Thursday, January 31, 2008

Mistakes fresh AeSI graduates do in their Interview

Recently my friends at a turbo machinery company were conducting some interviews for their firm...

From the experience that they had and the discussion we had after that, I have concluded this 3 points that ails a recent graduate from aeronautical society of India.

They lack interview skills and manners.

They are under prepared

They bluff and don't even stand by those bluffs

AeSI should mean quality!! You know you have the disadvantage of not having a well known entity backing you. So And AeSI graduate needs extra care to present him or her. Your degree and the Institution is not well publicized, so make an extra effort to be professional, presentable and prepared.

When I was in NAL, we were a lot of 3-4 aesi graduates working as paid/unpaid training, but in that lot I had seen that they respected there degree and made efforts to show it in good light. When they prepared a resume, that was well prepared , when they went for interview, they researched the company and were prepared to handle questions arising from their resumes.

As I have previously stated in my previous post "How to prepare for interview after AeSI", your resume is the first impression and this is where most questions will come out so know what you have written there and be there to backup what you have stated.

My advice and strong urge to a recent graduate is to be professional, respect your degree and be prepared when you are heading for an interview!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

AeSI Examination result is expected any day this week.

I am wondering if AeSI will publish the result before the AGM which is scheduled on Feb 1 and 2. As far as my information goes, aesi has always the knack of airing the results after the AGM, so things are cooler.

Anyway let's see. But one thing I am sure, it will publish the results before GATE 2008, this I have seen it do lot of times.

So what do you think, when is AeSI announcing the results. Take you guess and for all those awaiting results, my best wishes and good luck!!

AeSI Student Membership cancellation after 8 years!

Dear AeSI Students & Engineers,

I have come across that many of you are in favor of extension of old syllabus students who have held AeSI Student Membership for 8 years and this issue seems to be raised by some of you at AeSI AGM in Chennai on 01 Feb 2008.Please be advised that no Under Graduate Bachelor courses should be going on for 8 years and I am not sure how AeSI has allowed 8 years terms for Associate Membership Examination in past. This should have never been allowed in first place. Also AeSI is under obligation from AICTE to switch over to AeSI new modified syllabus as soon as possible. In these circumstances it would be very difficult for anyone to help in this matter. Even in other universities examinations if you don't pass twice extra re sitting examination, you are asked to discontinue the course and no one can pass the blame on the University.
I would request you all to come with constructive means for growth of AeSI programme instead of meaningless criticism because it affects future of thousands of AeSI Students.
Kind regards

I quite agree with Bishnujee in this regard. Instead of pushing for this we should push forward the betterment of the examination and the assessment. Most of the times, the student is under the axe because of faulty and non transparent assessment of his exams. This was the major thing that I had faced in AeSi.

Sometimes I had this experience that I did well in the examination hall but the results and the mark sheets showed exactly the opposite trend. So major push should be in regards to betterment of the examinations, and its assessment. This will be the best thing that can happen to an existing student of AeSI.

But having said that, I do feel that people who have one subject left should be given a fair chance for the last time. And after that attempt, AeSI should go ahead with its new syllabus.

Monday, January 28, 2008

MS in Aeronautical n Turbomachinery in UK and US after AeSI

Whenever I go to Chennai, the place I have studied for AeSI, there are two particular friends there where I stay and from the time I know them, they are always thinking and talking about this topic of doing MS in UK or US after AeSI. And now after reading Manish's mail in OURAeSI, I felt that I should clip that mail and post it here so it's more easily available to the folks latter when they search for it.

So here I go.

"Hi All,

This is the 1st time im writin in this group....the reason im writing is to clarify the admission procedure for Masters in UK since i applied last year...

Well.....i applied successfully for Masters Program in City and Sussex Universities(for MS in Aeronautical n
Turbomachinery) n all dat they require is a higher Second Class....they know bout dun bother about xplaining them or dun run around to find proof of recognition....juss make sure u write a good Statement of Purpose and have 2 good references....if u want u can mention dat Aesi is recognized by The Royal Aeronautical Society of UK n dat wud suffice....besides dat i dun think ny1 needs 2 worry bout d degree as all depends on ur u present it.....

Any1 who is tryin for MS can get a letter from Aesi on the letter head stating that your a student and ur conduct n behaviour is good n blah blah blah.....

dats all i guess....thx 4 reading


And for my two friends in Chennai, I know they will be delighted to read this info..... Thanks manish. It sure will clear lot of miss information!! Keep writing... Even your sms style writing delights us :)!!!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Know more about Grade Point Average (GPA score) and AeSI

Mr. G.Jaganmohan. has written a good post in OURAeSI regarding GPA and AeSI, Please read through it to find what Grade Point Average is? How is it applicable for AeSI folks desirous of going for studying abroad? And would like to congratulate Jagan for this information and wish him all the best for his future endeavors.

Hi friends,
This is crucial to inform all of society people regarding the Maters' program in US/UK. As I finished my graduation (A.M.Ae.S.I), I applied for Masters in Glasgow University and Sussex University in UK. I convinced those university professors and explained them about our degree. They are ready to grab us for higher studies, provided one should answer their questions efficiantly.

Meanwhile, its necessary to have GPA (Grade Point Average), issued by World Education Services (Newyork/Canada). Many consultancies and agencies are asking 20000-30000 to provide GPA for A.M.Ae.S.I, as it's not a regular course.

GPA is Grade Point Average, given on the basis of international scale of standard education. They will equivalise our course on a standard scale and give a result which has a maximum of 4 points. All foreign universities in UK/US ask 3 GPA out of 4.

There is no such difference like regular or correspondence course to get GPA. Students, who wish to go for higher studies in abroad, are requested not to go to any consultancy or agency to get GPA.

For further details, find contact visit OURAeSI

Thursday, January 17, 2008

India is one of the world's fastest growing aviation and aerospace markets in the world over the next 20 years

Dr George Ebbs, President of DAE University, said:

Our recent research confirms India as being one of the world's fastest growing aviation and aerospace markets in the world over the next 20 years......"

In this bacak drop Dubai Aerospace Enterprise University (DAE University), the education and training arm of Dubai Aerospace Enterprise, will conduct a series of road shows in major Indian cities from January 18, 2008 to familiarize Indian students with international aviation education options.


For those who are wondering about DAE University here's a snapshot

"Based in Dubai, DAE University is the education and training arm of Dubai Aerospace Enterprise offering world-class aviation education programmes. DAE University which opened its doors in October 2006 is the first of its kind in the Middle East region to offer comprehensive undergraduate and graduate programmes in aerospace-focused business and engineering. Plans also include a Ph.D. program in the near future.

DAE University also offers students an innovative approach to flight training. The program combines superior aeronautical academics with advanced aircraft and flight simulation in a proficiency-based flight training environment at its DAE Flight Academy facility in Ras Al Khaimah."

And about DAE

"DAE is a fast developing global aerospace, manufacturing and services corporation made up of six divisions - DAE Airports, DAE Capital, DAE Engineering, DAE Manufacturing, DAE Services and DAE University."


Wednesday, January 16, 2008

59th AGM of AeSI

By now I think all of us know that the 59th AGM of AeSI is on 1 and 2 feb to be held in Chennai. Well AeSI Chennai branch have the information about this in its website. Here's the summary of the program for the two days.



Day 1 : Friday, February 1, 2008Morning Inauguration

Memorial / Endownment Lectures

Afternoon AeSI Business Meeting

Evening AGM Banquet


Day 2 : Saturday, February 2, 2008

Discussion Meet on Indian Aerospace at a Cross Roads"


Topics of Discussion

          Aeronautics Commercial Aircraft Development

          Space Missions

          Defence Projects

          Booming Civil aviation Infrastructure and Flight safety

          Manpower Development

          Role of MNCs in National Programs



Eminent, senior level professionals participate as speakers



This time there is a facility of online registration for the 59th AGM !!


59th AGM Online Registration link


Visit the main website                       

Saturday, January 12, 2008


Today i visited and this special notice item got attentions......
For those who haven't noticed it yet here's what the special notice is all about


No further extension beyond eight years will be granted henceforth.

Examination of subjects of Section 'A' old syllabus stands discontinued with
immediate effect.

Examination of subjects of Section 'B' of modified syllabus will commence from
June 2008 session.

Examination of elective subjects only of Section 'B' (Revised syllabus) will
commence from June 2009 session with schedule as follows:-

Subjects Serial No. Exam to be held in
OS 01 to OS 10 June session only
OS 11 onwards December session only

For 6 week Workshop training capsule in the revised syllabus, necessary details
of place of training, to be communicated to AeSI Head Office, four weeks before
its commencement.

The Training can also be undertaken at Technical Polytechnics and ITI's, and the certificate to be signed by the Head of the place of training.

Student members completing Section 'A' of old syllabus are free to opt for
Section 'B' of revised syllabus as per their convenience.

for more info; refer or

update aesi's new website address is

Friday, January 11, 2008

Good news for AeSI Community

It gives me immense pleasure to inform you that Aeronautical Society of India has now been listed by Govt of India Approved Institutions in New Delhi and AeSI Degree programme is now listed on Page 64 of Govt of India notification.All AeSI Engineers are requested to keep a personal copy of Public Notification along with the website link.

This has been added just while ago after our persistent communication with Ministry of HRD in last few days.
I hope the new year brings lots of happiness and joys for all AeSI Engineers.
Best wishes

Bishnujee Singh

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Who's powering India's most ambitious space program.

So you thought ISRO was the sole organization in India that will be watching chandrayaan-1 approach moon with held breadth. You are wrong.

A galaxy of private Indian firms, including corporate biggies like the Tatas, Larsen & Toubro and Godrej and smaller ones like Walchandnagar Foundry (Satara, Pune), Venkateshwara Engineering (Coimbatore) and Shoma Industries (Bangalore), are certain to feel the pulse rising.

As economic times reports, Indian Inc, is quietly powering India's most ambitious space program.


Updates on Chandrayaan are available at

Friday, January 04, 2008

Worries and confusions during training

Today someone emailed me with this following content..... Since it's the end of my project so I am pretty busy, so I forwarded the mail to my good friend kishore for the query. And he has exactly expressed my sentiments on the matter.

I am posting this email and kishore's reply so that any other person in the same situation should have the right guidance at that time.

Respected sir,

I have given my last paper of propulsion stream and I am waiting for my result. And i am working in National Aerospace laboratories as project trainee and my project is Design a single stage of transonic compressor and generate a blade profile. for this i am using Fortran95 and I developed a small program for rotor .

so I want to know whether there is scope of such coding in fortran and if I completed my graduation this time then is there opportunities to work in coding . Whether companies use to consider such a predgree experience. kindly suggest me some of the companies where I can apply.

Other thing is I got selected in InfoTech Bangalore as a Assistant design engineer

But they want me to work in Technical Publication as they have Pratt & Whitney engine.

I have to sign a bond of 3 years and they said depending upon performance they may send to Canada for on job work. so I need your suggestion which way is better whether its good to work as trainee here in NAL or grab the job.

I am in confused state of mind and unable to make decision so kindly help to make decision

Thanking you

Kishore replies.....

Dear ankush,

Well first of , I would like to wish u all the very best for your results. Now coming to your mail , well you asked 2-3 questions , your first question is that whether there is enough scope for FORTRAN coding these days or not.

First of all by going through what you have written in ur mail , I believe you are doing some decent work in NAL as project trainee. Another thing is that although FORTRAN is considered as a old scientific programming language but in the recent time , during last two years I have seen loads of requirements of FORTRAN Programmers. Mainly for the development of simulation software's used in aerospace and other engineering domains.

But I would like to add one thing from my own experience here that just having some idea about FORTRAN language and understanding FORTRAN programming are two different things. Let me tell u one thing , if u r sure that u have a sound understanding of not only FORTRAN but also the programming concept and not just the language , there are enough opportunities available outside. Just remember this same thing applies not just to Fortran but to everything u r doing.

I believe the combination of work u r doing (i.e. turbomachinery + programming ) is in much demand , just be very confident about whatever u r saying u know. If u r working on turbomachinery like compressors then try to expand ur understanding of it and atleast be very confident about the basics.

Next thing is that ask one question to urself that if the money factor is removed then are you happy with the kind of work you r doing in NAL and do u think that u r learning something new. If yes then my personal opinion is that please spend some time in NAL and complete your learning process because after NAL u will not get much opportunity to learn so don't worry about the predegree experience thing , just concentrate on what u r doing and learn it fully, use ur time in NAL, don't waste a single hour coz this time in NAL will take u to places in future. I have seen many previous students just like u who did the same kind of project which u r doing in NAL , they worked hard and impressed everyone with their efforts and today all of them are well settled and doing very well and offcourse earning very well also.

So stop worrying and don't get confused. U r about to become an engineer, so be very confident n try to feel the work u r doing.

Now as far as joining InfoTech for technical documentation is concerned then there are ways of looking at this . if u r in a very serious financial crisis and the situation is like u need money at any cost then u can join anything offcourse technical documentation also and earn money . but if r not in that kind of situation then I would advise u not to join infotech for technical documentation and spend some more time in NAL. After doing ur project in NAL successfully u will definitely get much better opportunities , I m sure about that.

If InfoTech offers u job in any other domain like engine division or design department then I can say ok join but in my opinion don't go for technical documentation now. I believe u still have time to give ur future a much better shape.

Look a job is a job but technical documentation is certainly not a very creative type of job. And in longer run I can tell u from my experience that no matter how much u earn but it is the kind of work u do which brings the satisfaction. If u r not doing the job which u feel is exciting and interesting then u may loose ur energy and confidence and even u may loose respect among your peers.

So u r at the right stage to decide what kind of work u want to do in future , just imagine urself in that environment and start working towards the realization of that environment. If u put a little effort everyday, u will definitely get it.

The companies in which u can try for (Fortran + turbomachinery )are:

1: GE

2: Geometric softwares

3: NOUS infosystems (though not in turbo machinery)

4: Honeywell (mainly ask for C programmers + turbomachinery knowledge)

5: Infotech

6: SAFRAN and many others.

Another suggestion is that keep track of market requirements and start preparing urself don't wait for any call , prepare urself in every aspect in which an engineer should be prepared.

Again I wish u all the very best for all ur future adventures.

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