know why did that happen?" He asked me, stirring his coffee with a spoon.

"I am really sorry to hear that, sir. And no sir, I don’t know." I replied and was anticipating a pretty stark reality by now.

“Right from my first semester, I rarely enjoyed the courses. A few courses were interesting, but I was all the more interested in learning about the working mechanism of an aeroplane. I used to miss majority of my classes, not because of my dedication to aerospace engineering, but because I could never really make sense why a few courses were being taught to us. I thus ended up with 1 F grade in my first semester and that ended my chances of securing a branch change. I was occasionally reprimanded at home for my grades. My parents never realised that AERONAUTICS was my forte. In the subsequent years , I had to give up on all of this as I was closing on a very poor CGPA and was thus left with the inevitable task of studying hard to score an acceptable CGPA.

Study, because if you don’t, you won’t be able to able to earn your bread and butter, and in doing so I sacrificed the thing which meant so much to me and which, according to me, was the only reason of my existence in IIT. And now you see, I am here before you, stating you all the facts and data which don’t really mean much to me. It was only that “BREAD AND BUTTER” phrase which caused to me give up on my passion. Your survival is thus inextricably linked with your CGPA not with your passion in IIT. I really wish something could be done to remedy this crisis. What is your CGPA at the end of first year by the way?" He asked with me, with a dry smile on his face.

"Umm.. I think we are done with the coffee and dosa. Maybe we should go and checkout the other departments?" was my reply and we both got up to visit the other departments.
Submitted by Tapobrata Behera, IIT Kharagpur
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Please do share with us your internship experience if you have any.

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Sunday, December 14, 2014

7 Reasons Why You Should do Internship

How can a person get a job since There is a huge gap between academics and industry ..?

We have syllabus which is almost half century old and this industry is at latest technology than how we are capable for its job..?

What we shall do to fill gap between academics and industry ..?

Answer of all above question is to do internship.

What is internship ...?

if we look at Wikipedia than it states as An internship is a job training for white-collar and professional careers. Internships for professional careers are similar in some ways to apprenticeships for trade and vocational jobs, but the lack of standardization and oversight leaves the term open to broad interpretation.

which means that you can have insight of an industry by having internship. 

As a fresher it will be a added point to as compared to others when it comes to a point of job searching.

There are many advantages of having internship which you get read from here .But to be brief i will summarize that article bellow 

  • Gain work experience and transferable skills 
  • possibly earn money
  • Be able to experience a prospective career path
  • Gain practical experience
  • network with professionals in your field for reference and future job opportunities .
  • Develop new skills and refine others
  • Gain confidence in your abilities.
More I will be sharing in the next articles .
Please do share your thoughts and experience about internship in comment section.
Hope you had liked it.

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Monday, December 08, 2014

5 Master Tips for Effective Interview

Interview by listening this word many of us get scared....Aren't you...?

Interview is not a only one way process .It's a two way process...There is nothing to get scared ..its just like a formal talk which we have to do with official person.

It's does not matter weather you are having interview for job ,for relation ship or for anything but there are several things which holds good for all.

So here it goes,
  1. Before going to interview make some homework .in case you are going for job interview have a look on company website,if it is for relation than look on social media sites this will give you many idea about the insight of the person/organization.
  2. 1st check it out what you had mentioned in your resume ,CV or bio data. maximum of the question will be asked from that be confident what you are providing .
  3. Don't only just listen and answer .Take active part in the conversation .It's not like that you have to satisfy their criteria but your should also be comfortable with the way they work.the way they treat their employees .ask about anything whatever you want to know .If you ask question based upon your research ,they will feel that you are really very serious as well as interested and you got a plus point over other candidates.
  4. after having interview thank them honestly .
  5. send them a hand written thank you note and also do mention that what you like the most in conversation .
If you have any other tips than please share with us in comment section.

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Monday, November 24, 2014

Project at IIST

degree should be completed with 60 %

applicant will have to be at IIST on 26-11-2014
if you are interested than please contact .she can help you to get this project 

Hello friends, 
There is a walk-in interview for a project position in Aerospace IIST on 26-11-2014. Plz go through it.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

15 Tips for EXAM PREPARATION by Mr Rahul Verma

 All of you are preparing for your exams and most of you are left with three or less papers in sec b, so this may be your last semester of AeSI exams. Next sem most of you will complete your degree.

I know these are the most tensed moments for a society student when he has last semester to complete section B. Question keeps roaming in mind “will I be able to clear the degree this time or not?” What if any of one paper is left? “Again I will have to waste one more sem”

Most of the students start losing their confidence due to peer pressure. And even they are good in knowledge and worked hard full of sem, they fail in one or more papers.


Try to keep grip on your confidence, I’d tell you few thing that I did and helped me in my last sem of sec B.I will be very happy if it may help you:

1) Just keep in mind: jo bhi karna hai, jitna bhi tension lena hai, bas es sem hi lena hai...etni mehnat krni h ki next sem exam na likhna pade.

2) Plan breaks during your studies, use your most of the time for your preparation by avoiding tiredness.

3) It will be excellent if every day you can write test on previously asked question papers, if yes then do it for all the three subjects every day and mark your mistakes. If you do it for ten days continuously just before your exams then you will get solid confidence and good chances for clearing the papers.

4) Plan your syllabus and write chapter-wise tests on theory and numerical portion for each chapter. Do it in such a way so that most of the things/things where you are weak will get covered in your test.

5) Collect the things on one separate note that you need to revise frequently. List out all the formulas equations and important diagrams use minimum words and use symbols and drawing pictures to minimize the words. It will help you to revise faster.

6) For example if you usually forget the formula to be used in exam then write one test on the formulas only, it may look foolish but later after exam you will find how useful it was.

7) Complete your revision few days before the exams anyhow and plan for writing the test and correction self.

8) Divide your day in to two halves, in one prepare the questions and revise the theory and in second half write the test on the chapter/s you decided earlier.

9) It will boost your self confidence and you will be able to identify where usually you do mistakes in exam.

10) Just circle your mistakes with red pen and write the correction in front of them.

11) In case if you have two or more exams continuously then mix the questions from all those subjects in your question paper and write a detailed test. It will be proved very helpful in exam if you could do this.

12) Now before your exams you need not to revise full syllabus, you can revise most of the things by reviewing your test papers itself.

13) Post the formulas short notes in your room wall, bathroom, and toilet or in kitchen so that you can utilize your time most wisely and efficiently.

14) Keep your weekly and daily plan right in front of you where you sit to study. Write those things on board that you need to do later to avoid missing them.

15) If you have any of your idea or experience please share it so that it can help others.

Thank you.


Collaborative Research Opportunity for AeSI Students

Dear Students, 

If you have interest in carrying out a quality project for your electives fulfilling the requirements of AmAeSI course in association and consultation with  industry renowned researchers you may contact alumni association for the needful. 

You can contact us over mentioning electives taken and planned submission session.
Project will be carried out under the guidance of  AeSIAA. Guides from AeSI fraternity will monitor the work and under satisfactory completion will sign the the report. A certification of completion from AeSIAA would be also attached with the report authenticating the quality. Industrial problems will be taken improving the quality. Also guide will be part of your work and also signatory. Interested candidates can contact.
Date of start is 26 Jan 15 after vacation following the Dec session exams. All subjects of elective will be covered. Duration of project will be of four months. Weekly contact sessions with guides. Candidates with high aptitude towards research only need to apply who can carry out the work independently under the able guidance.
All correspondence, clarifications, doubts,  on this subject through mail to only.
No calls please.

Saturday, November 15, 2014


Issued in interest of AeSI Students/Graduates

This is to inform you all that we had a conversation with AeSI Alumni Association (AeSIAA) Secretary who informed us that immediately after December session exam, Student-Alumni meet is planned.

In the event, the discussion will be focused on several key issues that AeSI Students/Graduates are facing which will include Projects, Training, Internship, Interview and many others.

If you are interested to attend, we request you to provide the following :
1. Name
2.Current City
3. Mobile Number
4.Email ID
5. Registration Number
6. Society Status : Completed/ Sec-B (mention number of papers left)
7. Elective Chosen
This prior information is needed for us to plan the event better. We promise you that your details will not be shared else where and will be kept confidential.

With Subject Title as "AeSI Alumni Student Chapter" Drop us a mail with your details on one of the IDs mentioned below.
Rahul Verma ( )
Praveen ( )

One can also send the details via SMS/Whatsapp to Praveen @ 9543185418 .

You will be contacted once the event is finalized.
Kindly circulate the message.
Thank You

Friday, October 24, 2014

4 Reasons : Why You Should Write

Reason 1 : Writing makes your mind sharper...when you are writing anything ,it makes your mind to think in depth which finally results in such output we got surprise about it.
Reason 2 :Writing makes us to search for the information .we may look for different sources and our knowledge gets improved .
Reason 3 : It makes your BRAND.when you are writing something don't just write ,publish it on any platform like blog or be a guest author on any website .when others are reading your article ,your article create an image about you in their mind so always be sure what you are writing and it can add value  or not.
Reason 4: You can change world .it gives immense satisfaction when your reader approaches you and say that how your article had benefited him/her...
BONUS TIP : if you don't know what to write...? just have pen and paper and let write whatever comes in your don't need to be an expert or great philosopher to write can share your life experience or whatever you have learnt.
A Request : why don't you try writing by sharing with us any of your AeSI experience/industrial experience/job interview...? for my EBOOK for AeSI. Credit for article will be given to you only.
For more info contact :
Modi Priteshkumar Mahendrakumar
M.Tech.(aerospace) IIT kharagpur

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

3 Keys for Happiness

Are you doing what your heart says...?
Are you happy with what you are doing now..?
Are you adding value to whatever you are doing..?

If the answer of any of the above question is NO than you need to think over it.It may be a big stumbling block to your path to success & happiness.

The moment you start doing whatever your heart says ,you don't need to work anymore.You will just start enjoying whatever you do.

The moment you start doing whatever makes you happy,you will feel that time should not stop.let me do it for infinite time.

The success stories clearly shows us how successful persons had added values to this world.By adding values doesn't mean that to do any work differently but by doing in such a way that it will also contribute to others well being.

If every person adds value than this world be definitely  will be much more wonderful living place.

Please Share your thoughts in comment section,

Thank you for reading,

Modi Priteshkumar Mahendrakumar
M.Tech.(aero) IIT kharagpur

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

5 Tips from Father to Son

Recently in Navaratri I was at my home.I used to talk to my dad at his office at evening .During that conservation he gave me some tips for success which I am going to share with you all.Hope you will like that.
Here it goes,

Tip 1 : Never do anything which you can not tell me or by which you feel guilty.

Tip 2 : Have friendship with the persons who are more talented than you.

Tip 3 : whenever you are listening to any suggestion or advice listen if as you are dumbest person .let the heart flow of adviser.

Tip 4 : Listen to everyone's advice but do what your heart say because at the end of the day ,you are the one who is accountable for each result.

Tip 5 :Today when you are going outside everyone will recognize as you are my son but do such thing that tomorrow everyone recognize me as your father.


Have similar tip from your father..?

Please do share with us in comment section.

Thanks for reading.Please don't forget to like and share.

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Monday, October 20, 2014

Know Your Self

What is the most difficult job in the word..?

And most easy job in the word..?

 if I tell you that both are same than..?

 what will you tell...?

The most difficult as well as most easy job is to know our own self ,what is our inner calling..? In the word of cyberspace where we are connected to every one at the fingertip it has become very difficult to know our own self has been difficult to know our own self unless and until we talk to our own self on regular basis...we must spent at least 10 minutes a day to think about our own self and ones we knew what we want and in what we will find happiness half the battle is won...but more difficult part is to complete other half part.

It requires courage and patience to follow our own heart. hope this had helped you ..

Thanks for reading.

Modi Priteshkumar Mahendrakumar
M.Tech.(aero)-IIT Kgp

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Master Tip for Job Hunt

Are there any jobs in Aerospace..?
I did three mistakes in my life ....1st I took engineering ,2nd is aeronautical engineering and last one is AeSI.
This is what one of my reader told me  but I do not agree with him.

Let me try to explain it here....In this competitive world  its very important to get start our career from anywhere.

Finding a job is like finding a seat in a crowded bus where everyone wants to have seat but most of passengers will wait till the next stop come so someone vacate the seat and he/she capture the seat but you know there are some smart passengers ,even though there is no space to seat they will ask the co passenger to move and in 90 % case he/she gets succeeded to get a place to seat .

It just requires a little attempt.

Even if there is no job in any organization ,you should try to convince interviewer that you will add value to their organization .If job is not there than ask for paid internship ,if its also not there than ask for unpaid internship but somehow manage to have place in the organization .once you are inside it's all upto you how much big you can make out of this.

Have similiar experience...?

Please do share with us in comment section.

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Modi Priteshkumar Mahendrakumar
M.Tech.(aero)-IIT Kgp

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Why a Free Python Workshop for AeSI

Someone whom I shall call Mr Z, emailed me his profile. I saw the attached resume and realised, he is mint fresh from AeSI. So kept his resume with a mind of asking his resume after another 3 months so i can forward it to my contacts for any opportunity.

After, 3 months, emailed Mr Z to resend me his updated resume and I got a resume, which had some little formatting changes but none other changes. On enquiry he responded he is learning a design software and didn't put it there.

3 Months without a skill added astounded me!

I don't know about now, but when I was in this stage this was my rapid skill adoption period. What's the new norm now, i wondered?

Credit to Mr Z, he was not sitting ideal, but the velocity of skill gain is slow for the time we live in.

And another thing to note was the focus on only one skill. Well design is what he wants, that is great but this isn't a transferable skill. This skill takes time and is specific to a particular kind of work. So along with this technical skill he needs to think about building some transferrable skills, like speaking, writing, presentation skills, general programming or mastering common office tools.

Technical skills are like screw drivers, just meant for screws, while transferrable skills are like knife, more general and have wide applicability. This gap in the knowledge of the transferrable skills led me to launch the free python workshop for AeSI.

Python is powerful general purpose language and I think every person who calls him an engineer should know this. Weather you work in design, analysis or performance, skills in one programming language can take you a long way.

VBA, C, Fortran are good start but knowing python as the language will have wide advantages. Its cross platform and its batteries included nature, gives you lot from a little effort.

And as far as a transferable skill is concerned, it can fit any job or task that you might encounter in your work and non-work life.

So that's the intention of the Free Python Workshop. A getting started in Python so as to equip AeSI students and graduates a lifelong transferable skill that can be applied in all the jobs

So if Mr. Z is reading this, pleases register, you are the reason for the workshop.

Please visit the page for the brief writeup on the workshop and to for registering for the workshop!

Monday, September 15, 2014

A way to celebrate Engineers Day

Every year on September 15, we celebrate Engineers Day. It's really a matter of proud but here with this post, we would like to ask you few questions.

Let's do an analysis of last 10 years of the AeSI students who were enrolled across various IITs for masters and doctorate degree vs. the innovations. We are confident that the analysis report will open our eyes. Getting a masters or a doctorate degree can certainly give you a good job with a handsome package but it can never make you an engineer. Government is paying you stipend not just to treat this as pocket money but to come out with some great innovations.

Think Big. Think Engineering.

3 ways to celebrate Engineers Day.

- Start using some part of your stipend in creating a small lab aerodynamic /avionics at your hostel room.
- Use your campus lab to do experiment by thinking out of the box. Example : Is this the only way to do the things ? If I do this, so what will happen ? What if I do this ? What if I change the parameters ? and the list goes on .... Take this experimental data in an excel and try to implement mathematics to find out a relation between your results.
- Create a small team of innovative scholars. Discuss with your professor, pick up a theme and take his help to bring out some innovative ideas into real time execution. We never know when we'll have a Newton or Einstein out of us.

All the best ! and we wish you all a very Happy Engineers Day.  

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Workshop For AeSI Students and Graduates

Python workshop for AeSI

I love developing software. I also love helping people to learn how to develop better. That’s why I write about programming. There is so much to learn; it’s a rare day on which I don't learn something new, and it’s a rare week in which I don’t apply some new understanding to a problem that I’m solving for a client.

Now I have some more time to focus on creating something that I believe will help AeSI students to program better. I’m pleased to announce a free one day python workshop, all aimed at AeSI students, graduates who want to improve their skills.

Learn more and register

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How to avoid facebook addiction and start studying...?

Many times it do happens that we start surfing net and we don't feel anything to do other than net surfing.Our whole day just get  passed on surfing the net and at the end of the day when we ask our self..

 what we got today...? 

what we had learnt today ...?

Answer we got is....just simply wasted our time and didn't achieved from that day.

I too was facing the same issue. Even though I wanted to avoid this but was not able to control ,might be you also has faced the same thing.

So,question is how to overcome this and put our mind at something constructive work rather than making our mind a slave of Facebook.

I had discussed this with Mr Mohan (Ph.D. scholar ,aero dept,IIT kharagpur) and I got a very nice answer from him.The answer is as follows..

In the morning our mind is full of energy as you just had waken up by taking enough rest so  you start your studies or work .just ignore Facebook surfing as it takes a lot attention and eventually energy gets drain away So better to surf net or use Facebook at night before sleeping so that you can utilize your maximum energy. "

I did this and felt the difference...

Have you faced the same ...?

how did you overcome or still the Facebook slave..?

Share with us your views...


Modi Priteshkumar Mahendrakumar

Thursday, September 04, 2014

TOP Link your career with LINKEDIN

Hello Everyone,

                         You all must be knowing about LinkedIn and might be having account also but very few are aware of how exactly use it so in this article I will suggest you some way by which you can use LinkedIn in a such a way that it can boost up your career graph.

If you search in Wikipedia about LinkedIn, you will end up finding that,

LinkedIn is a business-oriented social networking service. Founded in December 2002 and launched on May 5, 2003, it is mainly used for professional networking. In 2006, LinkedIn increased to 20 million viewers. As of June 2013, LinkedIn reports more than 259 million acquired users in more than 200 countries and territories.



The basic functionality of LinkedIn allows users (workers and employers) to create profiles and "connections" to each other in an online social network which may represent real-world professional relationships. Users can invite anyone (whether a site user or not) to become a connection. However, if the invitee selects "I don't know" or "Spam", this counts against the inviter. If the inviter gets too many of such responses, the account may be restricted or closed.
This list of connections can then be used in a number of ways:
  • Obtaining introductions to the connections of connections (termed second-degree connections) and connections of second-degree connections (termed third-degree connections)
  • Users can find jobs, people and business opportunities recommended by someone in one's contact network.
  • Employers can list jobs and search for potential candidates.
  • Job seekers can review the profile of hiring managers and discover which of their existing contacts can introduce them.
  • Users can post their own photos and view photos of others to aid in identification.
  • Users can follow different companies and can receive notifications about the new joining and offers available.
  • Users can save (i.e. bookmark) jobs that they would like to apply for.
  • Users can "like" and "congratulate" each other's updates and new employments.
  • Users can see who has visited their profile page.
The "gated-access approach" (where contact with any professional requires either an existing relationship, or the intervention of a contact of theirs) is intended to build trust among the service's users. LinkedIn participates in the EU's International Safe Harbor Privacy Principles.

recently I had completed certificate course on Linkedin - Social Media Marketing from udemy and I found that it will be also useful to everyone. Off course this course is free on udemy ,attend it nicely .Its duration is rarely 1 hour.

Hope you will find this article useful,
Kindly share your experience with linkedin in comment section.
Modi Priteshkumar Mahendrakumar 

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Topper's View for AeSI

Congrats to Mr Saurav Thapa for getting highest marks in P2 (95) and in Design (71) .

Below I am posting his story in his own word.

saurav thapa said...

i have a great experience to share here. this time i sat for three papers p1,p2 and design. in my life i never thought of getting above 70 marks in aesi papers. passing was my main aim. but by my little labour and my teachers' great help i have become able to score 95 in p2. its the all india highest marks in p2 this session. also i scored 71 in design which is also the all india highest in that paper. now i am one paper short of the aesi degree i.e. management and my average % till date is 65%.

what i want to tell is that if you work hard to get anything, there is no force in this universe that can stop you from propelling forward. im sure this is not just my story. everyone has a similar story. please share and keep others inspired.

Thanks Saurav for sharing this with us.

Hope you had like this...

If you have similiar experience than please do share with us in comment section.

Thanks for reading.

Modi Priteshkumar Mahendrakumar
M.Tech.(aerospace) IIT kharagpur

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

AeSI June 2014 result-out

Dear Friends,

First I would like to congratulate to everyone who had completed degree or passed paper and in case you had not passed exam as per your expectation than please don't get disappointed because a better future as well as a better result is waiting for you but for the time being get relaxed ,analyse what went wrong,what you can go to avoid it. 

Once you clear AeSI you will feel that the you have won a very big battle of your life and I must say as you had not left AeSI and you were determinate through your journey of AeSI and strived ,challenged ,pushed your limits so in future you will never ever give up in any condition .I must say that AeSI gives the training at-least it did for me.

Joy of clearing one paper was more than clearing GATE for me and I am sure that completing M.Tech from IIT kharagpur will not give me as pleasure I had got when I completed AeSI.

Once again Congrats to all and also let me know about your result in comment section.

Thanks for reading ,

Please do like and share if you felt it's worth reading,

Modi Priteshkumar Mahendrakumar

Find the Creative Leader in you.

"The role of a Creative Leader is not to have all the ideas; it's to create a culture where everyone can have ideas and feel that they're valued."

It's human tendency that whenever we talk about being a leader, so many students often relate this with professional terms such as "Team Leader" in an organization or may be "Politician". However the real meaning of a leader and thus leadership is far ahead of the basic terminologies.

Leadership is not everybody's cup of tea but with experience, history advocates that many people have become great leaders. Leadership, I mean Creative Leadership indeed is all about creating a culture wherein every student surrounding you can lead some other students. It's all about a creating a culture, wherein everybody is free to think out of the box.

Recently there was a post on Facebook asking for help related to admission in VTU. I indeed have my own reservations on this. Let's try to understand the another aspect of this situation. It's always great to send them a letter explaining about the AeSI graduates who are leading many great organizations or the achievements of AeSI graduates. BUT how about having a meeting with the VTU heads ?

The situation could have been killed on the spot at the initial level itself, if the very first student would have been able to showcase the value of The Aeronautical Society of India. He could have awaken the leader inside him and explains the greatness of AeSI. It's all about leadership.

With MyAeSI blog, we always recommend you to respect your degree. Whenever you're going for an interview, answer each and every question in such a way that it should reflect your leadership skills. If somebody asks you about AeSI, so create a brand impact in such a way that in the future, when he has 100 resumes, so he select the one who is from AeSI. The brand image should be so high that he should think 100 times before saying 'NO' to any candidate from AeSI.

Happy Leadership.
For MyAeSI and AeSIAA

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Natarajan sir’s mind boggling answer…

A question asked by student to Natrajan sir after GATE class..
a room is full of oxygen and if i increase the temp of the room ,will oxygen get burned….?
we all know how Natrajan sir makes our doubt clear by giving simple simple example .he explains with such a example that we can not forget for a long time.
bellow is his answer..
see I m a teacher ,i can not teach my self .i need students to teach similarly oxygen is oxidizer it can not be burnt by itself ,it needs fuel to get burnt.
Have similiar experience with Natarajan sir...?
Please do share with us in comment section.
Thanks for reading,
Modi Priteshkumar Mahendrakumar

Friday, July 25, 2014

Few points on sending resumes for AeSI grads

Have you sent your resume for the contract engineer in DRDL/DRDO?

Many resumes were sent and one of the résumés and cover letter that got the maximum reaction had all the classic mistakes that we have been talking about In this blog. 

Here are some general common sense suggestions for the sending and responding to such requirements. 

1. First of all be professional.  If someone is soliciting resumes, he or she is doing a favour for fellow aesi students.  Don't dis respect that. Be courteous and professional. 

2. Send a well crafted, requirement centric résumé. Not something generic. Work on the résumé and send something that states your value toward that particular requirement. 

3. Don't state your percentage in the résumé unless its specifically asked for.   This one is applicable specially for AeSI grads. 60%, 68% might look good if its compared only with aesi but when you are competing with other engineering grads, this numbers don't really help.  So swallow that pride and keep them as need to know basis. 

4. As I said earlier on this blog, no one owes you a job, you have to earn it. And the best way to earn is by showcasing your value through skills and knowledge. The degree you have gives you a foot at the door into the corporate world. But it's your skills and application of knowledge that actually gets you to the finish line. 

5. One year experience and working somewhere for a year or less doesn't make you an expert. Remember this. Unless you have worked on similar work for more than 3+ years, don't boast of expertise. 

Remember this next time you are sending a résumé.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Requirement for aerodynamic engineers


Dear AeSI friends

we have a requirement for a person to work as contract engineer in the field of supersonic and hypersonic aerodynamic testing. Person having min 60%  aggregate in AeSI and preferably aerodynamics as specialization. freshers can also apply.

 kindly send your resume at following mail id: asap.

DRDL is a premier DRDO laboratory working in the field of missile development. It is one of the oldest lab, and has world class infrastructure.


Prakash Singh

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Fwd: Urgent Requirement of 2-5 year exp. in Hypermesh

Hi All,

For your information and action if applicable


Sent from my iPhone

Begin forwarded message:

From: abhishak saini <>
Date: July 17, 2014, 11:31:30 AM GMT+05:30
To: Rakesh Kumar <>, Rakesh Kumar <>,,
Subject: Urgent Requirement of 2-5 year exp. in Hypermesh

Dear Sir/ Madam,

We have urgent opening for Hypermesh (meshing tool). We are looking for 2-5 years experience candidates who have good hand on experience on hypermesh tool. Knowledge of any solver will be an advantage.

Please Send the resume to  and . 

Contact us : 080-65470039 

Please inform others.

Best Regards,

Abhishek Saini
Reliability Engineer

BE Analytic Solutions, 77, SRR Layout, Mahadevapura, Bangalore 560016, India 
Desk: 080-65470039 / Mob: +91-8792890197,8553883928 / Fax: +91-78385 93998 /

Friday, June 20, 2014

Exciting Career in GE -Job openings


Subject: Exciting Career in  GE -Job openings



Hi Aesi Graduates and Alumni members



Please send your resumes  for applicable  positions.


Please mention your job selection with CoS No. on second column


Details of job Description given below.





Mobile:+91 9620622877

Best wishes for a bright future



Biju Nanukuttan

Lead Design Engineer

GE – Power & Water
BEC - Renewables Engineering

Tel: +91-80-40880289


John.F.Welch Technology Center
Plot 122, EPIP, Phase 2, Hoodi Village,
WhiteField Road,Bangalore - 560066

GE Works




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