Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Aeronautics books in digital format from NASA

Currently I am at my mom's birthplace. As my mom's relative are busy
in preparing for the lunch, I took this moment to check my @aerogeek
twitter stream.

And found this.

NASA is converting reference aeronautics books in digital format for
download. Get the first titles: http://bit.ly/bL4CW8 #NASA #ebooks

I have some of these books in HTML format but now with PDF and epub
format they will be much more convinient and richer.

So go ahead, download and READ this books.

And remember, downloading books won't make you smart, reading them

So enjoy, while I check my mom's village!!

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Thursday, November 18, 2010

How to get previous or old AeSI Question Papers?

"How to get previous or old AeSI Question Papers?"

This is the most frequent query that I get on the blog. I am no longer
an AeSI student so my knowledge in this is outdated, but I am sharing
it here in the hope that students who know better can post the correct
method in the comments.

In my days, we had two methods of getting AeSI's old question paper.

1. Directly from AeSI new Delhi
2. From GIE

AeSI used to charge a fee per
Paper and it couriered you the papers for the subject.

GIE had a bundle of these papers and one can just walk in to Gie
office and collect it from there by paying a nominal fee.

So that's it. I used GIE to get my papers.

please do let us know if there's a better alternative.

Best of luck

Search for GIE's contact detail on this blog by using the searchbar!!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Heat Transfer Simulation in Mechanical Engineering Design

Here's a Tweet from ansys.net
Nov 16 Webinar - Heat Transfer Simulation in Mechanical Engineering Design using ANSYS 13 http://goo.gl/4HBAr

If interested get to the link. 

Friday, November 12, 2010

Getting maximum out of job portals

You have your resume uploaded in online job portals and still don't
receive the right right job offers.

Here's a 3 steps that you should do to get maximum benefit from the
job portals.

Regularly update your profile with relevant skills. This widens your
chances for more job matches.

Upload your latest resume and ensure your correct contact details
(email ID / mobile number) are entered on the site. This ensures you
are contactable and can be reached by the prospective employers.

Log in to the job portals at regular intervals and apply to relevant
jobs to increase your chances of getting the next big break.

Ensuring these 3 steps will help you get maximum out of the job portals.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Posting frequency and one exam study tip

From the post frequency, you can determine that I am quite busy with
things other than the blog.

In fact, I am not busy but I am in fluid state of lots of travel and
being in Indian weddings!! So am not able to find any time to sit and
post anything substantial for you.

Hope this explains the gaps of posts. Will resume the regular
programming once I get past this state by the end of this month!!

By the way, here's a simple tip to accelerate your exam preparation.

Speed up your pace of study. Read more quickly, write at increased

Increase your pace. Just speeding up and working at more than the
normal rate has two effects. It will save you time as you will cover
more in the same time. Since you are studying a pace not your normal,
brain will work extra to caputure and won't fall to it's default mode.

So get going, if you are giving this semesters amaesi exams, best of

Saturday, November 06, 2010

Details on Job Fair for AeSI Graduates

Here's an update on job fair for AeSI Graduates organized by AeSIAA on 13th Nov 2010 

If you are eligible, then please do use this opportunity 

Good luck

Dear AeSI Graduate Members,

AeSIAA Bangalore is pleased to announce about the first ever placement assistant event which includes the visit of following two companies solely to recruit AeSI Graduates. This placement event has been arranged in the campus of The Aeronautical Society of India, Bangalore branch on 13th November 2010.

Here are the brief details about the companies and their job
A)    Moog India Technology Center, Bangalore - A worldwide designer, manufacturer, and integrator of precision motion control products and systems. Moog is high-performance systems control military and commercial aircraft, satellites and space vehicles, launch vehicles, missiles, industrial machinery, wind energy, marine applications, and medical equipment.

Job Requirements:
1)    0 - 2 Years of relevant experience
2)    Graduate in Aero-Mechanical, preferably Avionics of AeSI
3)    Minimum aggregate of 60% is desirable
4)    Knowledge of C programming language
5)    Knowledge of Matlab/Simulink packages would be an added

Please refer to the website http://www.moog.com for further information

B)    LM WindPower, Bangalore . LM Wind Power is leading position in the international market is based on their skilled and motivated employees. To support and encourage their unmatched international team, LM WindPower strives to provide great working conditions and opportunities for development. LM WindPower knows that knowledge is our most important raw material and make every effort to cultivate it.

To strengthen the skills of LM WindPower?s international workforce and unlock new opportunities LM WindPower focus on both personal and professional development.
Job Requirements:
1)    0 -2 Years of relevant experience
2)    Graduate in Aero-Mechanical OR Aerodynamics/Structures (per the older curriculum) of AeSI
3)    Minimum aggregate of 60% is desirable
4)    Knowledge in Stress Analysis/FEA would be an added advantage
Please refer to the website http://www.lmwindpower.com for further information

If you find yourself suitable for any (or both) of the jobs mentioned,
please mail your resume to jobs@aesiaa.org the earliest by 10th Nov
2010. For any clarifications or quiries send  mails at
jobs@aesiaa.org. Keep visiting www.aesiaa.org  for more updates.

Thanks and Regards
Anuj kumar Jha
Jont Treasurere, AeSIAA

Friday, November 05, 2010

Why are you failing?

If your routine is not working, if you aren't studying, if you aren't
passing aesi exams and if you are not getting any job after so many
interviews then most likely there is one of the following two core

Lack of organisation or lack of focus!!

Either the task or the steps towards the goals are not well organised
or there is missing or miss directed focus. Either you climbing the
wrong stairs or you are walking in the rails instead of the steps.

Yes this and only these two reasons can explain why you aren't
acheiving what you want.

Finding the reason is half battle won. So identify which of this is
dominating the ruins of your goals. And then take action to eliminate

That's the only way to hit your targets.

More advice on passing aesi exams at http://my-aesi.blogspot.com/search?q=passing+aesi&max-results=100

Message from AeSIAA and an AeSI specific job fair

Here's an important message that I would love to pass on to the followers of this blog. 

I have been following from it's inception and am part of it. 

If you are an aesi graduate, I sincerely urge you to be a part of AeSIAA. You can read all my post regarding aesiaa via this link http;//my-aesi.blogspot.com/search?q=aesiaa&max-results=100

Dear AeSI Alumnus and Students,


It is giving me immense pleasure to share the success story of AeSIAA on the eve of Deepawali. In last one year, with the tremendous efforts of EC members and your support,AeSIAA has become the approved alumni association of the AeSI. Now it is recognized not only by different government aeronautical labs, but also by aerospace MNCs across India. We have now office space in AeSI, Bangalorebranch. We conducted SEMAA-2010 with great success wherein all the problems associated with AeSI graduates and students were understood by Aeronautical fraternity of India and they have assured us all the support at highest level. We are arranging first ever job placement assistance to AeSI fresh graduates (0-2 years) on 13th Nov. Our website www.aesiaa.org is active and improving day-by-day.


AeSIAA is also organizing a glider design competition, SOARING very soon. We are in the process of forming an aero modeling club for the hobby flyers. As our commitment towards community services, we are planning an event in Dec'10 wherein AeSIAA members with their family will spend half a day with village children and educate them.


This AeSIAA office bearer's tenure is ending by March '11. We have to conduct AGM before that and give farewell to all the founder EC members for their great initiatives to shapeAeSIAA to serve you and the aero society at large. My earnest request from all of you is to become annual or life members of AeSIAAbefore AGM to elect the new dedicatedAeSIAA office bearers and EC members, so that this association achieve the level for which we all will have pride.


On behalf of AeSIAA EC members, I wish you a very prosperous, safe, and happy Deepawali!


Your's sincerely,


Rituraj Shrivastava

Hon. President, AeSIAA

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Tips for upcoming amaesi exams

3 quick tips to study for the upcoming exams.

1. Make a list of topics for each subject.
2. Study the topics in series
3. Use pen and paper to revise. Writing things helps.

Good luck

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

New look new theme

Just a quick shout out. After a long time have given a new theme to
myaesi blog.

It's the third makeover that myaesi has received. Please do check it
out at http://my-aesi.blogspot.com

Major changes include discontinuation of google connect. I feel it was
not adding any value to the site viewers, so I let it go.

Another significant addition is the share buttons. If you like
something, you can now easily share it with anyone you like.

Please do give it a try and any suggestion, remarks are always welcome.


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