Saturday, December 31, 2011

Be winner _ Group Discussion

Group discussion is a part of interview in many organization, I personally feel that by referring some below given points we can win GD. It should be controlled by logic and arguments not by emotions. Isn't it ?

Tool A
It will increase the weight of your arguments

  • Point—Put your point of view in front of the group. It’s not necessary that your point should be different from others’ points. But it should be on well defined assumption. Your initiate will not provide your leadership quality but your thought process and how people accept your point.
  •  Logic – Explain your logic behind that point. The logic will close all options for invalidity of your point. The acceptability across the member of the group will be lesser.
  • Example – Support your logic with some facts and figures. When you will support your point and logic with examples, this will be the moment when you convince most of the people in the group.
 It looks simple but it has a sound psychological background. It will help you to control the members of the team.

Tool - B
It should be used when you are not the initiator in the GD and have fewer points to discuss. It is used when the topic is unexpected.


  • Don’t speak in the start up (for 45 seconds) and just listen to others.
  • Notice all the point of views (with facts) spoken by the team members. Synthesis the information.
  • Now after having point of view with facts of majority of the team members you will analysis the collected data and give it a different meaning from all team members but should support their facts. There might be more than one analysis.
  • Value the analysis by prioritizing them.
  • Add the suitable examples and put your argument.
Influence the people all together and make them listen to your words. This can be done by speaking facts rather then judgments. Now the next thing will be to influence the main opponents who are challengers. There are two strategic ways to do it. Either convert majority towards yourself or make him react. If four in a group of five are in your favour then you need not to worry. If the fight is when you have only 50 percent people in your favour then attack the weakest member of that group to join you or make the opponent react so as to prove him weak. Execute the above steps in a sequential way. You will win the group discussion.
I hope that it will help you a lot at the time of interview.

Happy New Year

Wish you all happy new year, may the new year bring you joy and success.

As Dr. Seuss put it "Don't cry because it's over, Smile because it happened."

Stay positive for the next year and aim high and reach for the stars.

As AeSI students and engineers we all are a unique lot and let us make this our strength and not a weakness.

Once again wish you a happy new year!!

Friday, December 30, 2011

Importance of TEAM WORK @ Aviation

Dear Friends,
All of us are familiar to "Team Work" however let's have a look on this picture to understand the importance of TEAM WORK in aviation.
It's like a chain, if one loop breaks, it looses its strength accordingly ....... 

Friends, Is it possible to land an aircraft safely without having co-ordination & team work between people, equipment, technology .......... ? Share your views ...!!!!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Softwares used in Avionics .....

Dear all,
It's been several years we are follwing this blog & had lots of knowledge by the admin of this blog. It's really awesome to know about aviation industry by the experts & morever to have an interactive plateform where all aviation bachelors can share/learn lots of new things happening in the industry.

Please find & check few links of avionics domain, I hope that they will be very helpful to you because many times students are unaware about the software, they are going to work in the future & about the job profile. Below links will help you in understanding that what does a company exactly do in terms of Avionics.

HCL Technologies


Tata Consultancy Services

"Try to find out more companies who are in avionics domain and then do analysis that what is their requirement when they select a candidate.... then we can learn excellence in those stuffs so that by the time we shall finish the degree, we shall have job in our hand."

All power is within you, you can do anything & everything, just believe in it.  - Swami Vivekananda

Cheers !!!
Himalya Bansal

Mastery of complexity and AeSI holidays

"Technical skill is the mastery of complexity, while creativity is the mastery of presence of mind!"

Saw this as a status message on a friends Facebook page.

Instantly liked it.

If you have read the ebook or are reading the blog for long, then you will agree that i always say. When learning something, in the beginning don't worry about the quality concentrate on quantity.

Do as much as you can. Produce as many models as you like. But focus on the quantity. This entails that you master the complex technical skills first before worrying about the products of your labor.

Once the skill is mastered, mind always gravitates towards the quality.

What are your views? Are you using the relaxing time after the exams in doing something that will create a long term professional asset for you?

If not, new year is right around the corner, there's no better time than this.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Please Welcome........

I guess by now you might be bored of my posts. It's been long. I have
been to it ever since I was in aesi as a student.

It's a long loney journey since then, and it gives me great pleasure
that a long time reader and admirer of myaesi, Mr Himalya Bansal is
joining myaesi as an author.

Please join me in welcoming him.

And I know this change of perspective that Himalya will bring will be

At least, just like you guys, I will always have this mystery of what
post might be coming next on myaesi. ;)

Welcome Himalya. Waiting for your posts!

what will make me STAND OUT of this lot?

Here' are some of the stats on the registration that you guys might had done in the last couple of days.

Please have a look







Programming Languages



While i was looking at this charts, i had this thought. If i were part of this data what will make me STAND OUT of this lot?

Are You Thinking About It?

Monday, December 19, 2011


Just a reminder guys and gals, the registration of AeSIAA's second round of job fair is still on, so if you haven't done it yet go to the following link now.

Good Luck  !!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Ingenium Engineering contest final year students of engineering

Second edition of Ingenium is on. If you are in final year of engineering you should read the following and register

Ingenium is an initiative to drive the Passion for Engineering among the budding engineers. This pan India contest targets the final year students of engineering discipline to showcase their Innovative / Creative Engineering projects and to compete against other outstanding engineering projects at a national level. This year the projects relevant to the areas of Aerospace, Industrial, Mechanical, Mechatronics, Power Generation and Production engineering are invited.


For more information, visit 

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Engineers end up as Accountants

In a discussion on Google+, Daniel Lemire argues that engineers end up essentially being accountants.

Engineering, at least how it is practiced in North America, is hardly very exciting. … By the time you have your degree, you have 5–10 years to go before, if you have any ambition, you end up a manager of some kind, doing more or less what your friends who went into accounting do. … No, you don’t get to build anything, technicians do that … you only approve their expense reports … "

It's true to some extent. Unless one keeps it in mind, Admin and document filling can drawn one.

what are your thoughts?


Via endeavor blog

Telephonic Interviews and how to improve your communication skills!

On the recent post on Telephonic interviews, Mr. Himalya a long time
reader and admirer of the blog had this practical suggestion for AeSI
graduates and students for improving their communication skills.

Agree Admin,
In the today's era of advancement, only completing the degree doesn't
mean that you have become Aeronautical Engineer, however one should
try in the best possible way to improve the communication skills also
because there is a way to say "NO" even though you don't know the
answer of any question in a postive manner and the excellence can be
achieved only by having good communication skills...

my advice to my Aesi friends is , if they have free time, so they
should join any Call Center which has sales process, doesn't matter if
you will get screwed there on daily basis but after a couple of weeks
you will find that your communication skills are improving at a high
speed which indirectly enhances the way you talk to someone over the
phone..... I am not saying to work for the entire semester you can
work there after your exams and till the time you get your result...
and side by side you can learn excellence in software related to your

Good Luck

Himalya Bansal


I love the idea. It gels with my own philosophy of diving deep and
head on into a problem.

Thanks Himalya! Thank you for reading and commenting on the blog. I
read all your comments and suggestions, it's just a matter of time
that I fail to answer back.

Thanks for being active, I will make sure I do participate more often.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

AeSI Graduates: Get Ready For AeSIAA’s upcoming Job Fair

AeSIAA is planning to organize job fairs and other career related events for AeSI students and graduates. For this we are creating a database of AeSI graduates. Please add your details to connect to the opportunities that might match your profile. Please forward this to your AeSI friends who might use this opportunity.



If you have trouble viewing or submitting this form, you can fill it out online:

Telephonic Interviews

Today I was part of the team doing telephonic interviews!

Of all the interviews that we did only 4 got through, rest just faded.

As I observed, all the successful interviews had this two thing in common.

They were talking slowly and clearly. And they answered what was asked, nothing else.

For all the failed interviews, the people at the other end didn't realize that it was a telephonic interview and they just talked and talked without bothering if their message was going across.

While sitting at this end, the conversation felt as if the guy is having a conversation with himself.

Telephonic interviews are special and they should be treated that way. So If you are preparing for interviews, remember to browse google on how to do telephonic interviews.

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Work on live projects for AeSI students and graduates

Dear all,


We are looking candidates, who are willing to work in the area of renewable energy. We will provide opportunity to work on live project, which involves design and analysis of new wind turbine concept.


Education Qualification:

ñ     Fresher or left with 2 papers of SEC-B with Aero-Mechanical stream.


ñ     Must have knowledge of Aerodynamics/Turbo machinery/Fluid Dynamics/Basic understanding of CFD.

ñ     Must have detailed centric and comprehensive analytical skills to perform the different kinds of tasks needed.

ñ     Must be able to make models and designs and do technical documentation whenever required.

ñ     Produce work of a high standard under tight time schedules


Good to have the following experience for the above requirement:


ñ     Knowledge of CAD/CFD tools.


Important Notes:


* It is not a job offer.

*Must have personal computer.

*Must have to sign NDA (non disclosure agreement)


Please send updated Resume along with area of interest on following email. If you need any clarification, you can contact us through email or phone.



  • Vijay Kumar Mishra


      Mob- 9448026916


  • Rakesh Kumar Mandal




Monday, December 05, 2011

Garnish your AeSI Question Papers - Tip for the exam

Answering aesi question paper is much like garnishing your food. No amount of plating & garnishing is going to make your food taste good.

Keep the main dish right by giving the right answer to the asked question and then garnish a little with good handwriting and tidy drawing and you all set to sail through the paper.

80% of your effort should concentrate on answering relevant and 20% can be devoted to make the answer sheet pleasant!

Search more exam tips by clicking on this link

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