Friday, February 05, 2010

How to update your resume in an effective manner?

This post is continuation of the "update your resume series" that I am
hoping to run for this week.

Last Friday I sat with my friend updating his resume. As I saw him updating his existing CV, i noticed instead of the actual content, his focus shifted towards formatting.

Instead of wording his new experience in impeller design, he stopped twice wondering on an extra line that ms word added. He was more concerned about the font size of the new entry than on the real core issue.

As I saw this, I stopped him. Asked him to press control a and control c. Asked him to open the notepad, and press control v and do the editing in notepad.

Here in notepad he was far more productivity, suddenly his words, his language changed and he was better able to articulate his nature of work, his projects, his new work experience.

He was able to relate his skills, experience, and projects to the requirements for which he was updating the resume for.

So lesson learnt. Update your resume in notepad. Word is great at formatting. But it can distract you with all those spelling and language corrections and also with the feedback it provides continuously.

So at first take the humble notepad, write all that you need to write and once you are satisfied with the content of your resume, switch back to word and copy paste the stuff. After which concentrate on the formatting, correcting the spelling etc.

That's it folks, remember resume writing is two part exercise, the substance and formatting. Separate them and make a great resume.

The update your resume series will continue.

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