Saturday, February 27, 2010

Cooking and lesson it can teach you for studying

My wife is out of station and I am cooking my dinner for quite a while. I enjoy it, except for the fact that I have to wash the utencils!! :)

Anyways, the last thing i do in my cooking is close the pressure cooker lid and let the vegetables simmer.

This is the last act on my part and the for the rest, i leave it to the pressure cooker and the fire underneath it.

Same is true for studies, you can feed in you minds all the inputs, listen to every lecture and read tons of books on the topic in library. This doesn't cook the dish.

The dish cooks faster when you trap the heat and let fire do it's magic after you have set the right ingredients!

Similarly you should study, then take rest. Allow the information to sip in, sink down. Adding continuous streams of ingredients won't make a good dish, the patience and thoughtful reflections, and associating the content of your study with other things in life is what will cement the understanding.

What's the point I am trying to make? The point is, study like as if you are cooking. Don't just cram the mind with information, give it the space and time to assimilate the information you put in.

Like cooking, get the right ingredients, cut them the right size, put them in the right environment and once you have done your deal, let the fire and the cooker do the magic!

This is a two part post in the next post I will reflect on some specific tips of doing this for studying for AeSI.

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