Friday, March 22, 2013

Send a Resume But Don't Insult.

I am sure, 15 year ago, Sam was a smart boy.

He knew that he won't get the bat he wants to buy if he just blurts out the demand when his dad, tired from work, comes home. He knew he had to be patient, observe and judge his dad's mood. He had to be obedient and make sure he is on his best behaviour before the demand is blurted out to dad.

He was smart to engage his mother and persude her to be on her side, to push for him. And he knew if he played his timing right, dad will buy the bat for him.

Now 15 years hence, where is this common sense gone? When someone informs you that there is a requirement for a graduate of avionics, you don't think and just shoot that resume sitting on the desktop without a thought.

Many a resumes go unnoticed and uncalled for just because of this unprofessional approach. What message does this convey? Technically competent guy but such utter lack of professionalism in sending resume.

If you are referred to send a resume, at least think of the person who is receiving it, to forward to his or her HR department. Can your resume can be forwarded just as you presented? Does it has the relevance to match the requirement, and the format and content to stand out?

If this were happening 5 years back, when internet was expensive and uncommon, and only resume writing advice was available in some obscure magazine article or some books, then that was a different matter. But now when the world is connected, a resume is just a google search away and you have the means to research the company you are applying for, a thoughtless resume is no longer acceptable. Its an insult.

So my advice to Sam, Please bring back your smartness. You knew how to get that bat from your dad. Apply the same common sense to get that interview call.

Here's some advice on crafting a resume or Sending a proper resume. If you are graduating in near future, please read this few articles. They will serve you well.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

One day Workshop on Applicatio​n of Formal Methods in Aircraft Industry !!!!

Dear all,
Greetings for the day!!!!
Please note that Aerospace Electronics and Systems Division of CSIR-NAL (National Aerospace Laboratories) is organizing one day workshop on Application of Formal Methods in Aircraft Industry.
Date: 8 April, 2013
Venue: S R Valluri Auditorium , Kodihalli Campus, CSIR-NAL, Bangalore.
Contact Person
Ms.Bhanumathi K S
Phone: 25086796
Mob:95350 92589
Ms. Manju Nanda
Phone: 25086523
Mob:98457 75062
For more details and to register for this workshop, please visit
Cheers !!!!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

AeSI students Vs Car Battery !!!

Recently I have posted a famous quote at Facebook. It says, "A salesman, like the storage battery in your car, is constantly discharging energy. Unless he is recharged at frequent intervals he soon runs dry. This is one of the greatest responsibilities of sales leadership."

During the tea break in office, I was trying to relate salesman with an AeSI student. I finally came to a conclusion that both of them have lots of similarities. For example : I have seen many students getting frustrated after the result. It is similar like a car's battery getting discharged.

For a while treat yourself as the owner of a brand new BWM and tell me
- Will your BMW be BMW without the charged battery ?

But if battery is not charged that doesn't mean you can sale your BWM i.e. you can lose patience that you can never clear AeSI. The only thing is there is a need to charge the battery i.e. there is a need of self-motivation.

I may be wrong but I request all of you to motivate their follow students.


Sunday, March 03, 2013

Constraints and AeSI study tip

Great designs always have constraints. In many ways, design is defined by constraints and using them elegantly.

Designing a study schedule is the same. If your schedule is to study every available time between "I wake up and go back to sleep", then you aren't doing it right.

The right way of designing your study schedule is putting constraints. Constraints as to when to study and what to study.

Constraints makes life easy and more fun.

When you know you have constraint of not studying on Sundays. You will study more attentively on other days.

You will study more intently if you know next time you will get to study this subject is after 3 days.

Constraints and following them methodically can make things easy. Sounds counter intuitive. Try it.

Constraints is the difference between leading a stress free student life and leading a life in a pressure cooker.

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