Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Don't be an electric current

It's easy to blame someone else. Like electric current we are hard wired to take the path of least resistance.

And when something goes wrong, the path of least resistance is to put the blame on someone.

This is exactly what we do in aesi. After each exam results I see people getting angry and bitching and bad mouthing aesi and it's official. I was also a victim of this.

Getting angry is good. It means you care. I have seen people in aesi who just didnt react. They just coasted along. So anger is good.

But don't take the path of least resistance. Ponder deep and find the mistakes that were under your control but you made. Ponder on what was the root cause for the failure. Yes it's hard and that's why it's rewarding.

If Sachin blamed the bowlers for each of his dismisal without any introspection, I don't think he would have been a great batsman that he is today!!

His skills and knowledge sharpened by first acknowledging his mistakes and then taking steps in correcting them.

This is how we learn and grow. If it weren't for mistakes and little resistance, we would still be in the stone ages.

So don't be an electric current.

As always best of luck for the AMAeSI results!

All work and no play

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy is all too familiar proverb. And we at AeSIAA believe the same.

So to begin this year, AeSIAA is organising a super fun family event full of activities that will energise and rejuvenate you.

Here's what you are in for.
  1. Its a full day event to fill your boring Saturday. Bring your family and kids to a day filled with excitement and activity.
  2. Cricket, Football, Badminton, Slow cycle race and any more exciting events for you to Participate and enjoy.
  3. For kids we have lined up some exciting activities like  Go as you like, Toy walk, Straws, Stick the Pictures and many more. 
  4. And watch you better half compete in badminton, race, skipping and musical chairs. 

Salient features of the Events.

  1. Registration fee includes, breakfast, lunch & Tea.
  2. This event is exclusively for AeSI alumni and their family members and AeSI Student members. No outsider.
  3. Caps will be provided to all the participants (sponsored by fellow alumnus).
  4. And tons of guaranteed fun ,activity and prizes.

Your early registrations will help us plan the event better, so please register now.


Spread the word
If you know someone who should be a part of this, please help forward this invitation to them.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Register for AeSIAA Sports Day 2012

Use the below form to register for AeSIAA’s sports day to be held on 18th Feb 2012.

See you there.
If you are not able to see the form. Please Click Here

Embedded Systems_1

If you are planning to learn Embedded Systems, so I'll suggest that before joining any institute have perfect command on below topics.
1. Basic Electronics
(Interview Questions are always (80%-90%) asked from the basics. and if one is not good at Basic Electronics so I feel that he'll face lots of problems to learn Embedded Systems so It's better that before joining any institute, we can build up our basics... )
2. Digital Electronics
(Number Systems, pin diagrams of various ICs and ol... Flip Flop, resistor , their color coding , counters etc .... must be on your finger tips. It helps a lot if you know the theoretical concepts behind it when you enter into any institute to learn Embedded Systems.  )
3. Microprocessors and System Architecture
(Example : I know that what is flip flop but I must know that how it works and the concepts behind "storing a bit of data. It really helps a lot to become good in Embedded.")
4. Programming Language - "C"
(Even it's Embedded-C which is used for Embedded programming however the concepts are same in general. and C is the base of any programming language. I personally feel that before joining any institute to learn Embedded Systems we must know the basics of programming. )

By the way Good Luck in advance to all students who are waiting for their result of AMAeSI.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Normal programming interupted for a small personal update.

If you guys are wondering why the post from my side has slowed down since august.

Well there's a reason behind it.

I am writing some where else. As myaesi has blossomed, I am now tending the seeds of my personal blog. The URL is simply www.sukhbindersingh.com

There I am trying to practice what I preach. This is an online repository of my personal projects and thoughts about fortran, gas turbine, aviation, aerospace and other things in life. Please do visit if you are interested.

Rest assure, along with Himalya, I will continue my posts in my-aesi.

Thanks for reading.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Investment in Knowledge

Benjamin Franklin said "An investment in knowledge always pays the
best interest"

Whatever you do, which ever stage of your life you are invest in

Be it in section a, section b or training or in job, keep a small time
slot to learn something new everyday.

Little things learnt everyday will become massive. Always remember the
power of compounding. So start today.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Please help each other_e.books !!!

Try to imagine the time when you were giving any paper of Sec. A or Sec. B. Friends, It's really very difficult to pass any exam without the guidance of seniors and teachers. I have received many emails from students that please help me in getting this e.book and all.... Henceforth I request you to please help your co-fellows in terms of books. Please provide the links of various e.books available on the Internet and which are good. By doing this, I think that our fellow students will be benefited. Even I feel proud that I had very good community of helping friends, They helped me a lot in getting many e.books . Everyone will be happy if you can post the link of good e.books available as a comment so that fellow students can be benefited.

Looking forward for a positive response from you all and I believe that you'll help your fellow students.

A good programmer must be a good debugger !!!!

During the days, I was learning programming language concepts of C at Hewlett-Packard, I have observed few things ; I think that they will help the students who wish to learn any programming language and those who wants to enter in the professional world.

1. I do remember my first day "ORIENTATION DAY", it's the time when company educate the candidates about what we shall learn in the upcoming days? What is company's expectations ? & also educate about the journey of company till today. I observed that many candidates don't understand the importance of it, they feel that it's just an Induction training ... we'll not learn anything in it... however actually It's the best time for you to learn few things like : how the management team is delivering the things, in case of unexpected questions asked by the team...... what is the approach they are going to use..... , there leadership skills and a lot.......
2. I'm sharing one incident with you which happened with me. There is something called "DATA TYPES" in C language, Even though I have learned them so many times but I have realized later that I don't know even a single thing. So whenever we learn something again, it's obvious we shall learn new concepts.
"Suppose you are a developer and you have been assigned to make a simple program to get the age of a traveler of Indian Railways, It's simple that you'll use INT  (int a;) however my trainer explained me that how selecting wrong data type affects the cost of the project. A survey says that daily 2 million people travel in Indian Railways, an INT data type consist of 8 bit (let's say) , a normal human age can be max. of 99 (in general) which is 1100011 in binary.... hence for a single customer 1 bit is wasted... and for 2 million people... 2 million bits .... and to store the data for 3-4 months ... (??????? Oh my God !! ???????) now analysis that how much memory is wasted ; and to have this memory how much cost you require.... "
So I want to suggest that never consider anything like it's damn simple... we should try to think/analysis different aspects of everything. There must be a proper use of grammar in any program script. Even Sukhbiner Singh also says that a programmer must be a good in debugging.
Cheers !!!!!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

One cannot learn engineering........

Himalya shared a nice blog post titled infosys tcs or wipro on Facebook.

I think AeSI engineering graduates and students should read this.

Please go ahead and read it here

Overall i agree with the author and the part that resonated with the most was this.

"One cannot learn engineering and programming merely by attending trainings. One has to learn it by doing, solving problems, observing what experienced engineers do, experimenting, screwing up a few times and reworking, talking to good engineers, etc. "

I had a similar experience when I was in NAL. Working under Dr Ramamurthy presented me the opportunities to work on so many varied engineering problems.

From gas turbine calculation, to designing a combustion chamber cooling fin, from designing mixed flow compressor to creating a database for efficiently storing all the engineering drawing produced by the lab, from running small gas turbine engine test to creating small Matlab codes to analyze the results. From solid modeling compressors to developing c software to receive and interpret data from a gps of micro air vehicle. I did it all.

This is why you will find how strongly I advocate people doing some kind of work in these labs. You can find all these posts at the following link http://my-aesi.blogspot.com/search?q=training

Thanks Himalya for sharing that post.

Keep up the good work!!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

AeSIAA Sports day 2012 Coming soon…


If you are following AeSIAA, you might know about the talk about sports day. So the wait is over.

Mark your calendar 18th February 2012 is AeSIAA’s sports day, where students, graduates of AeSI will participate in a day of sports.

Watch this space, Details coming soon.

Spread the word and get your sporting gear out!!!


Thursday, January 12, 2012

Leadership and solitude - must read article

Two days back I posted about how slowing down has helped me in my learning of Pgplot.

And just today I came across this
"You do your best thinking by slowing down and concentrating." in the following article on leadership and solitude.


It's a big article but I would like each and every aesi student, graduate to read it.

It raises many valid points and I think each one of us will actually take something positive from it.

Bookmark this page and read it when you have the time. I am sure it's worth the effort and time.


Qualification Vs Knowledge !!

Friends, We had a useful discussion on a page "The Aeronautical Society of India" at facebook. I want to share it with you. I believe that you will find it useful.

  • Sarvoday Singh - Knowledge
  • Ranjan Raj Soren qualification based on knowledge......:)
  • Aditya Agrawal qualification bcoz wiuthout qualification knowledge is useless. . . .
  • Himalya Bansal Knowledge
    coz qualification without knowledge is like red rose without fragnance.
  • Isha Goyal knowledge..(dre r some ppl in d world whu dnt hv qualification bt dey r mch more intelligent nly by dre knowledge)..
  • Vineet Nair I would like to share my experience....I have seen dumb ppl at Bigger positions just because they had Qualification (which was ofcourse acquired by muscle/money power since they had no knowledge) and I have seen more knowledgable ppl working under them or in some BPO .....PPL from AeSI very well know hw they end up at BPO......
  • Himalya Bansal Even though my opinion says KNOWLEDGE however let me take qualification side and start a discussion....so that we can have a final outcome.....
    @Qualification : final objective of all is to get a job... tell me one thing if you don't meet job criteria so what is the basis of having knowledge... even to appear any interview you need to have certain qualification.....
  • Hemant Prabhakar qualification with reference:-) 
  • Jyotindra Thakur knowledge...
  • Sandeep Yadav Of cource knwledge...bt without qulifictn no value of knwledge.....
  • Himalya Bansal ‎@Isha Goyal .... agree but don't you think that qualification increases your global exposure ...
  • Vineet Nair Himalya Bansal at least in India I would say you can buy Qualification but not Knowledge..... ;-)
  • देवदत्त शर्मा knowledge ppl knowledge
  • Hemant Prabhakar Criteria is qualification to explore ur knowledge 
  • Anand Mathew KNOWLEDGE is POWER.... So qualification will follows us
  • Vineet Nair Hemant Prabhakar who would u respect more?? Person with Knowledge or Qualification???
  • Vishal Nawalgaria knowledge for sure...& thts what aesi gives us.... but does it help earn a living?
  • Himalya Bansal ‎@all .... I think that choosing qualification was a mistake ... coz everyone expect few are taking knowledge side......
    by d way friends, why do everyone of us think about working somewhere.... can we have a dream of creating employment ? rather then just following the path created by our seniors ......
    I think we should be innovative & creative ... and try to create new possibilities ...
  • Mahendra Pandey qualification..
  • Sachin Kumar In aesi qualification. But if u dnt hv knowlegde u r nt able to qualify propulsion1 n prop 2. 
  • Himalya Bansal Sachin Kumar don't worry Prof. Natrajan from @GIE, Chennai has sent a letter followed with the support of more then 100 students to AEronautical Society of India regarding the same .....
    don't you feel that aesi mei aane ke baad bande ki knowledge badh jaati hei .... I really feel like this.... I have improved my skills a lot after joining aesi .....
  • Himalya Bansal ‎@anand mathew .... I agree but try to have a look on the opposite of the coin as well.... They are good in practicals ... Are we ?
    Do we really know anything about aircraft ? now plz dn't say that I know flaps, spoilers and ol... I'm talking about practical aspects ....
  • Sachin Kumar I think student who is in final stage of degree cmplitn in society, have both qualifictn as well as knowlege.
  • Himalya Bansal by d help of knowledge we can't only earn money , we can create new possibilities as well....
  • Sachin Kumar New po$sibilits can never b created on the bases of qualificathttp://www.blogger.com/post-create.g?blogID=9184576n only. Thats y qualification is analogus of knowledge
  • Shrestha Mittra i guess its da knowledge of da people wat z needed in work dhre if qualification ws everythng den newton wouldnt hav been a scientist instead could hav been worthless fellow..its da brain of da person wch matters n nt da qualification..:))
  • Sree Jith Ofcourse knowledge is important but this alone won't take you where u want to be or rather what u always wanted to become, in present conditions people do ask for qualification, even though if we have prefect knowledge but not the required qualification they won't consider US fit for the job.In most of the cases this happens
  • Aditi Handique Based on present scenario n if we see through a practical approach qualification matters more.
  • Narendra Singh Maurya qualificatn z like a gate entry pass in compny but knwlge z a pwr ful skil.
  • Rajat Shrivastava knowledge without qualification is of on use, and qualification without knowledge is useless.
    so we need both of them.
  • Vishnu J Nair qualification and knowledge,both has its on power. without knowledge their is no value for the qualification
  • Harish Sudhakaran after all..it"s.. common sense...that matters....which is not so common...!!!
  • Patitapaban Sahoo der r some great xample in India, who dont hv qualification but knowledge.......like KABIR DAS.......ND ofcourse qualification comes aftr knowledge...... 
Friends, these are few comments on a post @ "The Aeronautical Society of India" page at facebook.

Do share your views that what is more important knowledge or qualification ?

Monday, January 09, 2012

Resolutions and how to keep them?

Ok this is 10th day of this year. So tell me how are your resolutions going on.

Chances are you have slacked. I think, the number one reason for this might be you have forgotten the resolution. The thought has slipped.

I have seen in my own experience, sometimes we are not following the resolutions not because we don't want to but simply because they conceal themselves and our daily fires have taken control.

Most of our resolutions are essential things but not necessarily urgent. So when urgent work and class assignments come, we ignore the necessary.

Exercise to stay healthy is essential but colleague asking to do some of his work is urgent. And just like a crying cat gets the milk, the urgent task get preference over the essential.

So how to avoid it? Simple.

Keep reminders of your essential task and do the essential tasks first thing in the morning.

That's what I am going to follow. Do you have any other tip, share in the comments.

You never get a second chance to make "first impression" !!!

Dear friends, 
       I am sharing some interview related tips & I believe that it will help you a lot in your professional life.
Please note that you never get the second chance to make a first impression. Isn't it? so be careful because someone said that first impression is the last impression.

Some points are here to remember:
  • Smile is one of the thing which matters in your impression. Good smile always please people.
  • Dressing is also an important thing. You should be in formals. It is important aspect at the time of interview. Dressing should be appropriate for the post and the company. Try to get information about what the company would expect from employees. What would be appropriate for a building company is very different for a public relations agency. Be well-groomed and clean and above all try to look confident. Mahesh Batra (http://in.linkedin.com/pub/mahesh-batra/b/31b/2a9), Manager - Training at iEnergizer always says that your dressing matters a lot in your professional life and it also increases your confidence by 10 times.
  • Do not forget to handshake in a proper manner.
  • Eye contact without glaring shows your confidence. It is one of the most important aspects of nonverbal communication and can make a significant difference in how you present yourself. If you look away when speaking to someone, you are viewed as lacking confidence or interest. So always answer the question with eye contact to interviewer. 

Stay Connected to My Aesi.

Sunday, January 08, 2012

Slowing down......

Slowing down is the key to increased speed.

Past couple of months I am dabbing with fortran GUI and trying pgplot graphics library. I have produced gui's in c and then integrated them with fortran, but creating GUIs from fortran is new to me.

As the exploration began i took the fire aim adjust approach!! I dived deep into the tutorials and anything that I could lay my hands on.

Quickly from tutorials I graduated to actually creating my own programs. This has been going on for a couple of months now.

In the begining I was sprinting as hard as possible. Learning,doing, getting stuck, reading and then doing again. The pace was fast.

But now as I become comfortable, my approach has shifted. I have slowed.

I write a program and ponder how and what am I actually doing. This slowing down and pondering has doubled my learning. It feels like I am learning at greater pace with this slowdown.

So the technique I want to advocate to anyone learning a new programming language, a new analysis or cad software, is to run in the first few weeks. Race and learn as much as you are able to handle. Dive deep and continue the pace as long as you are able to.

When exhaustion, sense of acheivement begins to creep in, slow down. Become deliberate in what you are doing? Question why and what you are doing?

I hope applying this method will help you as much as it has helped me.

What are your views, do let it out in the comments.

Avionics rocks !!!!

Category III B approach and landing with auto land. Forward visibility about 200 feet. Cat III B requires (3) digital autopilots to be engaged and operating. If (1) AP fails, you continue the approach but your decision height (DH) and (RVR) runway visual range increase and your thumb is on the go-around (GA) button the entire time.

Link : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EgeT-F9-1KI&feature=share

I'm sure that after watching this video you'll be able to understand the importance of GA button in critical landing when visibility is very less.

Don't you think friends that Avionics has increased the operational characteristics of an Aircraft ?

Friday, January 06, 2012

Why we fail AeSI exams?

A recent comment by Yash on this blog post (http://my-aesi.blogspot.com/2011/08/5-quick-questions-aesi-studentgraduate.html
) made a good point.

Student fail AeSI exams because of lack of knowledge, lack of
expression and lastly because of tension in the exam hall.

Yash advocates that to release that tension, take practice exams.

I agree this works but I would like to add to the conversation.

Beating lack of knowledge is straight forward. Spend time learning.
Put in the effort.

Lack of knowledge will surely doom you. It's the foundation. If it's
not strong, nothing can be built on it.

Lack of expression. This requires practice. Practice tests as
advocated by Yash are a great way to tackle lack of expression. If you
are failing inspite of studying, then this is the likely culprit.
Practice answering and taking mock exams!

Tension. The third reason that chokes your exam. I think tension is
the symptom here not the cause.

The real cause is our expectation. Yes our expectation that this is an
important moment and the exams are the do or die. This self
expectation causes the tension and eventually overwhelms us.

Yes the moment is important. But we put more weight to it than
necessary. In the exam hall, we need to tone down our expectations and
just give the exams as it's just other class work.

All my exams where I had this light attitude in the examination hall,
I actually did very well.

We choke not because we haven't studied but because of weight of our
expectation. So study hard, and when it's time to be in the
examination hall, take everything light.

It worked for me and I know it will work for you.

Do you have any other tip, do share in the comments.

By the way, thanks Yash!

Explore more aesi exam related post via this link http://my-aesi.blogspot.com/search?q=aesi+exams

Thursday, January 05, 2012

How to STAND OUT? Lets explore.

A few months back I was interviewing someone. Let's call him Arvind. He was decent. Had the right skills, he knew his subject well and knew what was asked and how to answer it.

We were a 3 member interview panel. Even before the interview began we were impressed with his resume.

The thing that was impressive about his resume was not what he has written but the actual verifiable evidence he gave of his work. That's what made his resume stand out.

A tool he has created in his leisure time is recommened by a professor of the caltech university. His contribution to a programming forum on internet has 1000+ downloads.

The fact that all this were not required and he did this in his part time were a positive for him.

So what am I getting at?

This is what I call personal assets. That guy in his spare time, after his work life was active with his passion and created things with those skills. This way slowly he has built something that others find useful and this is what he leveraged in his job search.

This method worked as everyone who saw that resume was impressed.

This is what I mean when I ask people to work on side projects. Not only side projects improve your skills but they help you create assets that one can leverage.

Internet and tools available there give you immense opportunity to stand out. The question is are you using them?

In the year 2012, I will be exploring this topic in more detail. I would like to see everyone participate in this. Tell us what do you think it takes to stand out?

Interview Questions !!!!

Dear friends,
There were several times I have seen nervousness on the face of my candidates before interview, It's just because lack of knowledge about the questions HR is going to ask. Hence I suggest everyone that before going to interview, one should prepare for it & should know about the company, the projects for which company is hiring and all......  Preparation and confidence are very important. Good preparation always creates confidence. So the important thing to an interview is to be well prepared. In this you have to consider two things:
  1. You must prepare yourself practically for the interview.  
  2. You have to gather information which is useful during the interview.

Please find the below given links which will help you in preparing for the interview and in building up confidence 

Questions asked in Honeywell Interview.

Questions asked in HAL Interview
Question asked in various companies @ Embedded Systems for Avionics domain

beside the above links, Internet is the best source to prepare for the interview.

Good luck to all..........
January 05, 2012 

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Air Force Common Admission Test

Dear friends,
Indian Air Force invites application for grant of short service commission in flying branch and permanent / short service commission in technical and ground duty branches. Please find the below given link and note that LAST DATE FOR RECEIPT OF APPLICATIONS is 13th January 2012. 


Good Luck to all.......

Great strength

Let's begin the new year with this quote.

"It does not take much strength to do things, but it requires great
strength to decide on what to do." - Elbert Hubbard

Wish you find the strength to do what is right!

Happy 2012? What are you aiming to acheive this year, let's discuss in
the comments.

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