Tuesday, March 31, 2009

4 reasons why AeSI student should have a blog

As you know from my story of this blog, I am blogging from the days of my AeSI, so here’s my top 4 reasons why students and graduates of AeSI should have a blog

  1. Writing a blog clears your thought process. Writing about something increases your own understanding.
  2. If you blog about good stuff it builds up as an asset you can display in your resume, in your profile
  3. It improves your communication skills.
  4. Last of all blogs are a medium cheap enough which enables you to impact or influence the world you live in. It enables you to put your views, knowledge and expertise out there.

So when will you begin your blog?

Want a head start then visit ouraesi.ning.com and you will get a blog immediately upon registration.

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Monday, March 30, 2009

8 things that I will tell all pass outs of AeSI

Here are some random thoughts that I will give to all the recent graduates of AeSI who has cleared the AMAeSI degree

  1. Take pride in your degree.
  2. Skills are more important than degree.
  3. Invest your time and money wisely
  4. Always keep learning. Keep visiting Wikipedia.
  5. Don't discount small things, small steps.
  6. Be honest to yourself.
  7. Share what you know, Your knowledge. Your skills
  8. Work and play with equal vigor

The earlier you begin to do it the better you will be. Good luck!!


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Sunday, March 29, 2009

How to pass AeSI exams?

  • Don't study, yes seriously don't study.
  • Don't mug.
  • Don't setup a routine.
  • Don't bother attending classes.
  • Don't give a damn to subjects.
  • Don't look at the syllabus book.
  • Don't open your books.
  • Don't write down what you learn.
  • Don't keep records?
  • Don’t discuss what you study?

Yes seriously if you do any of the thing you will never pass. So do everything that is opposite.

The only way to pass AMAeSI, just like everything else, is put in the time.

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Saturday, March 28, 2009

No internet connection

This is my 100th post this year and i already had a post ready in my laptop, but the internet connection is acting up, hence todays post is from my trusty mobile.

The greatest challenge about my goal of posting everyday in this is to come up with something worthwhile. So far i am doing good, but at this 100th post of this year, i would love to hear from you about what you want to read more about.

Please feel free to comment. Comments at my-aesi.blogspot.com have better chance than emailing me, so please do leave your comments.

Will post the original post once the internet connection problem is sorted.


Friday, March 27, 2009

When in section A, don’t worry about jobs and all

Section B marks the greatest change in an AeSI students life. I remember when I crossed section A, I was the happiest person on earth that day. It felt like that. After all, this was the change that I was expecting for a while then.

This step meant great to me as this brought me closure to the completion of AMAeSI degree. Crossing over to this side of AeSI degree meant I was just a few steps away from being an aeronautical engineer. It meant being close to the freedom of earning my own money, it meant I was closer to be working at an aerospace organization.

So what were the thoughts that went to my mind. The prominent thought that I remember was about learning catia, as this was only cad software that I heard about back then, it meant looking at the kind of jobs available in the market for aerospace. The thought of the training or job decision also went through my mind

What's the point I want to make, when you are in section A, don't worry about job prospect, skills development, jobs outlook, training or any other thing. Just study and hook your attention to getting good marks and passing section A. Don't burn yourself in any other tension.

Section B and most importantly the last two semester of AeSI are the best time when you need to think of jobs, skills development, training etc. So till then enjoy your studies. Learn what you read, expand your knowledge, improve your communication skills and  essentially have masti.

Treat your journey of AeSI like a marathon, start slow and steady. Don't burn up all your fuel in the initial legs. Keep them for the last two semester of AeSI. Till then expand your knowledge, do interesting projects, build networks, grow your subject knowledge etc.

Being a rocket is not what is required. Be a jet engine first.

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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Why should you put in the time?

Big success is overrated. There is nothing magic in it. All success big or small boils down to one fact. Put in the time.

This is the surest way to success. Take anyone in any field and you will see that the basic thing that individual did was that he put in the time.

Some do it un knowingly and some do it consciously. Success mantra that emerges is put in the time and do is consistently over time, success is guaranteed.

First thing is to decide what you want and then the next task is to consistently put in the time.

Be is passing AMAeSI, be is learning new software, be it training, decide what you want and put in the time for getting that!!


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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Take baby steps to enjoy the journey.

Take baby steps to enjoy the journey. The journey of your learning, the journey of your training. Now what do I mean by this?

Have you ever noticed that you enjoy your food more when you eat slowly, bit by bit and in small chunks  rather than taking it in big gulps. Well same thing is applicable to all other areas of life from learning a new software or doing some assignment, learning about a new subject.

Taking baby steps is the way to go. Break your big steps in small chunks and execute them one by one. The basic idea is to break down the step in such little steps that you don't need to do think about the step any more All that is needed is execution.

This happened in my last assignment. I was handed a big project and as I went to it it looked so big, even the assignments were not so clear. I didn't knew where to begin. I just had some tasks and deadline but no head way to proceed.

So what I did? I sat down and listed all the steps that I wanted to do before. I dissected the whole process into microscopic steps, every obstacle was curved into new exploration steps and this explorations lead me to new roads and finally I never knew how quickly I completed that assignment.

So whatever be your journey, take baby steps.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Training is all about your Mentors work

What is training? We talk about this so much in this blog and training is a part of every AeSI students life.

Well for some its the AeSI’s on job training (or OJT as it is called) that you can land once you complete your degree and have 60% overall. And for others training is what you initiate by yourself by approaching the scientist at NAL, ADA or GTRE ADE etc

Now in all this training, why are you selected? Well your eligibility maybe a factor but when you are assigned to a mentor in the training, it not about you? It all about the mentor. The mentor had some tasks and assignments in his mind when he choose you. Keep that in mind and honor that.

The tasks and assignments that you get might not seem challenging but they are important to your mentor that's why they are assigned to you.

In the beginning, the tasks will be of low value, seem to have little challenge, but they really are your test of how much you are capable of, what you know and how you execute them. These tasks are the stepping stone on getting some good and challenging assignmentSo do them as good you can and always add value to the work you do, it will always be noticed. The work you do will bring more work and pave the way for the assignments that you will like.

So whenever you are in training phase always remember its not about you? It about the work you do for your mentor. Its some real work that you are doing for him or her!!

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Monday, March 23, 2009

TATA Nano can Help You in Your Studies!


The subjects and topics that I remember the most have one thing is very common. All those topics are related with something I have seen, something that has happened to me. My propulsion –III rockets concepts became lively when we visited SARC.

All those topics are still fresh in my mind as then, so when the long-awaited launch of Tata's Rs 1 lakh (Rs 100,000) Nano is around the corner, a thought popped. Seeing the specification of nano at the Wikipedia, I stumbled upon this idea that can be used by anyone studying propulsion-I as a learning experience that he will not forget easily.

As you can see in the cut out of the specification on wikipdeia (listed below), click on the stuff that’s highlighted and you will get wealth of information on that topic. So if you are giving propulsion 1 or just have interest in petrol engine, injector, engine control systems, multi point fuel injection, fuel efficiency, compression ratio, torque, power, rpm ,rack and pinion, ground clearance then just go through the specs of Tata nano and while you are at it click on the links for details of the part.

Utilize this real life example to learn and entrench all those terms in your mind. Studying this way is much more fun and you are more likely to remember this facts than just reading them without this context.

So try it...

 TATA NANO technical Specifications (from Wikipedia)


2 cylinder petrol with Bosch multi-point fuel injection (single injector) all aluminium 33 horsepower (25 kW) 624 cc (38 cu in)

Value Motronic engine management platform from Bosch

2 valves per cylinder overhead camshaft

Compression ratio: 9.5:1

bore × stroke: 73.5 mm (2.9 in) × 73.5 mm (2.9 in)

Power: 33 PS (33 hp/24 kW) @ 5500 rpm[58]

Torque: 48 N·m (35 ft·lbf) @ 2500 rpm

Layout and Transmission

Rear wheel drive

4-speed manual transmission


mechanical rack and pinion


Acceleration: 0-70 km/h (43 mph): 14 seconds

Maximum speed: 120 km/h (75 mph)[1]

Fuel efficiency (overall): 20 kilometres per litre (5 litres per 100 kilometres (56 mpg-imp; 47 mpg-US))[2]

Body and dimensions

Seat belt: 4[59]

Trunk capacity: 15 L (0.53 cu ft)[2]

Suspension, Tires & Brakes

Front brake: disc[60]

Rear brake: drum

Front track: 1,325 mm (52.2 in)

Rear track: 1,315 mm (51.8 in)

Ground clearance: 180 mm (7.1 in)[2]

Front suspension: McPherson strut with lower A arm

Rear suspension: Independent coil spring

12-inch wheels[61]

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Which software to learn?

So many times i get this query from aesi and engineering students.

Which software should i learn?

My answer to them is do whatever you are passionate, if design is what you have a natural bent, then go for a cad program that you can lay your hands on. And if your creative juices flow at the site of analysis software, then go ahead grab the next analysis software that you can and begin.

But if you don't know where your passion lies then go ahead explore. Try design software that comes your way or grab that analysis software your friend it working on. Whatever you do, get moving and explore all the options that you can find. Who knows what sticks and you finally discover your passion.

But what if you know you want but you don't have access to any software. Well then get excel and learn it. This is one software that you will be using in whatever job you do so get excel and put it to use. You will thank yourself that you did it.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Saturday links – Start Edition

Each week on Saturdays from now on, I will be presenting 5 links from around the web. This links will be the stuff that I read and liked during that week.

So lets start.

Slack: Seth Godin’s great suggestions to use the spare time that this recession and economic downturn presents to us. As always great advice for anyone who cares.

Make your own road : Rashmi Bansal has this message to the graduating class of 2009.

Treat the next 2 years as if enrolled for another degree. Awarded by the University of Life. Strive to learn, to grow, to polish the rough edges. Make friends with the salesman, the doorman and the chairman. Good relationships can take you a long long way

Selected DOS games : I love games and here are a selection of games developed for the trusty old DOS system.

Jump to a New Career with a Killer Resume and Plan : his one an old link that i wanted to share for it having some good advice just for everyone who is looking for a job.

The most powerful word is no : Learn to say No and reads the reason in this post.

That it folks.

Its not over yet, if you have some cools links that you want to share, then the comments are all yours. Pour them in.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Do you read AeSI’s enews?

For last one+ year AeSI is coming out with a monthly feature that round up all the news of Indian aerospace and aviation on the monthly basis. Its enews. I do read it every time it out. I wonder how many of AeSI students and AeSI graduates are reading it.

So here's a quick poll to ask you do you read AeSI enews?


If you are not able to see the form please click here

Here’s why enews was introduced in the first place from AeSI’s website

Considering the spectacular achievements in aeronautics and aerospace coupled with the growth in civil aviation in the Country, the Council of the Aeronautical Society of India has decided to issue a monthly e-news to update developments to its Members and Professionals. The launch of the e-news marks yet another step taken by the Society in the dissemination of information for its over 9000 Members, Corporate Members, Companions, Industries and Institutions involved in the field of aerospace sciences and technologies. The e-news also provides a platform for individuals to seek and offer career opportunities. Industries and institutions can showcase their products.

So are your reading enews?

Thursday, March 19, 2009

AeSI alumni

Woo it came as a shock to me. A few weeks back I Asked many of my friends and colleagues about the AeSI alumni meet but strangely no one had the idea about the AeSI alumni let alone the meet.

And I heard this from those guys who have regular access to net, who I know are in the mailing list of the AeSI alumni group and the guys who are net savvy and regularly interact with it.

Though I have already written about the various AeSI communities here , today I want to tell you about the AeSI alumni AeSIAA. Its an initiative by Mr. Rituraj Shrivastava. And this is a formal attempt to have a common ground for all AeSI graduates.

What is AeSIAA?

The Aeronautical Society of India Alumni Association (AeSIAA) was formed on 27th July, 2008 (Vide resolution of its first meeting, on 27.07.08 at Bangalore) in the presence of the many ex-students from all over the Bangalore. While we are planning to file application for official registration to the Registrar of Societies for registration, intense activities have already started with positive response from ex-students settled around the world. To actively participate in the benevolent activities of the Association covering the following main Aims and Objectives

Aims & Objectives

  • To act as a forum of human interaction for the Alumni of The Aeronautical Society of India.
  • To help and support their Alma Mater to improve Educational and Professional standards, help and support needy meritorious students, help in vocational training and placement, and strive for improvement of the AeSI
  • To provide a forum for exchange of technical and professional information within the members of the Association.
  • To work for the well-being of the brotherhood as a whole and AeSI, in particular.

I am member of this groups, but due to time constraints and lack of opportunity I haven’t been an active member till now.

I think the intention of the group is great and i would love to see it flourish and thanks to all the seniors who are making it a reality. It really a worthwhile effort.

Hope this small post regarding the AeSIAA will enlighten some of you who don’t seem to know AeSIAA. Please do join the group and most importantly be a regular active member.

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Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Someone forwarded this story to me and I loved the message it gave and it applies to everyone of us , be it AeSI student or AeSI graduate!!

A German once visited a temple under construction where he saw a sculptor making an idol of God. Suddenly he noticed a similar idol lying nearby. Surprised, he asked the sculptor, "Do you need two statues of the same idol?" "No," said the sculptor without looking up, "We need only one, but the first one got damaged at the last stage." The gentleman examined the idol and found no apparent damage. "Where is the damage?" he asked. "There is a scratch on the nose of the idol." said the sculptor, still busy with his work. "Where are you going to install the idol?"
The sculptor replied that it would be installed on a pillar twenty feet high. "If the idol is that far, who is going to know that there is a scratch on the nose?" the gentleman asked. The sculptor stopped his work, looked up at the gentleman, smiled and said, "I will know it."
The desire to excel is exclusive of the fact whether someone else appreciates it or not. "Excellence" is a drive from inside, not outside. Excellence is not for someone else to notice but for your own satisfaction and efficiency...

Good isn’t it? But how many of us apply this in our life? Please do fill in your comments.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Not finishing section A in the stipulated 2 years

A few weeks back someone who has completed section A of AMAeSI, asked me if his not finishing the section a in the 2 years time a concern.

Not finishing section A in the stipulated 2 years is that a problem?

Well if you can finish it within the 2 years term its all well and you should always aim to get it done by that time.

But for reasons we all know, if you fall back and don't quite hit that timeline, Does this affect you anyway?

Well not significantly. Things don't go nasty until this gap is not too large. So strive to get to it but don't worry too much if it waivers little bit.

Generally if the gap is visible and noticeable be prepared to answer these following questions in your interviews.

  1. What took you so long?
  2. Why there is a gap in completing the degree?
  3. What you did during that time?

That doesn't look good but don't worry about it much. Just concentrate on section B now. Keep your focus on the next level.

Now is the time when you need to think of the skills. Skills are the bridges that can make people overlook this stuff, so when you are in section B, use it as a skills development platform apart from the usual study.

Set some time, like an hour a day, just to build some skills. The skills may be range from working on a cad program, programming to communication, learning Microsoft excel. Anything but its always worthwhile to begin by putting in the time to build internal skills in section B.

Best of luck.

I know I have just barely scratched the surface, please fill in your comments here.


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Monday, March 16, 2009

Use a stopwatch

Do you feel lazy, lethargic to get up? Unmotivated to do your tasks? Gripped with inertia?

If any of this is true then get your stopwatch and put it to good use.

I was feeling lazy and didn't had the mood to write anything, nor was the mind supplying any ideas. After a hour of struggle, i decided to use my stopwatch and made a decision that in the next ten minutes i.ll write something for my-aesi and now i am writing this on my mobile.

Suprisingly it has uprooted my lazyness, blasted my inertia and rolled my mind into action. So whenever you find yourself unmotivated, lazy to get up, inert to take an action. Take out the trusty stop watch, set it to beep after ten minutes and decide to do one specific task till then.

My stopwatch just beeped! :)

Sunday, March 15, 2009


So this blog began in december 2004, and ever since it has remained my playground. Playground where i tried and wrote my thoughts and actions. Playground where i let myself loose, playground where i shared whatever i knew, playground where i met new people, playground where i documented the sea saw ride of aesi.

Where's your playground? Why you are not jumping in? How long will you wait to just be listeners, jump in and start your own playground, your own blog, your own identity.

Best place to start is get a blog on ouraesi.ning.com

Saturday, March 14, 2009

4 Reasons Why Resume is the Best Preparation Guide.

In this blog I have always advocated making resume as your preparation guide for any job interview. Though I have already mentioned it why I think so but today I thought why not summarize the whole points here. so here we go my Top four reasons why resume is the best preparation guide.

  1. The resume is your first impression to the employer. The first thing that connects you to the employer, to the organization. You will be called for an interview based on the contents of the resume. 
  2. Your first question will sprout from this very soil. What you write here will decide the question that the interviewer will ask and begin interviewing you. Its this document that will chart the path of the your interview and the alleys and nooks you will visit during your interview.
  3. The resume is structured so your preparation can go in a structured way. With a resume, when you prepare for your interview, you won’t jump here and there. Keeping the resume handy will help you see what you need to read on and what are the things you need to prepare for the interview.
  4. As resume is a document that gives an overall picture of your career and education, so keeping it open while preparing for the interview questions will help you get more focused on what to talk in the interview and how those answers relate to your overall career. Your resume helps you see the big picture while framing your answers for the interview.

well that’s it. I have just barely touched the surface , please do add in your comments.

50 interview question and answer that you might want to read

Friday, March 13, 2009

Story of My-AeSI

How this blog began? today I will be telling you the little story of this blog

Back in 2004 when I was Chennai studying in GIE for the AMAeSI, I was an active member of OURAeSI, and weekly or sometimes more I used to pen my silly and sometimes not so silly thoughts there.

When I began OURAeSI yahoo 2 years back, I was all alone in that group and my ramblings never bothered anyone but in late 2004 I began to get many emails from unknown students and members of OURAeSI asking me stop flooding there emails with my ramblings. I was amused, the groups mails were opt in and the guys themselves wanted those mails but when they received any mail that was not related to job requirements they shot an email to me to stop filling there email accounts.

Understandably I ignored first few emails but down the line again those few mails resurfaced. So it was then I saw that obviously I was doing too much of the mails in the yahoo OURAeSI group and around that time I w also began to notice the blogging phenomenon so I went ahead and created my first blog and thus my-aesi was born.

Read the first post here in this archive. I am glad I did so. Since then I have filled all my thoughts as student, as AeSI pass out, as a trainee and as a working professional in aerospace industry here. Now when I see back I see this long tail of my transition and some advice that I wanted to pass on to the folks of AeSI.

The blog basically gave me the outlet, the easy medium to share whatever I learnt in all my stages of life. I could have stopped the blog just getting a job but I feel that just as this blog summarizes my journey thought AeSI and after, it will help AeSI students who come after me. This will be one more resource apart from the innumerable others that are available now. (See my post on AeSI community)

This is how this personal blog about AeSI came into being. Hope it has helped you as it has helped me grow.

Read the archive of this blog

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Polaroid Approach

I like “Polaroids” as a way to quickly get across the idea of rapid prototyping. Go through a ton of stuff and give it all a quick shot. Then see what sticks and devote more resources to that. That way, failure is cheap. You’re actually expecting failure and embracing the idea that only a small percentage of your ideas are truly good enough to earn a big chunk of your attention.

Recently read this at the Signal vs. Noise blog from the 37signals. As I read this I realized how I have been using this in all my learning experience and in my day to day work.

In my last project at work, the client has some requirements but they didn’t have any plan of implementing it, when they conveyed their requirement and the task came to me, I had no idea how to go about it.

It was the task that we were doing for the first time and I had no precedence and person to turn to. The internet was the only option but that brought contradictory and fractured information. So I soaked up all the info that I felt was relevant and gave each and every technique a quick try, sometimes the thing gave some more insight, sometimes it was a complete waste but I tried on and on.

Sometimes I felt of not trying something because it felt it will not work, but I kept at it and was surprised many times that those tricks that I doubted provided me the much needed help. So finally with all the techniques that I tried few stuck and that formed the basis of delivered product.

The main trick is try everything without any bias. Keep at it. Just try things don’t judge until you have tried everything. This simple but a little time consuming experience will open doors to more creative and useful solutions.

You can apply this similar techniques in learning any software tool, be it catia, solidworks or nastran or ansys. Just try on as many tutorials as you can lay hands on it. Try different combinations of the tutorials as suggested in this previous post.

So what are you waiting for. Next time faced with any learning or challenging assignment you need creative ideas in, Go through a ton of stuff and give it all a quick shot. Somewhere down the line you will get what you want.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

GATE 2009 results and score

If you have sat for gate exam 2009 then you must be waiting for the 15th march 2009. This is the day when results of gate 2009 are being announced. It will be announced at 10:00 hrs. at GATE offices and on the websites of IISc and seven IITs.

Some things to know about the GATE 2009 score card

  1. GATE 2009 score is valid for ONE YEAR ONLY from the date of announcement of the GATE 2009 results. That is the score card will be valid for March 15 2010 for those who get it on march 15th!!!
  2. The GATE scores to both qualified and non-qualified candidates will be provided on the GATE websites.

Did you know

  • Did you know that your qualified gate results may be made available to interested organizations (educational institutions, R & D laboratories, industries, etc.) in India and abroad based on written request by the organization and on payment?
  • And requests for revaluation of the answer script (ORS) and re-totaling of marks will not be entertained.

Another interesting fact about your GATE score.

Your gate score depends on this following factors

  • Marks obtained by the you.
  • Average of marks of all candidates who appeared in the paper mentioned on this scorecard in GATE 2009
  • Standard deviation of marks of all candidates who appeared in the paper mentioned on this scorecard in GATE 2009
  • Average (global) of marks of all candidates who appeared across all papers and years 2006-2009
  • Standard deviation (global) of marks of all candidates who appeared across all papers and years 2006- 2009

you might want to try this address for the gate 2009 results on march 15th


Good luck folks!!!

Happy Holi

HAPPY HOLI!!!   Wishing you a colorful happy holi… May the colors of life encircle you and take you to new heights.

Happy holi for my-aesi;

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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Until one is committed, there is hesitancy

Signal vs. Noise by Matt

Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness. Concerning all acts of initiative (and creation), there is one elementary truth the ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans: that the moment one definitely commits oneself, the providence moves too. A whole stream of events issues from the decision, raising in one’s favor all manner of unforeseen incidents, meetings and material assistance, which no man could have dreamt would have come his way. I learned a deep respect for one of Goethe’s couplets: “Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it!”

W. H. Murray

Very true Boldness has genius, power and magic in it!

Personally with this blog I had the same experience, just as you all know my decision to write one post per day for this blog has changed many things. I was thinking about keeping my posting schedule for a long time but I never committed to myself but in the month of January I made a public announcement on this blog that I will write at least one post per day. That decision about my commitment changed everything and from then onward I still continue with that new habit.

Everyday I don’t have any new thing to write but still I put in the time I have allocated to it and come up with something that my readers will find value in.

So if you find yourself hesitating in some areas of life, in some subject, in some of your goals then make a decision and commit yourself, you will see how this simple act will evaporate your hesitancy and bring a whole stream of unforeseen incidents, meetings and material assistance to your door.

Boldness truly has magic in it!! Try it!!

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Monday, March 09, 2009

How to create a schedule or study time table that you will stick

image How to create a schedule or time table that you will stick. A time table that you will adhere to and a timetable that will keep you sane and on track of your studies. I began my tracking and sticking to time table techniques in my class VII. This was the time I was introduced to this concept and I readily grabbed it.

The system was simple draft a time table and then stick with it throughout that year. Yes stick with it no matter what. No major changes and no deviations.

So how I did it? Making time table was easy I decided on the time that I had for each day of the week and month and then divided the time that I wanted to have for studies and then divided the study time among various subjects. My tuition teacher seeded my attitude regarding this and it was his influence that I became a regular study guy than the one who sat with books just before exams.

What are the things I took in account when I did this routine. I kept my schedule loose. I was not harsh and kept a minimum time limit for all subjects. It was lenient. I can skip a thing but I had the luxury to just put in 60 minutes in any particular subjects. I usually mixed writing subjects with reading subjects, science with history, math's with geography and so on so every time I didn't get bored even when I had to sit for studies for more than 3 hours.

What was the best thing that helped me succeed in this routine was the minimum time limit that I set and the commitment that whatever be the results of the task, I will stick with the time I have allotted. Sometimes I was just sitting there having the book in my hand and just reading only one paragraph. But I stayed there and maybe wondered in my dreams but never got up to pass the time. This helped me a lot and finally I was in mould with this so much that I never studied more than the required even during the exams.

Are you using a time table for your studies?

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Career After AeSI

AMAeSI results were just announced and as always there was a mail from Bishnujee for all the AeSI graduates. Very encouraging and useful mail for anyone regarding options that AeSI graduates have after AeSI.

Dear AeSI Graduates,

Congratulations to all new AeSI Graduates and I hope they keep up the good work in future. It always advisable for new Graduates whenever they career-after-amaesigraduate that they try not only newspaper openings but also try all avenues ,sometimes openings are remain unadvertised and if you are able to get in touch through mail or email,you should be able to get better opening than OJT through AeSI. Also don't blindly follow what your fellow Graduate or senior mate is doing in there career. Every case is individual basis and many not be viable for every individual.

Your main stress after AeSI should be to get first job with companies like Airbus,Bangalore, Quest, Infotech, Patni, Satyam, Wipro, TCS as starting point. Try getting into project which are in Aircraft manufacturing sector rather than Research sector unless you have mind set up to be in Research arena in your future career.

The reason why MTech/ME/MS is not advisable in India immediately is that there is no guarantee that you might be ending up in your first job in similar field. Its always advisable to work for 7-8 years after AeSI before venturing into ME/MTech/MSc coursework based on your field of work for those 7-8 years. You will gain professionally better that way.

There is also other side of it based on individual back ground or his ability to pull off scholarship from places like Royal Aeronautical Society,London or AIAA,USA,CASI,canada or family support from India for further studies like MSc/MS in UK/US/Canada/Australia to meet CEng Licensing Academic requirement which is minimum accredited MS/MSc from these countries only. Your experience after MSc is only considered for registration with EC-UK.Usually RAeS pays for full tuition & maintenance fees if you are successful with them in obtaining one of prestigious scholarships. But its on competitive based from applicants across the world since RAeS is present in all 5 continents of the world. There is no harm in trying such option as it gives you chance to succeed. Details about there programme available on www.raes.org.uk

Try first of all for Scholarship options and if that is not possible usual financial support from family or bank in India which is usual practice in 98% cases for Graduates from India.

I hope it helps in your decision making in your future career.

Best wishes

Thanks Bishnujee.

If you have further questions regarding options after AMAeSI, please free free to post them in the comments, I will try to answer them.

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Saturday, March 07, 2009

If you aren’t facing Challenges you are not Learning

Its true if you aren’t facing a problem you aren’t learning.

You are busy learning the new catia software, you are going smoothly in all your tutorials. But as you progress through your tutorials do you feel “am I learning something new, am I growing. Am I facing a problem that I wanted to solve.”

If you are not hindered by a problem you aren't growing. Solving a problem, is the best way to grow and learn.

I have always said that real learning only comes when you are working on a real time projects and are facing the day to day real challenges.

My CAD learning accelerated when I was assigned on a real life project of CAD modeling of mixed flow compressor. Previously I was learning the solidworks software with tutorials in my spare time, but the real lessons I learnt came when I faces some real problem working on modeling that compressor.

The constraints of the projects presents you to try out new things. So always challenge yourself. Always strike to work on a problem. This is the only way you will truly learn a tool or a subject.

If your boss or mentor in your training period is not giving you any challenging and interesting work. Give yourself interesting assignments, put restrictions and work on something that do have real value for you you or others.

Do the tutorials but make them hard. Put your own constraint. The barriers you put might be of time based or resource based. This will help you grow.

Time constraint is the easy one. You can say you will complete a certain job in 10 minutes. The resource based constraint can be that in your next modeling project you will not use the toolbars shortcuts at all. Or you can say that you will do the next modeling of the FEA model by scripting. You can put a restriction that in your next tutorial you will not touch the mouse.

So by limiting the time or putting restriction on the tools that you can use you can challenge yourself to solve the problems. This will only help you grow.

Try it. It really works.


Friday, March 06, 2009

Saras trainer aircraft crashes near Bangalore

A plane crash near Bengaluru on Friday claimed three lives. The Saras trainer aircraft which took off from the Hindustan Aeronautics Limited airport on Friday afternoon crashed in the outskirts of Bengaluru fifteen minutes after it took off.

Read More Here

Take a Test

The best way to see how much you have learnt, how you are progressing is to take a test.

I did this often in my AeSI days. In fact this was what my Mathematics teacher in class X,XI and XII did when he gave us 3 problems to solve before he began his class. I learnt more from his revision technique than anything else. If you also want to employ it in your studies then read How to study mathematics.

Why taking a test is so successful? It not only keeps you informed about your progress but doing that helps your brain to stay away from the routine and it keeps your brain cells some exercises.

So take test as often as you can, close your books and take up a mental stock of the concepts you learnt. How they fit in your life? How can you explain them to your younger sibling?

The best question to see if you have really understand the concept of something then just answer yourself mentally how will you explain the concept to your grand mother?

I did this exercise a lot and many concepts that I explained through this mental exercise are still intact in my mind. Explain the working of gas turbine engine, What is FEM, explain oblique and normal shock waves, what is moment of inertia were some of the topics that I employed this trick.

So carry on this exercise next time, when you begin your study, take a simple test and mentally rehearse what you learnt in the particular subject the previous day!!!

This was one of the tricks that I employed? Share what you do?

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Further Studies in US,UK,Canada & Australia after AeSI

Untitled Couple of weeks back, a reader of this blog had some questions regarding the validity of AeSI degree abroad and where to pursue a Masters in Aeronautical/Aerospace engineering?




Is AMAeSI valid/approved abroad? If yes, what else will I need to apply? When should I start?

So I forwarded her mail to Bishnujee who I think was in the best position to answers her queries. Well here’s the reply that Bishnujee gave.

Yes you can pursue MS/MSc programme in any of the countries abroad. The programme is accredited for further studies & employment not only in India but also beyond Indian subcontinent.

You need to apply early for US,Canadian Universities as the admission in these countries close a year in advance. In UK admission process is faster and it may be completed in less than a month. Some of the basic check you need to do before you plan to pursue your MS/MSc programme. How the program is going to benefit you in your future career and whether the country has liberal Immigration policy which will allow you to switch to Employment after completion of studies.
Immigration policy changes from time to time and so do careful research on this front before you decide to pursue MS/MSc program. Also try applying for Scholarship/Assistantships whenever you decide to pursue such program as it might be costly option to pursue same without any support. There are numerous bodies like Royal Aeronautical Society,IMech,UK ,AIAA(USA),CASI (Canada) administers scholarships for Qualified Engineers. Usually they cover full tuition fees and maintenance fees for full programme. Only if you are not successful you should consider option of Bank Loan or whatever other means as Scholarship is purely on merit. Aeronautical Engineers from The Aeronautical Society of India are treated at par with same level as very best of Universities awarding Aero Degree world wide. It all comes down to your interview process with the awarding body for same. Try doing search on Google or other search engine about Immigration policy of that country before thinking of pursuing MS/MSc in those location.

Some European countries has strict immigration policy,its better to consider UK as it has swiftest immigration policy for Degree Engineers who completed MSc there. Also they make you academically eligible for CEng(EC-UK),but you will need to be working in Aerospace sector for 7-10 years after MSc from UK University to be eligible to be interviewed or tested by them for CEng.

US used to be good destination for pursuing MS in Aerospace though Immigration policy has been changing and getting tougher here.H1B Work Visa has now been under Lottery system which was different during 2004 when I landed here just based on Job Offer from Boeing Company in Seattle and they sponsored for my H1B & Green Card without any lottery system which makes it bit game of luck and not the safest thing to do in life. NASA,Boeing,Lockheed Martin accepts your AeSI Degree at par with ABET accrediated BSc Aeronautical (Honours) Degree from US University.So you guys should be fine on that part and most US Universities like UK one have listed AeSI as Degree Awarding Insititution from India.

I hope it clarifies the situation for you.

Thanks Bishnujee!!

If you any questions comments regarding this feel free to comment, we can definitely find an answer.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Being honest about your AeSI results Helps

Being honest was one of the first thing that I discussed in my last post.

In November last month I received a scrap from someone who asked my help on what he was doing in AeSI. The guy was very distressed. His AeSI exams were not going well. But this was not his major source of worry. His major worry was what his parents will think?

Apparently his parents had high hopes regarding the degree and its good my parents too were happy. But what was worse in this guys case was after each exam result, instead of telling them his actual score he fueled there false hopes stating good results.

That not the correct way.

This very thing was some of my friends in AeSI but I always resisted this. So accept the truth and have the courage to tell about it  to your parents.

Don't  put in the unnecessary pressure on yourself by being dishonest about your progress.

What you can do?

I always have my marks sheets sent at my home address so my parents had the clear knowledge of my progress. And this way I was not the one who broke the news to my parents and this helped me explain my marks to them more clearly. So be honest whatever be your results!!

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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Kind of Questions that Aerospace Engineers can expect in Technical Interview

image A while back Bishnujee wrote an email regarding the kind of questions that aerospace engineers can expect in his or her technical interviews. Most of these technical interview questions stress on basic and sound understanding of Aerodynamics, Aircraft Structures & Performance related questions. Apart from that he had some very specific points that you might want to keep in mind while preparing for a technical interview as an aerospace engineer, so here’s an excerpt from the email

Normal questions range from basic Aerodynamics questions usually involved with Circulation & Vortex of airflow, generation of aerodynamics loads from laser scanning of aerospace vehicles, Aircraft structures questions test on Validation of Finite Element Models techniques,advantages & disadvantaged of Hi Loks fasteners over solid rivets, material corrosion issues to dissimilarities in materials, then queries involved on individual experience and academic subjects depending on there background.

There are questions on of use of A & B  stress allowable in determining the Margin of Safety of your calculations and basis for using same. There are further question on comparative behavior and properties of 2024-T3,6061,7075 alloys and there application in various sections of airplane.

Well I had my share of interviews and for a propulsion or aero-mechanical stream engineer from AeSI following are the question that cropped up in most of the interviews. Explain Brayton cycle? What is entropy? Explain second law of thermodynamics? Explain working of a gas turbine engine? What’s the basic principle on which compressors works? What's the effect of nozzle on gas turbine performance? What are the loads acting on a compressor blade, on a turbine blade? What's the usual material of compressor and turbine? Why is it used? What is service ceiling? How to determine the range of an aircraft? What are the different stages of aircraft flight/

Well these are some of the question that I have faced in my technical interviews. As I said in this post, most of the question crop up from your resume, so when preparing for an interview do scrutinize it and get all the basics ready.

If you want a specific book or subject you want to look at for the preparation then I will recommend introduction to flights by John D Anderson. its good and covers most of the topics.

Quit AeSI

quit-aesi While I was at my native place back in November, someone from AeSI explained the desperate situation he was in.

The guy is from a small town with big dreams and was lured into AeSI with high hopes by the institutions that I have already talked about here in this blog. So were his parents and after sometime he realized the truth of AeSI to be a tough nut to crack and on repeated attempt he was unable to pass some subjects but his parents were under impression that their son is doing good and in the growing aerospace sector and had great future.

But the guy was under great pressure because of this and he wrote under that pressure that he wanted to quit AeSI but couldn't because of the shame and sense of betrayal before his parents. He asked me what to do?

At that time I had no answer. I was stunned by the desperation of that guy. I could see through his words and can visualize exactly what he was feeling and what situation he was in. I have seen a friend and batch mate of mine who was in the same situation long back.

At that time I thought why was I not in that position, why I never felt that even though I had my share of AeSI blues and surprises. And the fact that rose from that introspection was from day one I began AeSI, I made it a point to not to lie or withheld any information regarding my subjects and results from my parents. This decision of not keeping my parents in the dark was one the main strength that stood by me even when AeSI surprised me with its marks. During those times when I had only one subject to cross one of the milestones of AeSI, the pressure I was equal or similar that one must feel if compressed in a piston. For me since the mark sheet always went to my parents, I knew they know and there understanding acted as my escape valves.

Yes my parents had little idea about AeSI and its functioning and they freaked out when I failed or the marks were not good enough but I kept them in confidence, if it was my fault I admitted and I showed them the overall results and the whole picture so slowly they knew AeSI.

So what I can advice the guy is to be honest and come clear to his parents and if you can do it now. Do it. yes its tough but keep at it and bring them in confidence and march forward without any fear or worry.

If you can’t do any of this then Quit AeSI. Yes this is the options that I have seen 4 of batch mates execute when they felt they couldn’t take it any more and now all of them are doing great in there respective fields. One a professor, one working in managerial position and another one has began his own business. So decide for yourself. Life does not begin or end with AeSI.

What will you tell the guy? Please post in your comments? what he should do? Should he be honest and hang on or cruise out? do share your views in the comment.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Software,Training and AeSI graduates

Someone from Hyderabad AeSI had the following queries

hello sir ,

I have just completed my AESI, IN HYDERABAD I came to know about this site and registered myself today. I have not received my final marks list  yet. I have seen that you have done many programming languages . I haven't done nothing other than the course. I don't have any proper guidance here in Hyderabad. so please tell me should I learn any soft wares ?.and  some of my friends told that we would get an apprentice training letter after completing the course,is it true.And do companies take AeSI fresher? are their jobs for AeSI graduates. I have so many doubts,please give me guidance. hoping that you will send a reply soon

Instead of replying to his question in an individual email I thought its better if I answer them here so others too can join in the discussion.

Please tell me should I learn any softwares ?

aesi-training-softwares-used-by-aesi-graduatesBy all means learn software, they are the tools of the trade so one shouldn’t be shy in learning them. So what are the software that AeSI graduate should learn. I have already mentioned software tools used by aeronautical engineers list, you can start with these. For computer language please do go ahead and at least have one language under your belt. Here in the post titled SUCHANDSUCH where I elaborated why you should learn a programming language.

If you don’t have access to any of the software tools mentioned and are apprehensive of any programming language then by all means take up excel as this is the most used tool in the engineering domain. This is one of the software that will be very much be a part of your work life so learn it, excel in it.


Some of my friends told that we would get an apprentice training letter after completing the course,is it true

Yes its true, You might want to see the notification on AeSI’s website at aerosocietyindia.com for information in this regards. Moreover having certificates and training before getting a job is always a good thing, They are some of the things that a new graduate of AeSI can highlight in his or her resume apart from the educations. This is also an opportunity when you acquire skills required for the industry.


And do companies take AeSI fresher's?

Yes they do. Just as any other engineering graduate you have a chance to be a in any company. In all aerospace companies that are in India, you will at least find one AeSI engineer. So take heart and go ahead. All you need to get a job after AeSI graduation is confidence+skills. Here’s a list of companies that I have in this blog where I mentioned some of the companies AeSI graduates are working in. Its bit old and need updating, but I am sure it will give you and idea about the spread of AeSI graduates in the Indian and world aerospace industry.


Are there jobs for AeSI graduates?

By all means, jobs are available for AeSI Graduates. You do have the best knowledge, you just need to add on the other skills to get off to a great start. I will recommend reading this series that I had a while back to set yourself to a great start in your career. As I have already sated ideally landing in a job just after your graduations depends on what you do in the your last semester. So read it here.

Well this were some of the answers that  I knew answers too, I have barely scratched the surface, I am sure many of senior AeSI graduates will have there own inputs so sing them here in the comments. What do you think? How is the industry receiving AeSI graduates?


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Monday, March 02, 2009

Job Searching and Preparation for Job Interview

resume-job-anyone Job searching and preparation for the job interview should go hand in hand.

When you are searching for a job? Begin your preparation at the same time or well ahead of time. Sometime the short notice and a quick call can ruin the interview if you aren't well prepared.

Now you will ask how can I prepare if I don't know for which job I am preparing for?

Well use your resume as the job preparation guide. Its the one document from which your interview will begin and it is the place where the whole discussion technical or otherwise will hover around.

So begin your preparation from your resume. This not only focuses your actions but is much better than waiting for the interview call.

So if you are planning to get to the interviews in a month or two time then, get your resume updated and begin your interview preparation based on that resume.

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Sunday, March 01, 2009

What is this credit crisis? Explained in Simple English

Recession, economic crisis, job los, slow GDP growth, No tax cuts for job out sourcing companies and all that are the common terms that are going around in all the news channels and newspapers. And it all began with something called credit crisis.

So what is this credit crisis? What happened in the US that is now affecting everyone. I didn’t understood any of this until I saw this video.

Its an animation which explains the credit crisis in simple terms for the lay man.

Jonathan Jarvis sure did a good job and enlightened us on what is this credit crisis


The Crisis of Credit Visualized from Jonathan Jarvis on Vimeo.

If you are not able to see the Video, Please do click here

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