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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Energy for exams !

Please have a look of this presentation. Move the slights by right & left navigation buttons. I'm confident that It will boost up your energy for exams. 

Best Wishes !

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Luck and AMAeSI exams

Brian Tracey's formula for being luckier:

"Luck is quite predictable. To have more luck, take more chances."

Don't short circuit your chances by not even trying.

Brain Tracey is spot on. Applies equally well to getting job, training and passing exams!!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Common sense tips for exams

Writing exams is like baking a cake. Yes baking a cake . You got to know what ingrdient to put, how much to bake and when is the time to take the cake out of the oven. Too early or too late, one can ruin the whole effort.

Here are 5 exam time tips. Just studying isnt sufficient, be smart in answering your question paper during exam time.

1. Answer your best question first. A positive first impression goes a long way.

2. Before answering, understand what the question is really asking.

3. Time your questions. Don't time individual questions, but decide on how many question you want to complete in each hour of the exam. Exams are not just test of your knowledge but test of how you manage your time.

4. Be clear, tidy and legible. The less the effort the examiner has to spent on understanding your answers, the better.

5. Last but not the least, keep some time for revising what you have answered. Silly mistakes are the biggest contributer of exam failure, revising what you answered at the end is a good way to minimize these mistakes.

Hope this simple, common sense steps will help you shine in your exams. Good luck.

And before i wind down, last tip, when in the examination hall, stay in the present. Whatever be the situation, tough paper, easy paper, don't run ahead. Stay cool and calm.
Good luck!!

Can anyone organize a day workshop on Aeromodelling ?

I've come across with a profile who is teaching embedded science to students since last many years. He has devoted his entire life in learning & sharing the knowledge. We became friends by social media. Yesterday I was interacting with him and he asked me a help. Actually he is looking for any professional or student who is perfect in aeromodelling ? and can take a day workshop on it because he wants his students to learn Aeromodelling.
Since It's a blog dedicated to Aviation and here so many profiles are there who are into aviation since last many years. I'm expecting some helping hands to come up without any expectation to teach Aeromodelling to his students.
Let me be very clear about my words, You'll not get any money for it but Yes, the only thing which you'll get is the internal happiness because by doing so You'll not only help some students but also you'll enhance your skills.
If anyone is interested to take this workshop so he can contact me 24*7.
Himalya Bansal
+91-  8923254109
Facebook : Himalya Bansal (CLICK HERE)

At last the friend I was talking about is none other than Mr. Vinay Chaddha , C.E.O. - GVC Systems.
Add on to it, if you need any knowledge about Embedded Technology so you can message him anytime. I'm confident about his positive reply.
Facebook : Vinay Chaddha (CLICK HERE)

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Section A and exams

Just read himalya's post on my aesi, i was noding my head reading his advice on what to do in section a.

Totally agree with him, section a is for studies, concentrate on your studies and nothing else.

Explore everything but focus on studies. As exams are nearing, dont just aim to pass, aim to shoot higher!

Good luck everyone for your exams. Work hard and smart, thats the only way to crack aesi!!

Section-B Lab Training

If anyone is interested to do lab training of Section-B so they can contact on the below mentioned numbers. I've taken this initiative because so many students were facing problems in getting the lab training of Section-B.

Contact at Social Networking Website
Avionics Engineers India
Himalya Bansal
Nilesh Singh Chauhan

Contact Number
(In case the numbers are not answering so you can drop a message as well, we'll revert you back.)

Email Address

Life is a race !

The only race you have to win is the race against yourself - there will always be someone faster and stronger but there will never be another you, so look within and push your own personal boundaries.

Himalya Bansal

Are jobs there for freshers ?

Good Morning friends.
I'm writing this post because I've noticed many students creating negative environment about Aesi and saying that jobs are not there in the market for freshers & due to this many students quit Aesi.
First of all let me tell that community very clearly that "Winners don't quit & Quitters don't win" It seems bookish but It's a fact. Add-on to it we can't get everything under one roof specially when we are in Aesi.
Even It's written in "You Can Win" book that "It might be possible that without struggle you can get the job but It can't be a long term career."
Coming to the point, I'm sharing some screen shots here taken from LinkedIn which will show you the career path, the path which can lead to success. You'll find that the OJT training provided by the society is the first step of the ladder and to get this training there is a benchmark of 60%.

I've share the screen shots now It's you who have to understand that how important it is to touch the benchmark of 60%. Clearing the papers with 50 is never going to help you in career. My request to all who are appearing in June2012 examination is to try as much as possible to get at least above 60.
Specially the Section-A students, Don't follow the tradition of clearing papers with 50 and giving parties to friends after that. :p Trust me, ask your seniors once you'll come in Section-B It'll become very difficult to improve the percentage of Section-A. 
Good Luck for exams & All the very best. 

Saturday, May 19, 2012

How to score high in Avionics !

I've heard many students saying that passing subjects in avionics  is very easy as compare to other streams. Let it be ! make it your motivational factor. Yet I just want to share something with you all....
It might be very easy to get marks between 50-60, but actual test begins after that .. after a benchmark of 60, each variation of 10 marks need lots of efforts by you. It's not just the efforts, It's your smartness. The most important phase is the 15 days before the exams.
1. Let's consider a theoretical question of 10 marks, what do you think ? It's easy to get 9+ out of 10. Yes, It is . & It's us who make this easy by our power of representing thing by Diagrams, Flow Charts and other techniques to represent complex things in simpler way.
2. In every topic of Avionics, making diagrams is the key to success. Along with this if you'll add mathematical approach behind the theoretical concepts so It'll add wonders.
Actually It totally depends on us how to get extra marks from the examiner.
3. In this critical phase of 15 days, try to solve last year question papers. If you don't know the answer so google it, I'm confident that you'll get all the solutions after using internet. Yet in case if you're not satisfied so use social networking websites or approach your seniors.
4. Last but very important, use your pen and paper as much as you can because there are certain things which seems to be easy but once you write them they become complicated to express. So try to solve last year question papers and trust me It really helps a lot even I've completed my degree with good score in just 3 semesters because of my habit of solving the last year question papers.

Feel free to share your problems as Prof. Raja of G.I.E., Chennai says "Doing mistakes in the class room is far better than doing mistakes in the exam hall."
Good Luck.  

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

How to be succeed in learning something online?

We are lucky to live in a time when anything we need to learn is just a click away.

From FEM to sports physiology, from gas turbines to tablet technology, anything that interests you is available through a browser.

But is the presence of information making us use it in an optimum way. Are we better in FEM than a person few years ago. It turns out that access to information isn't the only requirement. we need more.

We need other ingredients to complete the recipe. At this link ( ) I have embedded a video that explains the recipe that can make your online studies a success.

Do check it out.

Worth every minute, specially for all aesi students and graduates.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Last night as I went to bed, I got reminded of may 9th 2002. That's the day ten years ago that I had registered ouraesi group at yahoo.

Ouraesi has completed ten years. When I registered it I was a student and I never thought it will survive but it did. Thanks to members and moderators who have kept it buzzing.

Ten years back, it was meant to connect students and graduates of aesi but now it has morphed into india's online platform for aeronautical and aerospace professionals.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Making AMAeSI a Viable Option

This presentation was presented in One of the AGM's of AeSI by Air CMde Raghubir Singh.

I know this was instrumental in making AeSI change its syllabus and updating it. I just found this ppt in my old laptop and wanted to share with you all.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Roadies and your interview

Do you see roadies? I like the show. At the audtions stage, have you
noticed a subtle thing.

If the personal interview starts with a positive note then it ususally
goes great. And if it flips then it's at the begining of the interview.

So why am I talking about this here on myaesi.

Well it's just how the interviews are.

Usually the first question on any interview is to tell about yourself
or walk us through your profile.

Prepare this well. This is your place where you can set the tone of
the interview. With your reply you can steer the interviewers
attention to your favorite subject, experience or skills.

If answered correctly, the first question is platform to launch to
new heights and if you fail it's a black hole to drag you down.

So prepare well. Unlike roadies, you don't get a quick second chance

Thursday, May 10, 2012

GIE's Endeavor magazine

An announcement that I read in ouraesi yahoo group. A really commendable effort. Hope a PDF version is available. 

The annual Ganesh Institute of Engg magazine is now available in facebook,from where you can able to get magazine related updates,Info about -the developmet in aero field in india ,art ,culture and lots more.for more info please visit

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

The halo effect and AMAeSI exams

When I was in school, my teacher always used to insist that answer your best question first.

He has stated this so many times that it has become a part of my exam mentality.

Almost all exams I have given after class vii I have answered my best question first.

I was recently reading this book and it mentioned halo effect. The effect of the first impression.

The author, a university professor mentioned that while checking papers he felt that if the first question went well, then the rest of the answers he scored were on average better. If doubt crept, the professor tend to lean towards his first impression.

So he observed that a student scoring good points in first questions, usually got more marks than the other.

Similar thing happens while interviewing someone, if the first question is answered well then for the rest of the interview, halo effect takes control and the guy sails through and little gaps in his performance are ignored or justified, but the opposite happens if the first impression is bad.

How can this help you in the upcoming exams?

Ponder over it. And if you believe the halo effects works then why not use it to your advantage?

Best of luck for your exams!!

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