Wednesday, February 28, 2007

INCOME expenditure of Aeronautical Society Of India




A last visit to my own blog I saw this file was not uploaded properly so I am resending the income expenditure of the AeSI!!!


So take a look!!!

Thursday, February 22, 2007


Well this is how AeSI is spending money!! I made this to just show what is the income

and expenditure pattern of AeSI. As you can see more than 75% of the income is derived

 from students as students subscription fee and examination fee. While its spends just 9% on student stipends.


While attending AGM this time, as I saw these figures, I was surprised at the disparity and had a wish to show this to everyone.


More on this within a week. But I hope in the next AGm, with so much talk concerning improvement in society, this amount spent on students should grow!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Are you seeing the big picture?

Well how many times it might have happened to you that you are beginning a project, let’s say you want to learn CATIA or may be you want to take down notes of the subjects you are taking exams. But as you sit down planning, the whole thing overwhelms you? Do you know what the devil there is!! Well that was answered by this small article that I came through.

The devil is getting down to details early on. We should begin with the big picture and should only focus on the main big things than worry about the notebook, the version of CATIA to use. Start using it. What to use will come latter. The main task in learning CATIA, for a very beginner, primary aim ahead will be to familiarize himself with the toolbars and the commands available to his disposal. But what do we worry about? What will I model, where will I find things to model, Who can lend me a engineering drawing book from which I can practice?, The engineering drawing book that I have doesn't have machine drawing, so it won't be good for me and many small questions we bother than plunging into the main task of building a small glass as a first CATIA exercise. We spent hours to searching for tutorial and by the time we have them, the interest is drained... so dear friends shed the get-into-detail-right-away attitude and you will become more productive. And here's the small text that points out the very fact in a very beautiful way.

The article follows

The Devil's in the Details

I really got over the "get into details right away" attitude after I took some drawing classes...If you begin to draw the details right away you can be sure that the drawing is going to suck. In fact, you are completely missing the point.

You should begin by getting your proportions right for the whole scene. Then you sketch the largest objects in your scene, up to the smallest one. The sketch must be very loose up to this point. Then you can proceed with shading which consists of bringing volume to life. You begin with only three tones (light, medium, dark). This gives you a tonal sketch. Then for each portion of your drawing you reevaluate three tonal shades and apply them. Do it until the volumes are there (requires multiple iteration)...

Work from large to small. Always.

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Monday, February 19, 2007

Presenting ENEWS from the 58th AGM !!!

Hi folks


 Well I am back from the AGM and lot has happened there and speaking about myself, i would say i have enjoyed every bit of the AGM. From the boring lectures to the heated interactions in the AGM with its members in regards to students, marks and fund distribution, I have seen them all and I will be writing more about it as I get time and things come up.


 But today I am here to tell you about a new initiative that has been launched for the aerospace community by the AeSI. An ENEWS BULLETINE HAS BEEN LAUNCED. Here's the reasons why it is out directly from the editorial team of Enews.....




"Considering the spectacular achievements in aeronautics and aerospace coupled with the growth in civil aviation in the Country, the Council of the Aeronautical Society of India has decided to issue a monthly e-news to up-to-date developments to its Members and Professionals. The launch of the e-news marks yet another step taken by the Society in the dissemination of information for its over 9000 Members, Corporate Members, Companions, Industries and Institutions involved in the field of aerospace sciences and technologies. The e-news also provides a platform for individuals to seek and offer career opportunities. Industries and institutions can showcase their products. The monthly e-news is managed by a team of dedicated aerospace professionals and hopes to fill the gap of ever growing opportunities and demands by continuous real-time interaction. It is our hope that the aerospace professionals, institutions and industries committed to the growth of aeronautics and space sciences will contribute significantly to the ‘e-news’ service of the Society and make it an interesting and purposeful interactive forum."



I hope all this good work survives, the intentions are good and I hope that the action works out well for this whole thing, as I have seen AVIA, a newsletter from AeSI, die a slow death!!!!



So what are you waiting for folks hit to and grab your Enews!!!


Thursday, February 15, 2007

Scope of FORTRAN

Well a day or two ago someone asked me what is the scope of the programming language FORTRAN! He was asking the question in light of the dot.NET, AJAX and other hi-fi technologies that you here so much about in every street and in every newspaper ad!!! Well as said earlier the application of this language is still relevant and in aerospace which is considered and is a very specialized stream of engineering, it heavily relies on the FORTRAN codes developed as the technical know-how increased. It is estimated that over 95% of all engineering code developed in the past is written in the FORTRAN Language. Much of that was also developed and is still operational on non-windows operating systems. This important legacy code for the most part is valuable validated code, which many times is still used on a day-to-day basis. The cost to convert this code into another language and operating system would be very expensive. So in light of all these i think my friend will be in a position to ascertain the "scope" of FORTRAN!!!


PS: ANSYS’s computational kernel and MSC NASTRAN, a structural analysis tool, as far as I understand are written in FORTRAN.


Friday, February 09, 2007

AeSI results announced

Dear all

AeSI results for the December 2006 has been announce. The results are available in aesi site.  


Still now I haven’t got an opportunity to look at the results but from what I heard from Chennai, where maximum number of aesi students give exams, is that aerodynamics I results were not as expected. Many can’t believe the result they got in that subject… Anyways best of luck for all the guys and gals who are yet to see the result!!


Thursday, February 08, 2007

Why learn programming?

Yesterday as I was researching on FORTRAN and stumbled along a nice little article titled same as this post. As my friends will tell you, I have more than academic interest in this subject , so went along and read the whole piece and liked most of what it said. And I think it answered one of the basic question that I knew I knew but was not able to explain when people asked me why do you like programming? Well my answer then and still now is that. Programming is like magic and I love the sense of joy and wonder that come to peoples face when I showed my nifty although small programs to my peers, elders and all. That's what I liked and as I joined NAL, there I saw that just like John Mahaffy from The Pennsylvania State University said it increased my personal productivity. I was doing the analysis, design and the work I was supposed to more effectively and faster. And I am glad that I know programming as its not only for software engineers but everyone who  wants to better utilize our time and effort.



A friend of mine is in SAFRAN and he joined as a design engineer and mainly working with CAD tools and he recently said that his team is being trained in Visual basic and that perhaps might be the reason for it........



Anyway enough of my chatter, you might want to read what Professor John Mahaffy of The Pennsylvania State University has to say on this, so get going man, here's the link. It’s really good



Ps: most of my chatter is available at  I am regularly updating the same. Anyone who has been to the aero show? Please do send us your inputs, your views on what you liked and didn’t like!


Monday, February 05, 2007

NASTRAN what ??????????????????????

Well here’s an incident that happened to me when I was in NAL and working there on a project related to critical speed of mixed flow compressor shaft. As I was busy analyzing the shaft in NASTRAN, a project trainee working there saw me doing NASTRAN and approached me if I have the software. I said yes and as he brought his CD, I burned it to it. But it was after this that I got shocked when he questioned, hey what does NASTRAN does? Imagine, just collecting software with no aim. I was amazed at the guy. Is it me or something wrong with the person. Being BE mechanical, I can understand he might not know what NASTRAN is but I am was stuck by the aimless stocking tendency that the guy displayed by promptly bringing a cd and preserving the software. Probably he might have a library of all the softwares available in the market but what’s the use, why this senseless draw to getting software for the sake of it….  I guess that’s a mentality we grow up with when we gather notes for our exams and get hold any book we know is mentioned in the syllabus book!!!


I’m not judging you judge. As I mentioned earlier software are tools and means to a goal and not the goal itself. I am glad the guy was not  an aesi guy but then for the aesi guys its one thing I want to stress, be a master of one tool and have strong fundamentals of your domain and good communication skills to display what you know and there is nothing that can stop you to be a succeed in your profession.




Friday, February 02, 2007

Cochin chalo

Italian traveler Nicolas Conti wrote in his travelogue: "China is where you make your money, then Cochin is surely the place to spend it." Well this is the very place the Aeronautical Society of India is organizing its AGM!!! I have never been to Kerala and this AGM in cochin has provide me the opportunity to explore this enchanting state. You mention Kerela and my mind pictures, coconut tree clad river banks and small brownish black boats meandering in them.



Apart from seeing this beautiful city, I am looking forward to meet my fellow aesian's there. It’s great to meet and know about each other. For this reason I think not only the awardees but rest of the folks should come to the AGm's as they help us know and connect to each other. We didn't get this opportunity while we were students but now in AGM, it’s a good place for networking. Orkut is great in online networking but an offline networking opportunity like this coupled with the chance to hear from the leaders of Indian  aerospace is worth grabbing. So guys and gals who are in double mind, make sure you set your foot in kochi! I know that it will be more worthy than the one weekend that you will spend in!!!



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