Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Resume Tips and Job Hunting Advice from the Emurse Blog

Resume Tips and Job Hunting Advice from the Emurse Blog


It feels like that I am obsessed with this resume thing, so here's yet another post on how to write an effective resume.


In fact let me share the real reason, my cousin is here with me and he is looking for job and so I am fixing up his resume and so venturing into these topics so I am sharing the good articles that I find along the way with you all.


So this article that I stumbled upon is also a good one and raises some very good points that are not only useful to my cousin but to the members of OURAeSI too. You got to read the whole article to get to the 10 points discussed there while I want to point out on the 4 points I thing that are very relevant to us.



  • Size does not always matter

I like the idea of ... making two resumes, one short and one long and bringing the long one to the interview.


  • Do not use personal pronouns or contractions. Never say “I” or “me.”


  • Keep it electronic friendly


And the most important point I felt was


  • Know Your Strengths. If you have a gap in your work experience that is difficult to explain, but have great skills and training, consider a “functional” format rather than a chronological one. Adjust your resume to represent you in the best possible way.



Read the whole thing at




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