Thursday, February 18, 2010

Some highlights on Section-A AeSI Results

Here’s a short snapshot of Section A Results. I love tinkering with numbers and the results at the of AeSI provides me ample opportunities to play n.

So, here’s some of the results graphs that i have come up.


Count is the total number of students who passed in a particular subject. As you see Workshop Technology was the subject which maximum AeSI students cleared followed by Strength of Materials. Since AeSI doesn’t publish the total number of students appearing its hard to see how many appeared in an exam.



Average Marks is the average of the marks of the total passed students. It show what's the average percentage in each subject of section A. Much more informative and informs you in which subjects you have to study hard and deep.

Engineering Thermodynamics is the highest and as always introduction to flight is the bottleneck.



Maximum Marks is the highest marks that each subjects has gathered. This metric is interesting as this gives you a goal to shoot for. This gives you a mark that you can visible aim at.. See someone in thermodynamics did got 96!! Interestingly all the highest marks are above 65!! Really a good sign.



How do you use this information is up to you? What i want to tell you is, keep the numbers in your mind and next time study hard and study with a concrete goal!!

Please pass this on to your friends, they might find it useful.

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