Friday, July 06, 2007

Indian engineering degrees will be internationally recognised Is AMAeSI included




Before I say anything read the news :


In a significant development, Indian engineering degrees will now be accredited in the United States and will be internationally recognised.


This follows India's induction into the prestigious Washington Accord, an international agreement between registering bodies of member countries accrediting academic engineering programmes, at the university level, leading to the practice of engineering at the full professional level.


India's entry to the Washington Accord would necessarily facilitate mobility of engineering graduates and professionals at international levels and the graduates from NBA-accredited programmes would be automatically accepted for education and employment purposes in member countries.



Well I am glad this has finally happened and it think it will help us too. I am not sure if AMAeSI is included. We need to confirm that form somewhere.


So rejoice dear fellow aesians!!!  And do give your opinion on these too. 


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Thursday, July 05, 2007

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Will you recommend AMAeSI to your friends and family



Will you recommend AMAeSI to your friends and family?

This is the current poll that is running In OURAeSI home page.  “Yes” is currently winning.   What do you think? Vote and tell us. Will you recommend AMAeSI to your friends and family?



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Hope to have your opinion





Will you recommend AMAeSI to your friends and family?


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Yes (52.9% / 9 votes)


Don't know (5.9% / 1 votes)






07/03/07 7:28 am

Uma Maheshwar Y


I suggest the students to undergo regular college environment. By doing A.M.Ae.S.I, one has to miss many career opportunities.


07/03/07 12:31 pm



Not necessarily. By doing AMAeSI one can aim going for a PG in a short period. He will the so called environment there. Even otherwise there are lot many opportunities now in airline sector on maintenance.


07/03/07 11:30 pm



S it is true what Uma Maheshwar said . Many of the students r suffering badily as i am one among them . It is better to go to the regular college scoring high percentage completing within a fixed period and can apply for all colleges for higher studies.


07/04/07 4:55 am



AeSI students need to complete with in stipulated time. due to longer time period students are suffering to settle.


07/04/07 9:47 am


Rohit Kumar


I would suggest students to take up this course simply becos of the fact that its the course of the future.Aerospace industry is booming in India and we are short of aeronautical engineers.


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