Saturday, May 31, 2008

Further Learning Programme with AeSI for meeting Chartered Engineer status in UK

This is another mail of bishnujee mail that i am reprinting here for reference. This mail is Further Learning Programme with AeSI for meeting Chartered Engineer status in UK.

My two main reasons for posting it here are.

1> It will be listed in yahoo search results so anyone searching on google about this info will be benifited.

2> In groups, mails tend to bury deep inside other mails, i hope listing it here will provide more access to this information.

Dear AesI Engineers & Students,

I have informed you guys in past that you would be requiring MSc as Further Learning Programme with AeSI for meeting Chartered Engineer status in UK.Please be advised that Chartered Engineer status in UK will allow you to meet PE Status in USA without any further examination in states like Washington,Texas and Arizona. I would like to inform you about changes regarding same after accrediation status of AeSI from NARIC,UK as British Honours Degree in Aeronautical Engineering which allows you to do any recognised MSc programme in UK to attain chartered status.Please do bear in mind that ME/MTech from Indian Universities will Not be meeting the standard of Chartered Status with EC-UK.They will need to do same MSc again in UK to meet the requisite standard. Also advise to current batch of AeSI Engineers pursuing MSc in UK currently need to be patient with there first job in UK.Please do bear in mind that in overseas lots of factors including your visa status and others play key factor in your hiring.Duration on your visa remaining will be key to your hiring.Try always smaller contract or permanent roles to start with .Contracts should be easier option to make entry into long term permanent roles.Also do bear in mind that there is nothing like Internship or OJT or training schemes like in India you guys experience.Sheffield Hallam University program has enough exposure to Aerospace softwares and tools needed for you to do the job in Aerospace Industry without any difficulty further to your AeSI Degree.

Best wishes Bishnujee Singh

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Friday, May 30, 2008

Actions that will take your career ahead.

AIAA's provides a list of helpful actions for assuring greater success in your career. No matter in what stage of your career you are in this checklist of action is the one that can help an individual to get the max out of his or her career.  See how many o them do you follow.

Assess yourself to define specific goals. Periodically check, reassess, extend, or modify goals.

Periodically access your goals, i like the system of my friend, his system of access is quarterly. He has divided the year in 3 months chunks. The first 3 months he strides to increase his skills. Get extra training and acquiring a new skill, the next 3 month he allots for the betterment of the existing skills he has and The next 3 months on the betterment of his communication skills and the last 3 months he devotes to read lot of he stuff on his chosen filed. Get this or your own assessment system in tune so you can measure yourself objectively.
Keep your resume current.

Even though you are not looking for a job, keeping the resume current means you are looking at the job skills that is being sought in the market and this help you to see what are the areas you need to work on.
Remain active in a professional society that represents your discipline, such as AIAA,AeSI

Remaining active in a professional society not only gives you a chance to network but to acquire social and communication skills that cannot be taught or learnt from textbooks.
Establish and maintain professional contacts.

Use groups like ouraesi, aeronautical society of India, Participate in them, know more people of your domain. Learn about them
Write, publish, and present your own work at technical meetings.
Find opportunities to write and publish your work. This one is more easy for the guys working in public sector companies but is also true for the private sector companies. You might have developed a new technique to ease the performance analysis of gas turbine, you know  trick to mesh the fuselage or engine casing more quickly, share that knowledge, publish it. If technical publication is not possible, may be begin and write a blog or post about it in ouraesi group. You know network gives you the chance to have a blog in your profile.
Stay abreast of new developments in your field by subscribing to appropriate periodicals, attending workshops and seminars, and traveling to international and national conferences when feasible.

Pursue additional formal education and on-the-job training to remain competitive in an increasingly complex work world.

Just getting job is not important, improve your skills. See what is required learn it.
Maintain an appropriate balance among family, career, community, and recreation.

Manage money wisely and make intelligent purchases. Periodically seek professional advice about financial planning matters.

Sustain good physical and mental fitness.

Enhance organizational and interpersonal skills, including communication, interviewing, and networking.

Remain adaptable to all changes (technological, social, etc.) implemented in the world of work.

Well this was AIAA's list of helpful actions for assuring greater success in your career! So have a great career. Tell us any other actions that you think the list missed.

Read more at my-aesi

Thursday, May 29, 2008

CareerCenter at Berlin Air Show

Berlin air show is not all about airplane, display or trade among partner. There something for the students and graduates engineers too. This time berlin air show has CareerCenter!!

Held on Friday, May 30, 2008 - Saturday, May 31, 2008, the CareerCenter is your steppingstone to careers in aerospace. For two days you will have the opportunity to get to know over 40 companies and institutions, such as EADS and Airbus, airberlin and Lufthansa, MTU and Rolls-Royce, students associations and many more. Convince them of your abilities! The program consists of company presentations, workshops and exciting panel discussions. Apprentices and trainees, Eurofighter test pilots, Airbus CEO and Parliamentary State Secretary with the German ministry of Economy and Technology will discuss the fascinating life and work inside the aerospace sector.
The entire hall 6a will be equipped with an open WiFi, so that you can check the latest career news online.

Join in, shape your future

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Berlin airshow begins today.

Berlin airshow begins today ie on 27 May 2008.

With more than 1.000 exhibitors from over 40 countries, more than 115,000 trade visitors and about 250,000 visitors in total, ILA Berlin Air Show is one of the world’s largest aerospace trade shows.

ILA provides best access to the EU and particularly to the markets in Central and Eastern Europe. ILA, which is jointly organized by the German Aerospace Industries Association (BDLI) and Messe Berlin GmbH, covers the segments of Commercial Air Transport, Space, Defense and Security, Equipment and General Aviation.

If you are planning to visit....

Trade days: May 27 (Tuesday) to 29 (Thursday).
From Friday, May 30, the Berlin Air Show is open for the general public.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Some tips for getting the best of your exams and study times.

Be confident. confidence comes with preparation. so prepare well, get your syllabus book in hand and get going. i missed some topics in my exam days and had to re`-give the exams just because i missed parts of the syllabus.. learn from it.

The best advice my mom gave me was to study regularly and not keep thing till the end and i have applied it in my days of aesi. But if that is not the case with you and you see a heap of syllabus staring at you,then begin with small steps. Break the whole syllabus up in topics that you already know, the one that you have studied, the one that you consider easy, the one that is small, the one that is big, the one that come in exams most of the time. Then begin doing the easiest one. This is the technique of picking the low hanging fruits. See your syllabus as a tree,before you begin to climb get the low hanging one. Then prepare for the other one. Make a list of topics in a paper, keep it always in front of your study desk, strike off the topics as you do.

Everyday schedule a time for revision. one hour everyday. As exam approaches this time should increase.

your study time should always be divided into 2, New study hours and Revision time. Just at the beginning of the semester new study hours will dominate your total study time but then also always have at least 1 hour revision time. This is must as this enforces you to recollect what you have already learnt.In the revision hour you recall what your are learning in your new studying time. As your semester progresses, new study time decreases as more and more syllabus i covered, and this time begin increasing your revision time. And just before the exam time the time of revision should be the max.

Best memorization and retention occurs when you discus the topics. In your spare time discuss the topics of you have studied with friends and if no friends in interested, take a virtual class in your imagination. Use your imagination. Image you are taking a class, you are the teacher and teach that topic. See yourself drawing and explain the topic in detail in blackboard, See yourself answering the doubt of your students. I bet you will remember the topic for life.

Groups study are famous, Well they are good but do them only for new study time. New study time is when you are learning or reading a new topics. But revision should be alone. Revision time is the time when you recapture what you have learnt in your new study time, so keep the distraction to minimum and do it alone.

For maths revision follow the earlier post. I hope this few simple methods will help you in your exam studies and in your study.

Best of luck for the exams

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Top Indian aerospace news last week.

Usually a company or some big news like that of PSLV or TATA joint venture with IAI makes the top news. But this week its aerospace tools that made the headlines at Indian aerospace news. IRISE and FeSafe were the tools that were launched for Indian aerospace industry.

Research and development firm ProSim, Bangalore and UK-based Safe Technology have introduced the popular durability estimation and fatigue life prediction tool FeSafe to India and iRise is a  collaborative software platform that enables businesses to quickly visualize and “test market” applications before a single line of code is written. Read more about this tools here

Tools news is fine.  There was a news of Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) signing a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with SEC Industries or manufacturing key components for the defence sector.

Other top news include

Japan's space development competitiveness is lower than China, India and Canada

Berlin air show to begin on may 27.

India Bharat Forge betting on power, aerospace

BIAL begins operation

For the 2008 show ILA is looking even further east, by signing India to replace Russia as the official partner country. "India sees the chance to get into the European market and I think it's the big first step," says Hosch. "They had the big chance to be a partner of ILA here in Berlin and they took it. They saw the success two years ago with Russian industry."

Israel Aerospace Industries and Tata Advanced Systems (TASL) are to form a joint venture company to develop, manufacture, market and support missiles, unmanned air vehicles, radars, electronic warfare systems and homeland security systems in India. TASL is a wholly owned subsidiary of India's Tata Industries, focused on providing integrated solutions for defence and aerospace.

French Thales and India's Samtel to create a joint venture company for avionics


Jobs at ATKINS

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Get the most out of your brain

Exams are round the corner and i guess it won't hurt you if i tell you about 12 brain hacks to improve and help your brain get the maximum out of yourself. This is the list of hacks i read recently in wired magazine

They are listed below.

1: Distract Yourself
2: Caffeinate With Care
3: Choose Impressive Information
4: Think Positive
5: Do the Right Drugs
6: Juice Your IQ Score
7: Know Your Brain
8: Don't Panic
9: Embrace Chaos
10: Get Visual
11: Exercise Wisely
12: Slow Down

According to the article, studying slightly different subjects from the one you want to learn makes your brain work harder to store the original information.

For optimal brain gain, take regular small tea breaks. Sip small quantity for optimum brain activity.

More impressive the information the easier it is to learn than others. So find impressiveness in the things you want to learn.

Learning new things actually strengthens your brain — especially when you believe you can learn new things. It's a virtuous circle: When you think you're getting smarter(that is thinking positive), you study harder, making more nerve-cell connections, which in turn makes you ... smarter

With "Do the Right Drugs" wired is talking about drugs but i'll say eat green vegetables, eat right.

Find all the hacks here

I have highlighted the tips i liked and felt are true for me. What are yours tell us in your comments.

Read more study related stuff here

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Thursday, May 22, 2008

7 signs of an unprofessional resume

Last evening i had a chance to see resume of one of my friend who graduated recently from AeSI and i was disappointed. These are glaring mistakes that came out of the resume. The guy is an aerospace engineer now, but that resume didn't reflect that.

No wonder he was not getting any response to his resume. And from the response he got, they were offering merge salary. What was the reason, Unprofessional resume presentation!! Yes these were the 3 words that the resume shouted at me when i had a look at it.

So what were the points i noticed.

1> It was not organized and formated properly
2> Entry level resumes should be heavy on education but this one had less.
3> There was no skills section
4> Experience however small was not present
5> spelling and grammatical mistakes in resume.
6> No cover letter
7> What is there for the company?

Well i will elaborate on this points in my next post.

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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Locate your examination center for AMAeSI exams

AMAeSI exams are getting close and knocking the door. Everyone student by now must have received there admit cards and the information about the examination centers.

Here is a google map of where these examination centers are. If you haven't been to your examination center then check them out on this map.

You should see the map above if you are not able to see it click this link. Zoom in by clicking on the "+" sign, Clicking on the blue sign will give you the address.

Address of the examination centers is given below.

Technical Training Centre HAL service division Vimanpura Post, Bangalore –560 017.

Madras Institute of Technology Chromepet Chennai – 600 044.

JVSD Girls Senior Secondary School, Near Bagga Petrol Pump, (Opposite Hanuman Statue) D-2 Link Road, Karol Bagh, New Delhi –110 005.

Government Institute of Electronics, 10-3-60, East Nehru Nagar, Secunderabad – 500 007.

Holkar Science College, Agra Bombay Road, Indore –452 302.

Air Force Station, Chakeri, Kanpur – 208 008.

IIT, Kharagpur – 721 302.

Academics Section, IIT Powai, Mumbai – 400 076.

Headquarters, Maintenance Com mand, IAF, Vayusena Nagar, Nagpur – 440007.

Cummins College of Engineering for Women, Karvenagar, Pune – 411 052.

Central Polytechenic, Vattiyoorkavu, Thiruvananthapuram – 695 013.

Of all these centers i couldn't locate the centers og Kanpur and indore, if anyone does that please do tell me in comment, i'll add it.

View Larger Map

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Are you giving DRDO SET exams?


Challenging opportunities for Engineering Graduates in Electronics & Communication Engg , Mechanical Engg , Computer Science & Engg, Chemical Engg, Electrical Engg., Instrumentation Engg and Metallurgical Engg. and Post Graduates in Chemistry and Physics in DRDS.

Click this link to see the advetisement

The application forms with the information brochure containing the syllabus and instructions for filling the application are available at the designated Branches of State Bank of India till 31st May 2008 to General/OBC candidates on payment of Rs. 300/- (Rs. 100/-for the application form with information brochure and Rs. 200/- as Exam. fees). For SC/ST candidates there is no Exam fees and the application form with information brochure will be available to such candidates on payment of Rs 100/- only. Forms purchased from the designated Branches of State Bank of India should be filled in accordance with the instructions given in information brochure. However, for HH/OH candidates, there is no Application / Examination fee. Such candidates may obtain application form free of cost from RAC by sending a copy of “Prescribed Disability Certificate” issued by competent authority as per G.I.,Dept. of Per. & Trg.,O.M. No 36035/3/2004-Estt (Res), dated 29 Dec 2005.

The filled in application forms should be sent/submitted to The Director, Recruitment & Assessment Centre, Lucknow Road, Timarpur, Delhi – 110054 latest by 31st May 2008.

Date of DRDO SET 2008 exams

Sunday, 7th September 2008; 1000 - 1300 hrs.

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Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Well sometime you get great post from someone in OURAeSI and vladimir mclousky was one of them who has posted some good things in OURAeSI. One of the gem that i enjoyed while in my aesi days is the one i reprinting it here. Its great.

With AMAeSI examination just right the corner, all those who are giving exams do read how to fail your exams!!!

Play it by the ear : No need to plan for the exam.

Don’t revise : If you don’t know it, revision is a waste of time. If you do know it, why bother to revise.

Aim to just pass : No wasted effort needed.

Don’t learn exam techniques : Exams are bad enough without learning techniques as well.

Do not anticipate questions :
You may be wrong and just waste time.

Don’t read previous papers of examination :
Why burn the midnight lamp and waste your oil!!

Just do first five questions : The format hardly matters, all questions are bad anyway.

Don’t worry about the actual questions : Its more interesting to write what you want, and show the examiner, you know the subject what its all about.

Ignore the instructions : They only put you off.

Don’t check the time : You could write a few more words instead.

Never check answers :
There will only be a few minors’ errors.

Always start with introduction and end with summary : That way you can forget about the middle.

If in doubt, waffle : The examiner will probably think you know it all and have done it all.

Be disorganized : You can always get a pen from invigilator.

Don’t bother with question numbers :
It will be obvious which question you are answering.

Have a little drink just before the exam : it helps you relax and prevent you from over stress.

Include a note to the examiner wishing him/her happy year and explain how pressured you have been :
examiners are human and a bit of flattering never goes a miss !!!

cheeeeeeeers and all the best to all of you...

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Monday, May 19, 2008

How i cleared my Workshop technology exams in AeSI

Perhaps in section A of aeronautical syllabus of AeSI,workshop technology is the most feared subjects after principle of flights. Feared in the sense that the passing percentage of this subjects is very low.

In my days of AeSI, after clearing WT and hearing something from our maths faculty at GIE, i wrote a piece on How to pass WT exam. I am reprinting it here as i see that this is still relevant and aesi students will benefit from it applying it to any other subjects of AMAeSI exams.

Last Friday in our maths class, our maths teacher Mr. Sajath, pointed
out that "...the examiner won't take the pain of checking it
again !" He said that if an answer is not clear and not complete or
the answer is one step short of the answer he has in his hand and the
handwriting is not legible, then the examiner who is perhaps checking
100's of copies won't bother but mark the answer incomplete and move
on!. This remark set my thoughts in this direction.

Well thinking from the point of view of examiner, i think i will also
do the same if i am the examiner. Its natural that when he
encounter's bad handwritting, he will get irritated and won't bother
checking it. So what do we do ?

Why not capitalize on this trait of the examiner. I mean why not use
this fact to our favour. Why not aim to submit our answer sheet as
the neatest copy that the examiner receives !! This has advantages.
The examineer will pleased to see a neat copy. It known fact that
good handriting brings good feelings. Ya its true. Observe your
reaction when you see really nice and tidy work. Well the examiner is
also a human, so tidy answer sheet will set the right first
impression on the examiner's mind. Other advantage will be that you
yourself will not have difficulty revising your work if it is well
paragraphed and neatly written.

YA i am not babling i am taking from experience. Now after that
remark when i thought of my exams i felt how true the statement was
because my workshop tecnology exam is an example. I know my friends
who gave exams with me were much more proficient in theory and were
more capable but what cleared me was my neat work. That exams i
conciously made my work neat and loo my WT paper was cleared. Well
another example was Thermo exam!!

As i write this i can see a quote on my mousepad. It says


How true. So its your turn now, you can wait for good things or by
trying get the better thing.

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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Indian aerospace news round up.

This week IISc, Bangalore dominated the news section of indian aerospace news. IISc, bangalore honouring Dr.A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, and IISc. bangalore helps in enhancing missiles range were the top news.

The news about TATA groups joint venture with Israel Aerospace Industries came close second. It generated lot of interest and once again this shows TATA's commitment and desire to be a player in indian aerospace industry. We all know TATA? But who are these Israel Aerospace Industries? Know more about them here This will help you understand which stream's aerospace engineers will mostly benfit from this joint venture.

A decade back, Russia was India's preferred partner for aerospace an ddefence but slowly there is a shift towards Israel. Read this insight from free republic to know why india is prefereing Israel for aerospace business.

Walking with Israel doesn't mean India is leaving Russia back, as there was a news about the BrahMos, India's most successful business partnership with Russia. India's  supersonic cruise missile, the BrahMos, has now been successfully tested in a hypersonic version, though under laboratory conditions. Read more here

Indian's growth story is not only being discussed in India alone,even international firms are organizing seminars highlighting the growth opportunity in indian aerospace and defense sector. Read this to learn more what Frost & Sullivan’s Aerospace & Defence Practice organised.

Satyam is anoter indian firm apart from TATA, which is fighting for the indian aerospace business. Read more about Satyam and Enigma Partnership to Improve MRO in aviation and aerospace.

Other stores includes news about QueST. Go to indian aerospace news to find out which story is the top news of today.

Your chance to have a say on my-aesi

It been long that this blog is running. I began this blog when i was in aesi and used the very first reliance phone to update it. Then i used it just to post anything that i thought might be useful for the aesi students and members. But over time, i have realized that i can do more with this blog and can positively affect and influence more aesi students and member's life or the lives of others in a special, meaningful way? So i want to know what you people want from this blog.

What are the topics that i should write about. Fill in the form below and

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Tips for getting the most out of revision - from OUAeSI

Examinations are round the corner. By now most of you have completed your classes and are on your way to revise the whole thing that u have gathered and learnt. so here's an article i got long time ago for getting the most out of revision.

What is revision?
Revision is the process of looking over past work as a preparation for examination. It is an activity which can produce very good results - and reduce 'exam nerves' if it is carefully planned and carried out in a systematic way. Black coffee and sleepless nights just before your exams rarely allow you to do justice to your talents!

What revision can do for you
* Extends your ability to assess your own knowledge and understanding.
* Provides an opportunity to analyse this in relation to the requirements of the examination board.
* Enables you to pass examinations and gain recognition for your talents.

Towards the end of a course, a review of your completed written work and of past examination papers will often indicate the existence of close links between examination questions and essays, assignments and project work. On this basis, you select your own best work and use it for revision. Work which has been less successful should contain advice for improvement from a tutor and this can be followed up. For example, additional reading may be required to fill in gaps of understanding or errors of fact or interpretation. This can be done and recorded briefly in the form of notes, or in a fuller addition to the original piece of work.

When you have assembled, in this way, the body of your own work upon which you can reasonably expect the examination to focus, you are ready to begin the next stage of revision.

At this point, the selection and condensation of the key ideas and information contained in your work must be undertaken. The reason for this will be clear if you remember that the time allowed to answer an examination question cannot be compared with time needed to prepare an essay, assignment or project. Again, even if it were possible to commit to memory every word you have ever written, it would not lead to success. This is because examinations are designed to probe your understanding of various aspects of a given subject and not simply to test the memory of the written work completed on a course.

Guidelines for successful revision

* Make sure you know well in advance when and where your exams will take place.
* Keep copies of all course documents, essay questions, titles of assignments, projects and reading lists on file.
* Make this the basis of your revision. Resist the temptation to try to start your course all over again from the beginning!
* Review your own assessed work, making a selection of that with the best grades.
* Compare your own work with the questions asked on past examination papers.
* At this stage, it is vital to make sure that you will have enough material to answer all the likely questions.
* If you decide to expand on what you have already got, look at less successful papers and see if you can improve them by careful editing, filling in gaps, correcting errors of fact or understanding.
* If you are really desperate for additional material, look back through your lecture notes or your class papers and build up from them bodies of knowledge relevant to examination questions.
* Reduce each piece of work to note form .

This is the material which you need to keep in mind for use in the examination room.

* Take time to practice answering examination questions.
* In the later stages of your revision, choose a question from a past paper and time yourself to answer it in one hour.
* Build this up because most exams require you to write for up to three hours at a stretch. This places great demands on your physical and mental stamina

I could have given u the link but unfortunately i don't have the link. so guys and gals best of luck for your exams and enjoy the exams!!!!!

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AeSI engineers footprints

AeSI has produced so many successful engineers and they are spread all around the world. This google map attempts to show them in the world. See where AeSI folks are!!!

And if you want yourself in this just fill in the form below

Friday, May 16, 2008

A unique revision system i learnt from my school teacher

Since exams i the focus of this month, so here's one more exam tip. This one related to revision. In my school days i was influenced by my science and math teacher Mr. Neogi. His teaching style was uniques and i have picked up a great revision techniques that he instilled in all his students. I wrote about it in OURAeSI long back and here again i am reprinted it as i think it will be helpful for students of Aeronautical society of India for their exams.

So this is what i wrote back then in OURAeSI

With exam just around the corner, I thought of sharing a great way of revision that Mr Neogi, my class 10's science teacher taught us.

Well how many of you have seen index on the back of any standard book. I am sure no one missed it but have you ever thought that this index can be a great tool for revising particularly when your course is complete and you want to concentrate on some important topics.

This is how i do it. Lets say my flight course is completed and i have throughly read the whole syllabus!. Then what do i do. Do i continue to browse through all the notes every time i read. Well no. I just go to the index and take a topic randomly and start writing about it. This serves 3 purposes.
1. I am strengthening the concepts in that particular topic.
2. By writing i am getting my speed so that i won't grasp for speed in exams. and in my case i am getting used to the spellings for which i can put a 4th Std student to shame!!
3. Just choosing and getting to write about any randomly chosen topic give a feeling of being in exams. It not only test my preparedness but also helps to gather some extra points which i might have missed when i was having a thorough study.

Well these are the primary advantages of the system that Mr. Neogi taught us. Its great and what more it works and i don't have to depend on others for this system. Kind of a self-study ! So guys if you like it, just make it yours.

Wishing you all the best !

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Play the chandrayaan game

During my spare time i have made this very simple game about chandrayaan. Play it and do send in your comments.

Basically the aim of the game is simple. ISRO is about to launch chandrayaan but they are worried about the space dust and debris out there. So you, the NASA astronaut, come to help. You have 10 seconds to clear those debris before chandrayaan is launched. So get cracking. Move your mouse to navigate the astronaut!!

Good luck and hope you like the small game.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

AeSI exam schedule of june 2008 and aesi new website

Thanks Aaditya for the update about the AeSI website.

Rejoice folks AeSI has a new website and from the looks that i had right now. It looks professional. It is also maintained by a private company. Hope now all aesi info's will be available there.

the link to the website is

Well write more on this as and when i get the time. For now enjoy.

And for those looking for exam schedule of june 2008. Look no further...

Monday 16 June 2008 9.30 a.m. – 12.30 p.m. Electrical Engineering
Tuesday 17 June 2008 9.30 a.m. – 12.30 p.m. Workshop Technology
Wednesday 18 June 2008 9.30 a.m. – 12.30 p.m. Engineering Drawing & Design
Thursday 19 June 2008 9.30 a.m. – 12.30 p.m. Strength of Materials
Friday 20 June 2008 9.30 a.m. – 12.30 p.m. Introduction to Aeronautics
Monday 23 June 2008 9.30 a.m. – 12.30 p.m. Basic Electronics
Tuesday 24 June 2008 9.30 a.m. – 12.30 p.m. Engineering Thermodynamics
Wednesday 25 June 2008 9.30 a.m. – 12.30 p.m. Applied Mathematics – I
Thursday 26 June 2008 9.30 a.m. – 12.30 p.m. Fluid Mechanics
Friday 27 June 2008 9.30 a.m. – 12.30 p.m. Microprocessors & Software Engg.

16 June 2008
Maintenance of Avionics,
Instruments & Systems Airplane Performance,
Stability & control

17 June 2008
Mathematics – III
Applied Mathematics – II
Airframe Power Plant and Systems
Aircraft Materials
ATC Aerodromes and Air Routes

18 June 2008
Aerodynamics – I
Aircraft Production
Industrial Management & Engineering Economics
Aircraft Instruments

19 June 2008
Aircraft Structures – I
Aircraft structures - I
Propulsion – I
Aircraft Electrical Systems
Quantitative methods
Air Navigation

20 June 2008
Advanced Strength of Materials
Propulsion - I
Control System Engineering
Quality Control and Metrology

23 June 2008
Vibration and Aeroelasticity
Propulsion - II
Propulsion – II
Aircraft Production Processes
Airworthiness & Air-regulations

24 June 2008
Aerodynamics – II
Aircraft Structures - II
Aircraft Structures – II
Avionics - II
Propulsion - III
Production Planning and Control
Avionics – II
Advanced Aircraft Materials
Production Planning and Control for Maintenance
Air Transportation (Operations)

25 June 2008
Aerodynamics Design and Testing
Structural Design and Testing
Production Management
Maintenance of Airframe & Systems
Vibration and Machine Dynamics
Aircraft Evaluation

26 June 2008
Avionics – I Avionics – I
Maintenance of Power Plant & Systems

27 June 2008
Management of Systems

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Exams coming on your nerves1 Take a break with these links

I know its exam time for the aesi guys but hey even in exams time you need some break. So here are some of the links that i think will help you reduce your stress and lighten you up.

You know india is sending chandrayaan to moon! Wondering how it looks check it out here

Chandrayaan mission is india's first mission to moon. Read more about it here.

Okay, i know you don't want to read. so check this video's of chandrayaan mission. They are cool!!

And last of all if all you want to do is play games. Then do check this game of chandrayaan!!

Realated : Tips of avoiding stress in exams

Good resource for How to Prepare for DRDO SET and other exams

Two days back i posted about DRDO SET exams and just today someone mailed me this good resource "How to Prepare for UGC-CSIR NET for LS, JRF & DRDO SET" that will be helpful for anyone preparing for DRDO SET exams.

The SET has 150 questions out of which 50 will be GK + Math and 100 Physics. There will be separate sessions for both with a small interval in between during which the candidate is not allowed to go out. Questions are again framed in the CSIR mould if one goes through the syllabi. At the same time the SET syllabus is not as elaborative as the CSIR’s. This is mainly due to the fact that DRDO specializes in particular areas like Solid State, Electronics etc. The test is followed by an interview for those who qualify the test, usually held in December.

Here's the link to the PDF document.

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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

AeSI exams of june 2008 begins on 16th of June 2008.

AeSI exams of june 2008 begins on 16th of June 2008. I got this info from a mail i saw in ouraesi group. Please can any body confirm the dates.

AeSI's official website ( is a waste as there is no information regarding the AMAeSI examination dates. Why it is there? i don't know!

This are the small things that AeSI needs to do if it wants to be seen as a professional body. Just helding seminars and doing awareness programs will not do the trick. Maximum revenue of AeSI is through Student activities so its high time AeSI update its site with student related information.

What is Jig cycle time - exam problem from AMAeSI


I am not in Production & Maintenance stream and nether do I have slightest indication of what this jig cycle time is. But I did a quick Google search and got this particular pdf. As I went through it. It meant nothing to me...

Maybe you are in production; this link might help… see if the info is here

And when you find the answer, do let us know.

Best of luck for your upcoming exams!!

Hi im Satej Desai, Sec-B Modified in Production & Maintenance stream. Can Anyone plz help me in solving the foll problem frequently asked in Aesi Aircraft Production paper. Plz try to give me a solution before the exams starting on 16th of June08.

Q. What is Jig cycle time? Calculate the jig cycle time with the following data:
Standard man-hour per assembly -- 2800
Labour efficiency -- 95%
Number of Men working on the Jig --5
Tool setting Time -- 4 hrs.30min
number of shifts--2
labour yield-- 6hrs. 45 min/men/shift

what is DRDO Scientist Entry Test (SET)?

April/May is the time when the advertisement of DRDO SET generally appears on DRDO Website ( & & "The Employment News" (with curtain raiser) for Direct Recruitment of Scientists 'B'.

SO watch out for this ? But wait a minute what is DRDO SET? What are the essential qualification for it? When is it conducted? And is aeronautical included in the engineering subjects in which this exam is conducted.

Here is the answers to all this questions.

RAC advertises on DRDO Website ( & & "The Employment News" (with curtain raiser) for Direct Recruitment of Scientists 'B'.

The prescribed Essential Qualifications as mentioned in the advertisement are bare minimum and mere possession of same does not entitle candidates to be called for interview. Where number of applications received in response to an advertisement is large, it is not possible to interview all the candidates. RAC may, therefore, restrict the number of candidates for interview to a reasonable limit on the basis of qualifications/experience/ achievements higher than that of the minimum prescribed in the advertisement or by conducting a screening test named DRDO Scientists Entry Test (DRDO SET).

DRDO SET is conducted on all India basis on 1st Sunday of September every year in order to provide equal opportunity to all students from different educational institutions in view of the increasingly wide variation of marks due to increase in the number of educational institutions in the country.

DRDO SET exam is of three hours duration consisting of two sections viz. Section 'A' of 100 questions to test the candidate's knowledge in the subject of their BE/ BTech (for Engg discipline) or MSc ( for Science Discipline) and Section 'B' of 50 questions to test the candidate's ability in analytical and qualitative skills, current affairs and general awareness to test the aptitude and scientific knowledge required for Applied Research & Development.

Based upon the organisation's requirements, DRDO SET is conducted in Engineering Subjects such as Aero, Civil, Electrical, Chemical, Computer, Electronics/Electronics & Communication, Instrumentation, Mechanical, Metallurgy etc and Science subjects such as Chemistry, Physics and Maths/ Operations Research/ Statistics etc. These subjects are specified in the advertisement.

DRDO SET exam is conducted only for those subjects where vacancies are sizable in number. Details of eligible candidates, examination schedule, result of the exam, schedule of interviews and list of selected candidates are made available time to time on DRDO website

In cases, where very few vacancies are available, NO SET exam is conducted and the individuals are directly called for the interview. The advertisement generally appears during the month of April / May every year so be on the look out.

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Monday, May 12, 2008

AeSI Members in Bangalore region: UPDATE your DETILAS WITH AeSI BGL branch

Aeronautical society of India is planning to increase their members’ base and the level of participation for the programmes /seminars being organized during the calendar year 2008. In the recent past the efforts to contact the members failed mainly due to the outdated contact details of the members. Hence, during the last General Body Meeting it was decided to validate and update the details of the members and keep the members informed about activities planned for the future.

The society would like you to actively involve yourself and participate in all the activities for the members and make it a grand success.

YOU ARE REQUESTED TO RE VALIDATE THE DETAILS. Just fill up your details and send it to

here is the document you need to update

change the NAME of the attached doc file after filling details with your membership number eg. G18120.doc

Update: The email seems to be wrong. i will update it as soon as i get the info.

Tips on avoiding stress in Exams - from the archives

As you might have already noticed, this month my main focus is on OURAeSI. It has completed 6th year and i know it has lot of great advice in the archives. So i am digging it up and posting the gems that i think that are relevant now and will help students and members of aeronautical society.

here one related to reducing exam stress that i wrote in ouraesi. I liked it very much and has lot of good tips that you can apply in the aesi exams.

Last semester's, as i come out of the maths exams, everyone was depressed. Question paper was good and easy. "Kaisa huya !" " Yaar question sahi that par......." Well almost everyone i met had this same answer. The questions were simple. But yet the students coming of the hall room had a different face, what was the reason i pondered. Even mine was the same case. Why, what went wrong? While coming back to our room, I discussed this with my roommate who also felt that way.

Well, the reason behind this took no more than the bus ride back to my room and i had zeroed anxiety as the main reason !

Ya in my case it was anxiety, it was same with kishore, hamza and many i met that day. It is normal to experience some level of anxiety or stress just before and during the examination. This is appropriate and helps spur us on. But when anxiety overrides efficiency, it must be controlled.

So this semester, before we go to exams i scoured the net and came up with this study and stress busting tips that will, i hope,allow us to give our best in the exams.

In my hurry, i forget to jot down the source of this info's.

It is normal to experience some level of anxiety or stress just before and during the examination. This is appropriate and helps spur us on.

However, occasionally our stress levels might surge unexpectedly and throw us off balance at just the wrong moment.

There are four likely times when this might happen
on the way to the exam
outside of the exam room
waiting for the paper
during the exam.

In most cases you will probably be too busy to worry about not passing.

Occasionally, however, you might find that you are running out of steam with a particular question. This can be a dangerous moment in an exam because it opens up the possibility for you to lose your focus and concentration.

There are several things that you can do if you find your thoughts drifting away from the task at hand.

Try to refocus your energy. Relax yourself by taking several deep breaths, hold them in and then count slowly as you let them out.

Decide whether to persevere with the question. Will your time be better spent on another question? You can always come back to this one when you have completed the other required questions. It is possible that you might remember things to use in this question while doing another.


Keep reminding yourself that:

you do not have to give perfect answers
exams are designed to test what you know, they are not designed to fail you

you do not have to write down everything that has been written on the subject, just the main issues, ideas or points relevant for the question

Tips on avoiding stress in Exams:

Before the test - Begin studying early, review starting as soon as possible after the first lecture. Never cram the night before. Light review of already learned material. Lack of preparation is the cause of most exam stress. Once you have done all you can to prepare and understand the material then the goal is to relax. Recall improves as stress decreases however some stress is good.

Arrive on time

During the Exam - Manage your time wisely, preview the test and plan your attack. Don't worry about what the other students are doing. This is not a race, you do not get extra points for turning your test in first. use the time allotted to be careful. I see so many careless mistakes that would have been avoided had the student took the time to carefully read the question. Quality is the goal. If you find your self losing concentration. Stop working take a deep breath use muscle relaxation stretch after a minute return to work.

People usually think of the answer to a question after they turn in the test. This is because as soon as they turn in the test the stress level drops and the recall ability increases. The best way to get better at taking exams is to take them often and take lots of them.

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Best of luck guys and gals !!!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Send you name to moon but not via chandrayaan but NASA's LRO

As chandrayaan will launch from sriharikota, NASA's LRO, that is Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter will lift off for the moon by the end of 2008 and NASA as part of this mission is colleting names that it will put on moon. So visit this link to send your name to the moon.

The deadline for the names is 27th june. Hurry!!!

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This weeks Indian aerospace news as seen from the indianaeronews blog

This week news in Indian aerospace was weak. Thing moved slowly perhaps the record feat of PSLV and the heavy bidding process of IAF global tender was the reason. But then CII began this week when it announced that it has formulated 10-point plan to boost manufacturing. They come out with a 10-point strategic agenda to help the manufacturing sector achieve a 25% share in the country’s GDP by 2020 and the body has identified new initiatives in the area of space, aerospace, advanced engineering and manufacturing. So i guess Indian industry is getting proactive in pursuing its aerospace dreams.

As mentioned earlier,6 aerospace firms from uk, us, sweden etc have bid for the Indian Air Force fighter bids. This will be helpful for India as IAF will get access to cutting-edge radar technology, as permitted by the US government, if it decides to buy Boeing F-18 Superhornets under its global tender for 126 combat aircraft, American space and airborne systems company Raytheon has said. So you see its not only BIG BAZAAR that gives offers, when it comes to being a consumer, even defense companies lure and roll out offers.

Being a propulsion aerospace engineer, i was happy to note when i read GE to manufacture windmills and gas turbines in India. GE India President and CEO Tejpreet S Chopra told PTI, "The company is planning big in three areas infrastructure, energy and aviation, but our main focus is to manufacture windmills and turbines,"

Students of AeSI wake up, 18-year-old Aditya Singh from singapore, has been awarded NASA's top award in an aircraft design competition.The annual student competition, organised by Nasa’s Langley Research Centre, is judged by its team of aeronautic engineers. It drew over 140 research papers from young people in 15 countries. Did anyone of the AeSI students participated?

Rejoices aerospace engineers, in a recent report, the Space Foundation estimated that the value of the world space economy is $250 billion. Yes $250 billion !!! It also adds that so many industries - telecommunications, agriculture, medicine, Earth observation, public health and safety to name a few - have advanced and grown due to development of space technologies. Be proud i say!!

And this is one news we are seeing every week The U.S. aerospace and defense industry is losing an estimated 27,000 employees per year. Good or bad you decide. From Indian perspective i see more role for young and budding indian aerospace engineers!!

If you will note Boeing and TATA didn't figure in indian aero news this week. Instead this time there is a news that all avionics engineers will cherish! Samtel,electronic display panel maker, is venturing into the Indian defence and aerospace market to produce avionics for fighter planes with HAL!

And if you wondered why there were less girls in your aerospace class than the other department. You will find your answer in this story "Dearth of women working in the aerospace sector".

The next news mentioning hindupur caught my attention because i know gururaj is from Hindupur! Caparo Group, one of the world's largest industrial houses promoted by Lord Swraj Paul, is planning to set up an aerospace park at Hindupur in AP.The group is seeking about 1,000 acres. While the government is yet to take a decision, the project is expected to herald a new era in aerospace-related activity.

So this was the round up of the Indian aerospace week as seen from the indianaeronews blog that aim's to follow indian aerospace.

Then there are jobs in Goodrich and Safran at Jobs in Aerospace field!!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

How to pass aesi exams ? -from ouraesi

This is the month when OURAeSI was born 6 years ago, so i was just looking at some of the great posts in ouraesi group for the students and i found this gem of a post from the achieves of OURAeSI. It is written by Sunil and i agree with him about the part where he mentions solving lot of problems. Do read his post here which he aptly names as How to pass exams?

I suggest all great AerosocietIans to help there juniors to share
there experiences in this message group. The main idea is to get
some masala to juniors, which helps them in passing Aero.

In this regard, I suggest juniors not only study to pass
examinations, but to understand the phenomenon or theory behind the
problems of the subject. Although this is well known to lot of
persons but still many have problems in passing examinations. I dont
point to there hard work, since most of peoples work hard but the
right approach is missing.

For example: I came across guys during my society, who spend 20 hrs
of there day in solving lot of problems of various books but don't
understand the theory or idea behind the topic. Solving lot of
problems gives you confidence for sure, but sometime it is not
useful since in Exams probability of repeating questions with same
variables is less. This may be only general comment since i don't
know the ongoing pattern.

Also i may not be fully correct and lot of peoples wont agree from
me, but that is the motivation from my side to other peoples to
share there experiences. Which for sure will help juniors pass there
examinations and build a base for there further studies or future

Take care

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Visit or for the examination dates.

Friday, May 09, 2008

Happy birthday OURAeSI

This Thursday ouraesi completed 6th year. It was founded on May 8,
2002 and now it has more than 1050+ members.

Hope OURAeSI has helped in some way or the other. I was busy with my
work so couldn't write earlier.

This time we all want to know from you, How has ouraesi has helped
you?, influenced you? What do you think of it?

And of course do pitch in with any suggestion that you might have to
improve it.

Thanks and regards and once again you are the one who made it possible.

How has ouraesi has helped you, influenced you? ( Also use the comment box to comment)

I don't know

(View Results)

Create a Poll

AeSI Graduate is now Accrediated by NARIC,UK!

Yet another good news from Bishnujee Singh for AeSI graduates!!

Just wanted to share this good news with all of you AeSI Graduates that NARIC ,UK one of Accrediating body for UK Government has finally accepted AeSI Degree as same as British Honours Degree in Aeronautical Engineering .I wish to thank Mr. Murali Peddireddi ,AeSI Graduate with Rolls Royce,Derby,UK whose persistence effort with AIU (Association of Indian Universities) and NARIC,UK has opened the doors for numerous AeSI Graduates in future to Europe and UK.

Best wishes to all of you from AeSI fraternity!

Thank you Bishnujee!!

Preparing for AeSI exams

Some do and don't for the upcoming AeSI exams
When is june 2008 aesi exams?
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Some more do's and don't for the upcoming exams........

In my last post i talked about "Some do's and don't for the upcoming exams........" that i wrote in ouraesi club. In regards to this Mr. anshuman awasthi had replied with some more suggestions. So to keep the continutiy of the article i am posting his do and don't for the exams here.

Hope this will help you for the upcoming Aeronautical soceity's exams.

Mr. anshuman awasthi wrote

Hello guys,
I do not know how many of us are giving exams.. but what Sukhbinder
said is true to the core but the lack of writing material in
examination hall just shows the apathy of AeSI (on the contrary that
should not deter you in performing well in the exams :-)). well make
sure in advance, as sukhbinder pointed, that there is enough writing
material available.

I do not know whether it can be generalized or not but, at least in my
case, I could never prepare 100% of syllabus for the exams but then i
considered that as a part of the trade.

It is tough to handle AeSI exams we are not sure about the pattern of
the examination papers, about the examiners mentality etc.. What I am
saying be prepared mentally for any casualty viz. some unexpected
question, change of pattern etc.. In my opinion change of pattern is
the most scary thing to happen.

Prepare what you really can prepare. Study 80%-90% but be confident
about that instead of preparing 100%. Go through the old question papers.
You should know answers to all the old question.

Apply the theory of Probability. Do not leave the question which is
been asked frequently. Select any old paper, write down all the
questions on a paper. Then take another paper and keep on ticking the
questions which have been repeated and repeat the process with all the
question papers available. You will see a pattern. Now tick all those
which you have already studied. Hunt down the answers for the
questions which have been repeated every now and then but you haven't

Good Luck

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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Some do's and don't for the upcoming exams........

Back in 2002, this time around i was anxious about the upcoming AMAeSI exams and i posted "Some do's and don't for the upcoming exams........" in ouraesi club. I liked the stuff that i wrote back then and i think its relevant even today. So i reposting the email here so people can benefit from it.

Its been a long time since i posted anything here. well , you know exams are knocking so you can guess what i was doing. Then why i am here today u may wonder.

Well last night while i was waiting for my foodwalla to come, i stated thinking of the mistakes that myself and my friends i know did in their exams. And u know what, i got quite a few simple mistakes that have compelled them to study those subjects again! So i thought about posting the do and don't that i have encountered about the exams !! Maybe this will help some of you.

The first thing that comes to mind is the dilemma of my roommate in last exam. He knew all the questions in last years maths exam but he could only attempt 60 marks paper !! Guess why? Time was up. NO the space to write was up !! Yes he consumed all the pages. And to tell u the truth, even I had stopped at the boundary !! So folks when in exams have paper economy in mind !! Its feels really awful to not being able to complete the paper because there's no more page available !! Ask my roommate, he will certify.

Another incident of the last exam was of Hamza, You know he got the highest marks in flights that i know of and he should have completed his section-A last year if he was a bit careful in his last semester's maths exam? Well what he did in his maths exam was that he did different parts of a question at different places. He never read the warning or instruction of doing the same question at the same space and paid the price !! So this year have hamza in mind and do the questions sequentially and attempt all the parts of the question together.

Now comes the major mistake that i did for my last flights exam. I read all my notes, i read all the chapters of the prescribed books and all the theory and solved all the numericals. But guess what i failed Why ? The reason was that i thought i had read everything there to be read and solved all the numericals to be solved but never glanced at the syllabus book and missed 3-4 topics and unfortunately that exam had most questions from those topics. So guys Keep that damn syllabus book before you while you study and see to it that u have studied and covered all the topics.

Another useful advice that i heard once from one of my teacher was to always start with a question u are most comfortable and confidant ! Sounds logically, so why don't you apply it in this exams.

Well that's it and if you have anything to add then u are most welcome.

Please do comment back with all the new advice you can give.

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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Common mistakes in maths by students!!!

With AeSI exams nearing. I thought of searching the web for some ways in which the web can help us! Guess what ! People who say Internet is a great tool are right. I landed on a particular article that can improve your marks in the maths exams !!

The article, by a maths professor Eric Schechter, mainly discusses the common errors made by students. Its an experience of a math's professor.

The page is very long and i think, like myself, no one of you like reading on a computer when the clock is ticking in the cyber cafe. So i have copied part of the page that i liked the most and presenting it here in a simple structured form.

This particular section discuss about the importance of revision and re-checking. So guys and gals read this article and profit by it.

Going over your work. Unfortunately, most textbooks do not devote a
lot of attention to checking your work, and some teachers also skip
this topic. Perhaps the reason is that there is no well-organized
body of theory on how to check your work. Unfortunately, some
students end up with the impression that it is not necessary to check
your work -- just write it up once, and hope that it's correct. But
that's nonsense. All of us make mistakes sometimes. In any subject,
if you want to do good work, you have to work carefully, and then you
have to check your work. In English, this is called "proofreading";
in computer science, this is called "debugging."

Moreover, in mathematics, checking your work is an important part of
the learning process. Sure, you'll learn what you did wrong when you
get your homework paper back from the grader; but you'll learn the
subject much better if you try very hard to make sure that your
answers are right before you turn in your homework.

It's important to check your work after you do it; but "going over
your work" is not the best way of checking math -- in fact, it's the
worst way (except for not checking your work at all).

I have twisted some words here, in order to make a point. By "going
over your work" I mean reading through the steps that you've just
done, to see if they look right. The drawback of that method is
you're quite likely to make the same mistake again when you read
through your steps! Here is a typical example: After an irreversible
computation, if you forget to check for extraneous roots, then you'll
probably forget again when you "go over your work."

You would be much more likely to catch your error if, instead, you
checked your work by some method that is different from your original
computation. Indeed, with that approach, the only way your error can
go undetected is if you make two different errors that somehow, just
by a remarkable coincidence, manage to cancel each other out -- e.g.,
if you arrive at the same wrong answer by two different incorrect
methods. That happens occasionally, but very seldom.

In many cases, your second method can be easier, because it can make
use of the fact that you already have an answer. This type of
checking is not 100% reliable, but it is very highly reliable, and it
may take very little time and effort.

Here is a simple example. Suppose that we want to solve 3(x–2)+7x=2
(x+1) for x. Here is a correct solution:


Now, one way to check this work is to plug x=1 into each side of the
original equation, and see if the results come out the same. On the
left side, we have 3(x–2)+7x=3(1–2)+7(1)=3(–1)+7(1)=(–3)+7=4. On the
right side, we have 2(x+1)=2(1+1)=2(2)=4. Those are the same, so the
check works. This computation was by a different method than our
original computation, so it's probably right.

Different kinds of problems require different kinds of checking. For
a few kinds of problems, no other method of checking besides "going
over your work" will suggest itself to you. But for most problems,
some second method of checking will be evident if you think about it
for a moment.

If you absolutely can't think of any other method, here is a last-
resort technique: Put the paper away somewhere. Several hours later
(if you can afford to wait that long), do the same problems over --
by the same method, if need be -- but on a new sheet of paper,
without looking at the first sheet. Then compare the answers. There
is still some chance of making the same error twice, but this method
reduces that chance at least a little. Unfortunately, this technique
doubles the amount of work you have to do, and so you may be
reluctant to employ this technique. Well, that's up to you; it's your
decision. But how badly do you want to master the material and get
the higher grade? How much importance do you attach to the integrity
of your work?

One method that many students use to check their homework is this:
before turning in your paper, compare it with a classmate's paper;
see if the two of you got the same answers. I'll admit that this does
satisfy my criterion: If you got the same answer for a problem, then
that answer is probably right. This approach has both advantages and
disadvantages. One disadvantage is that it may violate your teacher's
rules about homework being an individual effort; perhaps you should
ask your teacher what his or her rules are. Another concern is: how
much do you learn from the comparison of the two answers? If you
discuss the problem with your classmate, you may learn something.
With or without a classmate's involvement, if you think some more
about the different solutions to the problem, you may learn

When you do find that your two answers differ, work very carefully to
determine which one (if either) is correct. Don't hurry through this
crucial last part of the process. You've already demonstrated your
fallibility on this type of problem, so there is extra reason to
doubt the accuracy of any further work on this problem; check your
results several times.

Perhaps the error occurred through mere carelessness, because you
weren't really interested in the work and you were in a hurry to
finish it and put it aside. If so, don't compound that error. You now
must pay for your neglect -- you now must put in even more time to
master the material properly! The problem won't just go away or lose
importance if you ignore it. Mathematics, more than any other
subject, is vertically structured: each concept builds on many
concepts that preceded it. Once you leave a topic unmastered, it will
haunt you repeatedly throughout many of the topics that follow it, in
all of the math courses that follow it.

Also, if discover that you've made an error, try to discover what the
error was. It may be a type of error that you are making with some
frequency. Once you identify it, you may be better able to watch out
for it in the future.

If you are not worn out with this, check out lots of tips offered by this professor here.

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